Philadelphia Union

It’s official: Philadelphia Union sign Bořek Dočkal

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It's official: The Union have their No. 10.

David Accam acquired by Philadelphia Union from Chicago Fire

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Philadelphia Union used over a million dollars of allocation money to bring in Chicago Fire winger David Accam on Friday.

Union sign Bosnian midfielder Haris Medunjanin

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The left-footed 31-year-old central midfielder has experience in both attacking and defensive midfield roles.

Philadelphia Union acquire German midfielder Kevin Kratz

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Philadelphia Union signed utility midfielder Kevin Kratz ahead of the MLS roster freeze deadline.

Union sign Ilsinho

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With an open international spot following Vincent Nogueira receiving a green card, the Union sign Brazilian midfielder Ilsinho to a two-year deal using Targeted Acquisition Money.

Union re-sign Creavalle

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The fullback/defensive midfielder is back for 2016.

Union re-sign Fabinho

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Union make official the re-signing of left back Fabinho.

Tottenham Hotspur

‘I’ve Got One Big Contract Left In Me And I Know My Worth’ – Danny Rose Drops Blunt Bombshell On Eve Of New Season, Implores Tottenham To Stop Signing ‘Players He Has To Google’

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Just a few days before the start of the season, Danny Rose has given an incredibly blunt interview in which he, a) criticises Tottenham's transfer activity (or lack thereof) this summer and, b) openly admits he's keen to move back to a more northerly club sooner rather than later.

Rose, who has spent the last six months out nursing a knee injury, refused to mince words while speaking to The Sun, getting pretty much all of his major gripes off his chest in one fell swoop.

This weekend really will be make or break for Arsenal season

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Arsenal season starts or ends this weekend by Gunner Gyzinermouth Like many of you Arsenal fans, I have been on this site and others constantly since the end of last season. My hopes have gone from sky high to non-existent and the emotional rollercoaster has been unbearable, however, the light at the end of the [.

Arsene Wenger

Chelsea Preview

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Tempus Fugit. Seems like yesterday ... actually it doesn't, much talk and some action has taken place since season's end, some good, some not so good, some still to happen.Has anyone left from the 1st team squad? Will they? Loans must be the order of the day as we try to clear the decks. We need more bodies etc etc

But today we have the little matter of a Wembley appearance, and we are good at Wembley, aren't we?

Wenger loves a surprise signing

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Wenger has always been something of an expert at the surprise signing. You could never bet against him pulling a Frenchman with something to prove out of a hat. The ultimate ‘Abracadabra' was Sol Campbell, who emerged like a mirage, grinning into the Colney sunshine. On that occasion Wenger allowed himself a wry smile in public, while behind the safety of his office door he was far more effusive, flicking his fingers and saying the word ‘sick'.

Stop starting, starting going

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Right hook:

"We are not on the market specifically at all."

Left hook:

"I believe this year again you will have to wait until July 15 to start going."


Right hook:

"The World Cup will not affect our recruitment"

Left hook:

"It is dangerous to buy on the back of a World Cup.

With respect to Sanogo

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I've been away, loafing in Ionian sunshine, studying things from afar, so much as 'things' can reasonably be called 'things'.

So for real action, the Fenerbahce game was my season opener, and it was as good a spectacle as any game in which you've got a three goal lead can be. Ramsey excellent, Cazorla peerless.

Uh-Oh – Wenger doesn’t expect any Arsenal signings this week

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Arsene Wenger has constantly declared that Arsenal are in the market for players, however week after week goes by and still we see no additions. Well now just moments after once again stating that Arsenal are in the transfer market, actively working to finally sign some players, he then comes out with yet another blow to the Arsenal fans ears.

Arsenal’s summer comes back to haunt it

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Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa

As Villa's third goal went it yesterday, consigning us to our first opening-day defeat for 20 years, I felt a twinge of pity. A clash of calendars had rendered me elsewhere so I was watching it unfold on the Twitters (never good for one's equilibrium), and I suddenly felt a pang of sadness for the poor sap who had hoovered up my seat on the ticket exchange.


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Last summer:

30th April Podolski signing announced
26th June Giroud signing announced
7th August Cazorla signing announced

Looking back at our main activity last summer, Podolski's deal was sorted almost ludicrously early (very un-Arsenal-like), Giroud's in good time and Cazorla's as the season was about to begin.

Prices are rising with the mercury

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A couple of tweets yesterday, from Rory Smith of The Times, which I found interesting.

Two thoughts before bed. It's no coincidence Liverpool want £40m for Suarez and Real now want the same for Higuain. A game is afoot.

- Rory Smith (@RorySmithTimes) July 17, 2013

This makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

Adam Kemp – Arsenal fans celebrate mediocrity yet again

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Arsenal fans celebrate mediocrity yet again whilst silverware goes begging by Adam Kemp

Arsenal fans will be glad to see the back of a season that has proved the most difficult during Wengers reign. I was embarrassed to see the players celebrating like they won the title as they should have been reserved with a fourth placed finish.

The New Arsenal are improving so give Wenger one more year

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French Fried! by TL

Its been a while since I last offered up an article for Just Arsenal, and not much has changed since I last did.

More players have come and gone, Van Persie now wears a United jersey, and our gaffers forehead has amassed more wrinkles than an OAP's hairy beanbag!

Arsenal working on two signings

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Arsene Wenger has moved to reassure Arsenal fans who are becoming dismayed at the lack of action from the Gunners in this transfer window. There are just nine days left for Wenger to bring some much needed additions into the Emirates as we face a tough battle to qualify for the Champions league next season.

Half an Arsenal gives Wenger a whole headache

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It's a case of Like, Yikes! as another spooky tour through the emotions concludes in a dilapidated mansion of despondency. Pick your own baddy dressed up as a pretend ghoul and you can write the ending yourself.

This blog has gone semi-fallow, a little like the team I love, but can you blame me?

Spanish Football


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Bielik is the new Whyte

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There ought to be a manual for advising people how best to avoid shoe-horning woeful puns into the titles of blog posts, you know. I merely say that.

Because we all know that Krystian Bielik is not the new Chris Whyte, even if both could play centre-half. But in the absence of a legendary Arsenal midfielder called, say, Patrick Purple or Liam Khaki, I went for Chris Whyte, and that's all the explanation I am prepared to give.

Pass Debuchy on the left-hand side

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I'm sure you'll all agree that no time is a bad time to shoehorn in an inappropriate Musical Youth headline.

Yes yes, I know he plays on the right-hand side. And that ideally we don't want ‘passed Debuchy on the left-hand side' to be the opponents' tactical Plan A. And anyway, why would Debuchy be passing on the left-hand side?

Singing in the rain / signings and the gain

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Arsenal 4-0 Coventry City

Has there been a wetter season at the Emirates? Ordinarily it rarely simultaneously rains and blows a gale in a northerly direction during a game, thus rendering the roof entirely incidental where I am sitting (which is near the front of the lower tier, as you can see above).

Giroud, Giroud, Giroud is on fire

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Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham

Doffed chapeaus all round to Giroud, for an imposing performance in which he scored a deft little number ("good touch for a big man"), to Mertesacker for his robotic leg, to all-action Flamini for coming on, rustier than a shipwreck, and getting stuck in from the off.


Lack of quality signings to blame for Liverpool woes, says Man Utd legend Paul Scholes

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A lack of quality signings in the summer following the sale of Luis Suarez is to blame for Liverpool's woes so far this season, says Manchester...

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Is this Liverpool’s most crucial transfer window?

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Those who argued Liverpool had a squad to fight for a top four finish this season(Including myself) since they were not participating in Europe league fixtures might now have second thoughts.

Yes we still sit fourth in the table but the away trip to Manchester city and Stamford Bridge showed how weak Liverpool are in terms of squad depth and quality to fight for the Title

"The squad we have at the moment is still relatively small; we have got a few players out.

Liverpool closing in on “exciting” signings

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Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has confirmed the club is closing in on some key signings and is expecting to complete them in couple of week's time.

Rodgers confirmed that the lack of European football has made world class signings difficult but admits he is hopeful to complete at least two more signings before the end of transfer window.

The Rest

Larissa 0-1 AEK

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Late getting this post up, but its a game worth mentioning. Going by reports I read online, it was yet another somewhat dissapointing performance from our players, though at least we managed to come away with a win from one of our tougher matches of the playoffs. Our only goal of the match was scored by Platellas in the 42nd minute, and its one worth watching:

I'm curious, would anyone know why Larissa is now playing in Aklazar and not their new stadium?

No January signings for Man Utd

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Manchester United will not make any signings in January unless one of their top targets becomes available, according to reports. Manager Louis van...

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Forget the Arsenal rumours – who do YOU want in next years squad?

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What would you like the Arsenal squad to look like next season? by LM

Although many of you may seen loads of articles on this website stating potential Arsenal transfer targets and who they would like the club to sign; I foremost would like to know who the many majority of the Arsenal fan base would like to see put pen to paper to join.

Horses for Courses

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Color me both uninspired and unsurprised by the Ruiz acquisition.

I grew up in the same neck of the woods as Ben Olsen, and though I'm a touch older than he is, I know (and am related to) folks who have shared a field with him. They're all pretty consistent in both (a) detesting Ben as an opponent and (b) being ready with an anecdote about how he bent or plain broke the rules in pursuit of winning, even when the game was meaningless.