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Cameroon’s Marvellous New Home Shirt Has Big Robotic Lion On It And Comes Approved By Roger Milla (Photos & Video)

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Cameroon have a rich and storied past when it comes to frankly peerless football kits, with both sleeveless and "unitard" efforts being gleefully foisted upon us within living memory.

While altogether more conventional in terms of its basic layout, the Indomitable Lions' latest strip, revealed by Puma today, is once again a thing of vivacious beauty.

Valenciennes FC Nike Home, Away and Third Kits / Maillots

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The Valenciennes Football Club (also known as Valenciennes FC ) is a French football club from the town of Valenciennes in the Nord department.  It has featured several well-known players in the past included Cameroon 1990 World Cup hero Roger Milla and former French international Jean-Pierre Papin.

Roger Milla might feel vindicated

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Cameroon loses to Japan, 0-1. Samuel Eto'o was unable to score.

Which should put Roger Milla's observation that Eto'o does not perform as well for his country as he does for his club in perspective. Milla was the force behind Cameroon's most successful 1990 World Cup campaign. From what we saw of Cameroon today that still might be the case.

32 For 2010: Cameroon

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When nostaligists think of Cameroon they think of one man, Roger Milla. One of the few bright sparks of the Italia 90 tournament (unless you are a German of course) is the flamboyance of the veteran striker's goal celebration that remain a staple of any highlight reel about Cameroon's World Cup exploits.

Remembering Cameroon’s 1990 World Cup Run

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African Football burst onto the world scene in the summer of 1990. Just months after the world applauded Nelson Mandela's release from prison after 27 years, the Indomitable Lions would give the world a view into the future of African Football. The irony is that it was a 38 year old whose best years as a footballer appeared to be in a rear view mirror.

World Cup 2010: Group E Preview

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One of only two groups without a past champion, Group E should be a Dutch delight. Holland are the heavy favorites following an impressive qualifying campaign, but Denmark, Cameroon and Japan will look to impede their progress. Here's a closer inspection.

Holland have built a reputation as a consistently entertaining side that threatens but ultimately falls short of final victory.

La selección de Camerun en el mundial 2010 Sudafrica uniforme, alineaciones,estadísticas, historia y análisis (Leones indomables)

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La selección de Camerun en el mundial 2010 Sudafrica uniforme, alineaciones,estadísticas, historia y análisis (Leones indomables)

¿Como clasifico a la copa del mundo Sudáfrica 2010?
Pasaron en primer lugar de su grupo, 9 goles a favor y solo dos en contra solo perdieron uno y empataron otro en seis partidos.

Kei Kamara

The Case for Kamara

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In case you missed the so-called "Decision Day" of MLS games this past weekend, a player named Kei Kamara scored a goal. All agree twas a nice goal of the finest variety, one worthy of celebration. Of course, players have shown emotion and excitement after the scoring of a goal for time eternal. And since Roger Milla danced for Cameroon in the World Cup, the rhythmic movement of one's body has long been part and parcel of said celebrations.

Down the Byline Wizards Team Awards

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The Wizards season is over and it's time to look at the year end awards. First let's look at the team's year end awards. This year the team handed out 5 awards, Golden Boot, MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, MLS W.O.R.K.S. Humanitarian of the Year, and Bob Gansler KCW Juniors Player of the Year.

MVP and Golden Boot both went to Kei Kamara for his 10 goals and 6 assists this season.

World Cup

World Cup 2014: Cameroon v Mexico Preview

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Well, it's off and running. Today we get our first full day of games, which of course seems to overlap with my USSF licensing class and drive there, but so be it. I bring you your first matchup of the day: Roger Milla vs. Cuauhtemoc Blanco vs. Both phenomenal players on the field, both having some of their best games in the twilight of their careers, and both iconic for

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A Family Affair

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Rendi A. Witular, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Mon, 01/17/2011

The Bakries, Indonesia's most influential family, recently chalked up another headline following allegations of having turned the national soccer team into a political commodity.

Aside from having tentacles in the political sphere and business associations, the family has a long standing record as financier of several major sports organizations, particularly ones that organize events for sports that have the potential to attract huge crowds.

Kamara shines as Wizards continue playoff push and defeat Chivas USA, 2-0

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         Photo by Michael Janosz/ISIPhotos.comÂ


CARSON, CALIF--On Sunday night, the Kansas City Wizards dreams of the playoffs grew a little brighter while Chivas USA's slim hopes were all but extinguished.

Children Recreate Football’s Greatest Moments

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This commercial, when stumbling in entirely oblivious, comes to realization in stages, something along the lines of...this is half-decent for a home video...hey, that kid's fairly ridiculous is that Gato?...wait, that's Maradona recreated...and finally...oh, it's a commercial.

What Is It With African Footballers?

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Was Roger Milla Right when he lashed out on Cameroon captain Samuel Eto'o just before the World Cup for being more committed to his club than his country? I don't know about you but i sometimes question the moral standing of Africa's so called stars. May be Milla crossed the line but hey, being La Liga top scorer on more than one occasion and not replicating that with your country is bound to raise some eyebrows.

2010 World Cup Flops

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These guy's promised so much but we seen so little of their abilities we are so used to seeing from them. Fatigue has been blamed as they have all had long hard season's but then again so have the likes of the ageing Arjen Robben and the mercurial Wesley Sneijder but they have shown what they can do.

Ghana’s Loss Shatters African Dream

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The scene was perfectly set for the Black Stars to make their first appearance in the penultimate stage of football's biggest show, the FIFA World Cup. Holding the much fancied Uruguayan side to a 1-1 draw and with 119 minutes on the clock, Ghana were handed a lifeline when Luis Suarez deliberately handled what would have been one of the most important goals in World Cup history.

2014 Depth Chart: The Goalkeepers

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With the World Cup over, as far as the United States Men's National Team is concerned, I'm going to be be taking a multi-part look at the players currently making up our player pool, and the players who will be making their case to be included on the 2014 roster. I'll be looking at who's played in their last World Cup, who's got another tournament (or more) in them, and who will be fighting to make their first World Cup roster.


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United Against Malaria (UAM) is a community of organizations and individuals that has joined together ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to unite in the fight against malaria.

With the tournament now well under way, UAM wants you to Sign the ball to show your support for the cause.

Cameroon vs Denmark – Eto’o vs Bendtner?

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Cameroon v Denmark
2010 World Cup
Loftus Versfeld Stadium (Pretoria)
Saturday, 19 June 2010
1930 (BST) / 2030 (Local Time)

Cameroon and Denmark have both lost their opening games to Japan and Netherlands respectively. Although FIFA ranks Cameroon (19) over Japan (45) but on the day the Samurai Blues got one up on the Indomitable Lions.

South Africa 2010 World Cup Bingo/Drinking Game

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The World Cup is here; there is nothing better than watching the games with friends, having a few drinks and watching a game of football.Â

In case the football is not quite enough on it's own to entertain you, this World Cup bingo/drinking game could possibly make things more interesting.

Cameroon – World Cup 2010 Preview #17 (Group E)

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Cameroon World Cup 2010 Preview #17 (Group E) is a post from: Just Football

Cameroon World Cup 2010 Preview

For many, the Cameroon side that lit up Italia 90 were the perfect underdogs. With their tireless workrate, their obviously brilliant team spirit, and their brilliantly gifted leader and inspiration, Roger Milla, they captured the hearts of the footballing world, completely bucking the stereotypical view that Africans were physical beasts with no real footballing ability who relied on superstition.

Soundoff: Your World Cup Group E Predictions…

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Moving through the groups at a pace now, and we find ourselves in Group E. Time to put our necks out and say who we think is going to get through this one. I haven't been finding it too easy to rank the teams in each group from 1-4, and E is not really an exception.

This group finds Holland, Denmark, Japan and Cameroon together.

NEW! The Just Football World Cup 2010 podcast #1 (on Italy, South Africa, Liverpool & more)

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NEW! The Just Football World Cup 2010 podcast #1 (on Italy, South Africa, Liverpool & more) is a post from: Just Football

In football, there is no greater giver of life to new concepts, things, phenomena than the World Cup. It is the grand stage, the platform on which the novel is unveiled and unleashed for the world to see, to be talked about, celebrated and mimicked forevermore.


The LPFC Project by James Taylor Every player has a different...

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The LPFC Project by James Taylor

Every player has a different style, and graphic designer James Taylor decided to draw up those styles in the context of music.

LP stands for Long Play (i.

Product Review | 8 Bits & Leather Cats For Summer

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Thanks once again to the good folks at, my admittedly-minimal wardrobe has expanded by a couple of items just in time for summer.

I've got a handful of soccer shirts in high rotation, particularly in the summer, and the latest horse in my stable is the Puma Foundation Graphic Line Up Tee, featuring world stars of the game in all their 8-bit goodness1.

Rene Higuita

Footballers that have had cosmetic surgeries

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Footballers that have had cosmetic surgeries - originally posted on

Fame, wealth, respect and status the modern day footballer has it all. However some things are pre-set, like a person's appearance. Liposuction, plastic surgery and beauty enhancing treatments are all the rage in Hollywood, and it appears that the footballing world is following suit, with a number of players spending their mega-wages on making themselves more attractive.

Footballers that have had cosmetic surgeries

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Footballers that have had cosmetic surgeries - originally posted on

Fame, wealth, respect and status the modern day footballer has it all. However some things are pre-set, like a person's appearance. Liposuction, plastic surgery and beauty enhancing treatments are all the rage in Hollywood, and it appears that the footballing world is following suit, with a number of players spending their mega-wages on making themselves more attractive.

My Favourite Shirt: Cameroon 1990

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By James Tyler

Cameroon's Indomitable Lions maul Diego Maradona in the opening game of Italia '90; ten-man Cameroon won 1-0 to shock the reigning world champions

My memories of the 1990 World Cup are scattered at best and, like most of the rest of the world, predictable at worst.

Samuel Eto O

De África para el mundo

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Ya está en marcha la Copa Africana de naciones, rompiendo como siempre el calendario ya que realizarla en enero no es el mayor beneficio para los clubes que al fin y al cabo son los dueños de las cartas de los jugadores. Bastantes de ellos en Europa, aunque en esta edición el número es menor por algunos países que clasificaron por sorpresa y tienen menos futbolistas en el viejo continente o ninguno como Sudán, porque sino el número de 184 jugadores que se desempeñan ahí y jugarán ésta edición hubiera aumentado con Nigeria, Sudáfrica, Togo, Camerún o Argelia presentes.

Roger Milla, a alegria do povo

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Este ponta-de-lança africano fez delirar o público do Campeonato do Mundo de 1990 quando, com 38 anos, festejou os seus quatro golos de forma peculiar, dançando junto da bandeirola de canto. Para além de terem sido essenciais na ida dos Camarões aos quartos-de-final, os golos de Albert Roger Mooh Miller fizeram com que fosse o primeiro a ser considerado por duas vezes Jogador Africano do Ano (já o tinha sido em 1976).

Onde está a garra destes Camarões?

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Ver a actual selecção camaronesa jogar não empolga minimamente. Já tinha ficado com esta impressão desde que os vi na CAN, posição que saiu reforçada do particular contra Portugal disputado na Covilhã e ainda mais na derrota frente a um Japão que está longe de ser uma das potências do futebol mundial.


3 Maradonian goals

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Got recent picks of three wonderful solo goals, plus two other very interesting goals worth watching:

Leonardo from RB Salzburg scored a wonderful solo goal vs. FK Senica. Honestly, I know non of them, but the goal is very nice to watch

Another great solo by the Brazilian Fernandinho who plays for Shakhtar

One more wonderful solo by Brad Rusin, and American defender who plays for a Danish Club (HB Køge)

Very nice goal from Paraguay by Dos Santos, definitely, not the famous one, but a very skillful goal

Finally, Ronaldinho scored a 'foxy' goal that reminds us so much by the 1990 Roger Milla goal vs.

Inter glory inspired by Samuel Eto brilliance

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Samuel Eto showed yesterday why he was the only African player to be awarded as the African Player of The Year four times, why he won Champion League 3 times (06,09,10) and why Roger Milla started media war against him out of jealousy.

Samuel Eto inspired his team for a historical victory over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena when everyone thought that Bayern is crushing the Inter.

The Rest

THE STARTING 11: Other Toronto FC uses for Allocation Money

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Meanwhile... deep below BMO Field...
It's the latest gag sensation at Toronto FC - not that they really needed new ones - Kevin Payne and his Scrooge McDuck lovin' for some good old American Cheddar aka Allocation Money. The image of a tiny Kevin sitting atop an ever growing cartoon pile of gold coins is a delicious one while the term "Allocation" has now become part of your average TFC fan's daily parlance.

Copycat: Japanese striker mimics Mario Balotelli’s muscle rippling goal celebration

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Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and it's never more entertaining than when you are imitating Mr Mario Balotelli. On Saturday a honourable homage to the Italian's muscle clenching celebration against Germany was provided by Ken Tokura in the J-League. The Vissel Kobe forward bagged the winner against Kawasaki Frontale by sauntering in to the last third [.

Mid-Day Ticker: Coyle says Muamba may play again, Cole targets Lille stay & more

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For 78 minutes, it seemed as if Fabrice Muamba could very well lose his life. Now, it's conceivable the Bolton midfielder could return to play once more.

Bolton manager Owen Coyle said Muamba, who was released from the hospital Monday after suffering a heart attack a month ago during an FA Cup match at Tottenham, could very well play again for the club -- possibly as soon as next season.

Retiring at the peak: Al-Khateeb

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Some big stars keep playing till their impact on the game fades away slowly overtime. Maradona, Romario, Bebeto, Peter Shilton are some examples. I remember Lothar Matthaus in an interview stating that one of the mistakes he did in his career was to play too late for the national side, especially the Euro 2000 when Germany had paled appearance and linked to his name.

Goal celebration lessons : )

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In the old times, goal celebrations were very boring natural and didn't have any art in them. If you watch Rivelino WC old famous goals, you notice that he used to run a lot, then when he does not know what else to do, he just stops. Well, even scoring a decisive goal in the WC final, the guy was running out of any ideas, that was Alessandro Altobelli in 1982.

Underage Overseas

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Another timely and interesting article in this week's edition of Goal! Weekly, this time concerning the infamous Article 19 of FIFA's transfer regulations. The article has appeared online as well, on the website of Australia's de facto player union.

The article's author, James Johnson, is a former professional player and now a lawyer in the employ of the PFA.

Soundoff: Who’s Your Hero of World Cup 2010 So Far?

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As we've already noted twice (and won't be noting again, promise) the big names in the Nike ad all failed to produce at World Cup 2010. But they're really part of a larger trend, in that no single superstar has yet emerged to dominate this tournament in the way that Ronaldo (the original Ronaldo) did in 1998 and 2002, or do something to be talked about for generations, as Roger Milla did in 1990.