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Bayern Munich

Bastian the Boss

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After being mauled by Italy in the semis of Euro 2012, Germans came under lot of criticism from the World Press for being chokers. Pirlo and Balotelli had the run them ragged and more than anyone it was the German engine Bastian Schweinsteiger who was criticised. Andrea Pirlo bossed the midfield while the German was [.

Bayern Munich’s young gem ‘Kroos-ing’ to stardom

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Bayern Munich produces an abundance of players for the German national team, but unlike the national powerhouse, the Bavarian side lacked a player who could play behind the striker as a number 10. When you hear Bayern Munich, "FC Hollywood," trophies, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery come to mind.

American soccer

Bring Out Your Faithful

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What does our coverage of Landon Donovan tell us?

Hercules Gomez and the Question of National Identity

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Who is Mexican?

A Portrait: Jozy Altidore

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On Jozy Altidore.

The European Theatre

12 Days of Goals: Day 11 – Mario Balotelli

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A flash in the pan?

On the Persistence of Legends

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I am often left transfixed by football's fervent preoccupation with its own history; its continued reverence for a council of champions. At Anfield, the names of former mangers Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley sit embedded in corrugated iron and steel, greeting fans as they make their way to the stadium.

On Youth and Potential

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Keep an eye on the snake oil.

Pablo Neruda on Cristiano Ronaldo

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The Fable of the Rare Bird and the Drunkards

Clint Dempsey and American Exceptionalism

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It's a few hours before midnight on Deadline Day, and for all the "will he, won't he" drama of Clint Dempsey's move to North London, most everything seems right in the world. Clint got his long-relished move to a competitive side, Spurs added a versatile player likely to shore up a few problem areas, Fulham added a surprising number of quality reinforcements, and Liverpool.

Found Poetry: Michael Owen

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In his own words.

Luis Suarez and the Inescapable Apocalypse

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- Maxi Rodriguez

On the eve of one of the most universally celebrated days of the year, the English Football Association released a stunning 115-page document explaining their decision on the Suarez case. Within minutes, a legion of the brightest legal minds across the world yet to pursue law as a profession, took to the internet in a massive orgy of self-righteousness and ignorance, cascading their uninformed opinions over a technology originally meant for collaboration and academic study.

Lionel Messi and the Wall

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There was a moment Friday night where it seemed like fate was finally going to submit to ability.

Receiving a well-weighted pass from Ever Banega on the right side of the pitch, he quickly turned and touched the ball with his left foot, dodging a rushing challenge. With two defenders closing in from opposite directions, he burst forward, leaving one trailing while his partner missed a sliding attempt to derail the procession.

The International Game

12 Days of Goals: Day 6 – Beckham

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There's only one David Beckham...

12 Days of Goals: Day 1 – Maxi Rodriguez Ruins Mexico

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On the first day of Christmas, Argentina sent to me....


FIFA U-20 WWC: High Germans and Tattooed Americans

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Ready for the Cup? Oh, come on! I'm certain it'll be an entertaining way to end the summer. Plus, it's always good to see who will be destroying the team from your home country in a few years or so. Remember? Two years ago in Germany, we got to see early renditions of Sydney Leroux, Germany's Alexandra Popp and Kim Kulig, and Sweden's Sofia Jakobsson.

WNT Player Profile: Heath and Cheney

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Lauren Cheney scored a huge goal for the USA in the opening game of the 2011 WWC against North Korea, but before that, she and Tobin Heath stood for yet another of our WNT Player Profiles.


QPR Report: Chairman Fernandes Comment re New Stadium...Players Report Back for Training...QPR Press Conference Today... Flashback: QPR's Park Royal Stadium...J

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- See the Truly-Brilliant Bushman Photo Archives of Old QPR


- QPR REPORT MESSAGEBOARD - Visit the cutting-edge, football-only, QPR Report messageboard (and see items you won't usually read elsewhere
- QPR Players Report Back for Training Today: Flashback to "First-Day-of-Training" comments/photos from a year and two years ago

- QPR Press Conference today to announce Park Signing and.

QPR's New Stadium Architects: Populous

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QPR of 1886


- QPR REPORT MESSAGEBOARD - Visit the cutting-edge, football-only, QPR Report messageboard (and see items you won't usually read elsewhere

- See the Truly-Brilliant Bushman Photo Archives of Old QPR
- Read various old Michael Wale QPR Programme Player Profiles of various QPR Players
- Old Photos of QPR's "Spiritual Home" - Shepherd's Bush

- Old Bill Tidy & Other QPR Cartoons__________________________________________________________________________
As reported today by Reuters

Player Profile

Should Arsenal buy the Brazilian midfielder Renato Augusto! I think not!

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Player Profile: Renato Augusto by KJ I've lately started doing these player profiles on players either at Arsenal or linked with Arsenal. I am willing to listen to any suggestions on players you would like analysed next and I'll do my best to address to them as soon as possible. Just leave any suggestions in [.

Why Arsenal Should Buy…….Joao Moutinho

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Player profile: Joao Moutinho by KJ So I've decided to do some player profiles over the next few days/weeks on players that would improve our team or with those that we are linked with. Today I'm going to be talking about Joao Moutinho because I've been very impressed with his form in the Euros this [.

MLS Super Draft Player Preview: Billy Schuler

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With the Super Draft a little over a month away, it's time to start getting familiar with some of the prospects that will be available for selection. Every few days or so leading up to the draft we will be providing player profiles to give you some insight into each prospect. These previews will obviously have a Revolution-centric theme and feel to them, and we'll be looking at players that we feel will be a proper fit for the organization going forward.

WNT Player Profile: Amy, Becky and Ali

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Here is another in our series of U.S. WNT Player Profiles. For this one, we triple up defenders with Amy LePeilbet, Becky Sauerbrunn and Ali Krieger. It's also our only WNT Player Profile that has anyone setting up a defensive wall or anyone speaking German. So three cheers for the defense as you get to know Amy, Becky and Ali just a little bit better.

Maxi Rodriguez

Calling it Quits

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- Maxi Rodriguez

An athletic career, like the human body in general, is subject to a law of diminishing returns. At some point the bargain with fate turns and a fuse is lit. Each step comes slower than the last. Each minute more draining than the preceding.

A Brief Eulogy

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- Maxi Rodriguez

It's a cliche, especially in the sports world, to describe a certain "electricity in the air" surrounding a sporting event. Used to describe everything ranging from the enthusiasm that precedes a Vegas title fight, to the excitement that surrounds certain sports memorabilia conventions, the idiom is a crutch for the generic sportswriter in the face of stifling deadlines.

Summer Angst

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- Maxi Rodriguez

A broken thermometer near the grandstand reads 78°, but the truth of the matter is that games were always played nearer the century mark, our very own Qatari World Cup matches on a windswept field in Central California. The team, the Bakersfield Brigade, is long gone, victim to a downturn in local fortunes as much as misplaced presumptions about the local fan base.

A Portrait: Hugo Sanchez

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- Maxi Rodriguez

I've had a reoccurring dream for a few months now.

I'm standing in a dimly lit corn field, and I can't make out much more than the shadows of downed power-lines and a golden hue in the distance. Naturally, as a god-fearing man, I head towards the light, expecting some sort of fortune-cookie divine guidance about which path my life should take, but just as my uncertain steps settle, I stumble over a shadow in the corn field.

A Cure for Summer Cynicism

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- Maxi Rodriguez

There's a certain attraction most people feel towards the Summer months. The heady smell of a just-lit barbeque, the weekend trips to undiscovered nooks of coastline, the sun dresses. The sun dresses! While I certainly enjoy a freshly grilled hotdog while listening to "Blackbird" in front of a dangerously swelling pit fire, the arrival of Summer always brings a rash of unwanted anxieties into my life.

The Rest

12 Days of Goals: Day 8 – Dirk’s Moment

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Day 8 of our 12 Days of Goals: Dirk Kuyt.

12 Days of Goals: Day 7 – Pippo Inzaghi

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Grazie Pippo! Grazie Pippo!


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In October 1978 the Zambian national side undertook a tour of England. They played five matches in a fifteen day period against Shrewsbury Town (9/10/78), Wigan Athletic (11/10/78), Workington (16/10/1978), Marine (17/10/78) and Bristol Rovers (24/10/78). It's likely that the tour was arranged by Englishman, and then Zambian manager, Brian Tiler (a former Wigan Athletic player).

MLS SuperDraft Player Preview: Enzo Martinez & Nick DeLeon

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The presence of the holidays seems to signify to most MLS die-hards that the 2012 season grows ever-closer, and it's with that thought in mind we continue our player profiles with a pair of midfielders: National Champion UNC's Enzo Martinez, and Louisville's Nick DeLeon!

Enzo Martinez has been on the radar of MLS clubs for quite some time already.

U-23s Underway

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The Under-23 Men's National Team camp is officially underway in Lakewood Ranch, Fla. as the team arrived this evening in advance of tomorrow's first training session.
U.S. U-23 head coach Caleb Porter has called 30 players into the eight-day camp, and plans to use the time to get a full picture of the talent pool.

Martin Cloake On Danny Blanchflower, Spurs’ Geezers and the Current State of Play

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Dead easy, this interviewing malarkey. Turn on the recorder, sit back, arrange the gems in some semblance of order and there you have it. At least you do when you speak to someone with the infectious enthusiasm of Martin Cloake. A leading authority on Spurs in print, many books written alongside co-author Adam Powley, his ardent passion for the club as journalist and fan remains undiminished.

NCAA Men's Soccer season set to kick off

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The 2011 NCAA Men's Soccer season kicks into full swing today with many of the nation's top squads starting their seasons tonight and on Saturday.

Louisville, Akron and UCLA come into the season as the big title favorites, and all three boast top-class talent that pro scouts will be keeping their eyes on this fall.

Rumor: Kenny Cooper being Traded to Houston Dynamo for Lovel Palmer and Mike Chabala Today?

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Time to power on the rumor machine as it's starting a little bit early this morning. Late last night, Ryan Gates posted a possible rumor at the two players possibly heading over to the Timbers, but for what he couldn't say. Today, I'm hearing that this might be a trade for Kenny Cooper. Here's why it makes sense.

QPR Report Friday Snippets: Rodney Marsh Tweets...Back in Training...Looking for Taarabt...Still No Signings

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- Throughout the day, the QPR Report Messageboard has news updates, comments and perspectives - even links to other board comments of interest re QPR matters (on and off the field) along with football (and ONLY football) topics in general....Also Follow: QPR REPORT ON TWITTER

- QPR report back to training.

WNT Player Profile: Abby Wambach and Heather O'Reilly

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Here is another in our series of WNT Player Profiles that have been quite popular with the fans. Today we meet Thunder and Lightning, or "Tea Kettle" as Heather O'Reilly explains, giving some insight into how she developed her incredible fighting spirit.

WNT Player Profile: Cox and Buehler

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Today, you get a two-for-one day on WNT Player Profiles on the WNT Blog. The only problem with this profile is that they couldn't come to a consensus on who is nicer. Truth be told, tough call. Mutual admiration going on here. They are also part of a group on the WNT that loves to take in the culture everywhere the team travels.

Liverpool FC Couldn’t Possibly Have Asked For A Better ‘New’ Torres: Luis Suarez

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When you talk about someone who has proven his price tag wrong this season, Luis Suarez is certainly definitely a possibility to what you might be talking about. He broke...