Der Future: Schalke’s New Shirt Features ‘Integrated Microchip’ That Will Allow Fans To Buy Stadium Refreshments Without Cash (Photo)

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Photo: @s04/Twitter

Schalke 04 have just unveiled their home stripfor 2017/18 and, as well as being a handsome thing in its own right, the new shirt is also a cutting edge piece of technological advancement.

The Bundesliga side have struck a deal with supermarket chain AllyouneedFresh that will see the company's logo appear on the sleeve of their new jersey.

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Beer Keg Chiller and Dispenser hold pressurised and non-pressurised kegs and so easy to use! What a great way to lure everybody for a quick cocktail after work. Make your house your local with this 5 litre beer keg chiller and dispenser that come with its own taps, cooler, drip and glass trays. With beer Keg [.

Village Green festival at Chalkwell Park

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Southend's biggest free arts and music festival takes place on Saturday (26th) as Village Green returns to Chalkwell Park.
The 11-hour event, run by Metal, features a huge number of groups, artists and exhibitors all displaying the diverse range of talent in the borough.

It starts at 11am and Longpier.

EURO 2016

Marseille Again

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Got up at 6am in Nice in time for a 10km run along the 4km promenade. The pace felt like that of the starter in Lyon two days earlier.

My alarm first went off at 3.50am, the time a week ago that this journey started. Since then we have been to 8 different venues and spent a day on a train (plus one flight) travelling.


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We had time for some sightseeing in Marseille and chose to visit Notre Dame, the highest point in Marseille, for it's church and views over the city.

We caught the train, after checking it was running the night before, at lunchtime and made our way to Lyon as rain appeared on the Windows.

The Starting 11

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-inspired food stands at BMO Field for 2013

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Man, IHOMHEP sucks.  One of the folksy multicultural promotions that TFC began back in 2007 was to aim for gastronomical inclusiveness at the BMO Field concession stands. In a city where football supporters can hail from any continent, the club tried to cater to all needs simultaneously.

THE STARTING 11: BMO Field's new Toronto FC player-inspired food stands

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"Soolsma promised me it was 'delectable'..."One of the annual traditions for a select few TFC supporters is the pre-season food-tasting event at BMO Field. A "lucky" few fans go behind the scenes to try the new concessions on offer for the season, which usually include politically correct, offensive to none, "football" food such as " Jerked Toad-in-a-hole-in-a Belgian Waffle Pizzas".

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC Homemade Ice Cream Flavours

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If there is one thing no one can take away from MLSE (and believe us, we try) it's the corporation's eye for a good cross-promotion. The Bay Street Bankers love sticking their properties' logos over anything with a flat surface and TFC is no exception. It wouldn't be surprising then if locked somewhere, hundreds of feet below Air Canada Centre, a team of lab monkeys and marketing jocks weren't thinking of a deliciously frozen way of exploiting Toronto's new boys of summer.

THE STARTING 11: Rejected new foods at BMO Field

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As TFC struggles to sign new players and Major League Soccer itself seems ready to implode due to a strike, it's nice to have some home comforts in the off-season. One of Toronto FC's enduring traditions has been the winter food tasting evening. Once a year a group of guinea pigs... er TFC supporters are invited downtown to taste the new foods which will be available that season at BMO.


The Lowry Lowdown: The Best MLS Food Cities

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Image via

One of the benefits to playing a sport competitively is the seemingly endless hunt for proper nourishment. Over the years my passion became the search and consumption of local cuisine as I traveled around the world playing soccer. I use to tell people eating was my hobby and there were certain MLS cities I looked forward to visiting for their culinary offerings.

A Blatant Plug

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I am starting a new blogging venture this week called Two Foodie Brothers. My younger brother and I will discuss restaurants and cooking and all the other stuff we typically talk about when not talking about sports. Please feel free to give it a read.


Soccer In England At Christmastime (Part Two)

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The experienced and successful Gordon Strachan had come in to take over the reigns but found his charges dead and lame rather than straining at the bridle so the club is hanging grimly on until the transfer window opens in January for an... Read more

Soccer In England At Christmastime (Part One)

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Christmas in England means three things - family, feasting and football. It's the one part of the year when most people on this small island can make it home to be with their nearest and dearest. To give you an idea of scale, you can fit the... Read more

Chelsea throw napkins and Portsmouth eat pots of oatmeal

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Retired Russian international Alexey Smertin spent a few years at the tail end of his career in the Premier League, first with Chelsea, then being loaned out to Portsmouth and Charlton, and playing his final seasons with Fulham. And while those years away from his native land surely brought a number of fantastic experiences, one fateful day when he first arrived at Chelsea will ravage his memory for many years to come.

The Wednesday Wonder: Sue Terry

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John Terry's mom? You bet!

sky sports

New Season Hours Away: Sky Sports Promotion

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We here at COS Towers have to eat, some more so than others, so please view the ad below and bask in the knowledge that the new season is almost upon us!

New Season Hours Away: Sky Sports Promotion

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We here at COS Towers have to eat, some more so than others, so please view the ad below and bask in the knowledge that the new season is almost upon us!

Stockport County News

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More good news on the Nats food front

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So there's even more good news in the Nats food department as the SportsBog confirms that Five Guys will be at Nationals Park, though not necessarily on opening day. Even though (like Ken Beatrice) I don't eat that stuff anymore, Five Guys in a ballpark is a match made in heaven. They're even bringing all [.

Tip of the Hat to the Nats

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A Colbert-esque Tip of the Hat is due to the Nats who announced that they will allow outside food into Nationals Park. That is a very kind gesture and one that I wish more stadiums would adopt. Nothing goes better with Nationals pitching than a Vietnamese Banh Mi as seen right. It's something spicy to [.

The Rest

Barcelona: Lionel Messi Donates Leftover Wedding Buffet To Local Food Bank In Rosario

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Lionel Messi donated all the leftover food and drink from his recent wedding to a local charity in his hometown of Rosario.

Xavi, Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez and Carles Puyol were all among the guests as Messi tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Antonella Roccuzzo, during a lavish ceremony atthe City Centre Rosario Hotel last weekend.

Di Maria: No complaints about the food in Manchester!

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Angel di Maria has reflected on his start to life at Manchester United, claiming that he still has to do more to adapt to playing in a new team and in a new league.

"I must adapt to my team-mates because there are still moments in the game in which I feel I am not fully adapted yet," he said.

Angel Rangel Spends Night Driving Around Swansea, Hands Out Food To Homeless People

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By Chris Wright

He's right to applaud himself, as aptly-named Swansea City right-back Angel Rangel spent last night driving around Swansea with his wife and helping every homeless person they came across by handing out food that they had "going spare".

After having Tweeted his followers asking in which areas of the city he'd find homeless people, the Rangels set out and spent an hour or so distributing food after ending up at a homeless shelter.

Poland’s 58,000 seat chocolate national stadium....

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Poland's 58,000 seat chocolate national stadium. That's right.

If you're hungry, look away. Poland's new national stadium in Warsaw will host the opening match of EURO 2012 (only 134 days away!), along with two other group stage matches, a quarterfinal, and a semifinal.

Evian promoted to French top flight

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REIMS, France Evian won promotion from France's Ligue 2 following a 2-1 victory at 10-man Stade Reims. Evian, who now have 64 points with one match left, cannot finish outside the top three after a late Cedric Cambon strike gave them the three points. Evian, sponsored by fresh food group Danone, had won promotion [.

Manchester City start Eat Like A Player

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?MANCHESTER, England -Â Want to eat like a City player? Want to replicate the pre and post-match meals Carlos Tevez and Joe Hart enjoy? Well, here's your chance. Â Manchester City is posting the recipes of their talented chefs over on their website, so fans have the chance to eat the same food as the City squad [.

New Podcast Recommendation

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There aren't many celebrities or media personalities that I would like to be friends with. I don't need that type of validation. True, there are a lot that I would like to meet and/or interview, but very few whom I not only admire, but feel similar in personality enough to wish that I could call up at will an get their take on things.

Here We Grow: Pantry Project

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Now this is a cause we can surely get behind!

Here We Grow Pantry Project from craig king on Vimeo.

Wizards Hold Food Drive Tomorrow

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The Wizards and Harvesters will hold a canned-food drive outside all three gates Saturday as the Wizards host D.C. United. Fans who bring 3 cans or give a $3 donation will receive a Wizards linen bag, courtesy of M&I Bank. Supplies are limited, so arrive with your cans early! All attendees are encouraged to bring canned goods and show their support of the Kansas City community.

Food for thoughts

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(Picture) snapped this at "Sakura" YCK stadium

I was at Yio Chu Kang the other day for a meal.

The dinning place was one of the two restaurants located at both ends of the Yio Chu Kang Stadium.

As far as I know beside YCK complex, various sporting complexes (e.g.: Jurong West, Tampines, Choa Chu Kang, etc.

In case you’re ever in San Diego

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and you need a place to watch the big match, I can recommend the Shakespeare Pub very highly. I watched the Arsenal-Liverpool match there Saturday with a crowd of about 40-50, a nice glass of Fullers ESB (which, to their credit, they have on draft) and a decent breakfast. Additionally, it's easy to get to off [.

Are we that broke?

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Chelsea are examining every way in which to cut costs at the club. And I mean, every way.

The latest rumor to surface is that the club may force players and staff to pay for meals at the Cobham cafeteria. Are you serious?

A spokesman even confirmed this nonsense with the Mirror: "Costs at the training ground are part of an ongoing review.

REPORT: David Beckham in Your Microwave...

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Looks like some lucky people will soon be able to eat Beckham. Well not really but Beckham branded microwave foods could be coming to a supermarket near you according to this report in the UK's Daily Star:

Goldenballs is releasing Beckham-branded noodles, chicken wraps and fish fingers.

Chelsea Players “Too Rich and Too Soft”

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Chelsea visited Transylvania to play CFR Cluj in the Champions League this week, and didn't make a particularly good impression on their Romanian hosts. Apparently they were way too picky about what goes on their plates. Much as it pains me to quote anything from The Daily Mail: The players, who flew into the famous Dracula country [.

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Diego the Vague

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From an old SHOOT Magazine interview via the Guardian: Diego Maradona (Argentina) Favourite food? Oven-roasted meat. Miscellaneous dislikes? Injustice.

NYT needs better story ideas

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My old Fauquier Citizen boss Lou Emerson wouldn't have liked this story idea. Studying the Intersection of Politics and Pantry How is this newsworthy? Larry Finkel at MarketResearch .com used information on 25,000 people assembled by Simmons Market Research to develop a voter preference index based on store-bought cookies and restaurants.

Wacky Wednesday

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Happy Monday folks. It's nice to be sitting atop the table (and atop the Power Rankings at Soccer by Ives and ESPN Soccernet). Now let's stay there! The guys are off today and will practice tomorrow morning at Swope at 10 a.m. before playing games this week Wednesday (New England), Thursday (Reserves vs.