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Tim Howard

MNT in England Extra - Tim Howard's Keepsakes

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Here's a look at the MNT in England feature 'Tim Howard's Keepsakes':

What was striking about Tim's media room - beyond that he has Galaga and Donkey Kong, which is awesome - is that you could tell how much thought he had put into it. He is clearly a considered man, and you can see the appreciation and respect that he has for other's talents and achievements.

USA England Pre-match Trash Talk

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To that, I say oh Mighty Een-guh-land, it's on.

It is on, from the time we left your shores as lonely but determined pilgrims to found a more brightly shining beacon of hope. To when your nation underestimated our determination, resolve, and ability to stand up and fight back.

Tottenham Hotspur

Photos: Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal – Stand Up, Danny Rose

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By Ollie Irish

Regardless of the result, let's stand up and applaud a brilliant match. This was the Prem at its absolute best two teams with the gloves off, punching and counter-punching for 90 minutes. Captivating.

As a Spurs fan, the result has put a massive smile on my face.

Football lookalikes: Gareth Bale and Donkey Kong

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Spurs for SNES Yes, Spurs primate-faced Welshman is a a bit of a ringer for video game star Donkey Kong. The big-eared left-back could probably learn a few defensive tips from the Ninetendo hero too. Thanks to OTP reader Usama for the spot. Share on Facebook

The Rest

Man who threw banana at Roberto Carlos says he did it out of anger, not racism

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The Russian fan who threw a banana at Roberto Carlos back in June -- the second banana incident involving the Brazilian during his time with Anzhi -- has been aprehended and confessed to the police, but he claims he didn't do it out of racist intent, just general fury.

From RIA Novosti:

"The person who threw it was arrested with the help of surveillance cameras.

The USWNT Moment of Truth - first 2012 edition

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I've never really cottoned to the phrase "on like Donkey Kong - but if you insist, go ahead. Pia Sundhage has named the 20 ladies responsible for punching the USWNT's Olympic ticket, with CONCACAF qualifying set to kick off Friday in Vancouver against the Dominican Republic.And as you can see, there is plenty of talent available for WPS pick-up.

Ready. Set. Playoffs!

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Get your tickets 'cause it's on like Donkey Kong. The playoffs are finally here and it's gonna be some sh*t. LA v. Seattle, RSL v. Dallas, New York v. San Jose and Columbus v. Colorado. I don't know who's going to come out on top of this thing but the West is just going to be brutal. Whoever makes it out of there alive should have no problem taking down whoever wins the East.

Off Topic: Your Top Documentaries

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Okay, purists I know I may offend you.

The doc that got it started...

Welcome to the 1st column ever on TSG that is not of and or related to soccer. We'll try to bring in as many soccerisms as possible.

As a note, I almost penned a piece on George Steinbrenner during his passing.

Ilary Blasi: Time To Quit The Belly Bling?

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Much like her extra-spectacular half, our adoration for Mrs. Francesco Totti is timeless and will annoyingly, never fade. Exposed nipples and allergic reactions aside, no one can discount Ilary's rockin' post-2-babies body.

Which, ironically enough, is also the main reason why we are pleading with Ilary to finally take out her belly button ice.

2010 World Cup Preview: Japan

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photo credit: Peter Hellberg

The Team: Mario & Luigi are two of the most famous Italian stereotypes to lodge into minds all over the globe. They are in the same league as the Mafia Don (whether Fat Tony or Fat Tony Soprano), Chef Boyardee, "That's a Spicy Meat-a-Ball Guy", Rocky Balboa, Mama Lucia, and each and every one of those miserable meatheads and fake-baked bitches on Jersey Shore.

More Deplorable Ideological Twaddle

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At least, that's what Wendy Parker would have you believe. Besides her article on Pitch Invasion, she's slagged me off on her twitter account, soccer news aggregator site, and even her Atlanta Soccer News site. The basic premise is the same, but it seems Wendy got increasingly worked up as she plotted, wrote, and then basked in the afterglow of the article that was largely written in response to me.