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Major League Soccer

Not Even Vincent Nogueira Is Perfect

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While it is true that Nogueira is one of the best pick-ups the Union made in the off season and can compete with any midfielder in the league, he does have one critical flaw....

If you've only watched one Union game this season, you've still probably figured out that Vincent Nogueira is the Union's most important player.

MLS 2014 MLS Preseason Prediction Preview (I of II)

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We made it to Year IV! Barely!

Welcome back folks to the most incorrect–politically, figuratively, quantitatively, qualitatively–MLS preview series out there. This is Year IV and if we're going by Rocky's or Mission: Impossibles instead of Karate Kid's then we're in for a good time. Of course, like all pieces (and authors) here at TSG, we could also regress considerably.