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Why Chelsea Need To End Reign Of Player Power

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Why Chelsea Need To End Reign Of Player Power - originally posted on

When Andre Villas-Boas took over as Chelsea Manager in June 2011, he probably didn't envisage the club's dressing room being his biggest problem during his first season in English football. A dressing room filled with international footballers and seasoned professionals would surely have been an attraction for any potential Chelsea manager following the ruthless sacking of Carlo Ancelotti.

MLS All-Stars prepare to take on Everton

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Missing are the names of Beckham, Angel, Twellman and reigning MLS MVP Barros Schelotto. Instead Everton will face a largely rag-tag team made up of current and rising stars of the MLS. While there are still the marquee names of Freddie Ljungberg, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, and Landon Donovan in attendance, there appears to be a greater collective of MLS stars getting their first chance to shine on the big stage.


Mesut Ozil’s Father Opens Family Book Ahead Of Turkey Clash

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There's nothing that screams "German Simon Cowell!" more than this shot of Joachim Loew sitting comfortably at yesterday's German NT press conference. Yeah, it's totally normal to put a black sofa at the training ground my dad did it once, Dunga sat on it.

Messi On A Speedboat & Other Tales

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It's Monday (collective groans all over!) but it doesn't have to be, if you're Leo Messi or Dani Alves.... perennial Barca superstars! They were in the Spanish party island of Ibiza over the weekend with their partners including Antonella (Come on the Catalan press would be scrambling all over themselves if it was just two of them on holiday) basking in the sun and on a luxury yacht.

Greedy Guti!

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Did Guti cut his hair to be on Eurovision? No matter, the midfielder wants to see some of the best players at Real Madrid next season and he believes that Harry Potter Perez can work his wand to bring some magic to the Bernabeu. Cue the collective snorts from all over the world!


Video: Lucas v. Bolton

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There's plenty of reason for positivity at the current moment, with yesterday's victory furthering the belief that Liverpool could be on the way to being a force in English football again. The team as a whole was marvelous at times, defending well (until that lapse in final minute), linking play and finding a fluidity going forward that left Bolton overwhelmed at the back and fortunate not to have conceded six.

Extended Highlights: Liverpool v. Tottenham

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One of the great things about a Liverpool victory is that we can usually expect some sort of highlight package to filter out in the hours and days after the match has ended. It's no secret that we're quite fond of those videos around here from the brilliance of Luis Suarez at Fulham to the five goal romp against Birmingham, we've celebrated the opportunity to reflect on quality performances from the squad and its individuals.

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea: Joy at Anfield, Finally

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I forgot what this was like—Liverpool come through in a big match against a big opponent. Liverpool look confident. Liverpool play aggressively. Liverpool win.

It was a stunning performance in the first half from top to bottom. Chelsea looked overmatched and overrun, with Liverpool closing down quickly and moving the ball freely.

Liverpool 2, Chelsea 0: Joy, Finally

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Liverpool get the result we were all too scared to hope for and beat Chelsea 2-0.

I forgot what this was like Liverpool come through in a big match against a big opponent. Liverpool look confident. Liverpool play aggressively. Liverpool win.

It was a stunning performance in the first half from top to bottom.

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The ‘Mourinho Rap’ Is Abysmal – Not A Patch On Jose’s Own Ballad ‘Por Que?’ (Video)

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By Chris Wright

This 'ere new 'Jose Mourinho Rap' by something called 'Kaspa Klan' (Google says they're an unsigned Spanish hip-hop collective) is you probably don't need me to tell you a little bit completely and utterly shite...

So bad, it's pretty much offensive to all 21 senses (including your sense of decency) and then bad enough to stink up a couple more of which we're not actually aware yet.

New look Arsenal must be ruthless against Swansea

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It's been quite a week for the Arsenal. Some fans calling for the manager's head, some insisting "In Arsene we trust" and others sat nervously on the fence wondering whether there is a light at the end of this seemingly dark tunnel, quietly hoping that their club will pull through causing them anxiety if not painful splinters!


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I cannot emphasise enough how happy I am to hear AVB speak of the group at Chelsea rather than distancing himself from his players and speaking of individual players.

Of course Jose came here and announced he was "The Special One" which is a name he will always be fondly remembered as here but think about it for a second, it immediately passed a message onto everyone from the owner, to the board, the players, the staff and us fans that he really is outstanding far and above everyone else here.

H’Beye the lads!

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Rumours will no doubt have reached most Newcastle supporters that Habib Beye is reportedly unhappy with his time in the Midlands. Part of the villainous collective that saw us relegated last season, Beye became an official Villain when Martin O'Neill took him to Aston Villa in the summer in a £2.5m deal.

Fun Foto Filler Friday: Who Let the Cigano Out?!

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After the majority of the Portuguese Football Fan collective shouted out loud that they wanted everyone's favorite gypsy to get a chance, LouPhilSco finally let him off the bench and onto the pitch. He had a nervy bit of footwork on the ball at the beginning, but fellow Sporting

WVH Power Rankings: Defenders

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Part two of four...or five...before leading up to the first team power rankings of the 2008 season. This morning I will focus in on the defense for teams. Its the main collective bunch of defenders on the team, not including midfielders and forwards who play defense when they have to on the field. If that makes [.

Applying Our Collective Football Knowledge

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Do you think you know it all? Some people do but, I sure don't. I have so much to learn it's crazy and so do you. However, you may not know it yet. Thus, is the purpose of this post.

Many footballers on Ziga-Zoga are here to get better. Others are here to reach the next level. Still, others are here to help the next generation of footballers and are seeking information too.