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Berhalter Leaving 1860 Munich For MLS

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Donovan Does It Again!

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Landon Donovan made a substitute appearance in Bayern Munich's friendly against FSV Mainz tonight, scoring just ten minutes after stepping onto the field. Then in the 90th minute, he scored again! That makes three winter friendlies in which Donovan has scored a total of four goals for the Bavarian giants - a strong statement that he plans for this stint in Germany to be much different than previous ones.

Zizzo, Hannover Drop Friendly To AC Milan

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American Sal Zizzo made a rare appearance for Hannover 96 in last night's friendly against visiting AC Milan. The Bundesliga side put in a surprisingly strong performance against the star-studded Milan team, especially on defense, but was unable to hold off the Rossoneri for good.

With his team down 2-1 in the second half, Zizzo came on in the 66th minute, replacing Jan Rosenthal at right midfield where he immediately got into the mix.

Donovan Training With Bayern Munich

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Today at Bayern Munich's 3 PM practice, a new face showed up alongside coach Juergen Klinsmann, a face familiar to many American fans. Yep, that's right, the LA Galaxy's Landon Donovan is in Munich to train with Bayern for a weeek or two to "stay fit." Hmmm.
Could Donovan, who last left Bayer Leverkusen in 2005 after playing in seven league and two Champion's League matches, be looking for for a ticket back to European soccer?


Where Are They Now? Tom Dooley

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While many US fans are still crestfallen over Neven Subotic's decision to play for Serbia, perhaps now is a good time to remember how we've benefited from similar decisions by players who chose to play for the Stars and Stripes. I can't think of a better example than Tom Dooley

I must admit that Dooley is still one of my favorite players ever to pull on a US jersey.

Pearce Gets New Coach At Rostock

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Just a week after Heath Pearce's Hansa Rostock was crushed 6-0 at Kaiserslutern, a new savior has appeared in manager Dieter Eilts. After picking up only two points in their last five matches, a savior seems to be just what they need.

This is good news for American defender Heath Pearce, whose team is mired in 14th place and instead of seeking promotion back to the Bundesliga, is in danger of relegation to the 3rd division.

Say It Ain't So Stefan!

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Imagine having a stadium named after one of your club and country's greatest sporting heros, the man who led your team to winning its first World Cup? Now imagine decades later the club changing the stadium's name of for "business reasons?" Well, that may be in store for 1FC Kaiserslautern's Fritz Walter Stadion.

Michael Bradley

Bradley Own Goal Helps Foals To 3-1 Loss

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Just a week after scoring his first Bundesliga goal, American Michael Bradley scored another this week, just not for his team. Just when things were looking up for his new stint at Borussia Moenchengladbach, an own goal against Energie Cottbus did not help. In the early going, a 3rd minute header by Bradley could have put the Foals ahead early if not for a good save by Cottbus keeper Gerhard Tremmel.

Update: Michael Bradley to Borussia Moenchengladbach

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Borussia Moenchengladbach sports director Christian Ziege has just confirned that American Michael Bradley may spend the next few seasons plying his trade at Borussia Moenchengladbach. Ziege told the Rheinisher Post that Bradley is a "dangerous, versatile player but also a classic playmaker.

The Rest

Bremen Fans Show Europe How Its Done

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Toward the end of Werder Bremen's 0-0 draw with Bochum on Saturday, six members of a neo-Nazi group began to unfurl a 10-foot long banner on which it stated: "NS-HB Sport frei". NS-HB stood for Nordsturm Hansestadt Bremen, an extreme right hooligan group. But Bremen fans were having none of it and began to go after the neo-Nazis, surrounding them while shouting "Nazis out!

Disney/ESPN To Buy Bundesliga Broadcast Rights?

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An interesting development...

While it could be tricky to work out within Germany, a succesful bid by Disney could make Bundesliga matches much more accesible to American audiences on ESPN.