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December 15, 2017 12:01 UTC
June 20, 2009 12:33 UTC

If not now, when? If not Spurs, who?

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Audere est Facere . The JimmyG2 Column. . 'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs'. Kipling's famous lines which Mauricio has insisted the whole squad learn by heart is our current mantra. Slowly does it and steady as she goes. The inspirational qualities of Kipling's words are enshrined in the players entrance at Wimbledon '' If you can meet with Triumph and

Dele on the Couch not the Bench.

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I said ''Hot wire it or just blow the bloody doors off'' . The JimmyG2 Column. . Spurs application to be allowed just to play in the Champions' League next season has been turned down on a technicality. You have to finish in the top four in the Premiership or win the Europa to progress to the CL.

Spurs come to a standstill.

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No not 'Going Down!' Just going down. And so now we're 7th., below Burnley and the usual suspects who are all finding form, momentum and not a little panache while we stand still. In the last five games we have lost three times, all away. The 6 teams above us have only lost three times between them in that time.

Spurs cannot be serious .

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Focus on the plan. Now you see it: now you don't. . The JIMMYG2 Column . If there were any animals involved in Spurs Premiership matches other than human ones our games would have been banned years ago. The cruelty involved in supporting Spurs is just too much. The recent success in the Champions' League only makes things worse.

How many blips make a trend?

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That's not a trend. It's a series of blips. . The Jimmy G2 Column. . Well that was disappointing . Actually it was awful, verging on the disgraceful. It was clear in the first few minutes who wanted this more and it wasn't us. Surprisingly only new boy Davison Sanchez stepped up. With four players coming back from injury and Harry Kane still heavily strapped, Eriksen still on cloud nine

Spurs clean up.

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Pomp and Glory against the Champions' League Champions . After the Lord Mayor's Show . The JimmyG2 Column. . One of the great features in the 'Old Days' after some equestrian spectacular like the Lord Mayor's show: the ancient Gilded Coach pulled by Six Shire horses; mounted police and Horse Guards escort was the sight and smell of the clear up.

An echo of glory

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Dele and Christian as you've never seen them before! . The JimmyG2 Column. . So we are not just in it, but in it to win it according to Mauricio. Not specifically the Champions' League but just everything in general.The next level is winning things. Beating Real Madrid is just a start As Bill Nicholson said: "If you don't win anything, you have had a bad season.

No Big Deal

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It's a six horse race. The JimmyG2 Column. . Ten games in, just 28 to go, and the first checkpoint for our progress. We finished 2nd last year and at this point we were 5th. with a goal difference of 9 and a tally of 20 points. This year with the added burden of playing our 'home' games at Wembley we are 3rd.

What Sort of Forecast is that!

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There is no Harry Kane! and Eriksen, Dele and Winks to start in midfield against Liverpool. Well 1 out of 2 ain't bad. . The JimmyG2 Column. . It's getting harder to find new ways of saying nice things about Tottenham but the win against Liverpool on Sunday raised new aspects about our game and Mauricio's management.

It's All in the Balance at Tottenham

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Watch out Luka. He's right behind you. . The JIMMYG2 Column. . On a unexpectedly cool and rainy night in Madrid Spurs stepped up the plate, picked it up and virtually smashed it. So the answer to the perennial question : 'Can they do it on a cold wet Tuesday night in Madrid? is 'Yes we can! Now Spurs have never won the Champions' League and perhaps never will.

Wheel of Fortune favours Spurs

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Turn wheel turn. Our number is coming up. . The Jimmy G2 column. . I remember a song from the early 50's by Kay Starr. This was before sex was invented in the 60's and The Beatles put paid to all that sentimental ballad stuff and before Spurs did the Double. Oh, wheel of fortune I'm hoping somehow If you ever smile on me Please let it be now.

Danny Lee Rose: The Real Story

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Eh Ma, isn't that our our Danny, Superleftback? . The Greg Meyer Column. . October 12 2017 ... Spurs Legend Birthday. . . Daniel Lee Rose ... The Real Story. . " A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." W.

Spurs Friendly Pub 5 minutes Walk from the Bernabeu.

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Spurs friendly Pub within 5 minutes walk of the Bernabeu. An excellent bar to assemble in before the game and to meet up in later. My daughter Liz the Manager of the Irish Rover which some of you will already know extends her usual warm welcome to Spurs fans next week. Special Football deals: Excellent Burgers,chips and a pint 10 Euros (Heineken): 10.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.

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2017 and Harry Just get Better and Better. . The JimmyG2 Column. . The Harry Kane Tribute Edition. . Sorry that headline should have read 'Harry, Harry, Harry' as our boy clocked up his first Champions' League hat-trick. Messi and Ronaldo have each scored seven but at 24 he's got plenty of time. Gareth Bale scored our only other one seven years ago against Internazionale in 2010.

The fighting spirit of....Carabao!

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From milk sops to empowerment. Let's give it a go. . The JimmyG2 Column . Another week another blog. Disappointing start against Swansea, a ground out progress against Bradford in the Carabao Cup* in midweek and a very pleasing if slightly nail nibbling finish at The Taxpayers Stadium yesterday. We continue to dominate all the statistics in these games but despite Harry's efforts seem