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October 20, 2017 07:41 UTC
June 20, 2009 12:33 UTC

It's All in the Balance at Tottenham

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Watch out Luka. He's right behind you. . The JIMMYG2 Column. . On a unexpectedly cool and rainy night in Madrid Spurs stepped up the plate, picked it up and virtually smashed it. So the answer to the perennial question : 'Can they do it on a cold wet Tuesday night in Madrid? is 'Yes we can! Now Spurs have never won the Champions' League and perhaps never will.

Wheel of Fortune favours Spurs

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Turn wheel turn. Our number is coming up. . The Jimmy G2 column. . I remember a song from the early 50's by Kay Starr. This was before sex was invented in the 60's and The Beatles put paid to all that sentimental ballad stuff and before Spurs did the Double. Oh, wheel of fortune I'm hoping somehow If you ever smile on me Please let it be now.

Danny Lee Rose: The Real Story

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Eh Ma, isn't that our our Danny, Superleftback? . The Greg Meyer Column. . October 12 2017 ... Spurs Legend Birthday. . . Daniel Lee Rose ... The Real Story. . " A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." W.

Spurs Friendly Pub 5 minutes Walk from the Bernabeu.

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Spurs friendly Pub within 5 minutes walk of the Bernabeu. An excellent bar to assemble in before the game and to meet up in later. My daughter Liz the Manager of the Irish Rover which some of you will already know extends her usual warm welcome to Spurs fans next week. Special Football deals: Excellent Burgers,chips and a pint 10 Euros (Heineken): 10.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.

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2017 and Harry Just get Better and Better. . The JimmyG2 Column. . The Harry Kane Tribute Edition. . Sorry that headline should have read 'Harry, Harry, Harry' as our boy clocked up his first Champions' League hat-trick. Messi and Ronaldo have each scored seven but at 24 he's got plenty of time. Gareth Bale scored our only other one seven years ago against Internazionale in 2010.

The fighting spirit of....Carabao!

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From milk sops to empowerment. Let's give it a go. . The JimmyG2 Column . Another week another blog. Disappointing start against Swansea, a ground out progress against Bradford in the Carabao Cup* in midweek and a very pleasing if slightly nail nibbling finish at The Taxpayers Stadium yesterday. We continue to dominate all the statistics in these games but despite Harry's efforts seem

Grounds for Optimism

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Hoodoo Dragon only half dead I'm afraid. . The JimmyG2 Column. . I had this pretty piece all ready in my head after the Borussia Dortmund win at Wembley in the week in the Champions' league. A nagging doubt and second thoughts stopped me from posting it born of a long devotion to Tottenham. You know the stuff: brilliant tactical Managership; fine performance; Dragons slain; myths put to

Limited selection choices at Tottenham

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Someone's taken out all the soft centres. . The Jimmy G2 Column. . But anyway I'm keeping faith with the Danish pastry: the thinking man's confectionery. So the Top of the Bill event fizzled out in embarrassment as the home town contenders failed to turn up. Spurs won without breaking sweat for their second away victory and another clean sheet.

Incoming: Transfer Rumour Free Zone Exclusive.

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I'm with Aesop. . The JimmyG2 Column. . So it's all true. We are jinxed at Wembley and Harry Kane can't score in August. We are all doomed I tell you. Doomed. If matches were only 85 minutes long we'd be jostling for top. The Hoodoo Fairy not only visited the Home dressing room to plant her seeds of doubt in the player's minds especially Harry's but popped into the Away teams as well

Curses, Jinxes, Hoodoo's: Hot Rumours and Hot Facts.

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Mauricio on the Poop deck and Spurs going down fighting. Not HMS Victory unfortunately . The JimmyG2 Column. . A significant day and opportunity at our new temporary home but not at this stage of the season a defining one. Except perhaps in the minds of the the more extreme fans. Harry could have put the August curse to rest but didn't.

It's All kicked Off.

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A smooth take off but there could be turbulence ahead. The JimmyG2 Column. . Tables stowed, window blinds open, arm-rests down and seat-belts fastened: here we go; here we go. At last we're up and running or rather up and flying after Newcastle. As you can tell I've just flown back from holiday. Watched first game in a vast pub with more screens than fans but very decent beer and

Money to waste and time to spare.

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80 million spare cash and plenty of time. The JimmyG2 Column. . Involved in quality competition and we are just about holding our own. Eriksen has settled early; Vincent has scored from a N'Koudou assist; more youngsters are blooded and so far unbowed. Proper football returns. These games are being disparagingly referred to as pointless 'friendlies' by some.

He's Thinking It Over.

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You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Live with it. The Jimmy G2 Column. . The garage is now neat and tidy with a floor you could eat off and holidays are completed leaving the whole family knackered and sunburned. What's not to like? So we arrive at that magical moment in between seasons when something actually happens after much useless ITK; aimless speculation; pointless wondering

All Sorts Going On.

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We just can't see it. . The JimmyG2Column. . Politics may be stuck in The Doldrums, an equatorial region of the Atlantic with calms, sudden storms, and light unpredictable winds but not football at Spurs. Theresa set off in full sail and has ended up clinging to a rock for several days awaiting rescue by the DUP and survives because 'There is no alternative'.

Spurs have problems.

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Now that was just silly Hull. . The JimmyG2 Column. . So anyway in this dream I had we won the league, Hugo got the Golden Gauntlets, Arsenal were relegated and we beat W. Ham easily. I woke up just before the Champions' League final finished but we were 3 up with minutes to go. And you know what? We have achieved almost everything else.