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Jamie Trecker: USA, “big game” jinx

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Jamie Trecker recently concluded his three-part series on why the USA needed to become the second team ever to win in Mexico City. Since we failed, US Soccer is obviously doomed. I'm sorry to keep going at Trecker, but since this is related to the last two I've commented on, it seems logical to discuss the final chapter.

Trecker, Mexico “last chance for the USA”

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This article commentary originally ran on sister blog Project 2010. Check out the site for more US Soccer-related content.

Our old friend Jamie Trecker is back at it,this time claiming a win in Mexico is a must. A win would obviously be fabulous for the reasons highlighted in Trecker's article, among others, but I'm with reader Josh (see comments in our last Trecker response) when he says he's a little tired of people expecting a win in Mexico, as if some dramatic shift has occurred in American soccer, now making us favorites when we travel to Costa Rica and Mexico.

Jamie Trecker’s summer review

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This originally ran on our sister blog Project 2010. Since it is in the Fire Alexi Lalas format, I thought I'd re-post it over here.

It's been a while since I've done an article commentary, so I thought I'd take on Jamie Trecker's latest article about the USA's summer results.

Fire Bob Bradley

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This post originally ran on sister site Project 2010. It's a good piece that addresses a hot subject in US Soccer. Thus, I have reposted it here.

We'll admit that we have never been Bob Bradley's biggest fans, but we've also tried to refrain from calling for his head.

“Soccer is Ruining America,” claims Stephen H. Webb. Wow…

Fire Alexi Lalas at related • 9 views money was on fast food and guns. Shows what I know.

Let's face it Monday's loss to Italy was heartbreaking. The last thing we need right now is another divisive article about the merits of Frankie Hejduk, Bob Bradley, and the 4-5-1 formation. Now is a time for unity. I've been sitting on this article for quite some time now, waiting for a day just like today.

Stuck on the tracks!

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Steve Davis recently had an article appear on Soccernet, "Current U.S. team no better than 2006 version." The title alone was enough to make me re-open FAL. Here are my favorite parts:

As the national program goes, the belief is that it's long been on the incline.

Sounds about right.

Alexi Lalas - the Ginger interview

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This is brilliant. Had to post it. No commentary here...I think Lalas' genius speaks for itself...

(Courtesy of Kick Off Video)

Man City are detroying football?

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This is a US Soccer blog and I intend to keep it that way. But I felt like commenting on this story because it has to do with the state of the global game, of which the USA is obviously a part. Also, this topic has been bugging me for a while and I have the uncontrollable desire to throw in my two cents.

FAL Heroes: Steven Wells

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"Ridiculing our way to a better soccer culture."

Well, ridiculing will only get you so far. Rather than sitting around all day, criticizing the work of actual journalists, fuming over USSF missteps, and laughing at Alexi Lalas, I thought it might be nice to highlight the voices of reason out there.

To all the Frankie Hejduk haters…

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While watching the US defeat Mexico (again) on Wednesday, I was keeping an eye on Ives Galarcep's running commentary. One of his halftime thoughts kind of struck me:

Will the "Frank Hejduk is awful" people finally relax? He's not Dani Alves but he can step up and play well when needed.

Alexi Lalas Q&A!!!

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Finally! I've been waiting for this ever since I started this blog about a week ago! Our very first Alexi Lalas Q&A!!

Alexi Lalas : Greetings. Exciting day for soccer and I am happy to be here to answer any and all questions. Fire away!

Jeffrey, California: Mexico is very susceptible to counter attacks.

‘British’ stars ‘breaking’ America as ‘Beckham’ calls ‘it’ a day at ‘LA’

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This 'article' sure is something... Laura Williamson has apparently been keeping tabs on what British players have been doing in MLS. She works some 'subtle' jabs into what initially appeared to be an innocent "What are they up to now?" article. Here are the highlights:

Major League Soccer is on the verge of saying bye to Becks but it remains the resting home for a bunch of British 'talent'.

My favorite Wilmer since Valderrama

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The USSF can be pretty depressing. While certain problems are to be expected due to the relative youth and lack of resources of US Soccer, others are just baffling. My biggest complaint of all is the inability of the USSF to part ways with personel. Senior national team coaches are guaranteed a minimum of four years.

Ives Galarcep In Love #1

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This will be an ongoing list of Ives Galarcep's latest obsessions:

1. The writers of Special 1 TV

2. Brian Ching

3. Lionel Messi

4. Bob Bradley

5. Steven J. Caption - inventor of Caption's contest, better known as the caption contest

The writers of Special 1 TV get the nod this time around the show is back and, according to Ives, it's better than ever.

Freddy Adu: the world’s first washed-up 19-year-old

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On January 29th, Soccer by Ives correspondent Sulaiman Folarin wrote an article on Freddy Adu's concerning lack of minutes at Monaco. Here are some highlights:

Can anyone explain why American sensation Freddy Adu is not getting more playing time with mid table AS Monaco in the French Ligue 1?