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I've been writing through other media lately. The clubs activities have been somewhat scaled back as the Muni seasons came to a close. A little cheer in the trophy cabinet - Red Star made the play-off semis where they rather unfortunately imploded, with the league scheduling a game on what was previously a bye weekend, and the team not having enough players.


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I'm just saying. Conservatives reducing the availability of child benefit.Does that make them fascist motherfuckers ?And there was Boris saying we need to be kind to the bankers.It's not ideology, it's just fairness.Uh-huh, oh yeah.
I've been a bit remiss - sorry - back after the conference season.

With somewhat continuity from prior outings, pointing out along the way that Foc

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With somewhat continuity from prior outings, pointing out along the way that Focus are from The Netherlands and that their Hocus Pocus seems to have been on everyone else at least until the final, just north of idyllic Shrewsbury is the equally beautiful Oswestry. While Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer were rocking up the Zuiderzee, Oswestry native Ian Hunter was standing over David Bowie having rejected ‘Suffragette City' as Bowie's piece for Mott the Hoople.

The battle at both ends

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A great friend of mine is a lifelong supporter of Shrewsbury.
For the longest time he lived in Telford and his quality of life was terrific, the Shropshire countryside is amongst the most beautiful England has to offer and when you think of England's green and pleasant lands, you could see it in a postcard of Shropshire.

871 minutes of football

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...since Torquay United conceded a goal.

premiership openers

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Tottenham Hotspur 0 Manchester City 0Wigan Athletic 0 Blackpool 4
hmmm, I'm just saying.

new season 2010 / 2011

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With all the anticipation of a blank sheet of paper in front of you, with all the promise of pre-season performance, with the disappointment of the loss of Scott Rendell and the joy at the return of Martin Gritton, the season begins. nPower Division 2, formerly league 2 or whatever really - the third tier of English Football.

Pepsi Max Big One, Irn Bru Revolution and the Tangerine Dream

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If you squint, and the light hits the sea in the right way you can look at the trams in Blackpool and pretend you're in San Francisco. In fact, in a celebration of trams around the world San Francisco had Blackpool trams running on the Embarcadero route - and as exotic as Fleetwood Ferry, Starr Gate, Pleasure Beach and Norbreck Castle sound as stops on the tramway, they don't shine a light to Castro, Haight-Ashbury, Fillmore, and Chinatown.

Do league ownership paradigms serve football's constituents ?

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When Dr James Naismith nailed a peach basket to the wall of the YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts in December,1891 thereby taking responsibility for 'inventing' basketball, he can scarcely have spared a thought about the creation of the Sports Juggernaut that is the NBA. Though the first NBA game is considered to be the Toronto Huskies against the New York Knicks in Toronto, on November 1, 1946 - Naismith's actions created the brand new sport, and ultimately a paradigm as to how American Sports would be owned, administered and (more importantly) monetized.


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Not posted anything for a month, been absolutely swamped - that time of year again - uniforms, registrations, add / drop forms, headshots, Drivers ID's... of course, much more important was Kendle's Wedding in Edmonton, Alberta.
Canada really is the best of Europe and The United States - chuck it all in a blender and you get a Euro-States Smoothie.

what about our young gladiators ?

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Running around on the pitch, training hard for three hours a day (!) and then getting photographed coming out of a night club looking bleary eyed with a WAG or two on your arm.Or not.Supermodels or just models, flash cars, oversized watches, bling, suits, clothes, shoes - the lot. Easy passage into the most exclusive of hang-outs, the finest restaurants, hanging out with pop stars, the glitterati amid the other victims of the paparazzi.

Dad's Day

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The pre-season get together, where all the team captains try and wrangle all the waivers, collect the dues and build up teams with new recruits is today at Griffith Park. There are some hard issues to be discussed, and there is the revenge death match between Dinamo Internazionale and Dinamo Zenit.
I've ditched Umbro this week as my favored boot, I've been buying them for over 5 years - probably a couple of pairs a year.


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After Sputnik blew up the play off first round, and after the League 2 season finished there was only the LAPL to fuss about, so I've ebbed into my post season funk a bit early. The biological clock is a bit off - and the coming to an end of the U10B spring tournament team hovering - we've got our final tournament in Santa Barbara this coming weekend.

fit & proper people

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Apparent the Red Knights met again recently to iron out the details of their plans to buy out the Glazers and wrest control of Manchester United ultimately - they say - so the fans can own a bigger piece.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm in absolute support of MUST and I signed up - and so far their e-mail communication has been thoughtful, determined and just about frequent enough without being spammy.


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The table doesn't lie V 2.0

Gotta love those Sputs :)