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September 13, 2012 01:28 UTC
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Who should be given the Manchester United number 7 now ?

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Who should be given the number 7?The Manchester United number 7 kit is perhaps the most important of all, Best, Robson, Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo. With CR7 now CR9 the question becomes who will be the last #7 under Fergie?If Valencia is given the #7 body's will roll in their grave!Now I am not saying this is the plan but it is my fear.

Diadora Soccer Cleats Review

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A New Piece on the Post-Kyoto World

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An interesting new presentation just came out from Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements. It deals with a roadmap to the post Kyoto world. A very interesting piece of research and thinking. See presentation

Arsenal Had the Best Head to Head Record Within the “Big 4”

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It is interesting to look how the big clubs did against each other last season while disregarding the other 16 clubs that make the season such a marathon. This is just another look at trying to understand the strength of each club. Overall, Arsenal got the most points against the others in the "Big 4" and in this view went from 4th in the league table to 1st in its record against the others in

Henry’s Transfer to Barcelona

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There will be a lot of analysis on this topic but logically it does seem to make sense for every side involved (Henry, Arsenal, and Barcelona). Arsenal needs cash and has stayed out of the transfer market. Arsenal could not even compete for Franck Ribery, a long time target, even though Bayern managed to secure him for £17m. So Arsenal sold Henry for a transfer fee of £12m because: 1) Henry

Sheva's Season Evaluation

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The release of season ending statistics gives a new light of how to evaluate Shevchenko's performance for Chelsea this season. Although under a lot of pressure and with terribly unproductive stretches – Sheva was fairly active and successful at times. Not many players do well in their first season in the premiership (ex. Drogba) and Sheva can potentially give a great next season, especially with

End of the Season Summary

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The season began with an indecisive victory by the national Italian squad in the World Cup and ended with an indecisive and underwhelming victory by an Italian club team in the Champions League. The premiership chase was exciting to the end and Chelsea just could not get over the dropping of so many points during Christmas batch of games. Chelsea is set up very well for next season and should

English Teams for Sale

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Business magazines (even American ones) have been obsessively covering the recent rush to buy up English teams. One of the clearest analyses of the situation comes from the newly launched Portfolio magazine. It outlines the strategy and reasoning of American billionaires that have been looking to England for the next major investment: 1) Lack of teams to purchase in the U.

Trophy Hype

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The 4-trophy season for Chelsea may actually end up a 1-trophy season very quickly. Just as Arsenal found out in one week that it had lost its chances for silverware, Chelsea may go through a very similar thing. The premiership title looks very unlikely at this point, going to Anfield without Carvalho and without a rested squad leaves no room for error, and the FA final is a 50/50 game.

United’s Injury Worries

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This is extremely worrisome for United as the starting back 4 of G. Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, and Evra are all out and Ferguson will have to improvise as Richardson may also be out. John O'Shea, Wes Brown, and Heinze will have to fill in. Chelsea went through a very similar spell and in late December through January and because of its defensive injuries, only got 6 points from 5 games.

Ukraine and Poland are Chosen to Host Euro 2012

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The other contenders in the final running were Italy and another joint bid by Hungary and Croatia. Italy, although having the infrastructure, truly did not deserve to host the event with all the recent on and off the field problems (scandals, violence, etc....) Croatian fans recently embarrassed the country by forming a Nazi swastika in the stands during a game.

Marketing Fight for China

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The NFL (National Football League) just announced that it is cancelling an exhibition game in China originally scheduled for August 2007. Apparently, the NFL could not handle 2 overseas games and a regular season game will take place in London in October 2007. The China game is now being rescheduled for 2009. 2009 may already be too late in NFL's strategy for entering China.

Lesson to World Cup Event Organizers

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The Economist recently published data for the actual costs of staging Olympic games and it is something that all event bidders should see. In the case of London 2012 - the original bid budgeted the costs of staging the games at £2.4B. The more realistic estimate several years later is now at £6B (original estimate off by 150%). So therefore, the public subsidy of this event will stand at 80% of

Forbes Richest Clubs List

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From the chart created below from available data, it is very clear of how little movement there has been in this "competition" for the last 4 years. The rich clubs are simply changing places in the top 10.No club in the last 2 years has been able to move more than 2 spots in either direction. The top 2 have remained in the same positions in the last 4 years.

Chelsea’s Summer Signings Continue to Haunt It Off the Pitch

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The big moves to sign Schevchenko and Ballack not only have been of limited significance on the pitch but now are threatening to tear the team apart. Both Schevchenko and Ballack earn £130,000 a week – Chelsea should have anticipated that the established team stars and players who are more valuable to the team would want to be at par with that. This conflict would happen in any workplace