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Dallas is Burning

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Maybe you've missed it, but Jeff Cunningham and FC Dallas are on fire right now. How ever you want to define "recent form" they have it. Tonight, they even had fans in the stands. Yes, the game was part of a Mexican National Team double-header at the Cotton Bowl, but they had [...]

The View from the Outside

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Right now the Rave Green Nation is in various level of disappointment. The early success and recent form have combined to create a frustrated fanbase with some even thinking that Sounders won't earn a single point in the remaining three matches. Visions of Shields and Cups danced in our heads at one point, [.

Advanced Pacing Standings post-week 28

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Freshly back from the land of the Timbers where they get Sounders games on FSN live (obviously dependent on conflicts). That's great if Seattle gets access to Clark County for Academy players. Plus it helps to establish which team is "major" first. Remember these "advanced" pacing standings are based on season long form for [.

Ending the Revolution – Keys to Victory

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New England represents so many of the problems with MLS 1.0. They are treated like step-brother by their NFL partners, a minor tenant in a stadium that should be beautiful. This game though will feature a team that on the pitch has scraped together through adversity and managed to teeter on the edge [.

Guesting on a few podcasts

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I had today off as I prep for a wedding at a Brewery/Distillery on Saturday. Often times when I get a weekday off I try to get an interview with a Sounder, but today they are flying. I did a little proselytizing to an EPL fan that doesn't like the "americanization" of the sport. [...]

MLS Club Results for the Week

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San Jose's draw against Colorado could be seen as a loss for the Sounders, but honestly, the Rapids are amazing at home. That San Jose stole a few points from them is huge for Seattle. The expanded pacing formula (including H/A Strength of Schedule) now show Seattle at 7th with Colorado heading East [.

Key CCL matchups tonight

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Fox Soccer Channel carried the PR v Saprissa match, where you saw the more talented side pull a tie in the final moments. Right now you can watch Houston host Pachuca. Houston lowered their prices for this match (5$ for the endlines) in order to get a bit of a crowd. It didn't work. The [...]

Where should an MLS club find talent?

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MLS teams have limited resources. They can't scout the entire world, and there are rules concerning the number of "international" players that a team can have (8 of 24), so yes most of their effort should be focused on US players, either through the draft, the USL systems or the Academies, but if you [.

Standing on one’s head

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Many will like to look at this match and say the Sounders played better than Chivas and so deserved to win. I'm a results focused guy though, they tend to actually wind up in the standings and the trophies. Teams either earn results or they don't. In this case Zach Thorton earned the results. He [.

Hunt for Shield and Playoffs

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With the conclusion of the Crew at Fire and their two-two draw there is another round down. The playoff race is much less clear than Sounders fans would hope. Crew fans though likely are enjoying their shot at getting a second Shield in a row. First the hunt for the next domestic trophy, the [...]

Is Ljungberg worth it?

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That's the question that Steve Davis asks in his latest post at Daily Soccer Fix. It really comes down to a few main topics where Freddie has been struggling 1- Adjusting to MLS Referees 2- Injury History 3- Statistical performance 4- His nature as a "tweener" compared to the Sounders roster Adjusting to MLS Referees I absolutely agree with Davis on Freddie's [.

A recent conversation about American Soccer fans

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I talk soccer a lot online. On forums, through facebook, through twitter, via email. Heck, I do it at work, on my cell, on the streets of LA at a music festival Recently I was talking to Jason D. over at about how some soccer fans like to promote themselves as exclusive and [...]

How to cook a Goat

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Ah, the stretch run. Many pundits and fans tend to focus on the final few games as if they are more important than any other. Time skews our perception of the game, but honestly, in the Sounders case those first five matches matter just as much as the last five. Without those [...]

MLS to pause during Group Play of World Cup 2010

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Here's the release. Note that the balanced schedule is for 2010 only. More thoughts later, but I think this is huge. MLS to Break During Group Play of 2010 FIFA World Cup™ MLS clubs to play each opponent twice in balanced 2010 regular season NEW YORK (September 16, 2009) – Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber [.

Seriously, what a weekend

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Because things are wonky with the site, I had to repost this. Through the twitter (click to follow me)thing I managed to win a damn amazing prize. A trip for two to West Hollywood for the Sunset Strip Music Festival. This was courtesy of Virgin America and Chris Cornell. I saw the following [...]

Sometimes luck is good and bad

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I was tempted to write the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but honestly that's a tired and worn-out blog title. The Bad in this case was a lost wallet. I left it in the cab after I checked into the hotel. 24 hours later my phone stopped working as a phone. It [...]

This is not groundhog day – United host Sounders

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Sure, it feels like we've all been here before, maybe because of that great US Open Cup Win! But it is not Groundhog Day. This is a league match against an opponent that is ahead of the Sounders on the current table and are now pacing for 5th and 45 points. A win would also [...]

MLS Internet Oddities

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Cruising the 'net researching this wonderful upcoming match between Seattle and DC United I found a few intriguing themes concerning the league. EVERYONE is focused on the Playoff Race. Even if they get the tiebreakers wrong. There's a great widget at DCUnited's blog. I almost loaded it here. Then I realized that the tie-breaker [.

Frees and Trades until Sept 15th

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With the talk of Julian de Guzman signing to Toronto FC with the closed transfer window some may wonder how. It is quite simple, the window only applies to those transferring to US/Can clubs while under contract outside of those two nations. So yes, an MLS club could add out-of-contract Henri Camara as an aging [.

Bye Week favors for Seattle

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Well, Seattle got a few results in its favor over the weekend. Rough math by me says that the chances should go up nearly 2% to a whole 54% when Sports Club Stats updates later this weekend. The Pacing Race though is more intriguing. East C-Bus (53) v DC (44) Chicago (45) v NE (44) West Houston (49) v Colorado [.

Building Depth in a Cap League

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Next year the Sounders will compete for four major trophies Supporters Shield (30 regular season games), MLS Cup (30 + 4 Playoffs), US Open Cup (up to 6) and the CONCACAF Champions League (up to 14). There will be significant issues with balancing the roster and lineups for this run. The depth of MLS [.

Week 25 results matter for Sounders

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MLS has a small slate of matches due to most teams wanting the weekend off so they can watch the US Men beat on El Salvador. There are also an important slate of Qualifiers in Europe. But in MLS, four of the six teams playing are competing with Seattle for the four Wild Card slots. [...]

Tradition Doesn’t Win

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DC United proudly display the word "tradition" on their back collars. There isn't another MLS club that could do so. They have earned it. There was an idea that they carry 12 trophies means that they deserve the 13th and that expansion franchises will never deserve respect propagated on the net, somewhat [.

Victory is Sweeter on the Opposition’s Pitch

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This is actually the hardest sports post I have ever had to write. It is so difficult to focus on the words that are appropriate. Early tomorrow morning Sounders FC will land at Boeing Field as Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Champions. Throughout the day they will be on radio, they will be on TV. Tomorrow night [.

Traveling Support

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Tonight, a Wednesday with many school districts in their first week out here Seattle will travel a few hundred people to DC to watch the Open Cup Final. Mid-week, cross-country, hundreds. Here are just two of those.

US Open Cup Final – filling holes

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Hurtado is out due to his Card situation. Now today we find out that Marshall and Graham are out as well. So the Sounders in their quest for their first Cup in year one MLS have a significant situation. Three of their four CB are out, the central midfield has passing issues and the [...]