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England’s 2018 Bid Derailed?

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While this weekend's football extravaganza in the city of Barcelona made for instant gratification, a more intriguing story developed as England's bid for the 2018 suffered a huge blow. Â The strangest thing about it was that it wasn't delivered by one the nations against which England is competing; it came from the BBC.

Xavi: Spain’s Best Ever?

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After the most recent edition of El Clà sico, I've heard lots of pithy statements about Spanish football.  The best was, "Mourinho should punish Sergio Ramos by forcing him to play as a defender."  Most people praised Barcelona's incredible football.  The Spanish speaking commentators I listened to repeatedly called the Blaugrana's style a dance; it was hard to disagree.

Women’s World Cup Draw: Germany to open against Canada

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The winners of the last two World Cups, Germany will begin their defence of the trophy on home soil against Canada next June. The draw (Group A alongside Canada, Nigeria & France) will buoy the hosts as they have absolutely destroyed both Canada and Nigeria in recent friendly matches.

Profile: The Promise of the Belgium National Team

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For the past 15 years or so, we have seen Portugal, a nation of little more than 11 million people, be very competitive on the global stage. They have had two consecutive "Golden Generations" -- one led by Luis Figo, and the current one, spearheaded by Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the next few years, we may see a similar thing happen to Belgium, another nation of around 11 million.

Should Argentina Learn From AC Milan?

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It's a strange proposition, encouraging La Albiceleste coach Sergio Batista to study an Italian team containing zero Argentines. Â It's even stranger when you consider that AC Milan's biggest rivals, crosstown Internazionale Milano, have been possibly the most Argentine team in Europe for the past several seasons.

Fox Soccer Continues Push To Be First Name In USA Coverage

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The USA bid to host the 2022 World Cup has some powerful allies including former President Bill Clinton, who governed the country back when it last hosted the event in 1994.

And, as excitement builds for the crucial day of judgment on Dec. 2, when FIFA makes the decision for both the 2018 and the 2022 tournaments, Fox Soccer Channel is making its own bid -- to be the go-to name for soccer coverage within the United States.

Italy Shouldn’t Depend So Heavily On Andrea Pirlo

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Andrea Pirlo has been Italy's best offensive player over the past 5 years at least. Â Forget Totti or Del Piero, and especially forget the host of pretenders who have made up Italy's frontline since the 2006 World Cup. Â While "Er Pupone" and Alex Del Piero are champions and some of Italy's finest, they had their hour and peaked before the 2006 glory in Germany.

2 Weeks Until 2018/2022 World Cup Verdict

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Amid the sort-of joy and sort-of pain that comes with the wins and losses of international friendlies (barring of course, the big rivalries that were played out on Wednesday -- Argentina/Brazil, Spain/Portugal, England/France, etc.), FIFA managed to slip in an innocuous report on their website, complete with a link to a 23-page PDF evaluating the candidates for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup.

Does FIFA ask for too much legal power in World Cup host countries?

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As I mentioned previously, FIFA noted in its bid evaluation report that should the United States 2022 win the right to host the World Cup, "FIFA's legal risk appears to be medium." The bids from Japan and Holland/Belgium were also marked as medium risk. All three bids were given a rider after this wrist-slap and were told that the "experience in supporting the hosting and staging of major sports events" that the four nations all have is a boon.

Phil Scolari Hit In The Head During TV Interview: Video

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Palmeiras manager Phil Scolari was on the receiving end of a projectile thrown at him while he was being interviewed in Brazil recently.

The former manager of Brazil was conducting the interview and then was hit in the head by the flying object. Watch the video to see what his reaction was and what message he sent to the fans.

John Obi Mikel Has Not Been Destroyed By Chelsea

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The Nigerian head coach, Samson Siasia has made a strong accusation against Chelsea, claiming that Mikel has been changed for the worse since signing for them in 2006.

It's a pretty harsh claim, especially considering the language he used: "The system at Chelsea destroyed Mikel's game.

Copa América 2011 Extra Early Preview

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With the Copa América draw recently out and international friendlies imminent, now might be a worthwhile time to look at what that tournament might have in store for football fans.  It's not as well publicized or followed as its European counterpart because most people see it as the international La Liga: a competition basically geared to set up two super teams (Brazil and Argentina) in a final where the brightest talents of world football can tussle.

Is This The Worst Soccer Miss Ever? Video

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Let's hope that Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid has better aim than Fahad Khalfan, the 18-year-old Qatar striker who created one of the worst misses ever in soccer as you can see from the above video. Why on earth he didn't use his right foot is beyond me!

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International Friendlies (And One Qualifier!): Thoughts

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1. Croatia - Malta

Croatia beat Malta, no surprises there. Â The only reason I start with this match is its status as a qualifier. Â And to talk about Niko Kranjcar. Â Harry Redknapp is unappreciative of the obviously gifted Croatian and the rumors are flying that he's looking to leave.

Nani Prevents Cristiano Ronaldo From Scoring Sensational Goal Against Spain

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Cristiano Ronaldo was furious Wednesday night after a sensational goal he scored was disallowed because the referee felt that Nani ran from an offside position to head the ball into the back of the net. Ronaldo believed the ball had already crossed the line before Nani headed it.

Needless to say, the goal was disallowed but Portugal had the last laugh after they cruised to an impressive 4-0 win against their arch-rivals.