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Sydney FC: Marquee is a farce

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When John Aloisi was at Coventry City he ran the forward line on his own in the old English First Division now called the EPL.

He was fast, direct and scored goals in an unfashionable team.

But the new Aloisi is a much slower version, and cannot run beyond the last player with any pace.

Melbourne magic?

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Great to see young Aussie Robbie Kruse replacing Danny Allsopp and keeping Brazilian Ney Fabiano out of the Victory side.

And great to see Archie and Carlos combining with the young wayward former Roar star to entertain, score and win the game. Even Nicky Ward looked back to his most effective best.

Mary Whitehouse: Sydney are shit

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If Branko had said Sydney FC are shit...would he have got fined $3,000 by the FFA, or would the FFA have agreed.

Maybe that was his problem. He said all teams in the league were shit...he should have just Sydney are...or are you not allowed to speak the truth anymore.

Sydney are shit, Sydney are shit, Sydney are shit, and while you are at it so is Aloisi!

Sydney so classy....

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The best PR in the A-League this season is that Sydney are playing with style. Every week they win Mike Cockerill and others are telling us they are flying....and when the lose it's always they are playing well at home....oh yeah like when?

Dream on Mike, and dream on Sydney..and for that matter dream on Fozzie oozing over the latest overseas coach earlier in the season.

Do you know more than Miron Bleiberg.

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Stephen Lustica was plunged into centre midfield for Gold Coast United on Saturday against Melbourne Victory.

Stephen is 18 and playing his first start in the A-League. Away to Melbourne at the Dome.

Gold Coast lost the midfield and lost the game 4-0.

No-one could blame a young aspiring player, but one could wonder at the logic of Miron Bleiberg and former Lazio midfielder and Assistant Coach Paul Okon.

Nearpost talks football

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National show download

Local national show download here

Type rest of the post here

Henry is a cheat!

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Thierry Henry like many afore him says "it's up to the referee!"

But what about decency from himself and the French team. Not once but twice did the ball "hit@ more like he quided the ball with his hand...and what gaul, what cheek to celebrate and blame the referee!

Imagine a French side that wins the World Cup, Henry as captain would receive the trophy.

World Cup: Everyone is going!

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Ireland aren't going! Neither is Gus Hiddink.

Could we bring him back....too late I guess!

Ronaldo should be there..if fit...but not the Ukraine's or Egyptians.

Still in the modern world if your country doesn't make it (Ireland) you can support the country you grew up in (England) the country you live in and love (Socceroos) or the countries you have visited, (NZ, USA, Germany, Japan, France, Greece, Italy etc etc,) or countries you'd like to see do well.

Nearpost Podcasts rock!

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Download National Show.

Go the Kiwi's! Peter Funnell, Lucy Zelic and Paddy Bordier talk Aussie football. All of it! Socceroos, Young Player Transfers and so much more than you ever get on Channel 9, 7, 10 or even the ABC. God Bless Australia!

Download local show
And locally Peter Funnell talks to Canberra United Coach Ray Junna and the three new Premier League Club Presidents.

half-time heroes...November edition

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(Summary is not available.)

Nearpost goes Kiwi

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Come on New Zealand.

It's their Nov 16th 2005 moment, on Saturday in Wellington. 35,000 fans dressed in All White as NZ take on Bahrain for one shot at glory and a place in the 2010 World Cup.

The Nearpost is pumped for what should be a great game, an historic event.

All the A-League news, Socceroos talk and more All White talk than you could ever hope for on an Aussie football show.

Nearpost Podcast is here

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Well we're back. National show is here.

Just like the Gold Coast fans. We'll tell ya Tando's real name, who the most exciting player of the weekend was, why the Phoenix will get six points in four days and why we're all pumped, pumped I tell ya for NZ to get to the World Cup and of course.