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Ashleigh Sykes double in the West.

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Canberra United trailed 2-0 in the West with ten minutes to go. Superstar Lisa De Vanna had scored after half-time to give Perth the two goal lead.

But Ashleigh Sykes, United's young striker scored two late goals and the points were shared.

Canberra are now in 5th place with four to play, a point outside the crucial top four.

The Chief has spoken: What do you think?

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Canberra United Coach has handed in his report card after five rounds of the W-League season.

He's given the team an overall B, with the forwards falling below the mark. Lydia Williams brings the average up with an A.

Read Robbie's report card and feel free to write what you think.

Talk back radio tonight

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Interview with Perth Glory Coach Nicola Williams (Yes a female coach in a women's league...what a novel idea), Terry Henry rants against Craig Foster and Fozzie's Socceroos recent article, all the A-League and W-League news and reviews.

Also locally you can phone-in from 7pm, but we're not the ABC so a little more primitive in production so be patient.

Ellie Brush signs up

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Canberra United Captain Ellie Brush became Canberra A-League Foundation Member 846 yesterday. You too can support the push, and, if you haven't already, sign up at

Talk-back Football on the radio in Canberra.

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Where else can you phone-in to talk football on Canberra Radio.

On Tuesday from 7pm give us a call if you want to talk anything to do with Australian or Canberra football. Canberra United, A-League bid, Socceroos, A-League or local game, Futsal, Coaching anything you like...give us a call.

Sykes lights up the Canberra gloom.

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Canberra United drew 0-0 with Adelaide United in a game shown live on ABC TV ,and called live on 2XX 98.3FM.

A miserable "summers" day kept the crowd down but still over 800 people braved the elements to watch a game, ruined by the referee....

and signs of Capital Punishment, Canberra United, and Brush em off were spread around the ground.

FFA: Get Heather Kayatz (and me) a ticket now!!!

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Okay it's sort of funny, but I'm not laughing...just yet.

I've always wanted to go to a big Asian World Cup Qualifier so when Australia drew Japan in Tokyo I thought I'm off.

Sucked in by prices of $130 one way on JetStar I managed to get a price of $1000 for a return trip..funny how the price always ends up a bit higher than you think.

April Fools day to confirm Aussie World Cup passage.

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Oh Rebecca Wilson, you must be feeling stupid today. Do you know how much the World Cup brings to Australian football:)

Australia will, I believe confirm their passage to their World Cup if they can beat Uzbekistan in Sydney on April 1...with three games to go!

The table stands thus

Australia 9pts from 3 games (1 home 2 away)
Japan 7pts from 3 games ( 1 home 2 away)
Qatar 4pts from 4 games ( 3 home 1 away)
Bahrain 1pt from 3 games ( 2 home 1 away)
Uzbekistan1 pt from 3 games ( 1 home 2 away)

remaining fixtures

Australia : Japan (a) Uzbekistan (h) Qatar (a) Bahrain (h) Japan (h)

Japan : Australia (h) Bahrain (h) Uzbekistan (a) Qatar (h) Australia (a)

Qatar : Uzbekistan (a) Bahrain (a) Australia (h) Japan (a)

Bahrain : Uzbekistan (a) Japan (a) Qatar (h) Australia (a) Uzbekistan (h)

Uzbekistan : Bahrain (h) Qatar (h) Australia (a) Japan (h) Bahrain (a)

We need to finish second at worst and if we beat Uzbekistan irrespective of the result in Japan we'll have twelve points.

Canberra passion for football

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Saturday 4pm live on ABCTV, but here's a chance to show your support for Canberra United and A-League4Canberra to the whole nation, and particularly the FFA.

Canberra United v Adelaide United.

Adelaide have two key strikers....out!

Wear your green, shout and holler for the team and show the FFA not only do we support the W-League in big numbers but we also want an A-League team.

Australia: The luckiest country?

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Marco Bresciano scored in the 92nd minute to give the Aussies a win, a lucky win, in Manama tonight against Bahrain.

What a game....for Bahrain.

Australia played a very poor match tonight but amazingly snatched three precious away points as Pim's luck continues.

A save in Kunming, a win over Iraq at home and now this.

Ivan Slavich on the Canberra A-League update

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"I'm feeling very positive that your listeners in Canberra will be watching a Canberra A-League team very soon in Canberra."

Ivan Slavich speaking on Nearpost Radio tonight.

"Terry Weber (PWC) Franz Weimper, (Millissa Fischer's advisor), Neale Guthrie (Canberra Stadium Group Manager) and myself met with FFA CEO Ben Buckley, John O'Sullivan and Rob Abernethy and their legal counsel today," said Slavich

"We went through the financials, sponsorship, market research, community support, foundation members etc etc.

Nearpost radio: Ivan Slavich bid update

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Nationally: Download
Amy Chapman Canberra United
A-League predictions
We pick the Socceroos team, and why Rebecca Wilson should lift her game.

Local Show we chatted to ;
Ivan Slavich on the FFA Meeting today
Steph Tokich the Canberran playing for Adelaide United
Danny Marlow.

Wellington Phoenix must stay

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AFC President wants Wellington Phoenix out of the A-League in 2011 because they are a New Zealand side.

And undoubtedly this would be great for Canberra..providing an extra place...

but I say no! The Phoenix must stay.

They've proved their worth, have spent millions getting the team going, made a huge mistake not starting a Canberra Youth Team franchise this year, but have made significant signings in Jon McKain, Andrew Durante and now FRED!

John Mitchell: A Canberra visionary?

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John Mitchell is the new Technical Director of ANU.

He was also the guy that wrote the Mitchell Report in 2004 which basically laid the foundations for Small Sided Games across Canberra, indeed the FFA followed, copied many of his ideas some years later.

The reason Canberra is so far ahead in the adoption of SSG's is because of John's work some years ago, and it was interesting to hear at a recent FFA Coaching Course Canberra being held up time and time again by the likes of Craig Foster and many others, as the leading light in junior football.

Socceroos World Cup Qualifier Wednesday

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The Socceroos take on Bahrain 2pm AEST Thursday morning Canberra time.

We're top of the group, Bahrain have four of their first picks out and it'll be a cool 24 degrees come match time.

So no excuses.

And it's vital we get a win, okay a point will do, but given we go to Tokyo next, where it's conceivable we could lose, although I doubt it.

Canberra A-League on SBS TV.

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Canberra A-League bid on SBS yesterday.

My God! Wellington to be dumped!!!

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AFC President Bin Hamman said on SBS today that the AFC wish to see Wellington Phoenix dumped from the Australian A-League in 2011, when their FIFA agreement ends.

Now whilst I do not support this idea, the implications for the Canberra A-League bid are very exciting.

Canberra Times on Canberra A-League

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Business Editor John Thistleton wrote this article on the Canberra A-League. It appeared in Saturday's Forum pages. Reprinted here in case you missed it:)

A positive yet realistic piece I thought. What say you?

And The stakes are high and potential ad-viewing audiences huge – for businesses backing Canberra's entry into Australia's A-League soccer competition.

Amy Chapman happy with the win in Melbourne

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Canerra United star Amy Chapman was delighted with the win in Melbourne yesterday and praised the United defence for their resolute second half display.

"We played a good attacking first half, perhaps unfortunate not to capitalise on our chances, but the strong headwind in the second half made it very difficult for us to get into their half," said Chapman.

Canberra United win away: United 1 Victory 0

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Canberra United recorded their second win, and second away win of their campaign to move into the top four of the W-League after 4 games.

A goal from Sasha McDonnell sealed the win. But Melbourne Victory had a penalty claim turned down, Robbie Hooker said we should have scored more, (heard that before) and Grace Gill had a goal chalked off for offside.

Rebecca Wilson: Football in Crises:)

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Rebecca Wilson thinks football in Australia is in crises.

Rebecca Wilson says,
"Either the game does surgery on itself here or soccer faces a future that is very bleak indeed.

Soccer is in crisis and Adelaide United's horrendous two losses proved once and for all that something has to be done to fix it.

Charity football in Tuggeranong.

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Dawn to Dusk Charity Football Match

The annual 12 hour non-stop marathon charity football match will take place on
Sunday 30th November 2008 in conjunction with the Tuggeranong Community Festival.

Teams and individuals of all ages and abilities are welcome to register.

Nearpost Tuesday

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Nationally Ivan Slavich from the Canberra A-League Bid and all the ACL and A-League, W-League reviews and news.


Locally download Ben Padgett interview from the Stromlo Futsal Courts and all the W-League reviews.

Canberra A-League bid...been busy

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Organising stuff for the Canberra A-League bid.

Phones running hot, there's talking and smoozing going on. It's feeling good.

Came out of the A-League Committee meeting last night, a lot of purpose, a lot of focus starting to happen.

Money, real money changes many things and it seems the Canberra bid is going ahead at real pace.

Listen to the Canberra United Mariners game live

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on Sunday Click through and follow the links.

Canberra A-League bid: AAP update

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A night at the A-League.

Neal Guthrie (Canberra Stadium) Heather Reid (CEO Capital Football) and Franz Weimper (Millissa Fischer's advisor and Assistant Head Coach Altona Magic.)

An inspiring group of Canberrans

Former Socceroo Danny Moulis, Matildas and Canberra United star Caitlin Munoz (Get to the game Sunday 5pm at Fortress McKellar), Ned Zelic, and Canberra A-League Bid Leader Ivan Slavich.

It's the's our city our team...come and join us.

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Win Canberra United Season Passes and a Socceroos Shirt.

Socceroos Ned Zelic, Danny Moulis, Steve Hogg, Matildas and Canberra United's Caitlin Munoz, Futsalroo Jason Lancsar are just some of our National Team representatives confirmed for Thursday's event.

Millissa Fischer's advisor, Franz Weimper will be in attendance.

Canberra Football: What a week ahead

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A night at the A-League tomorrow. Thursday 6th Nov. Ned Zelic (fmr Socceroo and Canberran), Danny Moulis (fmr Socceroo and Moulis Legal) and Ivan Slavich (Bid Leader) will be our speakers. Mark Parton the MC. Canberra Deakin Club, Grose Street, Deakin.

And find out about the Canberra A-League bid.

Adelaide United: Tonight it's historic

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When Celtic became the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967 with all 11 players born within 30 miles of the Stadium, we beat Inter Milan 2-1 btw after being a goal down, it marked history. I still mention it today to all my EPL fans:)

Man United, Liverpool or even Notts Forest have never been able to take that title the away from us.

Nearpost: Tune in Sunday!!!

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Tonight. we crossed live to MacKellar Stadium where Russ Gibbs set the scene for the weekend. In the studio we talked to Caitlin Munoz.

The first half hour we talked Asian Champions League, Finals, and A-League.

And we hope to have talkback phone-in after the game as you leave MacKellar in coming weeks, so you can listen in your motor car!

Football in Iran!

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Young Matildas v Iran coming up. A player from Iran is in the photo above taken from the FIFA site in a recent match

Has there ever been any other football team compete in anything like it. Iran won't qualify this time apparently but they are not too bad. Go Iran!

Hats off to them:)

Spirit of Canberra shines - United gain first win

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Canberra United beat Queensland Roar 1-0 in Brisbane today to gain their opening win of the W-League season so I thought I'd better write something, because we all love a winner:)

A hard fought win, United were focused for the full ninety with so many heroes all over the park.

The game was televised on ABC, and it was great to see the local team on the box.