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Deja Vu? Ronaldo, Stunning Goals and Pompey

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Play up Ronnie, Ronnie play up!

Liverpool? City? Or United? Munich Memorial Picture Vandalised

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Whilst the Munich memorial picture which hangs from the East Stand is less than perfect, with the words originally printed incorrectly and an AIG logo situated at the bottom, there is no doubting it is an impressive site. With the 50th anniversary of the tragedy approaching, much of the red focus is on our players [.

United ALWAYS Get The Tough Draw…Unlike Chelsea and Liverpool

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After United were drawn against Arsenal in the 5th Round of the FA, I was curious to see just how many times we've had to play Premiership opposition over recent years. It feels as though we always get the tough draws and I wanted to see how true that intuition was. It turned out to be rather [...]

You Believe Evra Wants £120k A Week? Really??

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"Liverpool and Arsenal are great clubs but United is a completely different story. Inter were also trying to get me in the transfer window but there was only one club for me," Patrice Evra said, after signing for Manchester United for £5.5 million back in 2006. It has been a long journey for Evra, which [.

Good ol Reverse Psychology – Ronaldo Wont Get 30

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Ferguson called off his annual goal tally bet with our Portuguese winger this season, saying "I will not be attempting to bet anything with Cristiano this season unless it is 50 goals," he laughed. "Somehow I don't think he would accept that." Just over half way through the season, with Ronaldo enjoying the form he [.

FA Backtrack Over Minute’s Silence

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There has been a lot of fuss surrounding the 50th Anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, with it emerging some fans will find it too much of a temptation to sing sick songs during a moment of silent time for reflection. A couple of weeks ago, the FA announced that there would not be a [...]

United ALWAYS Get The Tough Draw…Unlike Arsenal

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The news that United were facing Arsenal in the 5th Round of the FA Cup was met with a cheer over at RoM. If you want to show yourself as the best, then you have to beat the best of the rest, and with the home advantage, I really fancy taking on the Gooners. I've said [...]

Old Trafford - A Fortress Again

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It was a rather sickening feeling watching the Spurs fans got mental after Robbie Keane netted for the travelling team yesterday. As it was a Cup game, there were even more away fans than usual, overspilling in to the upper regions of the East stand. It was starting to look as though they had been [.

Banter At Old Trafford

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The quality of away fans we have at Old Trafford is usually pretty poor, with them usually all falling some way short of the impressive support United take with them on the road. Our Old Trafford fans could sing for half an hour non-stop, but the moment a song finishes, the unimaginative away support, who will [.

Oh Bryan Robson Is Still A Manc

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Manchester City bombed out of the FA Cup earlier this evening, after losing 2-1 away to Sheffield United. Bryan Robson was critical of his team following their defeat to rivals Sheffield Wednesday last weekend, leading fans to be rather more critical off him. On the radio before the FA Cup game today, several Sheffield United [.

Patrice Evra - You Had a Mare!

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Patrice Evra has easily been in our top three most consistent performers so far this season. He has certainly pulled his weight in our exceptional defence, but has added significantly to our attack as well. Since his derby day debut nightmare, he has gone from strength to strength, and shown himself as arguably the best [.

Scholes A Consideration For Cup

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Paul Scholes is one of the most important players in the United team, whose work rate is rarely backed up with the goalscoring and assist statistics, but who gets on with his job in a manner typical of his personality. He shies away from praise and celebrity, instead focussing on perfecting his game.

Ferguson Speaks Up For Silence

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The debate over how the Busby Babes should be remembered on February 10th has been going on for some weeks now. City have asked for the plans of a minute's silence to be scrapped, following fears some of their fans will show up the club, singing vile chants. The United faithful have pushed for the [.

Liverpool - You Know It’s Getting Bad When…

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When Sir Alex Ferguson cited "knocking Liverpool off their fucking perch" as his greatest challenge, he confirmed what we already knew, that his feelings towards the dippers resembled that of the fanbase. Hate is the word that springs to mind. As United manager, Ferguson only had to endure seeing Liverpool lift the title once, back [.

Another Red To Sunderland - Does Keano Have What It Takes?

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Phil Bardsley has joined the long list of ex-Reds at Roy Keane's Sunderland today, for a fee which could be worth £2 million. I know I'm not alone in feeling regretful over saying farewell to the Salford lad, who a couple of years ago looked to be the man to replace Gary Neville, in playing [...]

Minute’s Applause? Sod off!

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Of all the teams we had to play when remember the Munich Air Disaster, it doesn't get a lot worse than the bitters. Liverpool would be worse, as they, unlike City, have no reason to hold back on their sick Munich chants. As City had to be reminded in a letter from their manager that [...]

Ronaldo: I Don’t Care About Best’s Record

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Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned the best player in England the second best in Europe last season, following a season where he scored 23 goals and assisted 20, in 53 appearances. The boy was on fire, aided by the motivation the booing and jeering opposition gave him, and blew the Premiership apart. Could Ronaldo improve on [.

United Respond to the Republik on Poor Babes Tribute

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Many reds have just been waiting for this Glazer lead Manchester United to screw up the Babes tribute. It had been so far so good, following the news of a sponsor less kit being warn by both United and City for the game on February 10th. Barring bitters spoiling the minutes silence, it appeared as [.

Wow Michael Carrick Likes The Sound Of His Own Voice

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Michael Carrick has started just 13 games for United in the league this season, despite the lengthy injuries to Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves. Following a decent debut season, he has played rather poorly so far this season, the lowest point coming against Birmingham on New Year's Day. He was truly woeful, resembling something close [.

Walk Down Memory Lane… I just love it that Keegan’s returned

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The 1995-1996 didn't start too well for Manchester United, on the back of Ferguson selling Hughes, Kanchelskis and Ince. Sir Alex Ferguson put his faith in a group of young, bright players, who Alan Hansen famously claimed wouldn't win anything. After losing out to the title by a point the season before to Blackburn, our [.

United Legend: Ghost of Shearer Would Have Hindered Hughes

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The ever impressing defensive partnership of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic has caused plenty of reds to look fondly upon our strongest defensive pairing of the past, Gary Pallister and Steve Bruce. Debate has arisen time and again over which duo is the best, with no firm conclusion given as yet. Pallister, like Rio Ferdinand, was [.

England Fans Can’t Be Trusted… United > England

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February 6th marks the 50th Anniversary of the Munich Air disaster, where eight Manchester United players lost their lives on their return from a European Cup quarter final. Sick fans of rival clubs sing about the disaster when visiting Old Trafford and make aeroplane wings out of their arms. United will commemorating the tragedy on derby [.

Green Light Given For Anderson’s Mates To Sign

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After over two years of talk about 'the Brazilian twins' but little evidence to back it up, I was starting to wonder whether the plausibility of them joining United was up there with the Kerlon 'the seal' signing. They have been linked to the club ever since they were fifteen, with whispers of trials and [.

I Will Do Better says Saha… again

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Louis Saha has lost the backing of a large chunk of Old Trafford attenders, with the fans seemingly sick to the back teeth with Saha and his injuries. What was being passed off as lack of match fitness before is now being called laziness, and it is looking like his days with United numbered. It had [.

Ronnie Gets the Limelight but the Defence Deserve the Praise

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Cristiano Ronaldo has proved he is not just a one season wonder, smashing his form of last season, scoring 22 goals in the 24 games he's played in. He'd scored 8 goals in as many games last season, in a year which saw him claim a clean sweep of the individual domestic player awards. He [...]

Busby Babes Tribute Up At Old Trafford

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With the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air disaster approaching, Manchester United have plastered a picture of the Babes to the outside of the East Stand. The words to the Calypso song are placed alongside the photograph. United have already announced that they will be wearing a 1950's styled kit when they play City on February [.

Rooney: Why Does Lampard Keep His 50 Deflected Goals?

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Back in November, United drew 2-2 with Arsenal at the Emirates, a point the gooners celebrated heartily. The first goal came just before half time, after Ronaldo played the ball in to Wayne Rooney. Rooney flicked the ball past Almunia, taking a deflection off William Gallas.It was announced earlier this week the the Dubious Goals [.

Is Ronaldo Right About Tevez?

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Manchester United had drawn their opening two games of the season, after a summer of excitement and talk of retaining our title, before making their trip to the Council House to play City. Dr Death had allowed Sven-Goran Eriksson to splash out in the transfer market and the bitters were talking up the game for [.