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SPONSORED CONTENT: Highly Paid Special Consulant Finds FIFA Correct to Not Publish Corruption Report

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FIFA’s Ethics And Principles Nothing Short of Disgraceful

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FIFA was back in the news this week, which almost always means a good hearty laugh followed by a sustained period of crying.

This week, we found out that the report conducted by American investigator Michael Garcia into the awarding of the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was, in fact, a practical joke.

Elliot Ness v FIFA?

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It turns out the feds - both the FBI and IRS - have been looking into worldwide soccer corruption for a time now, with former US Soccer/CONCACAF/FIFA exec Chuck Blazer as a major informant. It is not a source of personal pride that I've shared a meal with this man, that I have been through the FIFA campus and buildings in Zürich.

Oh how delightful... *this* movie again.

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Ladies and gentleman, get out your brooms and lift up your rugs, because it looks like the best we will get out of FIFA's internal investigation over the selection of Qatar as World Cup 2022 hosts is a "statement" from the governing body in a couple weeks. So sayeth the white-washer.And the best part of FIFA's stated reason for keeping the findings of this investigation secret?

Moving the World Cup to Winter

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FIFA involved UEFA, FIFPro, and other stakeholders in a discussion over moving the 2022 World Cup to winter, but what does this mean? Read More

Analyzing How The World Cup Bidding Process Works

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For many people, whilst football has continued to grow around the world, one thing still seems to be shrouded in mystery. How do you bid to host the World Cup? As viewing figures continue to grow across the world, the games global reach now spans everywhere from South Korea to Ghana, from Qatar to Belgium and FIFA has responded by taking the competition to new territories.

The Middle East Growing And Beginning To Assert Itself On The World Soccer Stage

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It seems that the ramifications of the FIFA vote in December 2010 to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar are still being felt across the football world. Whilst there was no denying it was a left field decision by the executive committee, it wasn't as if the Middle East had never held a sporting event previously.

FIFA Reveal Offical Emblem For 2018 World Cup…

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By Alan Duffy

So, after the obligatory hoo-haa in Moscow, the powers-that-be in FIFA revealed the emblem for the 2018 World Cup, and very, very red it is too. Indeed, to me it looks like a very shy duck, but it's still quite cool!

And while we're at it, here's a look back at the all the previous World Cup emblems which is quite nice!

Women’s World Cup Players Submit Lawsuit Over Turf Issues

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It wasn't an empty threat. And it certainly wasn't a joke. 40 of the top international world players have made good on a threat to take legal action against FIFA for its use of artificial turf in next year's Women's World Cup.

FIFA can no longer ignore the campaign of Abby Wambach and other women's players from across the soccer landscape, as the group filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in Ontario tribunal court against FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).

German Agency Declares Vanishing Spray a Health Hazard

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A German inspection agency has come to the conclusion that the now famous vanishing spray used during 2014 World Cup matches contains parabens, a chemical linked with health issues. The agency, Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TueV), issued a statement on the concern saying, "In its present form, the product is not usable in Germany and the European Union.

United States Men's National Team

Was 2014 a success for the USMNT?

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With the USMNT closing out its 2014 schedule on Tuesday against Ireland, was this a successful year for the National Team? Read More

USNSTPA statement on Women’s World Cup turf issue

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The US National Soccer Team Players Association statement on the proposed use of artificial turf for the 2015 Women's World Cup. Read More

Quote Dump

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Last batch of those recent LD quotes:
One match for the national team that you consider a signature match?
Signature match? I'd probably pick two. One was against Germany in the ‘02 World Cup. I think I played well, except for not scoring. And two, I think would be the ‘09 semifinal against Spain.

Landon Donovan’s Final USMNT Game Will Celebrate a Legend

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Since Landon Donovan's final USMNT game is Friday night in East Hartford, CT, it's time to talk about legacies. Yes, the well will certainly run dry on this topic in short order, but before it goes as bare as the Aral Sea, examining Landon's legacy is important. Whether he is the best player to ever represent the Stars and Stripes is debatable.


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Mesut Ozil returned injured from World Cup

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made the surprising claim that Mesut Ozil returned injured from the World Cup, as he continues his war of words with...

Click the headline to read the full story.

Soccer News: Problems for Germany

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Joachim Low responds after Germany loses and ties during the October Euro 2016 qualifiers in Tuesday's soccer news roundup. Read More

Site News

BILD: Striker set for cheap Arsenal transfer in January

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BILD: Striker set for cheap Arsenal transfer in January - originally posted on

Lukas Podolski's nightmare at Arsenal may be soon coming to an end. One of the most reliable sources in Germany, BILD, has reported today that the striker will be allowed to leave the Emirates Stadium in January for a startlingly low price of€5 million in January.

Sepp Blatter: Mistake to give Lionel Messi 2014 World Cup’s Golden Ball

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Sepp Blatter: Mistake to give Lionel Messi 2014 World Cup's Golden Ball - originally posted on

Yes, you read that headline right. I mean, I still don't know how to react to it. Ok, let me relay the story first. The FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said that it was a mistake to give Argentine superstar Lionel Messi the 'Golden Ball' award in the 2014 World Cup, and that Germany goal keeper Manuel Neuer should have got the award instead.

Agent: Arsenal interested in signing Croatia’s World Cup midfielder

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Agent: Arsenal interested in signing Croatia's World Cup midfielder - originally posted on

The agent of Marcelo Brozovic has confirmed Arsenal's interest in Dinamo Zagreb midfielder and also says he will open talks with several Premier League clubs in November.

Brozovic's impressive form for the club has seen him receive a call from the national team and was part of Croatia's squad during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Why Iker Casillas Should Not Longer Be Spain’s Number 1

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Why Iker Casillas Should Not Longer Be Spain's Number 1 - originally posted on

The Real Madrid sidesince the turn of the milleniumhas seen multiple changes. Big-name managers and players have come and gone, and the glory days have vacillated too. The same can be said for the Spanish national side as well.

A Lie

The Unpublishable Files: Top 10 Ways to Use the World Cup to Get Close with your Token Latino Friend/Coworker!

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Now that I've entered this odd nether region between a blogger and free-lancer, you've seen my writing pop up at several sites around the webs. As you may have suspected, unlike at Futfanatico, those posts get edited by a person and I get paid. That's created a dynamic where I pitch ideas to editors, some of which they like, some they don't.

Some Quick Tips for Soccer Stadium Etiquette

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After decades of darkness, soccer has grabbed a solid foothold in the US. In recent times, more and more fans have grown enamored of the beautiful game. However, many have only seen the game on TV. They have questions about what to do and what not to do when going to games. Some harbor preconceived stereotypes and prejudices.

World Cup 2018

Telemundo Announces Broadcast Plans Ahead of 2018 World Cup

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Spanish-language television station Telemundo has announced that they will be broadcasting the 2018 FIFA World Cup here in the United States. The NBCUniversal Television Group station will be taking over the U.S. Spanish-language World Cup broadcasting rights from Univision. Not only will Telemundo be airing the world's largest soccer tournament four years from now, but they will also begin broadcasting additional FIFA soccer events starting in 2015.

Russia Unveils Official Emblem For World Cup 2018

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The Organizing Committee for the 2018 FIFA World Cup has unveiled the official emblemin Moscow.

"The launch of the Emblem is a wonderful event to kick things off and I'm certain that the World Cup will be a success here in four years," said FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

Seemore — Official posters for World Cup 2018 Russia host cities.


LD on Mexico

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Landon Donovan
(leftover quotes from when I spoke to him before his final international game)

Assuming you don't score against Ecuador, goals against Mexico will bookend your international career.
Yeah, that's a good story.

Could you speak on that - and also, were you watching when Mexico was on the brink of elimination from the World Cup last year?

USA vs. Costa Rica TV/streaming, lineup, previews, prediction and gamethread

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The U.S. may have already punched their ticket for the World Cup, but there's still a trophy to be won.

Although the United States women's national team booked their tickets to Canada with their 3-0 win over Mexico on Friday, there's still one match left to play in the CONCACAF Women's Championship.

U.S. women beat Mexico 3-0, clinch World Cup spot

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An almost hat trick from Carli Lloyd and overall solid showing from the U.S. lead to a tres a cero against Mexico—and even better, direct qualification for next year's World Cup.

The U.S. women's national team secured their spot at the 2015 Women's World Cup with a decisive 3-0 win over Mexico in the 2014 CONCACAF Women's Championship semifinals.

U.S. Women's National Team

All The Chips On The Table

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Less than an hour from now, the USWNT will kick off against Mexico for a berth in Women's World Cup 2015. Even with Alex Morgan out injured, it is not quite the line-up one might expect. - Greg Seltzer

USWNT to play in four-team December tournament in Brazil

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Ahead of the next summer'sWorld Cup, the U.S. Women's National Team have scheduled a December tournament to fine-tune their game against some of the world's top teams.

U.S. Soccer announced Wednesday that the USWNT will participate in thefour-team International Tournament of Brasilia in December.

The Rest

Scientific Research Shows Footballers With Wide Faces Score More Goals And Commit More Fouls

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By Chris Wright

According to a study conducted by the good people at the University of Colorado Boulder, footballers with wider faces are more likely genetically speaking to score more goals than players with pathetic, weedy little thin faces.

Researchers analysed the facial constructs of 1,000 players from each of the 32 nations which took part at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, measuring each player's "facial-width-to-height ratio" (FWHR) i.

Video- Puskas Award 2014 Nominees- Top ten best goals of 2014- Stephanie Roche Goal Kasami Ibrahimovic Cahill Van Persie

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Video- Puskas Award 2014 Nominees- Top ten best goals of 2014- Stephanie Roche Goal Kasami Ibrahimovic Cahill Van Persie is a post from Soccer Blogger. Follow Soccer Blogger on Twitter

Video- Puskas Award 2014 Nominees- Top ten best goals of 2014- Stephanie Roche Goal Kasami Ibrahimovic Cahill Van Persie is a post from Soccer Blogger.

Mesut Ozil Receives Laureus Award After Paying For 23 Brazilian Children To Have Life-Saving Surgery

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By Alan Duffy

What a cracking bowtie too!

Arsenal's injured schemer Mesut Ozil picked up a "Sport For Good" prize last night at the annual Laureus awards following his decision to pay for23 Brazilian children to have life-saving surgery this summer.

The midfielder, who has somewhat struggled to find his best form with the Gunners as well as having to deal with a messy court case involving his own father this week, explained his decision to donate his World Cup-winning bonus to the seriously ill kids, saying:

"We had the idea to help 23 children, because we had 23 players in the squad.

Associated Press: Qatar prefers November for 2022 World Cup

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In an interview with AP, the secretary of the Qatar World Cup committee suggested a preference for a November World Cup. Read More

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official Emblem Revealed

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The first part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ brand identity was revealed last night [...]

Freedom Kicks for 23 October 2014: Andy Najar's goal, Greg Garza, Steve Birnbaum Roast

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We have all the news that's fit to print this morning.

Good morning, my name is Ben and I will be your morning curator of D.C. United soccer links. Make sure that you have signed the waiver, and jump right into your morning Freedom Kicks!

DC United Homegrown product Andy Najar scores for Anderlecht against Arsenal in Champions League | MLSsoccer.

Watch ‘Mike Bassett England Manager,’ the Hilarious Mockumentary [VIDEO]

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It's every Englishman's dream to be the person who leads their country to World Cup success from the pitfalls of despair to the tears of joy and open-top bus parade around Central London. If you aren't one of the managers of the big boys this dream will also be an impossible reality. However for Mike Bassett, this becomes his reality.

The Third Party Ownership Double Standard

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This past weekend, the Brazilian national team beat Argentina 2-0 in a friendly in Beijing. With players based in Europe and South America, why on Earth did they travel so far to play one another? After all, the two countries are neighbors on the same continent. The simple answer is, of course, money.

You Will Once Again Find My Writing Elsewhere…

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Dearest reader,

You shall once again find my writing far from home the lovely soccer TV show Soccer Gods (Mondays at 10 on the Fusion channel) has a corresponding site which has graciously agreed to host my slightly edited brainfarts on Mexican soccer. This is a regular thing. No, we're not married but we're very canny about our Facebook relationship status.

Bankrupt World Cup-Winner Andreas Brehme Offered Job Cleaning Toilets By Former Teammate

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By Chris Wright

Andreas Brehme was an intrinsic part of the Germany team that won the World Cup in 1990 having scored the winning goal in the final against Argentina, though it would appear that life for the former Bayern Munich left-back is far less salubrious these days.

According to reports in the German press, Brehme got himself into considerable debt after retiring from active duty last working in football during a short, ill-fated stint asGiovanni Trapattoni's assistant at VfB Stuttgart in 2005.

‘He Wanted To Swap Shirts With The Referee’ – Germany Stars Reveal Full Extent Of Christoph Kramer’s World Cup Final Concussion

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By Chris Wright

As you may well recall, Christoph Kramer got himself well and truly knocked into the middle of next week during the World Cup Final after a brutal collision with Argentina'sEzequiel Garay.

Kramer was knocked unconscious for several moments after colliding head-first with Garay's shoulder, though was eventually allowed to play on after being assessed by the medics on duty until being taken off in the 31st minute after his teammates noticed theBorussia Mönchengladbach man was visibly doolally.