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Nos Audietis, Episode 275: This is not going well

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The cavalry is a long ways off.

Quite the roller-coaster week we just endured. It started with about as depressing of a tie as I can remember, was followed by about as shocking of a road win as I can remember and then ended on a reasonably predictable loss that still sucked.

Jeremiah and Aaron discussed the season's start, expressed their continued frustrations that the transfer window closed without a signing and looked for reasons to not give up all hope.

Nos Audietis, Episode 272: Here we go again

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This was mot the start we wanted to see.

This starting to feel all too familiar. The Sounders are now six games into their season, including two in league play, and are 2-4-0 overall. Two of those losses came in their last two games by a combined score of 6-0, and that has made Sounders Twitter and the Sounder at Heart comment section .

Nos Audietis, Episode 259: Finding perspective

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We're 11 unbeaten and in first place, let's not freak.

It's been nearly three weeks since we last recorded a proper show — not counting last week's oral history of the Red Card Wedding — and a lot has happened. Most recently, we had three games in eight days that saw the Seattle Sounders extend their unbeaten streak to a franchise-record 11 games but only claimed five points in the process.

Nos Audietis, Episode 251: Featuring Will Bruin

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We're dancing with the bear.

Just writing these words feels totally wrong: The Seattle Sounders are off to their worst-ever start. Yes, that means worse than 2010, 2011 and even 2016. It's not that the Sounders have played bad, per se, but the results simply haven't been there.

We tried to make sense of this start, discussed the recent news surrounding S2 and interviewed Will Bruin (who apparently lives in Ballard!

Nos Audietis, Episode 236: Yeah, this feels different

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We finally get around to discussing the win over FC Dallas.

Thanks to a rather long break in the MLS playoff schedule, it feels like quite a long time ago that the Seattle Sounders got past FC Dallas to qualify for the Western Conference finals. But here we are and the Sounders are actually looking like favorites against the Colorado Rapids.

Nos Audietis, Episode 217: The Return of Jeremiah (to talk about a loss)

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Jeremiah returns to the show just in time to discuss with Aaron what happened to Seattle in the 3-1 loss Colorado.

Jeremiah makes his triumphant return to the show after a well-deserved paternity leave. He and Aaron recap Seattle Sounders FC's 3-1 loss to Colorado Rapids while trying not to drift offsides.

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Fans’ View: Three-Bloody-Nil

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Sure, the season ended on a low note (that was a quarter-step flat to boot), but would it have made sense any other way?