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What I Want For Christmas | Part III

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To wrap things up with the "What I Want For Christmas" series, we'll begin with a bit of a tactical aside before prioritizing the shopping list...

(In case you missed the beginning of this discussion: Part I and Part II are available.)

Our likely man in the middle?

In all of this discussion, we've curiously ignored tactics for the most part.

What I Want For Christmas | Part II

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In the first part of this series, we ran the rule over the current United roster. In this second part, we'll compile a list of wants by position, setting us up for the grand finale, where we put those wants in order...

Would you trust this man with your roster?


Needs: Hamid and Willis are solid in the first two spots on the depth chart, so there shouldn't be much work to do here.

What I Want For Christmas | Part I

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It's that time of year again. Time to consult the D.C. United roster list, see who's been naughty and nice (and who is, frankly, useless), and compile my own off-season shopping list. Ready to begin?

Russell: Finally a replacement for Namoff?

The process of re-shaping the roster has already begun.

WIWFC | The Final Reckoning

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I've taken a different approach to the "What I Want For Christmas" series this year, and I hope you've enjoyed having other voices put forward their lists of what they want shoved under DC United's tree for next year. My sincere thanks to the five...

WIWFC | Rob's List

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And here's the fifth and final reader contribution from Rob (also @eatingbark on the twitters)... Rob's What I Want For Christmas List I'd really like one thing: a long-term plan, focused on building a stable, long-term future for the team....

WIWFC | Eric's List

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Eric in Baltimore weighs in with our fourth user-contributed DC United Christmas wish list. My own list will be up tomorrow, in case you were wondering. Eric's What I Want For Christmas List 1. A strong head coach that can implement the changes we...

WIWFC | Le Belge's List

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Our latest list of Christmas wishes for DC United comes from Le Belge... Le Belge's What I Want For Christmas List The top five gifts Santa can bring DCU this year. 1. A great coach. One who can pull us above the morass that is MLS soccer...

WIWFC | Ben's List

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Our next entry in the What I Want For Christmas list-a-thon comes from Ben. Ben's What I Want For Christmas List 1. A coach. When did coaching DC United become such an undesirable job? 2. Consistency and stability in the 2010 lineup. A starting...

WIWFC | AMT's List

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We'll start off the user-generated portion of this year's WIWFC show with regular contributor, AMT (@the_amt on the twitters)... AMT's What I Want For Christmas List Love reading the site. Here's my wish list for United this festive season: 1. A...

Open Call for Submissions

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Loyal FBF readers will know that every year I put together a "What I Want For Christmas" (WIWFC) series of blog posts. The posts examine the current state of DC United and make a list of off-season additions that I feel would make the club better....

WIWFC (In July!) | The Omnibus Post

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Rather than my usual modus operandi of splitting the "What I Want For Christmas" analysis/FO rant/starry-eyed wishlist into several posts, instead I'm going to try to cram it all into one steaming jambalaya. Ready or not... Roster Rundown Let's...

WIWFC Addendum: Plus Ça Change . . .

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Well, while we're patiently waiting for the boxes on the United wishlist to be ticked off by the front office, I thought I might revisit a comment left by our buddy Shatz from DCUMD in the final "What I Want For Christmas" post. What did he notice? Glad you asked. To quote the man himself . . . Your December 2007 priorities were: 1.

WIWFC Part IV - Making A List, Checking It Twice

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At long last, we've come to a final reckoning. There are still more questions than answers when it comes to the status of the roster for next year. Will (Peralta, Kirk, Namoff, Olsen, Doe, hell, even Gallardo, insert player who might possibly be shipped out here) be around come the first week of training camp?

WIWFC Part III - The Gaping Holes

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When last we met, the discussion revolved around what DC United's tactical approach would be going into 2009. While I made some mention of "modern" single-striker frameworks and formations built around allowing the crown jewel, Gallardo, to shine, I also stressed having a roster that would allow for tactical flexibility.

WIWFC Part II - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marcelo?

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In Part I of this series, we identified some of the personnel issues facing United this offseason. But before we can figure out where we need reinforcements most desperately, we're going to have to figure out how the team will line up in 2009. In Part II, we're going to tackle the sticky issue of tactics, and, in particular, where our big money DP, Marcelo Gallardo, fits into the picture.

WIWFC Part I - Bird's Eye View

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It's that time of year again (thanks for the reminder, Shatz!). Time to dust off the crystal ball, spike the eggnog, and compile my Black and Red wishlist for the coming year. The Lay of the Land First let's orient ourselves with regards to the team going forward--a task easier said than done. Despite high expectations from most quarters, a team that, on paper, looked like a fairly good bet

WIWFC(IJ) Part IV - Makin' a List, Checking it Twice

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Alright, let's begin to pick our way through this tangled web I've woven. We'll start by summarizing the shopping list items from each of the preceding three posts in this series, after which we'll weed out the duplicates and ruthlessly prune the downright unlikely (can you tell I've been out in the garden this evening?

WIWFC(IJ) Part III - The Business End

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Previously on "What I Want For Christmas (In July)" . . . So what's all this Christmas nonsense about anyway, and does anybody remember December? . . . Let's figure out what, if anything, needs to be fixed at the back . . . So now I'm back from my holiday journeys and safely ensconced in Fullback HQ, and the time approaches when we have to deal with the business end of the United roster--namely

WIWFC(IJ) Part II - The Case for the Defense

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Following on from yesterday's navel-gazing look at the initial WIWFC series, let's continue with something more current and a little less rambling. In particular, I want to focus on the defense--in this case including not only the back four, but the keeper and the d-mid/anchorman role as well. So let's get started, shall we?

WIWFC(IJ) Part I - The Wayback Machine

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Looks like it's going to be a glorious day for picnics celebrating the 4th here in central PA. The rain has been coming down since early morning and doesn't look like letting up anytime soon. But fear not! Despite being 80 miles or so from the Back-Cave, I've got internet access, so it's time to start the mid-season roster analysis series.

WIWFC Update - Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Now, nothing is official yet. Nobody has held up a shirt in front of the cameras and microphones, but the signs are rosy for a trifecta of South American acquisitions for United, one of whom may even be sporting a green card, according to Goff. If true, the DC front office is putting those elves to work and delivering all of those gifts I was wishing for in my WIWFC (What I Want For Christmas)

WIWFC Part 5 - Putting the Bow on Top

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And so, my friends, at last we wend our way to the final installment of the "What I Want For Christmas (DC United edition)" series--and just in time, seeing as how it's Christmas Eve and all. Let's take a quick look at a summary of our current status, as culled from the previous WIWFC posts: Goalkeepers: B- [We've got a probable starter, and not a whole lot else.

WIWFC Part 4 - The Claws & Teeth

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Welcome back. Having addressed the spine of the team and the appendages that make it move, we now have to shift our attention to the business end of this deadly beast--the nasty, big, pointy teeth if you will. The question marks here are big and bold in 36-point font with exclamation points, as the Godfather of Goals, Jaime Moreno, and the best player in the league over the last three years,

WIWFC Part 3 - The Appendages

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When last we spoke, the discussion centered around the spine of the team. Now we move on to the arms and legs, more succinctly known as--The Appendages. By which, of course, I mean the wide players, be they in midfield or defense. So let us shift our attention forthwith . . . Fullbacks - Ahem! United's fullback situation was pretty bleak heading into the summer of 2007 on the back of the

WIWFC Part 2 - The Spine

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Continuing on from Part 1 of our look at "What I Want For Christmas" for DC United, it's time to address the spine of the beast--namely the goalkeepers, center backs, and holding midfielders. The backbone of the squad has been the one area that's been the subject of some fairly radical surgery so far this off-season, with GK Troy Perkins, D BobbyBoswell.

WIWFC Part 1 - Assessing the Needs

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'Tis the season and all that. I suppose it's about time that I addressed my DC United "What I Want for Christmas" list to that fat old elf clinging to whatever ice is left up there in the northern polar regions so he can deliver some quality wrapped in black and red, if not in time for the holidays, at least in time for the CONCACAF Champions' Cup.