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‘Don’t Laugh, Okay?’ – Celtic Legend Kolo Toure Unwittingly Reveals Musical Guilty Pleasure During Press Conference (Video)

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Kolo Toure is a one-man maverick this we know. He walks to the beat of his own drum, hacks down the Arsenal royalty he wants to hack down, and bloody well answers the questions he wants to answer during his press conferences.

To that end, the question that was actually put to Toure during a recent presser was which, of all the myriad fan chants he'd heard sung in his footballing career, was his favourite.

‘He Likes Celine Dion And Whitney Houston’ – Kolo Toure Shops Yaya’s Diabolical Taste In Music (Video)

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By Chris Wright

These footballers, eh? With their stupid headphones and unilaterally shite taste in music, sulleying the atmosphere with their anaemic R&B, wanky hip-hop, faddy dance tripe and infernal slow jamzwithazed.

Thank goodness then, for the trend-buckers.


Will Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey’s death curse strike again?

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Anxiety is rising among celebrities of the world after Aaron Ramsey found the net in Arsenal's Champions League win over Olympiakos. The Welshman's rare goals for the Gunners tend to prompt death among well-known global figures. So far he's seen off Whitney Houston, Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs and Colonel Ghadafi The world waits to [.

Former Wolves boss Mick McCarthy and George Elokobi set to run a cowboy ranch… in OTP’s imagination only

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There's not been a day gone by since his controversial sacking that OTP hasn't wondered what Mick McCarthy is up to. A man who shirked sassy scarves and manipulative mind games, Mick was a noble no-nonsense bloke for whom we have always held a candle. It's not a sexual thing, but admittedly we would feel nice [.