Manchester United

Michael Owen’s Cringe Worthy Whiskey Ad

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This new Michael Owen advert for Spey whiskey has gone viral but lets be honest it's pretty lame?

The former Manchester United, Liverpool and Real Madrid striker was never a warrior for one thing, he spent most of his time with the walking wounded and as for his drinking preference's Whiskey wouldn't be on the top of the list either.

‘Fergie Was On The Whiskey’ – Liam Gallagher Crashes Post-Derby Press Conference (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Liam Gallagher, eh? What a wallybritches.

After watching the match at the Etihad, the six-toed chimpanzee they've succesfully trained to rasp over Beady Eye records stormed Roberto Mancini's post-derby presser last night delivering pearls such as 'Fergie's been on the whiskey' and 'I love Mancini, he's nearly as kewl as me' to the room full of journos before being ushered aside by Vincent Kompany while proclaiming 'Viva la Belgium!

English Premier League


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Alex Ferguson has voiced his opinion again of the Suarez-Evra incident and he believes it contributed to Kenny Dalglish's sacking at Liverpool. If that were true then Suarez would have been sold and King Kenny would still be in a job, Ferguson!

Dalglish was dismissed at the end of the season after a dismal Premier League campaign which ended with Liverpool in eighth spot.

Dressed At Gunpoint: Andrey Arshavin & John Carew

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ASquared left Mayfair's Colony Club Sunday night following his team's win over Manchester United. He's getting dangerously close to Guti's closet.

We usually make an effort to be understanding of football players' fashion choices, based on their lack of schooling and comprehension of social cues.

Cesc Fabregas: Back On The Market?

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Is this the face of a sad, single man?

Many of you have asked, and now we're finally ready to address.

Cesc Fabregas and Carla Dona Garcia: are they or aren't they?

That's a loaded question, to say the least.

We hope we're not naive in thinking that, by now, a majority of you have skimmed/read/looked at the pictures accompanying the first report that 'confirmed' the Arsenal captain's split from his 7-year-long girlfriend (printed by The Sun).

Non-Naughty Night Out: Ryan Giggs, Manchester United

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In a startling turn of events, Ryan Giggs ventured out to a London nightclub for the first time...in forever. Or, actually, about a month since his last trip to Whiskey Mist, but why keep score?

Proving that footballers can still behave like gentleman during a round of drinks with mates rather than actin' like wild safari life at an everything must-go zoo sale, Giggys walked – not stumbled – out of China Whites over the weekend without the staff's assistance.

Dear Mr. Moyes, Can I Be One Of Your Boys?

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Suffice to say, it's been a few cases of rail whiskey for ol' Jonny Lightning Cup since Dan Seco graced the fine pages of The Yanks Are Coming. From Tebow Country to Dirty Jersey to the ATL and NOLA, my life as the greater soccer world once knew it has been akin to the couch surfing ways of Neil W. Blackmon on a Gaineville-bound bender during college football season.


The Loneliest Man on Earth

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Alfred Worden walked into a bar one night. It was almost completely deserted--at 1:30 a.m., the majority of the crowd had moved on or gone home. With the low lighting, jacket-and-tie dress code and quiet piano music in the background, this bar wasn't the kind of place people usually wound up around last call.

Super Bowl Recipes From Maker’s Mark

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The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so this week we'll be highlighting food and drink recipes to make your Super Bowl party a hit. Today, let's take a look at these recipes from Maker's Mark Bourbon.

Bourbon Apple Glazed Chicken Wings

These tangy sweet wings get the benefit of being braised then baked, no frying involved!

Major League Soccer

Sebastien Le Toux, the one that got away

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Editor's note: Today, the staff here at PUT woke from a 3 month whiskey and BIMBO brand mini Kaiser roll-induced haze to the realization that face-of-the-franchise, leading scorer and all around exception to French stereotypes Sebastien Le Toux was gone.  His side of the closet was empty, his neon boots no longer by the door.

Lekic Has Been Offered A Deal

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I know Major League Soccer Soccer-dot-com already ran a quick update about this in their new "Rumor Central" feature (which I kind of like, to be honest), but it's the kind of news that we should be reporting here. Trust me, if it weren't for the fact that I'm studying for my Civil Procedure exam and staring longingly at a bottle of whiskey, sleeping pills and a handgun I would have been on top of this the moment it came out.


Sergio Ramos & Lara Alvarez: Roman Rendezvous

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Sergio knows just how much of a burden being pretty can really be. We're lucky we're so plain. Images via Hola! magazine.

Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez were papped being all cutesy in Rome over the holidays cutesy like how Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens used to be during their 'High School Musical' days.

The Drunk Off Their Ass List: Kimberley Mills

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'What? Nothing to see here folks. Please keep it moving.'

Joining our ever-growing roster of 'Drunk Off Their Ass' listees is Miss Kimberley Mills, girlfriend of Tottenham's David Bentley. Welcome hon!

Mills (plus her beau and Gareth Barry) were just three of the numerous patrons who had to flee London's Whiskey Mist night club Sunday night after a bloody brawl broke out.

Vedran Ćorluka: Back On The Market… Ish?

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Image: Google.hr.

We gotta hand it to the 6'4, silky jet-black haired Croatian man candy: Tottenham's Vedran Ćorluka finally kicked the drunk-off-her-arse-in-public bird to the kerb.

Ćorluka's ex-girlfriend, Iva Buzov, moved out of their London flat and high-tailed it back to Zagreb two months ago.

Three Times

Wild turkeys and statues

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I write shortly before 3pm, the afternoon after the launch of So Paddy Got Up at the Tollington. My hands still tremble as I type. I've cleaned my teeth three times and had a tactical fry up yet still the sour taste of Wild Turkey trips off my tongue. It really was a pleasure to see so many of you and stop for a beer and a chat.

Norwich 1-2 Arsenal: *boilk*

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Video highlights and reaction match report -

Good morning and apologies for the lateness of this particular blog but then *boilk* and nobody should criticise a man who was drinking whiskey at 6.30am. It's just not the done thing.

So, we beat Norwich yesterday to continue our good run of form and winningness, again we have to give thanks and praise to the Lord our Robin for his two goals which sealed the deal.

World Cup

Into, and by into I mean 'out of', the (south) west.

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I am returned and I have discovered something quite amazing. The perfect hangover cure. And I don't just mean for any hangover. I mean for post-wedding, post-Jaegermeister, post-whiskey, post-all day drinking mixing wine and beer and gin and everything else. The kind of hangover that makes you wish you could book yourself into a Dignitas clinic and just have yourself put out of your misery.

Your Post-USA Rooting Guide

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Now that I'm on the road to accepting what happened last Saturday and I've finally managed to crawl my way out of this empty bottle of whiskey, I guess I should go back to writing about the big worldwide soccer tournament which is apparently still taking place. Most readers of the most important blog of all time lost their biggest rooting interest when the Yanks were eliminated, or the next day when the Limey Wankers went down in TYAC writer Guy Bailey's.

World Cup 2010

Football and Freedom in Durban

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Well if anyone wanted to demonstrate the grace and beauty of the world game an excellent game to showcase would be the one I last wrote about between Brazil and Chile. On the other hand, if someone else wanted to demonstrate that soccer is a stupid, boring sport they could do worse than exhibiting yesterday afternoon's game between Japan and Paraguay.

Morning before Nelspruit

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There was dread as much as excitement in the camp yesterday about going to see Australia play Serbia today. The dread has little to do with the fate of our beloved team, who we will be happy to see play well, hopefully with a victory to ensure that Australia has not embarassed itself. The prospect of us getting to the Round of 16 is pretty slim after all.

The Rest

Captain Morgan Party Like a Champion Advert

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The Captain, Captain Morgan gets footy/soccer fans from all over the world to Party Like A Champion in this brilliant advert for the Captain's Whiskey which features a the music and should very well be a popular anthem around the world.

When it comes to legendary partying, Captain Morgan always leads from the front.

Anton Ferdinand & Shaun Wright-Phillips: Boys Night Out At Whiskey Mist

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Image: PacificCoastNews.com. Shaun Wright-Phillips had just been dropped off by a chauffeured car with his mate, Anton Ferdinand, when these photos were taken. Usually players look fiendishly drunk upon exiting Whiskey Mist, so respect to them for getting their buzz on before even stepping foot inside the London nightclub.

Jogo 1002/2011 - Elim. Copa 2014 - Moçambique 4x1 Comoros

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Mais um jogo das eliminatórias da Copa do Mundo de 2014, foi realizado no dia 15/11/2011, na cidade de Maputo-MOZ, onde jogaram as seleções do Moçambique (110º no ranking da FIFA) e a seleção de Comoros (183º no ranking da FIFA).

Antes desse jogo, as 2 seleções jogaram:
2014Mitsamiouli 11/11/2011 COM0:1 (0:0)MOZ First round
O árbitro desse jogo, foi: Ruzive Ruzive-ZIM

Domingues (26.

Sunderland preview + RVP denies Marca claims

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My brain is an arsehole. "Just one gigantic whiskey before you go to bed. Go on!"

I need to stop listening to my brain although I'm not sure who I should listen to in that case. I guess it's another reason why I've always been a fan of butlers. "Should I have one gigantic whiskey before I go to bed, Carmichael?

MLS 101: Allocations, Lotteries, DPs, Discoveries and Home Grown Players

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Yesterday I discussed some of the basic roster rules in MLS and how it ties in with the salary cap. Hopefully the swelling in your brain has reduced sufficiently to allow you to move forward with your lessons as I attempt to help you further understand (to the best of our ability), the league's various roster mechanisms.

Michael Owen Shows His Brilliance Again, Maturing With Age

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Signs, signs everywhere the signs of my advancing age; a receding hairline balanced by a protruding gut, drinking wine instead of whiskey, a fine familiarity of the full line of muscle balm products, wheezing to keep up in my Saturday ...

This is a content summary. Visit http://www.epltalk.

Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football betting tips for 22-23 January

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Punter Dan back with his latest installment My only prelude to this weeks bets is to say that it is nearing the end of the month, so to keep me in real ale, whiskey chasers and scampi fries I am going all out. One of my biggest ballaches in football is the way overweight men [...]

Die Schweinegrippe ist wieder da….

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Irgendwie dachten wir ja, wir hätten endlich Ruhe mit dem Thema „Schweinegrippe", aber so wie es aussieht haben wir uns da wohl gründlich getäuscht. Das gute an der Sache ist jedoch und das wissen wir schon seit der großen Pandemie vom letzten Jahr, dass die Schweinegrippe nicht so gefährlich ist, wie man am Anfang angenommen [.

Some of You May Have Thought That Josh Wicks' Career Was Finished

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Oh it's not finished...it's just Finnish. So it's official: America's leading exports are tobacco, civilian aircraft, whiskey, tween stars, hip-hop and goalkeepers. Y'all welcome.

Christmas Eve ramblings

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Hello everyone,

feeling slightly better this morning. Hot whiskey + cough medicine + all the other medicine in the house in one large goblet seems to have made a bit of a difference.

Arsene's press conference took place yesterday ahead of the Chelsea game and there wasn't much out of the ordinary going on.

Joe Cole Sees Red In Draw With Arsenal

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Aww... The poor sod! Someone give him a bear hug and a whiskey...Liverpool came away from Anfield yesterday with a draw, at first glance, a more than respectable result but after the circumstances and sheer madness of the match, the Reds were right to feel hard done by after such a hard fought game.Roy set up his team with Reina in goal, Skrtel and Carragher in the centre with Agger as left back