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Man Utd new boy’s girlfriend already complaining about the weather

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The girlfriend of Manchester United's summer signing Victor Lindelof has already begun moaning about the weather. Maja Nilsson wrote on...

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Di Maria admits struggle

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Angel Di Maria has insisted he's happy at Manchester United, but conceded that the typical Mancunian weather and the task of learning a new language are hurdles he is yet to overcome.

Since returning from a spell out on the sidelines, the Argentine has failed to recapture the fluency he had shown earlier this season, while rumours linking him with a move to PSG emerged after Di Maria's house was burgled last week.

Sir Alex Ferguson reveals he installed tanning booths at Manchester United to combat lack of sun

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson revealed he has beaten Manchester's infamously grim weather by installing at tanning booth for his players. Fergie opened up to Harvard Business School to share some of the secrets of his management success during his time at Old Trafford. And one of the things he cited was the steps [.


Arsenal: Plans To Fly ‘Anti-Wenger’ Banner Over Stadium Scuppered By Bad Weather In West Bromwich

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Due to their collective and ranklack of perspective, a group of fans were planning to fly an 'anti-Arsene Wenger' banner over Arsenal's game against West Brom this coming Saturday afternoon.

A crowdfunding campaign was used to raise the £2,500 necessary to stage the aerial protest, which included the hiring of a plane, the printingof a huge"Wenger Out: No New Contract" banner and an assortment of boards, balloons and beach balls to wave about in the crowd at the Hawthorns.

Sometimes You’ve Got to Speculate to Speculate | Swansea Preview

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The weather has an uncanny knack for mirroring footballing moods, especially in western England where the land pushes further into the Atlantic. Hailstorms are punctuated by sunny skies, wind is a constant and thunder/lightning are never too far away.

Last week the weather was positive, as was the football.

Watch the MNT Abroad this Weekend

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As the weather starts to turn in parts of the country, no better excuse to park on front of the telly and watch the MNT in action this weekend. Here's a primer on the schedule (all times ET):

Brad Guzan hopes to keep his starting spot atAston Villa this Saturday when they face Norwich CityFOX Soccer, 7:30 am).

Football as an indication as to the source of madness in the modern world

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By Dominic Sanchez Cabello

With the weather like this, the economy like that, and the shop relatively quiet. We in Parade Antiques look to football for the answers. The Olympics simply doesn't do it for us it's far too sane. Apparently, as soon as you stop paying someone 200,000 a week, they just become [.

David Moyes

Bulldozing the Black Cats?

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An early kick off on a Saturday up in the wilds of the North East and who knows what the 90 minutes might bring. If Eddie's theory about the players training in the mornings and having a kip in the afternoon is correct, then let's hope the lads hit their perfect peak at 12.30 today.

So far the Mackems are having a dismal season with 2 draws and 7 defeats from their first 9 fixtures.

What Storm? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

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If the weather is anything to go by then it is simple: predict storm weather it. Feel good about it not being so bad. Plenty of managers might agree with that this weekend as they feel that things could be much worse for their side.

At this point in the season there is still hope, a chance that you can make it to your goal.

Major League Soccer

Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, MLS and soccer links for Tuesday 8 April 2014

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Jozy sits for Sunderland. MLS teams of the week both smart and silly. Stalking Tony Tchiani. It's all inside.

No real theme to speak of this morning, other than the weather getting properly nice. So, yeah weather!

DCU fans groaning about FedEx double-header seat assignments | Soccer Insider
I won't lie - I'm one of the folks groaning about this.

Major Link Soccer: Beckham vs the Sirens

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We're on a delayed schedule this week, so apologies to anyone freaking out over the last twelve hours due to an absence of links posts. It's okay, I don't like broken routines either.

Certainly few of us are interested in revisiting last Sunday's "event", the weather at which may have played an indirect role in the late post today.

Does Nor'easter Forecast a Shorter MLS Season?

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The New York Red Bulls/D.C. United match had to be rescheduled Wednesday night due to snow. MLS Cup 2012 is scheduled for December 1st. What will the weather be like, then?

The game's location will not be determined until the finalists have won their semifinal matches. The Cup is played this season at the home of the finalist team with the better record.

D.C. at New York Postponed for Winter Storm

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In a series that has been largely defined by weather, it should have been no surprise that weather would once again be the story Wednesday night. Major League Soccer decided to postpone the match between D.C. United and the New [...]

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Manchester City

Premier League matches canceled due to severe weather

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Severe weather in the northern England area is wreaking havoc on Wednesday's English Premier League schedule, with two games being canceled and one delayed.

Both Manchester City and Everton have canceled and postponed their EPL games, while Stoke City delayed their kickoff 15 minutes due to "traffic issues" around the area.

Futbolita Exclusive : Sergio Aguero Speaks To Us About Maradona, His Dream Start In The Premier League & More

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Two weeks ago, Futbolita covered Manchester City on tour and caught up with their star striker and possibly the worst football-singer in the world, Sergio "El Kun" Aguero.
It's true what we'd been speculating all along you could really ask Kun anything about Maradona, terrible hotel food, advise for kids and his feelings about being forced to learn English, and he'd either give you a brilliant answer or an equally humorous reaction.

Jack Rodwell Unveiled At Man City By Haggard Old Italian Gentleman (Photos)

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By Chris Wright

Seems like a good day for fans of photos of young men with new work clothes. Here's a few stills of L'il Jacky Rodwell being unveiled by a grizzled, weather-beaten Roberto Mancini at Carrington after completing his £15 million move from Everton earlier in the week.


Video: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho describes his squad as ‘beautiful, young eggs’

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has compared his squad to young eggs that he's taking care of until they are ready to hatch. Speaking ahead of tomorrow's Champions League clash with Czech side Viktoria Plzen, Mourinho suggested he was a dad to the young eggs among his squad. He said: "Beautiful young eggs, eggs that need [.

Chelsea vs AC Milan Friendly In Miami, In Pictures [PHOTO]

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Chelsea will find few places more idyllic than Miami to play its football. Saturday evening, Chelsea played in the heat and beautiful weather of South Florida. While the final result wasn't what Chelsea or its fans wanted, it was still ...

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Will Global Warming Result in a Decline of Interest for American Football?

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There doesn't seem like much of a debate coming from Republicans this year regarding Global Warming. It would be hard to believe any scientist would be that dense to suggest there's nothing to worry about and the temperatures are just an aberration for this period of time in history.

In fact, it's so hot outside and getting increasingly warmer each year that young people may be choosing not to play football.


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The U.S. WNT enjoyed its second day of perfect training weather in Glasgow, and had an awesome practice that was on the short side (less than 90 minutes), as the team starts to taper into its first match of the Olympics on July 25 against France.

You can watch on the NBC Sports Network at Noon ET.

Portland Timbers

Reserve Game Ruminations: San Jose Earthquakes 3 Timbers 1

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The Portland Timbers controlled play for much of last night's 3-1 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes in reserve league play but were unable to finish their chances despite out-shooting the 'Quakes 21 to 5 The game took place in a crowded Jeld-Wen Field as some beautiful weather and a GroupOn deal on tickets brought families in droves to the game.

Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas Preview and Match Thread [4:00 pm]

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Heading into tonight's match is about more than the three points that the Portland Timbers desperately need. It's about vengeance. It's about restoring the pride that a team like the Timbers should have given the city that loves them so much. With FC Dallas having outplayed Portland twice at home in embarrassing fashion (4-nil last year, 5-nil just a couple weeks ago) it's time for the Timbers to return the favor and deal Dallas the same kind of humiliating defeat.

The Rest

U.S. Soccer elects a new Boss, Landon Donovan returns (again) & more: Freedom Kicks for 2/12/18

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Oh yeah, and #AnnounceAsad.

Hi. The weather kind of sucked so I was keeping the boy busy and missed whatever business Saturday was about. But if you did as well:

Cordeiro elected U.S. Soccer president (SSFC): Apparently, some contention and a late swerve were involved or something? We'll see how he does I guess.

Thorns Preseason Tournament Preview

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Time to get excited, folks

Ah, springtime in Portland. The cherry trees are in bloom. The weather has changed from persistent rain to bursts of sun interspersed with more rain. Best of all, the NWSL's annual six-month drought is over, and the girls in red are back in town.

Before the regular season gets underway April 15 against Orlando, we get a four-team preseason tournament this week, with Portland hosting the Houston Dash, the Chicago Red Stars, and the USWNT U-23s.

How does one say "Hmmmveeeryinnnnteresting." in Portuguese?

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[Photo: AFP]I have been fighting to not fall under the weather the last couple days, and one of the first things I saw after awaking essentially victorious this morning was that Ronaldo (yup, that one) has joined the ownership team of the NASL's Ft. Lauderdale Striukers. Surely, this will tickle NSC pal Phil Schoen to no end.

LETTERS FROM CAMP: Stephen King's "Preseason"

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"Florida. Blaaa!"
Writing match reports from the first pre-season friendly is not our usual bag but hey, big bloodied eels and all that right? Your very special edition Eff Cee's (still not avec Jermain Defoe) started the pre-season in style against divisional rivals D.C. United.

At least we think so.

Singing in the rain / signings and the gain

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Arsenal 4-0 Coventry City

Has there been a wetter season at the Emirates? Ordinarily it rarely simultaneously rains and blows a gale in a northerly direction during a game, thus rendering the roof entirely incidental where I am sitting (which is near the front of the lower tier, as you can see above).

Weather, SKC vs MU, and Other MLS Cup News

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We're less than 48 hours away from MLS Cup. And with the game so close, there's lots of news coming out as soccer journalists around the US have descended on Kansas City for the final. Here's some news from today as MLS Cup gets closer.


This has been one of the big talking points for the last few weeks or so.

THE MATCHUP: Weather or not

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Giant weather laser at the ready.

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v Houston... or I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush

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No, I don't like R.E.M., I just wanted a song lyric with "orange" in it.
Now we discuss the weather. For the last three or four days, the temperature broke double digits, with a high of 23C. As of writing this, it's 2C. That's, like 36F for our American reader (hey man, thanks for reading). By Monday, it goes back up to double digits.

Poetry Corner Kicks: Revolution 0 - Union 1

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What can one write about this game? There certainly weren’t very many "poetic" moments from this game played in almost every conceivable element of weather. Sloppy weather and sloppy play combined for a sloppy win, but honestly, the Union will take it. Who would have thought that going into the Red Bulls (0-1-2) game that their records would be the inverse of each other in favor of the Union (2-1-0)?

Rangers on the rampage against Rovers

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MORETON RANGERS 5-1 ABBEYMEAD ROVERS Saturday 16th February 2013 Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division 2 London Road, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire
With the weather turning for the better at the back end of this week it is a case of getting back to normal hopefully. What I mean by this is that for what seems like an age, it has been a case of hoping to see what games survive the weather, whether it being because of rain or snow.


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(The entry is formulated from the transcript obtained via Integrated Marketing Solutions Group - IMSG, the PR agency of Nike Singapore)

(P.S: The copyrights of the images depicted in this blog entry belong to Nike, unless stated on the images itself.)
Wherever football is played, Weather plays its part: In London alone, during the season an average of 125 days will experience some rainfall, making receiving and passing a ball tricky for even the best players.

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v Santos Laguna... Or (upside down exclamation point here)VAMOS LOS ROJAS!

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Hard to believe that I worked on this logo for 14 hours.
The Ex is still on. I genuinely fear for these events because it feels like a rediculous money grab from the gate onward. This is amusing because once you get to BMO, prices dramatically increase.

Pre-match music selection isn't good this early.

Europa League: Motherwell v Levante

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Edinburgh might be hosting one of the most decorated teams in Europe this evening but Lanarkshire has the romance.

An unfashionable side that battled back from financial trauma and turned last season into an unlikely success story.

But that's enough about Motherwell...

Actually there are similarities between Motherwell and their visitors Levante.

The After Bar: USMNT 1 - Mexico 0

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That just happened. An understrength, but undeterred U.S. men's national team walked into Estadio Azteca and weather the crowd and 75 years of history to smash-and-grab a 1-0 win against Mexico. A series of substitutes for Jurgen Klinsmann's side, Brek Shea on... well... the break played the ball across the front of goal where Terrance Boyd backhealed the ball towards an onrushing Michael Orozco Fiscal (why was he so far upfield!

Typhoon Season?

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Chioma Ubogagu slices through the rain...the rain parts for Katie Stengel

We've been told that the typoon season is at its higest in August and September so it was a surprise when a heavey and steady, but certainly not a cold rain pelted the U.S. players during their entire training sesson today.

Why signs point to Portland having a good game

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I am ever the optimist and always try to find the silver lining in dark and stormy clouds and these last few months have not been even close to the CumulUs humilis of last year. The clouds have not even been the typical Nimbostratus clouds of a normal up and down season but have been the cumulonimbus incus which usually foretells a very rough patch in the weather.

TSG’s Serie A Expert Giddy About the Romans in Boston’s Hallowed Coliseum

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Two old-timers meet: Roma & Fenway that is...

TSG's Serie A expert Eric Giardini takes in his beloved AS Roma in Beantown

Way back in March when it was announced that Roma and Liverpool were playing a friendly in Boston at iconic Fenway Park I knew there was no way I was going to miss it.