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World Cup 2026 bid explainer

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By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (Dec 15, 2017) US Soccer Players - You've probably already heard about the US, Canada, and Mexico partnering to launch a sprawling bid to host the 2026 World Cup. The three nations have submitted an ambitious plan for the first edition of FIFA's expanded 48-team tournament.

A beginning, and an end, for the USMNT in Portugal

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By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 10, 2017) US Soccer Players - Fifteen years and five months after the shock World Cup win over Portugal that launched the program into a bold new century, a dramatically revamped USMNT squad has gathered in Lisbon this week ahead of a rematch that marks both the beginning and end of an era.

Tom Byer and “Soccer Starts at Home” arrive in US

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By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 27, 2017) US Soccer Players - He's a household name in Japan, and increasingly so across East Asia as he's spread his particular gospel of youth development to China and points further afield. Yet in his native land, Tom Byer is the soccer equivalent of a rare import record, or perhaps a bootleg mixtape.

“This is who we are” – The USMNT U-20s aim for identity

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By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (May 11, 2017) US Soccer Players - The USMNT U-20s have gathered in Japan for their final preparations for the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup. The tournament kicks off for the Yanks on May 22 with a tricky-looking matchup against Ecuador (4am ET - FS1).

All eyes on Tab Ramos as USMNT U-20s face World Cup qualifying

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By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (Feb 17, 2017) US Soccer Players - Tab Ramos and his USMNT U-20s step into the spotlight this weekend. On Saturday, they kick off what could be a perilous World Cup qualifying campaign in Costa Rica. As is often the case with big youth national team events, this tourament [.

Major League Soccer

What makes for a big weekend in MLS?

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By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON DC (Sep 8, 2017) US Soccer Players - Not all games are equal, especially in the stretch run to the MLS Cup playoffs. While most of the attention should rightly be on matches that will determine who does or does not make the postseason, the month of September is also a time to focus on playoff seeding.

MLS looks for help in development

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By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON, DC (May 24, 2017) US Soccer Players - Major League Soccer faces a myriad of challenges if it is going to reach its self-stated goal of becoming one of the top leagues in the world anytime soon. Without thinking too hard, things like television ratings and national relevance stand out as problems that have no easy solutions but are crucial to any progress.

Fire Road Win? A Capitol Idea!

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(Photo courtesy chicago-fire.com)

The Chicago Fire traveled to Washington, DC on Saturday in search of their first away victory of 2017 and came home with all three points. They put away hapless DC United 1:0, a scoreline that flattered the home team. The Fire created a plethora of chances, and between the heroics of DC goalkeeper Bill Hamid and some of their own poor marksmanship, they missed an opportunity for a blowout win.

What happened to MLS in St Louis?

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By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON, DC (Apr 5, 2017) US Soccer Players - Everything, at least as it related to the potential for MLS to put down roots in a city with the richest soccer history of any in America, came down to Tuesday.

Tuesday was local election day in Missouri. A day when the citizens of cities, towns, and counties across the state went to the ballot box to decide issues ranging from who would represent them in the city councils and county boards to approving new tax measures.

It’s not going to get any easier for MLS referees

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By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON, DC (Mar 17, 2017) US Soccer Players - The MLS Disciplinary Committee announced their Week 2 decisions on Wednesday afternoon. The release, as is too often the case, was highly anticipated. This particular week it was the expectation that the DisCo would address a pair of high profile fouls in the match between the LA Galaxy and Portland Timbers.

For MLS, it's the ratings

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Dec 7, 2012) US Soccer Players – There was a time in Major League Soccer when any and all comparisons to the original North American Soccer League soccer brought looks of shock and horror from league officials. Blaming player salaries as the primary problem with its predecessor, MLS adopted a plan to control spending known as single-entity.

Taking advantage of transfer season in MLS

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Dec 5, 2012) US Soccer Players -- I'm going to make a small request here at the top of this piece about the frenetic insanity of the MLS transaction season. Read it quickly, as quickly as you can. In fact, stop wasting time on this part and skip to the second paragraph, post haste.

Being the best in MLS and CONCACAF

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Dec 3, 2012) US Soccer Players – Here's the thing about anointing the Los Angeles Galaxy as the best team in Major League Soccer. While I've argued already that they and Houston were the most competitive teams in 2012, there's also an argument that neither of them were the best.

The Cup is the story

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 30, 2012) US Soccer Players – It must be tough to be the other MLS finalist. On Monday, Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber turned the State of the League conference call into an open mic riff on multiple topics, adding to the story lines in a week that's supposed to be about one game.

Fixing US soccer's 'donut hole'

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 29, 2012) US Soccer Players -- The nation's identification and development structures for elite youth players continue to grow, yet talented young American professionals are falling through the cracks – and no one seems completely sure what to do about it. The onset of the MLS offseason always brings a spate of waivers, declined contract options and other mechanisms for jettisoning players.

Another Best XI

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 28, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Here's the thing about Best XI's, that subjective take on the season's best performers that every observer of Major League Soccer trots out at the end of the season. Scrutiny is by design. They're subjective, which means they're inevitably wrong.

The League's market

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 27, 2012) US Soccer Players – Let's play with definitions, shall we? What does 'market' really mean in a major metropolitan area? Specifically, what does it mean in the biggest metro region in the country? When Major League Soccer was still on the drawing board, it meant the region.

What pro sports league has the most in common with Major League Soccer?

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 26, 2012) US Soccer Players – Normally, most people aren't bothered by flattering comparisons. It's human nature to decide that the person making even a decidedly unlikely connection must see something you only notice at the very best moment of your very best day.

Why LA will win the 2012 MLS Cup

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 21, 2012) US Soccer Players -- When the LA Galaxy rushed off the podium after giving the MLS Western Conference trophy just the smallest modicum of respect on Sunday night in Seattle, the message they sent to the rest of the League echoed through the rapidly emptying expanse of Century Link Field.

Beckham's MLS

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 20, 2012) US Soccer Players – Is it possible to discuss David Beckham without making it about the whole of Major League Soccer? It's tough to argue that there's any separation between Beckham's tenure in MLS and the League's steps forward, but is it fair? We've all read the quotes from club and League officials crediting Beckham with reorienting professional soccer's scope in North America alongside his own.

Picking an MLS keeper

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 14, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Goalkeepers are an odd breed. Not necessarily in personality, though they often carry, as a group, a reputation for being some of the stranger characters in the game. No, goalkeepers are an odd breed because finding one you can depend on week in and week out isn't as easy as it might seem.

Expectations in the Conference Finals

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 12, 2012) US Soccer Players – Whenever a team takes a sizeable first-leg lead in a two-game playoff series, the talk normally moves to comebacks. There's almost always an example of a team that made good on a first-leg deficit. Los Angeles Galaxy forward Landon Donovan made that point after his team was the one taking that sizeable first-leg lead.

What to make of Montreal?

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 8, 2012) US Soccer Players -- From the beginning, Joey Saputo's choice of head coach for the Montreal Impact's first year in Major League Soccer seemed a little odd. It's not that Jesse Marsch lacks pedigree and potential, but he had no previous head coaching experience, possessed little to no name recognition, and didn't fit the aspirational continental flair of Major League Soccer's first officially bilingual club.

Preview: The Semifinal Second-Legs

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 7, 2012) US Soccer Players – We'll start with the obvious. Houston did enough in Game One to expect to advance to the Eastern Conference final. Sporting Kansas City has no choice but to talk up home field and their advantages (9pm ET – MLS Live), but the reality is a team up against it.

Struggling in Major League Soccer

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 6, 2012) US Soccer Players – One of the questions that Major League Soccer has yet to answer after 17 regular seasons is when it's time for a team to admit they no longer have a chance. Over its history, MLS is the League of slight chances turning into real opportunity.

Manchester United

Dispatch from Dallas: What talented young American players need

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By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (Apr 20, 2017) US Soccer Players - Last weekend I returned to the city of my birth to take in the final few days of the Dallas Cup and Generation Adidas Cup. Both are among the most prominent and talent-laden tournaments on the American youth soccer calendar.

Photos: Man Utd training in Washington DC

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Manchester United's squad have been training in Washington DC on the latest leg of their US tour. Manager Louis Van Gaal led the session at...

Click the headline to read the full story.

D.C. United

Some Soccer News for Oct 11, 2016

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It's Day 285 of 2016.

It took Belgium 8.1 seconds from kickoff to score against Gibraltar in UEFA World Cup qualifying. Christian Benteke got the goal. Belgium won 0-6.

USA Mens National Team friendly:
-Tue Oct 11
USA v New Zealand - RFK Stadium, Washington DC - 7:00pm CT on on ESPN + UniMas

Here is the Roster for the Cuba game:
  • G: David Bingham - San Jose Earthquakes, Bill Hamid - DC United, William Yarbrough - Leon
  • D: Kellyn Acosta - Dallas, Matt Besler - Sporting Kansas City, Steve Birnbaum - DC United, Omar Gonzalez - Pachuca, Michael Orozco - Tijuana, Tim Parker - Vancouver Whitecaps, DeAndre Yedlin - Newcastle
  • M: Paul Arriola - Tijuana, Michael Bradley - Toronto, Lynden Gooch - Sunderland, Perry Kitchen - Heart Of Midlothian, Sacha Kljestan - New York Red Bulls, Danny Williams - Reading
  • F: Juan Agudelo - New England Revolution, Jozy Altidore - Toronto, Terrence Boyd - RB Leipzig, Julian Green - Bayern Munich, Jordan Morris - Seattle Sounders


A preview of tonight's game.

The Last Word On D.C. United's Loss In Chicago: A New Proposal For The Future

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For once, the home team lit up the scoreboards at RFK Stadium. Against one of the most historically powerful teams in the world, the team calling Washington, DC its home prevailed in front of a boisterous sellout crowd.

Unfortunately, D.C. United was a few hundred miles away from RFK, and doesn't have a single player with a scoring acumen close to that of Jozy Altidore or Clint Dempsey.

D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City TV, schedule, lineups, prediction and GameThread

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Think of somebody you'd want to play if you were an MLS team on the ropes and riding a seven-game losing streak. Now picture the exact opposite. There's a good chance you're thinking of Sporting Kansas City, D.C. United's opponents tonight. Here goes nothing.

Venue: RFK Memorial Stadium, Washington, DC.

D.C. United's Proposed Buzzard Point Stadium: Top 5 Impressions

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It's been almost exactly two years since reports first surfaced of D.C. United's interest in Buzzard Point as the home of the team's proposed new stadium. Last week, we took a photo tour of Buzzard Point to give you a look at this part of Washington, DC. While walking the area, we also developed some strong impressions of the challenges and opportunities Buzzard Point presents.

English Premier League

Washington DC and Providence Are Top Markets for Watching EPL On NBC and NBCSN

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NBC Sports shared some interesting numbers today. Out of the 17 times when Premier League matches have been shown so far this season on NBC and NBCSN, Washington DC and Providence have ranked among the top 10 US markets 13 times over the first three weeks of the season.

Hats off to Washington DC and Providence for being super fans of the English Premier League.

Winning the North London derby

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 19, 2012) US Soccer Players – It's easy to trot out the standard coach-speak following Arsenals 5-2 win over Tottenham in England's Premier League on Sunday. More specifically, it's a 5-2 win in one of that League's most contentious derbies, a showdown of neighbors that's supposed to be a highlight game.

Charles Boehm

Jones in the USA midfield

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Dec 6, 2012) US Soccer Players -- It's an old idea that communication is leadership, and Jurgen Klinsmann is doing a fair job of living out that maxim with his proactive entrées to the American soccer media. The latest was a breakfast meeting with journalists in the run-up to last week's MLS Cup at the Home Depot Center.

Giving thanks for what we have in American soccer

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 22, 2012) US Soccer Players -- The media in this country is routinely perceived as pessimistic, cynical and sensationalistic, and its rapidly-growing ranks of soccer journalists are no exception. Interest and expectation grows along with the game's profile. With it, comes competition for web traffic and breaking news stories.

Preview: Russia - USA

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 13, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Jurgen Klinsmann's effort to test the US National Team with demanding international friendlies continues in faraway Krasnodar on Wednesday, as the Yanks visit Russia for their final match of 2012 (10am ET - ESPN2). Amid a brief break from the tension of CONCACAF qualifying, Klinsmann has called in a hybrid US roster featuring both regulars and newcomers which should make for interesting.

The Rest

An underdog story in the US Open Cup

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By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON, DC (Jun 2, 2017) US Soccer Players - Christos FC, the amateur adult league team from Baltimore, is quite the story in this year's edition of the US Open Cup. The team is little more than a weekend pastime for its players, many of whom gave up on serious careers long ago and who very rarely train together.

Playing the lower division soccer game in the USA

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By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON, DC (Apr 19, 2017) US Soccer Players - Nature abhors a vacuum. So, it seems, do American soccer's ample supply of investors and opportunists.

By virtue of US Soccer's decision to sanction both the USL and NASL as Division II for the 2017 season, there is now a vacuum at the third level of the American soccer pyramid.

Well Played in Washington DC United 1 TFC 2

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Did you say 25 minutes of injury time?

A satisfying road win in Washington DC tonight. TFC conceded a dodgy penalty early and DeRo buried his shot. Toronto did not look bad at that point, perhaps vulnerable to counters, but you worried that luck was going to be a factor.

Five From Russia

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 15, 2012) US Soccer Players – On Wednesday, the USA failed to lose against the 9th-ranked team in the world. Let me stop you before letting me know FIFA Ranking is meaningless. Let's just assume that a team having no trouble in UEFA qualifying is quality, certainly not business as usual by CONCACAF standards.