WAG of The Week: Mandy Capristo (the WAG of Mesut Ozil)

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It wasn't just Arsenal fans who beamed smiles of delight after securing the signing of Mesut Ozil. No, men the land over were equally happy to welcome a certain Mandy Capristo as well! Who is Mandy Capristo? Well, she is only the girlfriend, or to put it more accurately, the WAG of Mesut Ozil. Capristo, [.

WAG Wars: Manchester United v Arsenal Lineups – Who would win?

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We all know that Arsenal took on Manchester United this weekend in a rather dull encounter at Old Trafford that ended 2-1 in United's favor, but did you know there was another battle taking place? Okay, not really, but due to our disappointment from the actual game, we decided to put together a make believe five-aside with some of the wives and girlfriends of the players from both teams.

Gym Time Glamour Off: Alex Gerrard & Coleen Rooney

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Because no WAG worth her salt would head out for a strenuous calorie-burning sesh without a designer good (or two) in tow, which post-workout look do you prefer: A fresh-faced Alex Gerrard in a grey and pink tank/bra, black spandex and cream coloured Alexander Wang bag, or A visibly sweaty Coleen Rooney in an all [.

OW : Kaka’s Father’s Day Gift, Shakira-Pique Pregnancy Rumours and Frank Lampard’s Fiance Hates ‘WAG’ Label

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Welcome to Offbeat Wednesday, where it's all about the Ballers' and their WAGs! This week, read about Christine Bleakley (Frank Lampard's fiance) and her frustrations, Kaka's Father's Day celebrations and Gerard Pique and Shakira's reunion in Puerto Rico!

Frank Lampard's fiance, Christine Bleakley seen in a lovely photo shoot above has declared in an interview that she immensely dislikes the 'WAG' tag and would not like to be called one, if you please.

WAG Tag Watch: Christine Bleakley

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Christine Bleakley joined a shortlist of footballers' partners who reject their WAG titles by claiming to be "fiercely independent" in an interview with The Mail on Sunday's Live Magazine. If you've not read the whole thing, allow us to sum it up. - Frank Lampard's fiancée says she takes pride in providing for herself, something that her [.

Abbey Crouch: What’s She Hiding?

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A "before" shot of her lips if you're so inclined. And an "after". Surely it's got nothing to do with her lips, which the model/WAG has previously denied having work done to them despite obvious appearances. Right?

Mr & Mrs: Charlie & Sophie Leigh Adam

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Liverpool's Charlie Adam married his WAG of three years, Sophie Leigh (née Anderson), on the banks of Loch Lomond on 16 June 2012. Their reception followed immediately after held at the five-star Cameron House while our coverage of their big day did not (soz). The groom wore a traditional Scottish kilt, four bridesmaids donned £300 [.

Style Off: Alex Gerrard & Abbey Clancy At Playground

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If we had beer goggles on, which we often do, we don't think we'd be able to tell these two apart from 50 meters away. Are they morphing into each other? Are they joining forces to become one Super WAG that will take over the universe? The thought is scary. Alex Gerrard and Abbey Clancy [...]

Helena Seger: Lady Dresses Like A Dude

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And we like it. Image via PacificCoastNews.com Some may have mixed feelings about Zlatan Ibrahimovic's transfer to PSG, but from a WAG standpoint, we are not some of those people. Zlatan's lady love, Helena Seger is a fierce woman and we have high hopes that she'll get photographed more in the City of Light so [.

Sami Khedira: Seaweed Be Gone

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Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira and his WAG have gone for a more subdued holiday in Miami Beach this year. Earlier today the couple took a ride on bicycles down Ocean Drive before stopping on the beach for a romantic swim in the ocean.

WAG Watch: Mario Götze Frolics On Yacht With Lady Friend, Involuntarily Raises The Mast (NSFW Photo)

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By WAG Watcher

Mr Götze, you have a massive erection...

"Oh, it's just the pleats in the Speedos"

Cue the nautical puns: raise the mast, bald-headed schooner, sea cock, able-bodied seamen, hard over, baggy wrinkle, pitchpoling, cock pit, proud goosehead, anchor balls, etc, etc.

WAG Watch: Santiago Canizares Posts Naked Picture Of Wife On Twitter (NSFW Photo)

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By WAG Watcher

Peroxide-favouring former Spain and Valencia 'keeper Santiago Canizares found himself trending worldwide on Twitter yesterday after sharing a naked photo of his wife, Mayte Garcia, clambering into the shower with 17,000 of his closest friends...

Santi's loving portrait was only up for ten minutes, though that was more than enough time for 'Canizares' to become a trending topic and the photo to be 'right click > saved as-ed' onto thousands of desktops around the world.

Sylvie van der Vaart: Catwalk Cutie

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Images via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe Fresh off her hols, Sylvie van der Vaart took to the Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week catwalk for lingerie and swimwear designer extraordinaire Hunkemoller yesterday. Give yourself a gold star in WAG activities if you recall that Sylvie has been modeling in the company's print and telly ads this year.

Fireworks & Fourth Of July Randoms

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Hope you're all having a wonderful day off from work, US Kickettes! Everyone else, you know how we roll. Read: we're off to get drunk. We'll be back tomorrow bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for action. In the meantime, catch up on the latest gossip and photo galleries at your leisure. Hungarian model WAG [.

Welcome To The Club: Amra Silajdzic

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Image: AmraSilajdzic.com. The course of love doth runneth so quickly around football's inner circles, and again, the time has come to welcome a new WAG to the club. What's the skinny on Edin Dzeko's current girlfriend, Amra Silajdzic? Hailing from the same Bosnian hometown of Sarajevo that Edin does, Amra's a HOW OLD model/actress (bit parts) [.

Product Shill: Gisela Dulko For Pantene Pro-V

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Fernando Gago's tennis playing wife is one of 150 athletes sponsored by P&G ahead of this summer's games. Image: PRNewsFoto/P&G. Le sigh. Another WAG, another great head of sponsored hair. Where in our career trajectories did we possibly go wrong? We'd love to give you more information about Fernando Gago's tennis playing wife's exploits at [.

As Euro 2012 ‘Psychics’ Go, French Porn Star Virginie Caprice Is One Of The Better Looking Ones (NSFW Photos)

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By WAG Watcher

As far as Euro 2012 predictions go, England have a molting llama, Holland have a dung-arsed elephant, Ukraine have a disgusting slavering pig, but France? Well, France have model and porn actress Viriginie Caprice, who paints all her predicted scorelines on her boobs then Tweets them.

Irina Shayk: Standing By Her Man

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Images: Twitter, Shaun Botterill/Ian Walton/Getty Images Europe We've got a model/WAG fight on our hands, Kickettes. Bar Refaeli, of Leonardo DiCaprio ex-girlfriend and being hot fame, was innocently watching yesterday's Euro 2012 quarterfinal match up between Portugal and the Czech Republic when she tweeted something that we've all likely thought before.

24 Lovely Photos Of The Lovely Ladies Of Euro 2012

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By WAG Watcher

Lots of lovely, politically incorrect photos of Euro 2012′s loveliest lovelies. Lovely (click for larger, even lovelier images)...

The purdy Dutch lady? That's Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau, Wesley's missus. We feel a tip o' the hat is due.

Wag Watch Extra Time – We complete our dream XI at the Euros!

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Layla Anna-Lee completes the goal.com Euro 2012 WAGs XI. Oksana Andersson is the first luscious other half to be introduced. She's a Russian-born Swedish model, a reality TV contestant and married to Christian Wilhelmsson.

Next to make our line-up is Italian film actress Michela Quattrociocche, who's been dating Liverpool and Italy's Alberto Aquilani.

Winonah de Jong: Life After Football

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If you're looking for respite from Euro 2012 and off season non-news fever, you've come to the wrong place. Seriously, stop reading now because we're heavily into both. And not because we're sluggish and dehydrated. Nope, not never. Manchester City and Netherlands WAG, Winonah de Jong, will be chronicling her shopping and drinking schedule of [.

WAG of The Week: Gina-Lisa Lohfink – Ex-Playboy Model

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TweetThe In The Stands WAG of The Week is former Playboy Model Gina-Lisa Lohfink who recently has been spotted in a hotel with Bayern Munich star Jerome Boateng. The 25-year-old German is more known for her sex tape and ahead of the Euros is the talk of the back pages after being spotted in a [...]

Sylvie van der Vaart: Style Her Pretty

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Sylvie VDV and her stylist Danie Bles cheesin' away in London. Like Sylvie's Current/Elliott jeans? Us too. Images via @sylvievdervaart & bydanie.nl Getting a special glimpse into a WAG's life without an OK! Magazine deal is rare so we were delighted to stumble upon this one. Sylvie van der Vaart is a busy lady who [.

Abbey Crouch: Strategic Selfie Snapper

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That hotel's colour palate isn't doing Abbey's "topless millionaire WAG/model on holiday" aura any favours, now is it?

OFFBEAT : Ronaldo And Irina Shayk’s Tennis Date, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, Kiko Macheda, Frank Lampard and Sergio Ramos

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Welcome to our Wednesday Gossip special, brought to you by the dapper Xabi Alonso! This week, read about Ronaldo and Irina's date, Sergio Ramos' girlfriend, Fernando Torres questionable style, Frank Lampard's daughters and more.

Following Real Madrid's victorious celebrations over the weekend, Xabi Alonso appeared at a Hugo Boss event in Madrid to promote their new fragrance on Monday.

WAG of The Week: Ex-TOWIE Model Maria Fowler

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TweetThe In The Stands WAG of The Week is Ex-TOWIE actor Maria Fowler who after splitting up with Lee Croft, was snapped kissing Liverpool reserve team striker Nathan Eccleston. Don't know much about Fowler and to be honest I dont't really care. What is clear though is that just days after splitting from on-loan Derby [.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

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A bloke wearing a dress is funny.

That's a skirt right, Kickettes?


- Irina continued her reign of hotness. What on earth is going on with this chick? We suspect some sort of contract with the spiritual higher-ups in exchange for serious levels of sizzle.

Survey Says: Private Schools Offer Posh Protection From The Perils Of WAG Culture

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Less than 24 hours after a study found that girls were being put off physical education at a young age because of 1) a lack of female sporting role models, and 2) the growing view that "getting sweaty" was not feminine, a chief executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools claimed that British parents are sending their daughters to private schools to protect them from the materialistic WAG culture.


David Beckham Retires : Don’t Pretend You Aren’t Sad & Victoria And Defining The ‘WAG’ Culture

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Let's get this out of the way it is a sad day when David Beckham announces he is retiring from football at the end of the season. Oh come on, amid arrogant statements like : "He wasn't a footballer anyway" (right then, so it was a Hockey Stick that won those six titles with Man United!

Arsenal’s newest WAG – Monika Podolski

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Lukas Podolski gave Gooners an early summer treat by signing for Arsenal before last season was even finished. He will be giving us a lot more treats once he moves to England, not least the chance to check out his gorgeous wife Monika. Monika Podolski, formerly Puchalski so she didn't have to change her name [.

QOTD: Cheryl Cole On Her Ex-Husband Ashley

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From the Girls Aloud singer's second solo album comes a song titled "Screw You" in which the Geordie effectively (and finally) puts an end to her former life and WAG title with this lyrical line: "I loved you so much but you never gave a f**k so screw you." Well played, Chezza. Revenge doesn't get [.


Helen Flanagan, WAG of Man City’s Scott Sinclair: ‘He eats like a horse’

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The girlfriend of Manchester City benchwarmer Scott Sinclair has revealed she has to hit the supermarket every single day to keep up with his eating habits. Former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan mentioned her daily shopping trips on behalf of the former Swansea man in her first column for Star magazine.

LA LIGA LUNES : The Mourinho, Antonio Adan & “Casillas Gate”, Xavi’s Girlfriend, Sergio Ramos & Pilar Rubio

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There's nothing better that the Madrid rags love better thanun poco controversy and what better way to sensationalize Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho's alleged fallout at Real Madrid than more conspiracy theories?

English Premier League

Robin van Persie: Once An Adorkable, Now A Red Devil

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Image: NBA Photoshops via ESPN.com. The van Persie family is officially headed north for McMansions and WAG inner circles anew. Not totally sure how Arsenal fans are taking the news, but we're confident they'll let the Dutch international know when they travel to Old Trafford on 3 November and again when their former captain returns to [.

Aston Villa Trio James Collins, Fabian Delph & Chris Herd Fined After Nightclub Scuffle (With GIF)

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By Chris Wright

With their side currently making flirty eye-contact with relegation across the smoky honky tonk, it'll no doubt come as welcome news to fans of the club that three Aston Villa players James Collins, Fabian Delph and Chris Herd are to be fined after being caught on camera getting bolshy outside Gatecrasher nightclub in Birmingham at 2:45am on Tuesday morning.

The Rest

Man Utd fans mock Liverpool in graffiti at Irish airport

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In Ireland, there is lots of grass, lots of potatoes, lots of Guinness and lots of supporters of both Manchester United and Liverpool. It's the latter factor that has turned Knock Airport into an unlikely battle ground for some Manc-Scouse banter. The airport's first-choice rendez-vous point is signposted as RVP 1.

Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Sunny Sexfaces

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Yes, this entire scenario has the power to bring Kickette HQ to instant, complete and utter jealous raging, the likes of which haven't appeared since we saw a WAG with a Birkin. Although we put Cesc's sex face on Twitterverse blast earlier, we didn't put two and two together that it was Cesc making the face [.

Transfer Totty: Killing Us Softly

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Image: D&G. So, wow, there is like, nothing happening in the world of football. Other than the odd pre-season training and MLS suspension, obviously. But in terms of some good gossip, quality photos of thunder thighs, or just a nice shot of a WAG getting out of a limo without knickers on, we've got nothing.

Euro 2012 Group Stage Round Up...

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That's right folks, after a year away from the limelight, I am back in your face like an unwanted comeback from Steps with my expert analysis on all things Euro 2012. I will admit that like the dancing popsters, it is very unlikely that I will be hitting the heights of the glory days but I promise that at least I haven't become as fat as the the blonde one.