Blackburn manager Henning Berg storms out of Christmas party after being forced to wear Michael Jackson wig and a stocking on his head

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A reportedly humiliated Henning Berg stormed out of Blackburn's Christmas party after being forced to dance on a stage with a Michael Jackson wig and a stocking on his head. When the DJ asked for volunteers to play some games, a Rovers executive put manager Berg forward. The Norwegian initially threw himself into the role [.

GhostGoal in 2011

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2011 – A Thank You

It's been a drunken busy Christmas and New Year period and I haven't got round to summarising 2011 on the site. I wanted to take the chance to belatedly amend that now.

2011 was the first full year GhostGoal has been in operation and it's been great that it's developed as it has.

World Cup

FFA, Capital Football - 2012 means Gender Equity yes even in Futsal!

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Stop laughing, stop it right now.

In Canberra, Capital Football has just completed a course on how to communicate with their customers, clients, volunteers or whatever they call us these days.

So we're expecting after the communications consultant badly criticised the office - you'd expect they'd have learnt something.

Morocco and South Africa named hosts of ACN 2015 and 2017

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Morocco's "architectural jewel" Stade de Marrakech

After competing against South Africa for the 3rd time in the last decade to host an international tournament, Morocco finally came out on top. The North African country, who competed against South Africa to host both the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, was selected by the Confederation of African Football to host the 2015 edition of the African Cup of Nations.

About U.S. Soccer

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(Photo: uncredited)The United States Soccer Federation has really come a long way during the past thirty years. And by "long way," I mean "light years." What was once a small clan of volunteers that used to huddle up in hotel rooms and vacant office spaces back in early-80's has since morphed into a legit, moneymaking organization that delivered a World Cup to a nation that, at the time, failed

S. Africa News: AIDS vaccine tests in South Africa – Tom Wilt News

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Kansas City Star AIDS vaccine tests in South Africa Tom Wilt News Thirty six volunteers in South Africa will test the safety of an African-developed vaccine against HIV The tests are the first step in human clinical trials ... Changing the Course of AIDS: Peer Education in South Africa and Its Lessons .

Travel Day to Dresden

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How long does it take to get from Pearl River, N.Y. to Dresden, Germany? Well, not that long. It would have seemed a bit shorter had the bus driver not taken the LONG way to the Newark airport, but once the team got checked in, they were able to watch a bit of the Germany-Spain game before boarding a flight that was just over six hours to Frankfurt.

Durban served Pepsi to World Cup volunteers

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The handing out of Pepsi to World Cup volunteers in Durban instead of official sponsor Coca-Cola's product was a "delivery error", a city spokesman said

timbers army

Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Almost There

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Two days before the season opener meant Timbers Army volunteers packed the concourse on the north end of the stadium, working on Monday's tifo display. What it is will of course be shrouded in secrecy until the unveiling after you have finished singing the Star Spangled Banner. I'm sure it will be epic.

Timbers Army Report: Volunteering with Friends of Trees and upcoming events

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View full sizeSean MoranThe Timbers Army relax after volunteering with the Friends of Trees. Last weekend, members of the Timbers Army joined 100 Friends of Trees volunteers to plant about 220 new street and yard trees in the northeast Portland...

Timbers Army Trailer Fund

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The Timbers Army Trailer, better known as the Sunshine Trailer has met its early demise. The Sunshine Trailer was normally parked on 20th & SW Morrison on game days and staffed with kind volunteers selling the finest Timbers Army gear. Unfortunately, on its way to the stadium last Saturday the trailer went kaput and is now no longer with us.

English Premier League

Mind That Gap There’s nothing like some North London derby...

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Mind That Gap

There's nothing like some North London derby fanfare ahead of tomorrow's big match between Arsenal and Tottenham at the Emirates. The match, in itself, is always one of the most enjoyable in the Premier League.

Needless to say, tomorrow means so much to both sets of fans.

Supporters’ Trusts: Some Hard Questions

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This weekend the saga of Trust ownership at Wrexham extends. Plymouth Argyle struggle to find an ownership solution to coming out of administration. In the tales of duplicity and ineptness that abound behind these stories, the arguments in favour of the Supporters Trust movement are strengthened. Supporters' Direct have made clear and cogent arguments that substantiate these arguments in their recent briefing papers.

Liverpool Funds Habitat For Humanity Building Project In China

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Liverpool is expanding its global presence in more ways than just soccer.
Throughout October and November, the Reds funded a Habitat for Humanity build in Shanghai, China. The Liverpool business community sent over a crew of volunteers to build a home for a low-income family. In just over a month, the project was complete and Ding Amao and his mother, Chen Gengen, moved into their brand new home.

Non-League Week: Ten (Well, Twelve) Essential Non-League Websites

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There are only two days left until Non-League Day and, while we will have to see whether the initiative has anything like a significant effect on attendances in the lower leagues, it certainly seems as if it is receiving a lot of publicity at the moment, which can only be a good thing.


No Guts, No Glory

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Not many of us will have experienced anything like it. There are 100,000 people in the stadium urging you on while tens of millions round the country will have their fists clenched on the edge of their seats in homes and warungs. Despite everyone being behind you it must be the loneliest walks ever.

About That Off-Season…

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A running joke among soccer league officers and volunteers is 'Offseason? What offseason?' Here in NC, we've already held tryouts (two weeks surrounding Memorial Day), formed teams, and are currently registering players and submitting Intent To Play forms for the Fall.

But beyond that, summer is a chance to improve things and try to make things better for the Fall.

United Soccer Club makes White House appearance

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Last week, president Obama honored Sky Blue F.C. as the 2009 champions of WPS. Their appearance was a first for the fledgling league and the event offered an opportunity for some special young girls to be a part of festivities. These girls are all part of United Soccer Club and are representative of the great work being done in the community by our club's charitable foundation, United for D.

United Soccer Club makes White House appearance

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Last week, president Obama honored Sky Blue F.C. as the 2009 champions of WPS. Their appearance was a first for the fledgling league and the event offered an opportunity for some special young girls to be a part of festivities. These girls are all part of United Soccer Club and are representative of the great work being done in the community by our club's charitable foundation, United for D.


Where Han Berger and I disagree:

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Love Han Berger - love his work and what he's doing for the game in Australia but there are a couple of areas where he and the FFA Technical Group need to improve and could improve our players, all our players more quickly.

The revolution is on - for some, but very slowly in some areas.

In Canberra for example in clubland we are a long long way behind what constitutes technical development.

I tend to fail - Me or Ben Buckley

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Great so Australia's biggest loser Mr Nearpost who's motto, "I tend to fail," comes through once more.

One time A-League4Canberra Bid Manager Eamonn Flanagan, not to be confused with Bid Leader Ivan Slavich, is stunningly depressed, amused, mental, (you decide) this morning.

In early discussions with Transact CEO Ivan impressed with his, "I tend not to fail," attitude.

My local club: Majura FC on the move

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My local club Majura FC had football from May - September. We couldn't run other programs, we had no grounds beyond September, our volunteers were exhausted.

We've changed the model and now have football March 1 - December 10 every year. Read on to see the changes at one club.A number of Majura FC players/parents have expressed desire for more football, locally based, outside the normal May - September season and as a result Majura FC will offer a number of new exciting football opportunities in 2011 and in 2012.

LA Galaxy

Miss LA Galaxy 2011

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Miss LA Galaxy 2011: Corona teacher Lara Hosseinzadeh. (Photo courtesy LA Galaxy).

Riverside Unified School District high school teacher Lara Hosseinzadeh - she has an Iranian father and Mexican mother and speaks both Farsi and Spanish - has been named Miss LA Galaxy 2011.

Hosseinzadeh, who holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in education from the UC Riverside, bested nine other contestants at the event held before the season finale against Dallas over the weekend at the HDC.

Galaxy & Chivas USA team-up to help Inglewood playground

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Retired Galaxy player Clint Mathis helped almost 200 volunteers build an Inglewood playground Thursday - in one day (Photos by Brad Graverson).

Read the story here.

2010 Miss LA Galaxy Court Member Liz Gomez, right, and 2011 finalist Monique Garcia paint a checkerboard on a park picnic table.

The Rest

Fans’ View: Lifeblood of youth soccer

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Staci Klemmer on the legions of volunteers who make youth soccer work.

Full Day in Glasgow

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The U.S. WNT had its last full training in Glasgow today and the stay has been excellent. After today's training, the players took a picture with all the volunteers at the training ground who have been so nice and helpful during the USA's stay in Scotland. Before the photo, each U.S. player went from volunteer to volunteer, shaking everyone's hand and thanking them for their work.

#SoccerSoapbox Summary – ‘Soccer & Social Media’

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Wednesday 8 February. Write that date down – it was the start of a new grassroots conversation for U.S. Soccer.

A new niche avenue online for people to share their experiences about the sport while linking with fellow fans across the country kicked-off last night. #SoccerSoapbox arrived for one hour, asked 4 questions and then what transpired was informed and passionate responses about the current state of soccer and more importantly ideas and insights into how it can be improved for the future.

WPS: Coming and going

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Photo: Michael Long

Before I get too far into discussing the decision of WPS to cancel the 2012 season, let me say that my initial reaction when the news first broke was that I was simply gutted. Gutted for every fantastic person I've met covering the Independence and women's soccer in general.

Blogathon: Football Memories

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One of the charities I'm hoping to benefit from next weekend's blogathon is Alzheimer Scotland.

There are a number of reasons for that choice but one of them is their excellent Football Reminiscence Project.

Simply it's a project that put volunteers in touch with football fans who suffer from dementia.

Match Of The Week Meets The FA Cup: Ascot United 1-2 Wembley

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The story of how this evening's match between Ascot United and Wembley FC has come to be shown live via the medium of Facebook thanks to the tournament's sponsors, Budweiser, has, it could well be argued, had a positive effect for all concerned. The Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup and, in turn, the tournament itself has received a shot of publicity for a stage of the competition that usually receives next to none.

Shoes for Kids-Zapados Para Ninõ’s

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Edward (Etch) Andrajack is a friend to IMS. I've run several stories here about an organization he volunteers with called People to People Sports Ambassadors which has allowed Etch and many others to travel and coach in different counties around the world. Etch has made several trips to Brazil to work with youth.

NSCAA Premier Diploma Day 2, with MLS Coach of the Year Schellas Hyndman

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It's not every day you get to learn from the 2010 MLS Coach of the Year. But today was my day. The one and only Schellas Hyndman took center stage this morning, and it was awesome.

4-4-2 in the Classroom

The day started in the classroom, where Schellas took us through a tactical breakdown of the 4-4-2 system of play, a shape he knows well as that's what he employs with FC Dallas.

Pics – Mandeville Elementary School Adventure Festival

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Posted by Jared Montz

This past Saturday Emily, Al da Gator and I volunteered/sponsored the Mandeville Elementary School Adventure Fest. MES is my alma mater! We had the soccer shoot out booth and it was a big hit with the kids and even a few parents who wanted to try their luck!

FFA: Grassroots plan.....we'll help you.

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FFA have talked and talked about the grassroots plan.

You know "clubs must engage with the grassroots community."

Baloney innit!

The FFA lead football in Australia and like the AFL, albeit at a much lower resourced level, they must take the initiative and drive the plan across the nation to engage the sidelines of Australian parents and kids to engage with football at the professional level.