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Main Listening Report: Cheating in Football

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Is it OK to 'bend the rules' in football; Is it ever OK to cheat? This week's main report discusses what cheating in football.

Languagecaster Main Report: The Club World Cup

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On this week's main report we take a look at the Club World Cup, currently being held in Japan.

Main Listeming Report: Centre Backs

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Following last week's main report on goalkeepers, this week we look at another positions on the football pitch: the centre back.

Main Listening Report: The Premier League kicks off

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Languagecaster takes a look at the start of the Premier League and makes some bold predictions. Listening practice with vocabulary support, worksheet and script.

Listening Report: Group C Review

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Today's main report reviews the first round of matches in Group C from the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. You can listen to the report by clicking on the link below, while vocabulary support (in bold) appears at the foot of the report for learners who wish to improve their English. | Subscribe: Main [.

Main Listening Report: Review of Liverpool’s 2012 Season

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It is the end of the season and so on this week's main listening report Damon takes a look at his club's Liverpool highs and lows from this season. While reading the report or listening to the podcast, learn useful football phrases and vocabulary (in bold) by checking the language support at the bottom of [.

football glossary

Languagecaster Podcast: The best club in the world?

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On this week's football podcast for learners of English, Damon and Damian focus on FIFA's Club World Cup competition taking place in Japan this week and next. As always, we also look at some football language - this week Damian explains the phrase 'mind games' before we finish up with our weekly predictions battle which this week includes another big derby match: Manchester City vs Manchester United.

Football Glossary: Wembley

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Wembley: The home of English football; where the England national team play their home matches, one of the most famous stadiums in the world

Football Glossary: To Win

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(to) Win: To not lose or draw a game, to gain a victory

Football Glossary: WAGs

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WAGs: An acronym that stands for 'wives and girlfriends'

Football Glossary: Winger

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Winger: An attacking position on the team, on the left or right-hand side. Players who play in this position are usually very fast and skillful.

Football Glossary: Woodwork

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Woodwork: This is part of the goal, it refers to the goal frame (post and crossbar).

Football Glossary: Yard

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Yard: A form of measurement that is still used to describe sections of the pitch, e.g. the six-yard line is the area closest to the goal line.

Football Glossary: A Booking

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(a) Booking: A caution or yellow card

Football Glossary: to blow wide open

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Another 'B' phrase from our glossary list - to blow wide open

Football Glossary: Back pass

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Whose in the news for a back pass this week. Check out languagecaster's football glossary to find out.

Football Glossary: Blow a Chance

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(to) blow a chance: to miss out on an opportunity

Football Glossary: Bicycle kick

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Football glossary: One of the most spectacular ways to score a goal is with a bicycle kick.

Football Glossary: Becks

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Football glossary: Becks - famous footballer David Beckham's nickname.

Football Glossary: The beautiful game

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Football glossary: the beautiful game - a synonym for football

Football Glossary: Bafana Bafana

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Football glossary: What's the nickname of the South African national football team?

Football glossary: B team

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Football glossary: B team - The second team with players that are not quite good enough to play for the first team.

Football glossary: Azzurri

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Football glossary: Azzurri - the nickname of the Italian football side

Football Glossary: Away goal

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An away goal is a goal that is scored away from home, at another team's ground.

Football Glossary: Avoid the drop

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Avoid the drop: This means to survive or to not be relegated to another division

Football Glossary: Attendance

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Attendance: The number of people who watch a match; the number of fans who attend a game at the stadium.

Football Glossary: Attack

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Attack: Rather than protecting the goal this means to try to score a goal; always looking to score.

Football Glossary: (To) Assist

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Assist: A pass or move that leads to a scoring opportunity.

Football Vocabulary: Playing the Game

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In this post we take a look at some of the words and phrases that players use while playing a match, the kind of language that you can hear - or use - on the pitch.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Atletico, EUFA and West Ham ‘Fans’

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Atletico, EUFA and West Ham 'Fans'

Euro 2012 Football Phrase: A Showdown

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Today we explain the word 'showdown' in our daily look at some of the football vocabulary emerging from the Euro 2012 tournament.


Languagecaster Podcast 2012-13: The Centre Back

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On this week's football podcast for learners of English, Damon and Damian focus on another position on the pitch - the centre back, or stopper.

Languagecaster Podcast: The Big European Leagues

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On this week's podcast, languagecaster takes alook at the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La Liga. Remember, you can also: Listen only to the main report here complete with transcript and vocabulary Learners of English can review the footballing news from around the world in our good, the bad and the ugly [.

Languagecaster Podcast: The Title Decider – MU vs MC

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On this week\'s podcast, two fans tell us what they think will happen n the Manchester derby next Monday.

D.C. United

Frustrated DC United still looking for answers

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DC United has drifted into a deep malaise over the past two months. Only sporadically does the team seem to be in sync. Play is unfocused and only moments of individual brilliance have allowed the team to salvage as many points as they have.

Frustration is the spirit of the day and Sunday's game saw it come out.

MLS Weekend Wrap-Up: Toronto Makes History (Not the Good Kind), LA Continue to Struggle, Montreal Shock Sporting

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Is 2012 the year of the slump? It sure looks that way. After all, Albert Pujols only yesterday broke his career long home run slump. Toronto FC on the other hand have run out of ideas on how to break their historic 0-8-0 losing streak. Meanwhile, the word "early" has probably left LA Galaxy Manager Bruce Arena's vocabulary as they have lost two in a row.

The Rest

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 4

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On this week's review section who did well in the World Cup qualifiers, Terry in the headlines gain, and new revelations about an old injustice.

5 Simple Words Stagnating Your Soccer Development

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I'm serious. You must go nuclear with this.

If you want to get closer to excellence you must eliminate the following from your vocabulary:

  1. Pace
  2. Unlucky
  3. Target [forward]
  4. Obviously
  5. [I, You, They, He, She, We] Deserve it

These are the words of the status quo.

Newcastle Defender Vows To Keep First Team Place

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We have to say one of our favorite players at Newcastle is Mike Williamson, and it's not just because he's one of the best buys made by Newcastle over the last three years or so, when Newcastle paid peanuts for him (we use the word from Joey Barton's vocabulary) £1M to be exact [...]

Euro 2012 Group – Sore losers seek comfort of victory

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Sujay Dutt's head to the Swedish football vocabulary continues today with the 'vinnarskalle' (victor's caput), as sported by Zlatan Ibrahimović and the focusing here, Olof Mellberg.