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SPL Advent: Hearts

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Day five of our SPL Advent. Peace and goodwill to all me. It's a time for stout Hearts.

Somebody suggested that I could fill every day of this SPL Advent writing about Hearts.

And so I could.

The stories just keep coming.

On Thursday we got the news that the club had paid the players their November wages.

Blogathon: Where's Vlad Going?

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The Homeless World Cup and Alzheimer Scotland. Two charities doing fantastic work. You know the donation drill.

Penultimate post time.

A suggestion from @theftblproject just minutes ago planted the seed for this post.

His Tweet read:

"In your very first post you wrote "Maybe Mr Romanov knows where this is going" - Five years on, does he?

Scottish Football Forums Podcast

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The good people at Scottish Football Forums were kind enough to have me on their podcast this week.

A chance to focus on capital football: Hibs and the search for yet another manager and Hearts, Vladimir Romanov, stadiums, the City of Edinburgh Council and trams. Interesting times in Auld Reekie.

Hearts: Community Stadium, Civil Strife

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"Hearts are to work with City of Edinburgh Council to look into the feasibility of a community stadium, the football club have revealed." (BBC Sport)

And the alarm bells start ringing.

Yes, I'm a Hibs fan.

And many Hibs fans will recoil at the very suggestion - and at this stage a suggestion is all it is - that the City of Edinburgh Council should get involved in a Hearts stadium scheme.

Why I can’t wait for Mad Vlad’s Tottenham trip

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Why I can't wait for Mad Vlad's Tottenham trip

Mad Vlad is coming to town. The Europa Cup may be a mere bauble, but Tottenham's tie against Hearts is pure gold. Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov deserves a wider audience. His targets include ‘media monkeys' and imaginary ‘maniacs'.

Romanov's Point

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Aug 3, 2011) US Soccer Players -- If it's Wednesday, it must be Edinburgh. That's where Hearts majority owner Vladimir Romanov is wondering aloud why anyone would question parting company with a manager that has one point out of six to start the season. Wait, two games into the season with the point coming against defending champions Rangers on opening day?

Hearts: Romanov Strikes Again

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It seems we're running out of ways to describe Vladimir Romanov's unpredictability.

Apparently from nowhere came the news that Jim Jefferies was to be relieved of his position as manager. Shock, gnashing of teeth and frank changes of opinion followed.

Jefferies' assistant Billy Brown was sacked.

The Heart of the Rant

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Often, when bold remarks from an organization become public, they answer more questions than they raise. When a statement comes across as the one released by Scottish Premier League club Heart of Midlothian over the weekend, including references to blackmail, the mafia, and paedophiles, one must query not only just what exactly that statement is speaking to but also the wisdom of presenting such an announcement as an official club statement.

No Red Card Gone Unused

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The first warning flags are that a "phone call from Lithuania" could alter a team sheet in the Scottish Premier League, but alas, that's precisely what happened at, you guessed it, Hearts.

BBC Scotland has learned that Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov withdrew Marius Zaliukas from Saturday's match against Rangers in case he was red-carded.

Vladimir Romanov 'Got Scared' By Liverpool Offer

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Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov says he made a mistake in failing to buy Liverpool when he claims the club was offered to him for £200 million in 2005.
"In 2005, my club Kaunas was playing against Liverpool in the Champions League qualifiers," said the Lithuanian businessman and banker, who the same year bought a majority shareholding in Hearts.

That’s your Jim Jefferies back in a job then ..

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Barely two weeks ago we posted a piece on Inside Left about the sacking of Jim Jefferies from Kilmarnock. At the time we made a correct prediction about who would succeed him at Rugby Park but we failed to even imagine where Jefferies would end up. Now, in light of recent events, it all seems [...]

Home Is Where The Hearts Is

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A pub conversation on Thursday night centred around SPL managers who might soon be feeling the cold blast of unemployment.Tony Mowbray and Csaba Lazlo were the two names that cropped up most often. My own take was that Csaba was safe if he got to the end of the transfer window without getting embroiled in a full scale bust up with his lord and master.


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So the panto season descends.And wasn't Michael Stewart happy to get straight into the slapstick comedy. His red card was harsh, his subsequent Tony Adam's style, vein popping tirade at the referee was stupid and his tumble in the tunnel is already becoming the stuff of legend.From Stewart's tunnel tumble to the mass tunnel rumble ensured that Sunday's game against Hamilton was not just any other

And So You're Back From Outer Space

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Vladimir Romanov. Lock up your managers. The giant of Lithuanian football once more walks among the gnomes that populate the cradle of the game.I thought we'd lost him. First there was the lure of the televised dance floor and then the threats to his not quite global banking empire caused by the worldwide recession.

Heart of Midlothian

The Patience of Job But With Less Tribulation

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There exists no such concept of the comfortable silence when it comes to football in Edinburgh. One week, noises out of Tynecastle note the length of time it has been since senior squad players last saw pounds deposited into their bank accounts, and the next week these same players are finally paid but rumours of a January firesale for them run rampant.

Match Of The Midweek: Heart of Midlothian 0-5 Tottenham Hotspur

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The phrase "European competition" had a somewhat redundant feel to it this evening, after Tottenham Hotpur cruised to a comfortable win against Heart of Midlothian at Tynecastle in a match that felt at times like a training match for the visitors from the Premier League. It was a match that might, under a certain light, have had the feel of a possible surprise on the cards.

Scottish Premier League

Woe Flowers of Scotland

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Woe Flowers of Scotland is a post from: Just Football

by William Heaney

Scottish football is in crisis. With Scottish clubs exiting European competition even earlier than usual, fans and the media are mourning the latest ‘death' of the national sport. Newspapers and radio phone-ins are leading the now annual debate asking "where do we go from here?

Flaking Out the SPL

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Typically the quality of a pie, whether savoury and sweet, tends to be judged first on the crust. After all, this is the first thing you see before considering purchasing a pie, the contents of which might never be fully known until you take that first bite. A crust appearing soggy, doughy, and rather bland usually sees the pie being passed over in lieu of the pie with a beautiful, flaky crust that suggests an artisan's hand has touched what will surely be a delectable edible.

Just Football: SPL 2010-11 Team of the Season

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Just Football: SPL 2010-11 Team of the Season is a post from: Just Football

by William Heaney

With the Scottish Premier League 2010-11 season now over, it's time to have a look back at the players who have made their mark during the campaign. When selecting a team of the year it's hard to avoid Celtic and Rangers, but thankfully there are those from outside the big two who have done enough to earn their place.

Hibernian 0-4 Heart of Midlothian, April 2006 – Your boys took one hell of a beating

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Hibernian 0-4 Heart of Midlothian, April 2006 Your boys took one hell of a beating is a post from: Just Football

by Joel Sked

Sometimes, just sometimes supporting your team can be exhilarating, enjoyable, everything you ever wanted rolled into one. In a word. Perfect.

Sunday the 2nd of April 2006 was one of those days.

Hearts sack Laszlo, can Celtic keep up with Rangers?

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Csaba Laszlo has been sacked from Hearts by chairman Vladimir Romanov. Laszlo spent 18 months in the hotseat under the eye of controversial Lithuanian Romanov. The Hungarian boss has been at war with Romanov over the past due to the lack of investment for new signings.

Laszlo departs Hearts

Hearts were 7 games unbeaten of late and the staff at Hearts have been called to Tynecastle for a private meeting at 7pm.

Chaos in Kaunas: The Decline and Fall of the Romanov Empire

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The Big Four? Try the Only Four. If fans of the English Premier League are increasingly bemoaning the seemingly unshakeable dominance of the former, imagine the absurdity of a division comprised solely of four teams. Yet when the new Lithuanian football season finally kicked off at the beginning of this month, there was a profound sense of relief in many quarters that this bizarre scenario had albeit by a hair's breadth been narrowly avoided.

Csaba Laszlo

Moaning minnies of the SPL

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Maybe I don't remember details as clearly as I should. I can barely remember who scored in any fixtures which happened longer than 2 weeks ago, I can't remember specifics about most transfers and I don't have any real recollections of specific comments made in television or press articles over the past few years.

Proper peckers

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David Obua seems to be a name which crops up more often than anyone else on this blog at the moment, but again, it was our erstwhile Ugandan who inspired the comments which in turn, inspired this blog entry. According to Colin Duncan of the Daily Record, Obua was celebrating our win against Dundee United by dancing like a 'proper pecker'.

The miseries of Jambo'ness

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See? Just when you think it's safe to express even the tiniest little bit of joy, it all comes crashing right back down again around your ears. We barely had time to celebrate the win over Rangers before we received news that the wages issue had become even more bizarre and twisted, with the press indicating that the highest earners may have agreed to defer their wages until January and the win bonuses would follow on in 'due course'.

The Rest

Hearts Up Against It

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Today's news that the Hearts have been served with a winding-up petition for almost £450K in unpaid tax comes as little surprise to those of us who have been following the club's fortunes over recent years. But such is the capricious and unpredictable nature of owner Vladimir Romanov that it's impossible to tell, at this stage, whether this is just the latest in a series of mini-crises between which the club is stumbling on an ongoing basis, or whether this really is the beginning of an endgame.

Anderson: A "100% Definite" That Nowak Submitted Resume To Hearts

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A Scottish report linking Peter Nowak to the open Hearts job was adamantly denied by the former Polish international, but the author of the article stated that it was a "100% definite" that Vladimir Romanov had received his resume.

"I'm not sure of his chances. I just know he applied," Barry Anderson, the Edinburgh Evening News writer who broke the news of Nowak possibly heading to Scotland, "His CV is with Hearts at the moment, that is 100% definite.

Top Five Alternatives to Peter Ridsdale

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Preston have appointed Peter Ridsdale as their new Chairman of Football which, given that the man collects clubs in financial difficulties like Panini stickers, is a strange move. Here are five men who have done a worse job, and may well be the only ones: 5) Ken Richardson Doncaster Hired two gangsters to burn [.

SPL: Happy Hearts Third As Celtic Come Calling

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Third place was eventually delivered to Hearts in the least stressful way.

Dundee United's defeat to Rangers last night gave Hearts the league spot - and the European qualification - that they have deserved.

Things might have fizzled out of late but Hearts gave us one the major narratives, one of the major positive narratives, of the season.