Retro Football: Romario And Edmundo Release Anti-Violence Rap Collaboration Under Pseudonym ‘Dos Bad Boys’, 1998 (Video)

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By Jack Beresford

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Ex-teammates Romario and Edmundo have harboured an infamously volatile relationship over the years, with the Brazilian pair rarely seeing eye to eye as players but that wasn't always the case.

Long before Romario ignited a long-running feud between the pair by hanging an unflattering caricature of Edmundo on the door to the gents' toilets of his Rio de Janeiro bar back in 1998, they were actually friends.

Ronaldinho Hugged by Pitch Invader

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Brazilian legend Ronaldinho was at the centre of most things last night as Atlético/MG (BRA) drew 1-1 with Santa Fe (COL) in last nights Copa Libertadores in Colombia.

First the Brazilian was showered with some flying objects from the crowd when taking a corner and just before the full-time whistle a pitch invader legged on to the field to hug the bemused yet caring Ronaldinho.

Argentine Defender Struck With Lump of Timber While Celebrating Last Gasp Winner

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Godoy Cruz's Argentine defender Leandro Grimi got more than he bargained for when he was struck in the back by a piece of timber thrown from the crowd as he celebrated his side's 93rd minute winner against River Plate last night in their Argentine Primera Division clash.

Joey Barton goes through the back of Sunderland boss Paolo Di Canio (Newcastle XI vs AC Milan XI)

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Testimonials are usually friendly affairs, but not so when you've got an allegedly fascist Sunderland manager up against an amateur left-wing philosopher with a penchant for violence representing Newcastle. Sounds like an unlikely set-up but that's exactly what happened when Newcastle and AC Milan met for Steve Harper's testimonial last night.

Russian linesman banned for life for punching and kicking youth player

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We're all for officials getting more protection from players, but there is little excuse for anyone taking things into their own hands. And this linesman definitely took things into his own hands. The video above shows Russian linesman Musa Kadyrov, who has been banned for life, punching and kicking a player in the head during [.

[VIDEO] More Player on Referee Violence in Argentina

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One of the latest incidents of players blowing up and attacking a referee occurred in a Jorge Newbery v. Huracán de Arribeños match down in Argentina:

No matter whether you agree with a call or not, this type of response is uncalled for and horrific. FIFA clearly needs to do more, have more draconian responses, to these types of incidents, but seeing how it seems incompetent to end racial abuse at the highest levels of the sport, it's unlikely to make much difference in unsportsmanlike conduct in the lower levels of the so-called beautiful game.

Euro 2012: Violent clashes mar Russia vs Poland match

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The Warsaw police department deployed 6,000 officers, in one of their most intensive security operations, and it proved crucial in tamping down the violence that ensued before the Russia vs Poland match. Even so there were 184 arrests as fans from both countries fought pitched battles in which 10 police officers along with 10 fans were treated for injuries.

Polish and Russian fans fight before Euro 2012 match

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Although there were fears of extreme hooliganism before the tournament, the first week thankfully didn't see much football-related violence. However, Poland vs Russia was always likely to be the one match of the group stage that would invite some bother, and it seems that is exactly the case. 56 arrests were made and seven people [.

Red Card Count Hits 12 As Brazilian Game Descends Into Brutal Anarchy (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Ah, the delights of the Brazilian lower leagues! Here we see footage from Votuporanguense's game against Fernandopolis, which erupted into a stupid, high-kicking, slap-swinging melee after the Fernandopolis 'keeper was sent-off for upending his opposing striker.

Red Card Count Hits 12 As Brazilian Game Descends Into Brutal Anarchy (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Ah, the delights of the Brazilian lower leagues! Here we see footage from Votuporanguense's game against Fernandopolis, which erupted into a stupid, high-kicking, slap-swinging melee after the Fernandopolis 'keeper was sent-off for upending his opposing striker.


This Helpful Russian Robot Named ‘AlanTim’ Is Going To Protect England Fans At The 2018 World Cup (Video)

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Image: Moscow Technological Institute (Youtube)

With Russian hooligans promising to turn the 2018 World Cup into a 'festival of violence', there's a good chance that many England fans have been put off the idea of making the trip for fearing of ending up impaled/hung/drawn/quartered.

However, theMoscow Technological Institute are doing their bit fortrepidacious travellers, having designed a robot guide to help fans navigate safely through the tournament.

Euro 2016 violence and what it means for the 2018 World Cup in Russia

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Euro 2016 in France has seen a return of football hooliganism which had been largely absent from recent international competitions. Hooliganism and football is a phrase everyone is familiar with, but it has been largely absent from recent international competitions. However, Euro 2016 in France saw a return of this ill-affair.

UEFA: Russia’s In Trouble

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No. No it isn't. (That banner was seen at yesterday's Poland-Russia match. Turns out a great many of the fans in attendance struggle with geography.)

Russia's on the UEFA naughty list, incurring a fine of $150,000 and a suspended sentence for Euro 2016 qualifying after some fans attacked Polish stewards on the weekend.


Concussions: A Humorous Approach

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You've probably never heard a Tarheels-Bulldogs matchup lauded about in the history books. In fact, you probably don't even know who that is. And you shouldn't. There is nothing too special about the Yale Bulldogs or the University of North Carolina Tarheels when it comes to soccer. However, you may be one of the 36.

The Barrabrava – Crusaders Turning Exploiters

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As I read Christopher Gaffney's Temples of the Earthbound Gods, one issue that particularly struck me was the excessive nature of the barrabrava, the fierce fan group that exists in most of the Argentine and South American football clubs. In the book, Gaffney suggests the unclear, shady relationships between the clubs and their barrabravas, or barras in short, and some of the borderline illegal actions that the barras take that is veiled under the name of passion and footballing identity.


What is going on in the soccer world right now…?

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In the past three days, the soccer world has been flooded with terrifying storiesof soccer-related bombings, Nazi chants, and even an attempted choking on an airplane. Although I haven't been following the sport of soccer for very long, this burst of soccer-relatedviolence and hateis both unexpected and depressing.

Russian fans viciously attack stewards after Czech Republic match

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The two primary fears for Euro 2012 were racism and violence and while a group of Polish fans initiated the racial abuse the day before the tournament started, some Russian fans kicked off the violence on Friday.

Following Russia's 4-1 win over the Czech Republic, Russian fans attacked several stewards at the Wroclaw Municipal Stadium.

Radio Cuju: Episode 08

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Ahead of Euro 2012, the BBC's program Panorama have released an episode called 'Stadiums of Hate' that focuses on the violence and racism exhibited by Ultras surrounding football in Ukraine and Poland. We cover the documentary and discuss how these issues could potentially affect the tournament.

football debate

The dark sides of the World Cup

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I am an unapologetic fan of the football World Cup; of the dreams, the matches, the passion, the common love for something so simple among so many. Sadly, there are also some sides of the World Cup that are, to say the least, horrible. Any football fan or decent person out there should not forget them, but instead scream out against them, because nobody else will.

Top ten excuses for Luis Suarez

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Luis Suarez is surely not the best footballer ever, but the most stupid footballer ever, yes. That said, I would like to give him a helping hand, so I have some suggestions as excuses he can use to defend himself about his latest outrageous behavior: 10. "Ivanovic put his body into my mouth on purpose!


Cologne Agree To Release Kevin Pezzoni After Thugs Turn Up On His Doorstep Threatening To ‘Beat Him Dead’

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By Chris Wright

Newly-relegated 2. Bundesliga side Cologne (or 'FC Köln' if you'd prefer) have been forced into cancelling the contract of Kevin Pezzoni after a prolonged campaign of hate against the 23-year old defender culminated in a gang of five thugs waited outside his flat, threatening to "beat him dead" this coming seven months after Pezzoni had his nose broken in a nightclub by a man believed to be a Cologne fan.

Kevin Pezzoni quits Cologne after fans threaten beating outside his home

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Though Cologne manager Holger Stanislawski recently pleaded with the club's fans to have sex in the stands, a group of them has decided they prefer violence instead. Particularly targeted at 23-year-old former Blackburn defender Kevin Pezzoni.

How much do Cologne fans hate Kevin Pezzoni?

Cologne manager wants fans to ‘father children in the stands’

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Tired of fans engaging in violence and dangerous amateur pyrotechnics shows at football matches, Cologne manager Holger Stanislawski has made a plea, urging them to have unprotected sex in the stadium instead.

Cologne fans engulfed the RheinEnergieStadion in thick black smoke and stormed the pitch after their side was relegated from the Bundesliga last season.

The Rest

Nigel “The Destroyer” de Jong is at it again

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Nigel "The Destroyer" de Jong committed an awful foul, yesterday April 10th 2016, against Darlington Nagbe.The foul left Darlington Nagbe in a wheelchair and unable to put pressure on his ankle. Nagbe who was selected 2nd overall in the 2011 MLS SuperDraft is a young pacey winger who has a bright future for both the.

Football et Terrorisme : Un Duo Mortel

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«Quelques personnes pensent que le football est une question de vie et mort. Je vous assure que c'est beaucoup plus que cela.» Bill Shankley Sport et Terrorisme Le sport joue un rôle énorme dans notre société et culture et c'est peut-être pourquoi il y a une relation si spéciale et profonde entre le sport.

The Other Broken System in Greece

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Recently, Greece has been in the news. Their economic situation pushed them to near bankruptcy and the other European nations decided that they would no longer support a defunct system without the Greek government submitting a list of planned reforms. The newly elected left-wing government, after failing to change the Euro Zone's austerity policies, turned in a list earlier this week.

Cantero loses his battle against Independiente’s barra brava

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A brief update as, once again, I try and haulHEGS back on track. I've just written a piece forESPNFC about the resignation of Javier Cantero, who stepped down as Independiente president a week ago today. Read about why he's left ... Continue reading →


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Javier Mascherano kicks medic for Argentina, then goes mad after red card.

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We always knew that Javier Mascherano had this in his locker, but it is good to see the former Liverpool man completely lose his stuff. Playing for Argentina against Ecuador on late Tuesday evening, the Barcelona man received treatment for an injury and was then carried from the fiel. All normal there.

El Hadji Diouf gets beaten up in Senegal

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Karma eh, what a b*tch. It has been revealed that Leeds United's El Hadji Diouf has been beaten up by men in Senegal after a drunken argument in a bar. The forward is reported to have been abusing other drinkers at the bar when a few finally lost patience and punched Diouf several times when [...]

Manchester United’s Jonny Evans escapes punishment despite punch against West Brom

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Bear with me, because I have a plan. With all this pressure on footballers to perform, behave and act as role models to a society already broken by a desperation for fame and an addiction to addiction, it seems that it is all getting a bit much for them. The only viable solution would be [...]

GIF It: Cristiano Ronaldo sent off for Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey final

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Real Madrid were surprise losers to their neighbours Atletico in the Copa Del Rey final last night, surely meaning that Jose Mourinho will leave the Bernabeu without winning a trophy during his last season. The final was as eventful as you would expect, with Atletico winning the game 2-1 in extra time after a 90 [.

Galatasaray fan injures Didier Drogba at training

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And this is why open training sessions can be a bad idea. After winning the Turkish league, Galatasaray decided to say thank you to fans by inviting supporters to watch the team train, but it led to a rather bizarre incident. After ten minutes of the session, a man ran through the barrier holding back [.

Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni vows to “punch” Wigan’s James McCarthy

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Wigan Athletic midfielder James McCarthy has been threatened with violence by Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni if he cannot shake off his shyness. Trapattoni wants the former Hamilton youngster to come out of his shell and make his presence felt on the international stage. And if he doesn't, his national team manager will punch [.

Who Doesn't Love It When Hope Solo's in the Headlines? Me. For This Reason.

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Hope in court, purportedly.

At first I was so excited about the newly advertised Hope Solo controversy, but then I clicked the Bleacher Report link and it all went to shit. Domestic violence and cops called--all the usual rock star rubbish.

PAOK’s “Unimaginable Hatred”

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Passion often equates to violence in football. PAOK has some passionate fans, as the YouTubers tell us. Rapid Vienna traveled there for a Europa League matchup, where they found, according to the official statement, "unimaginable hatred." Well then. That's something.

The Europa League should be sponsored by the companies which produce flares and balaklavas.

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TweetFrom conniving cheats, pitch violence, spurious transfer rumours and ridiculous attempts at the impossible, the In The Stands team showcases 5 things we hate about ‘the beautiful game'! We at In The Stands will be amongst the last to besmirch the beautiful game. After all, football runs deep in our blood.

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TweetGalatasary were crowned Turkish league champions after a 0-0 draw away to Fenerbahce as violence erupting at the end of the match with home fans storming the pitch and attacking police! Both sides were reduced to ten men in an explosive Istanbul derby, but ultimately it was visitors Galatasary who, courtesy of the 0-0 draw, [.

Folly Prevails in Genoa

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"Everybody talks about violence, but violence is another thing," said Fabrizio Fileni, one of the ultras that brought a halt to Genoa's home match with Siena over the weekend. It is remarkable, not only does he defend himself, but, that he actually remains convinced that his actions and those of his fellow Ultras were not violent.

Arsenal 1-0 Man City: mercenaries buckle under Arsenal pressure

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Match report Video By the numbers

Yesterday I wondered if United going 8 points clear after winning at QPR would increase City's resolve and fight, or simply add more pressure under which they would buckle. I think it's fair to say it was the latter but more than anything else it was a fine Arsenal performance from which we more than merited the three points.