So which ex-Arsenal player should replace Wenger? Vieira? Thierry Henry?

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The way things are going at Arsenal at the moment, it is unlikely that Arsene Wenger will have his contract renewed when this one finally ends in around 18 months as next season is looking to be even worse than this one when half our players either leave or are too old to play any [...]

Former Arsenal star calls for Vieira-type to be signed

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David Seaman has revealed what he thinks Arsene Wenger should be doing in the transfer market for Arsenal this summer. The Gunners have so far signed Granit Xhaka and Takuma Asano to their ranks, to cover for the loss of Mathieu Flamini, Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky, who all left at the end of their [.

Have Arsenal finally got a new Patrick Vieira?

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Granit Xhaka signing provides steel in Arsenal's midfield Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Granit Xhaka for a fee in the region of £30m. The 23-year-old was much-sought-after by the Gunners in their bid to bolster their midfield as experienced players Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta departed at the end of the [.

Which two Arsenal stars make Zidane’s best Premier League XI?

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Arsenal fans may be a bit miffed to hear that only two players from Arsenal have been included in the all-time Premier League team picked by the football legend that is Zinedine Zidane, but it could be worse. Our north London rivals Tottenham do not have a single place and neither do the big spending [.

How Arsene Wenger has evolved at Arsenal

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The case of Wenger's transfers and tactics by Briantole Wenger has a long story to tell about his 19 years in charge of Arsenal. Facing a rift of opinions and reactions among players, fans and pundits alike. On his stay here we fans have witnessed a change of character from him over the years. So [..

The ONE player that could turn Arsenal into a high-scoring side?

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IS THERE ANY ONE WHO CAN TRANSFORM ARSENAL TO A HIGH SCORING SIDE? by Nikko This evening, Arsenal face Olympiakos in a game we should win and score three goals or more and we qualify easily. This got me thinking about the many times we needed just one extra goal to get to the next [...]

Wenger talks about a ‘bargain’ but Arsenal need quality

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As the January transfer window draws ever closer the Arsenal fans are hoping, as always, that Arsene Wenger is ready to spend some serious money and sign the players that will help the Gunners to win the Premier League title that has been too long away from north London. But we are also starting to [.

Arsenal Debate: Henry or Vieira as next manager?

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Arsene Wenger still has a couple of years left on his contract and I can't see him leaving Arsenal any time soon, but the Gunners legend Robert Pires thinks that Arsenal should be preparing for the possibility well in advance. Thierry Henry has started training the Academy players now and Pires thinks he could be [.

How does this Arsenal squad compare to the Invincibles?

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Arsenal now v Invincibles This is completely off any topic we have discussed/debated on here recently, as I was just reminiscing about our incredible Invincible season. I was just looking at a few of our players from our current squad and comparing them with some of our Invincibles! To be honest we have had some [.

Stop picking on Arsene Wenger!

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If he had a pound for every time he was criticized, Arsene Wenger would be richer than Manchester City! Pun aside, Wenger does evoke strong reaction from his naysayers every time he says or does something. The latest to join the bandwagon is the former Manchester United defender Gary Neville. The feisty defender fought many [.

Arsenal are no closer to signing…..who?

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If the barometer of the number of summer signings is the expectations of the supporters, then Karim Benzema would have already been a Gunner. The French forward is an eternal favorite at the Emirates stadium – both for the management and the supporters. Arsenal tried many times to sign him but haven't been able to, [.

Arsenal lack one thing – Leadership!

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It was a dark Sunday for the Gunners supporters. After enthralling in the pre-season and promising even more in a season that is touted as one to be the difference, Arsene Wenger's team fell flat on its claims. These are not just expectations from the supporters. We are also talking about the drummed about hopes [.

Could Coquelin become as good as Vieira for Arsenal?

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Don´t get me wrong Arsenal fans, because I love what Francis Coquelin has done for the Gunners since an injury crisis forced Arsene Wenger to not only recall him early from his latest loan spell but play him in the first team as well. Credit, therefore, goes to the boss as well as the player [...]

Can Coquelin REALLY be new Vieira for Arsenal?

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Arsenal fans have been surprised and delighted by the performances of our French midfielder Francis Coquelin this season. Having been recalled from his most recent loan spell because of an injury crisis in central midfiel, the 23-year old has never looked back and every good performance he puts in makes us believe more and more [.

How did Arsenal become so VINCIBLE?

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Arsenal could hardly have played a worse game right before Sky Sports showed the recently released video celebrating the amazing achievements of our best team ever; 'the invincibles' side that won the 2003-04 season without a single defeat. I watched it again anyway to cheer myself up. But in a way it was the perfect [.

Coquelin to complete turnaround and become Arsenal captain?

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I know that Arsenal already have a captain in Mikel Arteta and I hope to see the Spanish midfielder back on the pitch as soon as possible. And after recent reports suggest that Arsene Wenger had already signed him up to a contract extension, the 32-year old is likely to keep the armband for a [...]

Did Coquelin become Arsenal’s Matic at Man City?

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Coquelin could be a new Vieira or Arsenal's own Matic by Sam P If Francis Coquelin can continue in the way he has been doing recently for Arsenal, it will be a truly remarkable turnaround for the young Frenchman. And not only could it rescue an Arsenal career that was looking on very thin ice, [...]

Thoughts on Arsenal’s transfer window, no DM, and dream formation…

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Arsenal of the Future by ElusiveArsenal.. The nerve wracking, nail biting, drama of a transfer window is finally over, and with it we are blessed with two extra weeks of half part-boredom, half part-anxiety. Boredom over the meaningless international friendlies and the ever present fear of one of our own inevitably getting injured.

Bayer’s Bender set to be first Arsenal additon of the summer?

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There are reports coming out of Germany that Arsene Wenger could be poised to make the Bayer Leverkusen and Germany international player, Lars Bender, his first Arsenal signing of the summer. If the rumours are true, then it could mean that the Gunners boss is finally taking that problem position of defensive midfield seriously.

Another Arsenal legend says we need three TOP players

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Arsene Wenger has built himself a reputation at Arsenal for finding players that nobody has heard of before, or really considered as the sort who can win you things. But in recent years, those players have not been winning things and Sol Campbell says it is time for a change. The former central defender had [.

Wenger baffled by the collapse of his Arsenal defense!!

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Arsenal fans can sit and argue all day, and often do, about the reasons why this season, which promised so much, has turned into yet another last gasp fight for fourth place in the Premier League. Olivier Giroud and whether he is or isn't up to the standards of the Gunners, a crippling injury list, [.

Why are Arsenal chasing yet another goal-shy midfielder

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Ask any Arsenal fan and he will be able to give you a long and detailed list of positions that need strengthening in the Gunners team. They will also have a lot of ideas if which players they would like to see coming to the Emirates this summer. But I seriously doubt whether those lists [...]

Is Wenger saying it’s too soon for Vieira to manage Arsenal?

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There has been increasing speculation about whether or not Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract with Arsenal at the end of the season. The Frenchman has hinted that he could call it a day if he feels it is the right time, and a poor finish to this season could make it seem so. [...]

Wenger must return to his old Arsenal blueprint

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Wenger needs to return to his blueprint of success by Gameruk Yet again we have seen that in the big games Arsenal do not turn up and we got smashed! Many different opinions have been said as to why this keeps happening but I strongly believe its time for Wenger to go back to how [...]

Arsenal’s Ramsey is the BEST in England says Man City man

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I suppose that you could call Patrick Vieira and Arsenal man just as much as you could label him a Man City man, but he does work for the mega millions Manchester club these days, where he is in charge of the underage team known somewhat grandly as the `Elite Development Squad`. But even though [...]

Is Mertesacker set to be new Arsenal captain?

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Mertesacker showing why he deserves to be Arsenal Captain! by Ash Arsenal haven't had the best of luck with Captains of the club over the course of the last 10 years or so. Patrick Vieira was good, as was Kolo Toure in his time because both players were loyal and passionate about the club. However [.

Vieira believes Arsenal need a real leader to win a trophy!!

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The last time Arsenal won a trophy, it was the FA cup in 2005. And it was the club captain {atrick Vieira who scored the winning penalty in the shootout against Manchester United. That was Vieira's last action as an Arsenal player as well, so could the two things be linked> The French former Gunner [.

Arsenal boss Wenger is the BEST manager says Vieira

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Patrick Vieira was one of the most important players signed for Arsenal during the reign of Arsene Wenger. The feisty French midfielder came in right at the start of the Wenger era and it was his penalty that won the 2005 FA cup for the Gunners, which is still the last trophy that Arsenal won. [...]

Bergkamp loving Ozil and planning Arsenal return

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Return of the non-flying Dutchman by Big Gun Dear fellow gooners, It comes to no surprise that the signing of Ozil and Arsenal's current brilliant form at top of the league has turned many a head in the football industry, including an Arsenal hero and legend, Dennis Bergkamp. In an interview with Telegraph Sport, he [.

Why Arsenal got to TOP and how they can STAY THERE

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Arsenal at the Top... Whats changed? by MC So it seems that many footballing fans, pundits, experts and so on are somewhat astounded to see Arsenal at the top of the Premier League. Although without trying to get ahead of ourselves, I have taken the liberty to highlight exactly what has changed over the last [.

Is Flamini to Arsenal the best signing of summer?

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Even before Arsenal sold Alex Song to Barcelona last summer, many fans and pundits thought that the major problem that the Gunners had was a lack of a `proper` defensive midfielder. After Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva had left the club, too often did we seem to show a soft centre, especially with teams like [.

Arsenal Debate – Current team the Best since 2006?

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Is this the greatest Arsenal team in years? by Ash There has been a lot talk over the last few years about how Arsenal have done nothing but decline into the mix of a failing team, a team of past glories and a team that will take its time for a return to success. And [...]

Becoming an Arsenal Fan – Discovery, Despair and Delight

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How I became a football fan by MV I know that many of you might find this article superfluous and strange, but with the ongoing euphoria that has accompanied the signing of Mesut Özil by Arsenal, I wanted to share my story to fellow Gooners and hopefully show that our great club is moving away [...]

The 3 players Arsenal need to win trophies

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The 3 Great Players Arsenal Need to be Top Again. by PH

Hi all you despondent Gunners. What a disappointing but predictable result on Saturday. Over the summer many names have been put forward as targets for Arsenal, and Arsenal fans have waited for new arrivals to take us back to the top again.

Will Arsenal ever regain the glory days of Henry?

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How so much has changed in 14 years! by Ash

The title may seem a bit random to many, and I'm sure a lot of people will be rummaging through their minds and history books to think about what happened on this day, 14 years ago. Well on the 3rd of August 1999, Arsenal officially signed arguably the greatest player to ever play for the club – Thierry Henry.

Why have Arsenal never replaced Diaby?

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Arsenal and Diaby by Stefan

One thing has crossed my mind several times during this last season when there has been talk of Arsenal needing a new defensive midfielder. This thought has been if we should sell Abou Diaby and sign two new players in that position rather than one.

Abou Diaby has had a very strange Arsenal career.

Wenger needs to bring in more Arsenal Old Boys!

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Arsenal need to add to the management team! by Ash

You may or may not be aware of the news that Manchester United will have the former Red Devil's player Phil Neville on their coaching staff for next season and it made an idea that I firmly believe in spring to mind once again.

I have spoken about this idea and topic once before on this site, but I wanted to reaffirm my point to Arsenal fans and how it could actually be a better idea than you may first think.

Real Madrid leave path free for Arsenal target Kondogbia

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I am sure that Arsenal are keeping track of the situation with Geoffrey Kondogbia, and he may be the reason why the Gunners have not pushed on for any of the defensive midfield targets so far. Real Madrid had been strong favourites to sign Kondogbia, but some reports in the Spanish media yesterday were very encouraging about the chances of Arsenal capturing the 20-year old French international.

Arsenal fans should not be so obsessed with Money!$!

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Arsenal fans need to support our new signings even if they're not necessarily the ones we want. by DG

In this day and age, everyone and their mother is an expert footballing scout who has inside knowledge of the inner workings of clubs and prospective transfer targets. They also know how these proposed incoming players will be used and whether they will be a success or not before they've even signed.

Vieira’s apprentice announces his “dream” to play for Arsenal

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There have many reports of "The New Vieira" that could be the answer to Arsenal's midfield problems, but there are not many of them that have actually been helped in their career by the tough Arsenal legend.

There is one though, and his name is Abdisalam Ibrahim, who is entering the final year of his contract at Manchester City.