Transfers So Far

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With the team having recently arrived in Poland for pre-season training, there have already been moves taken with the hopes of strengthening the squad for our return to the Champions League.

In my opinion the biggest move we've made so far was the re-singing of Jimenez. There was some uncertainty about a month or so ago regarding whether we'd hold onto Jimenez for at least another season but the team has cleared that up after a new deal was agreed.

AEK 6-0 Levadeiakos

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Perfect start for Araujo

Just days after singing for us, Araujo not only managed to find himself in the starting XI, but he also managed to get his name on the scoreboard (twice). A great way to start his time with us, though credit must also go the rest of the team. They came out strong from the start of the match and carried their momentum through to the final whistle.

Veria 0-2 AEK

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We got our second win today in Northern Greece as our good start to the season continued thanks to goals from Bakasetas and Vargas. To be honest the scoreline wasn't as convincing as I was expecting it to be but at the end of the day the team were able to do what was needed to get the win.

My streams today were iffy at best, but I was able to get an idea of how we were playing for the most part and while there were some positives to take away from the match, I was still a bit worried at times with what I was seeing.

AEK 2-0 Panionios

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A pretty big result for us today against Panionios, and a decent performance as well. I was a bit worried going into this match since I knew Panionios were coming off of a very big win and have one of the league's most in form players with Bakasetas. I was also afraid that our poor form from the past few matches would carry through but it seemed the team was determined to put an end to that.

AEK 1-0 Panathinaikos

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At the start of this season I wasn't too sure we'd be able to compete too well when it came to the derbies. I figured with a mix of young players and players who had never experienced first division football in Greece, we'd struggle with the players and more experienced teams.

Our derby performances in the first half of the season seemed to comfirm what I was afraid of at first but I never expected things to turn around the way they have.

AEK 1-0 Olympiakos

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I've been staring at this page for a good twenty minutes trying to figure out what to write, but its always difficult explaining in words what I (and most AEK fans around the world today) feel after a win like this. Its hard to know where to start, what to talk about first, when so much happened during the match.

Atromitos 1-0 AEK

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Just like that, our winning streak comes to an end. It was an unfortunate way for us to lose but I'm hoping that the loss at least serves as a wake up call for the team, a wakeup call which we desperately need following our performance today.

So how did we play? Terribly. Did we deserve to lose?

AEK 3-0 Veria

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Another match andyet another win, bringing our total so far in 2016 to eight wins in a row. I really could not ask for better momentum going into the games against Atromitos and Olympiakos.

For the third league game in a row it was Vargas who opened the score for us after tapping in a beautiful pass from Didac.

PAS Giannina 0-2 AEK

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Our fantastic start to 2016 got even better after we got an important three points away against in cold and wet Northern Greece. Conditions for the match were less than ideal as the rain that had fallen the previous couple of days meant the pitch was in terrible shape, but our players handled the situation very well.

Larissa 0-5 AEK

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Three wins in three games, twelve goals scored and none conceeded, and just like that we finish the first round of the cup in first place in our group.

I did not expect the first round to be the easy, especially not after our first game ending with a rather unimpressive 1-0 score, but whether it came down to good playing from us, weak opposition, or a bit of both, we certainly took advantage of the easier games to show what we're capable of.

AEK 0-1 Asteras Tripolis

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Well that was disappointing... For a number of reason. First of all, we should have won that game. We were all over Asteras for much of the game, especially much of the first half. We were creating chances, we weren't afraid to move the ball forward, we contained Asteras pretty well. But, as we all very well know by this point, we cannot finish plays.


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A point from the first derby for our new coach is not a bad result at all, even if we could have come away from this game with all three points. Considering he has only had two practice sessions to get familiar with the players, he did a fairly decent job in my opinion, even if I personally would have liked to have seen a couple different changes.

AEK 3-1 PAS Giannena

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Second win in three games for us, enough to sneak us into second place after PAO lost over the weekend. A bit of a rough start to the game as PAS went up 1-0 around the 20th due to a tricky shot that Baroja couldn't get his hands on to. We managed to pick ourselves up quickly enough though due to some wonderful football from Buonnanote and by time half time came around, we found ourselves in front 2-1.

AEK 3-0 Platanias

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Now that I finally have a chance to sit down at my PC, albeit in a hotel room in North Pennsylvania, I'll get together a quick post on our game yesterday.

First off, check out some of the highlights from the game. Galo's goal was fantastic, giving me even more reason to be excited about this player.

Updates Since Our First Friendly

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We've played two games since our first friendly against Hapoel Tel Aviv, both ending in wins for AEK. The first was a 2-0 win against Korona Kielce with a goal scored by Chrisantus and a beauty by Vargas.

The second was another game against an Israeli team, this time a 1-0 win against Hapoel.

AEK 1-1 Hapoel Tel Aviv

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First friendly of the season for us ending in a draw, though really the result matters little. Dellas took the opportunity to try out a number of different lineups and formations but its still a bit early to be making any solid judgments on the team and players. All the reports I've read so far have mentioned that Vargas really stood out, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of him.

Arsenal Rumors

Arsenal set to sign another Chilean star to partner Alexis?

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There are some more interesting Arsenal rumours emerging that the Gunners are close to sealing a one year loan deal for the Chilean international Eduardo Vargas from Napoli. Vargas and our very own Alexis Sanchez made an impressive pairing at the World Cup, and perhaps Wenger thinks they could perform just as well for Arsenal.

Will Arsenal take Napoli striker on loan?

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Arsenal are definitely in the market for a new striker this January, and Arsene Wenger is known to like a bargain, but the Chilean international, Eduardo Vargas, will hardly set Arsenal fan's pulses racing if he is the man who comes to the Emirates to boost our goal threat. THe 23-year old has not had the impact expected since he signed for Napoli a year ago.

Who were Arsenal really scouting at Napoli?

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Most Arsenal fans find it very difficult to believe that Arsene Wenger is about to almost double his record transfer fee with a £30 million bid for the Uruguayan striker, Edinson Cavani, from Napoli, especially when you hear that the player signed a new five year contract with the Italian club this summer, and the price is likely to be closer to £40 million.


Tigres UANL Sub-20: Ahora golean al Querétaro

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Sigue el paso arrollador de Tigres Sub-20 en el torneo al golear 5-0 a los Gallos Blancos del Querétaro. Después de que Atlas pidiera posponer el partido correspondiente a la jornada 3 debido a compromisos internacionales, los felinos llegaron descansados y en busca de su tercer triunfo consecutivo.

Tigres UANL: ¿Guarch para qué?

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Desde el día del Draft en Cancún, se informó que el jugador nacido en Guadalajara Jalisco llegaría a Tigres proveniente del Espanyol de España (equipo reserva), club donde estaba a préstamo. Hoy, a su llegada manifestó que él desearía haberse quedado en Europa, pero que hoy está aquí y es feliz.

Tigres UANL: Inician pretemporada

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Con la firme ilusión de volver a ser campeón, Tigres inició hoy su trabajo de pretemporada de cara al Apertura 2012.

Con la incursión de 5 juveniles y la ausencia de 4 del primer equipo, los felinos se presentaron en la cancha de golf en punto de las 7:30 a.m. y fue un trote de aproximadamente 45 minutos.

Tigres UANL: Juveniles en pretemporada 2012

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Arranca la pretemporada de Tigres en Cancún y al igual que el año pasado, un breve repaso sobre los jugadores juveniles que se encuentran junto al primer equipo para iniciar el trabajo. A diferencia del 2011 donde fueron 9 los que fueron, ahora solo serán cinco.

Jorge Espericueta: En marzo de este año sufrió la fractura en su pie derecho durante una práctica con la Selección Mexicana Sub-20.


CONCACAF Champions League – Match Recaps – 31 July 2012

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Monterrey crushed Chorillo and Herediano defeated Real Salt Lake in the CONCACAF Champions League on July 31, 2012.

Monterrey 5-0 Chorillo FC

Angel Reyna had a hat trick as the defending champions cruised the Panamanian side. Jose Basanta and Dario Carreno were the other goalscorers for Monterrey.

Tigres UANL: Dividen triunfos ante Jaguares en fuerzas básicas

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Comenzó la tan esperada Liga MX en las categorías de fuerzas básicas para Tigres y lo hicieron diviendo resultados. A primera hora, Sub-20 despachó 3-0 a su similar de Jaguares, mientras que Sub-17 cayó por la mínima diferencia en partido realizado en una cancha anexa al Estadio Zoque.

En esta ocasión, los felinos Sub-20 usaron los cuatro refuerzos permitidos para reforzarse.



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El plantel de jugadores libres que este año participa en la Liga de Lujan representando al Club Social y Deportivo Jornada de la localidad de Monte Grande cayó derrotado frente a su par de Sindicato de Televisión como visitante por 3 tantos a 0.
Formación: Jornada: Juan Manes,Marlon Moyano, Joaquin Lopez Meza Martin Vargas, Maximiliano Manfredonia, Ivan Medina, Alejandro Constanzo Miguel Romeo (Miguel Romeo), Damian Diaz, Leandro Auique.

Plantel Tigres UANL Apertura 2012

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1 POR Enrique Palos 26 años México 2 DEF Israel Jiménez 22 años México 3 DEF Juninho 29 años Brasil 4 DEF Hugo Ayala 25 años México 5 DEF Eder Borelli 21 años México 6 DEF Jorge Torres Nilo 24 años México 8 DEF Jonathan Bornstein 27 años Estados Unidos 9 DEL Luis García 31 años España 10 DEL Elías Hernández 24 años México 11 DEL Damián Álvarez 33 años Argentina 13 POR Jorge Díaz de León 28 años México 14 DEF Fernando Navarro 23 años México 15 MED Manuel Viniegra 24 años México 16 DEL Lucas Lobos Captain 30 años Argentina 17 MED David Toledo 30 años México 18 MED Francisco Acuña 24 años México 19 DEL Alan Pulido 21 años México 21 POR Aarón Fernández 24 años México 24 DEF José Rivas 27 años México 25 DEF Abraham Stringel 24 años México 26 DEL Edno Cunha 29 años Brasil 27 POR Austin Guerrero 23 años México 28 MED Alberto Acosta 24 años México 29 MED Jesús Dueñas 23 años México 30 DEF Carlos Salcido 32 años México — DEL Taufic Guarch 20 años México — MED Alonso Zamora 20 años México — MED Dieter Vargas 19 años México — DEL Henry López 19 años Guatemala
Gracias por tu visita Estadísticas de Fútbol


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El plantel de jugadores libres que este año participa en la Liga de Lujan representando al Club Social y Deportivo Jornada de la localidad de Monte Grande cayó derrotado frente a su par de Camioneros como visitante por 4 tantos a 0.Partido jugado al límite por parte de Jornada, frente a un rival de jerarquía con experiencia y con mayor rodaje.


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El plantel de jugadores libres que este año participa en la Liga de Lujan representando al Club Social y Deportivo Jornada de la localidad de Monte Grande cayó derrotado frente a su par de Platense por 2 tantos a 0.
Una derrota tan sorpresiva como inmerecida fue la que se llevó Jornada ante Platense en una nueva fecha de la Liga de Lujan.


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El plantel de jugadores libres que este año participa en la Liga de Lujan representando al Club Social y Deportivo Jornada de la localidad de Monte Grande empató frente a su par de Atletico Moreno en 2 tantos en un partido de trámite cambiante. El equipo de Jornada tuvo un buen comienzo de partido pero en un contrataque Atletico Moreno se puso en ventaja.


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El plantel de jugadores libres que este año participa en la Liga de Lujan representando al Club Social y Deportivo Jornada de la localidad de Monte Grande empató frente a su par de Deportivo Boliviano en 2 tantos en un partido de trámite aburrido y de bajo nivel futbolístico. El tramite de encuentro fué muy trabado en todos los sectores de la cancha por ese motivo se tornó tedioso y carente de situaciones de riesgo claras.


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El plantel de jugadores libres que este año participa en la Liga de Lujan representando al Club Social y Deportivo Jornada de la localidad de Monte Grande obtuvo una importante victoria frente a su par de Atilra por 3 a 2.
Gran partido de JORNADA después de un flojo primer tiempo.
El partido comenzó mal para JORNADA ya que caía por 2 a 0 a poco de empezar el primer tiempo.

The Rest

Alexis Sanchez and 7-goal Chile set up showdown with Ospina (plus video)

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So for the second year in a row Arsenal are going to have a representative in the Copa America Final, but will it be our attacking genius Alexis Sanchez again, or will it be the rock-between-the-sticks David Ospina? Alexis scored once and gave two assists in Chile's 7-0 demolition of Mexico last night with Eduardo [.


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Liverpool can count themselves mighty fortunate to have earned all three points at Loftus Road on Sunday.

Playing Emre Can in the holding role with Steven Gerrard upfront in the 1st half was a foolhardy decision by Brendan Rodgers and a better side would have beaten us out of sight before half-time.

Napoli travolgente, Vargas prima tripletta italiana. Pareggi per Udinese, Inter e Lazio

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Tre pareggi e una vittoria. Questo il bilancio della prima giornata di Europa League, per quanto riguarda le squadre italiane impegnate. Il Napoli travolge 4 a 0 l'Aik Stoccolma (super Vargas, autore di una tripletta, ndr) nel Girone F, mentre l'Inter, inserita nel Gruppo H, va sotto contro il Rubin Kazan e recupera solo nelContinua a leggere …

Revolution vs. Crew: Know Thy Enemy

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The New England Revolution are resuming MLS action tomorrow against the Columbus Crew at Gillette Stadium as they kick off a run of 12 matches in which 11 of their opponents will be Eastern Conference foes. The Revs had last weekend off, but the weekend before that saw them overcome the Chicago Fire in a decent 2-0 performance.

Pioneers add transfer for fall

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The University of Denver women's soccer team has added Azusa Pacific transfer Laura Feehs to its2012 recruiting class, head coach Jeff Hooker announced

Feehs, who hails from Centennial, will begin play as a junior for the Pioneers this fall.

"Laura has excelled on every team she has been a part of, dating back to her days at Arapahoe High School and with her club team Real Colorado," Hooker said.

Tigres UANL: Finaliza el Draft

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Luego de 13 horas en las que se tuvo a la gente con una tremenda incertidumbre, terminó el DRAFT del futbol mexicano. En lo particular y lo que nos compete; Tigres no realizó muchos movimientos a favor(Altas) y sí algunas en contra(Bajas).

ALTAS: Taufic Guarch(*Español de Barcelona B), Dieter Vargas(San Luis), Alonso Zamora(Atlas).

Gary Medel y Eduardo Vargas en la madrugada.

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06.06.2012 - La roja chilena no logra aquietar las aguas puertas adentro y Claudio Borghi (DT) hace gala de ambigüedad en su discurso. Tan importante resulta (hoy) la faz mediática-discursiva de un entrenador como la discreción de la vida pública de sus jugadores.
Ahora quienes dieron la nota fueron Gary Medel (24) y Eduardo Vargas (22), encontrados (junto a Mauricio Isla) por las cámaras de La Red (Chile) saliendo de la disco Las Urracas a las 4 de la mañana de hoy (miércoles 6 de junio 2012).

5 Questions: Index, Bulls, Friendlies, Coaches, Finish

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By Tony Edwards - San Jose, CA (May 15, 2012) US Soccer Players -- In today's Q&A for what's happening in the game, Tony wonders who is buying tickets to some summer friendlies, tries to figure out Toronto's coaching shuffle, and highlights an American stalwart's season in charge of a European club. Who is the biggest surprise in the Castrol Index top ten?