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Premiership Party : Chicharito Receives Hugo Sanchez’s Support & Samir Nasri’s Eid Mubarak Shirt

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Samir Nasri scored the winner for Manchester City in their 3-2 win over Southampton last night (which nearly didn't happen, given the Saints' impressive counterattacking) and promptly revealed a shirt he specially made in celebration of the month-long Islamic celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr, which simply read : "Eid Mubarak!

Messi Breaks Muller’s Record

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A hat trick from Barca star Lionel Messi took the Argentine's tally for the season to 68 goals one more than Gerd Muller's all time record of 67 set in the 1972/1973 season while playing for Bayern Munich.

Having failed o score in the Clasico against some two weeks ago and in their Champions League defeat to Chelsea, Messi has scored 5 goals in his last two matches to re-write the history books.

Sense and Sentimentality

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Somehow, Deep Down Inside, we all knew that it was going to end in divorce between the 2 of them.
.When Florentino Perez became the President of Real Madrid for a second time, many probably felt that here we were again, right back on the pattern of hiring and firing at least one coach per season till the silverware came along.

Sense and Sentimentality

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Somehow, Deep Down Inside, we all knew that it was going to end in divorce between the 2 of them.
.When Florentino Perez became the President of Real Madrid for a second time, many probably felt that here we were again, right back on the pattern of hiring and firing at least one coach per season till the silverware came along.

Sense and Sentimentality

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Somehow, Deep Down Inside, we all knew that it was going to end in divorce between the 2 of them.
.When Florentino Perez became the President of Real Madrid for a second time, many probably felt that here we were again, right back on the pattern of hiring and firing at least one coach per season till the silverware came along.

El final del carnaval chicharrero

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Por Sopenilla
Corría el 20 de junio de 1986 cuando Javier Pérez accedió a la presidencia del C. D. Tenerife. Por aquel tiempo, el cuadro chicharrero vagaba en el destierro de la 2ªB arrastrando consigo una deuda superior a los 300 millones de las antiguas pesetas. En medio de tanta penuria, la llegada de Pérez significó un antes y un después.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Real Madrid

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As young children, we sincerely believed in a world of perfect communication between our parents. When mom said no to ice cream, we scurried over to our father. His first question? What did your mother say? Predictable, stable, coherent, only in the early stages of adolescence would we see hiccups in the assembly line of authority.

Mourinho vs Valdano.

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25.01.2011 - Es la norma la que genera su propia excepción como es la racha la que genera su propio corte. La carrera de Mourinho, vista (hasta por él mismo) bajo el síndrome capitalista de la perenne superación, se ve nublada de cierto desequilibrio entre resultados y discursos.
En cierto modo, me recuerda al show de los Rolling Stones siglo XXI (que presencié en Buenos Aires): luces, imágenes, faraónica estructura y amplificaciones de sonido que compensan la septuagenaria performance de sus miembros: show must go on, no deja de ser válido (desde cierto punto de vista).

Lassana Diarra Looking To Part Ways With Madrid After Offer From Manchester United

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The bench is not a place where Lassana Diarra feels he should be and made his feelings known to the office members of Real Madrid by stating that he wants to the Bernabeu.

At just 25-years old, Diarra is definitely an impressive player but after the arrival of German midfielder, Sami Khedira, Jose Moruinho has not picked Diarra as one of the starting XI.

Finding Meaning from the SEEMINGLY Meaningless

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It may have been just a friendly match against one of Spanish Football's ‘minnow teams'... the newly-promoted: Hercules: but last sunday night's match brought to mind some interesting thoughts. Here are some of them.
The Absentees
Jose Mourinho left out the Starting XI of this past World Cup's Spanish team, namely: Casillas, Xabi Alonso & Sergio Ramos.

José Mourinho: The New Galactico!

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By Dominic Vieira, reporting from Portugal

José Mourinho was finally presented today as the manager of Real Madrid. The Portuguese tactical genius joined the world's most aristocratic and popular club, but demanded a less "Galactic" presentation. Real granted his simple wish.

Real Madrid, Valdano: "É un onore che Mou voglia il Real Madrid"

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Real Madrid, Valdano: "É un onore che Mou voglia il Real Madrid" Di Andrea CosentinoIl Direttore Generale del Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, ha parlato ai microfoni di Mediaset Premium di Mourinho e della sua voglia di allenare le Merengues: "È un onore che Mourinho abbia dichiarato che un giorno allenerà il Real Madrid, d'altronde il punto di arrivo di tutti i grandi giocatori e allenatori è

Real Madrid: Sneijder and Robben have the last laugh

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With Real Madrid unceremoniously dumped out of the Champions League in the first knock-out stage, you can't help but feel Florentino Perez will cast a wistful eye over to Germany and Italy as he ponders his decision last summer to cast Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben out of the club.

Messiahdistas & The Best Of El Derbi… Te Prometo!

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As the title says, we promise not to disappoint anyone today. It's pretty obvious that the Madridistas are writhing all over the floor from the name "Messiah" being chanted, whispered or screamed incessantly into their ears. You must remember, however, that Messiah is from planet Mercury (Pele was from Pluto, Maradona from Mars, Valdano from Venus and so on.

My First Time Being Interviewed

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Some weeks back, Murali Krishnan, also known in the blogosphere as 'Just Another Madridista', flattered me by asking to interview me for an interview series in his blog, Hala Madrid!! with an impressive roster of Real Madrid Bloggers which included Siddarth from Los as well as Corey and Bassam from Real - The Offside.


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A Relieving Sight: Ronaldo Celebrated his goal WITH Pipita.
Last night, Real Madrid stepped onto the pitch for the first time after Lyonazo - or rather... our catastrophic capitulation at the hands of Olympique Lyonnais. The fact that we were about to face one of the poorest sides in La Liga made no difference: we were a club and a team whose morale had been totally dismembered by our elimination from the Champions League.

Argentines Abroad: 13th & 14th February 2010

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This weekend has seen Juan Pablo Carrizo damage his cause in the battle for the national #1 shirt; Internazionale drew with Germán Denis' Napoli, and Gabriel Heinze was involved in a war of words with Real Madrid's sporting director Jorge Valdano. Roberto Abbondanzieri looks set to move from Boca Juniors to Internacional de Porto Alegre.

El enemigo en casa

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Cuando Florentino Pérez gano las "elecciones" del Real Madrid, esperaba un fichaje de relumbrón para el banquillo: Mourinho, Wenger o Ancelotti eran los nombres que se me pasaron por la cabeza. Pero cuál fue mi sorpresa cuando el elegido fue Manuel Pellegrini.

Pellegrini es un entrenador de perfil bajo.

¿Ha elegido el Real Madrid al ‘‘ingeniero’’ adecuado?

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Entre el notorio apoyo de la prensa y la poca oposición por parte de los demás candidatos, Florentino Pérez ha regresado al Real Madrid, motivado y con la idea de catapultar nuevamente al club hacia la grandeza. Consumada la asunción, Florentino ha conseguido hacerse con su primer fichaje veraniego.

Confidence, arrogance and the 'Rafa Benitez Problem'

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There's a spanner in the works; someone is not playing ‘the game'. The man in question seems quiet, reserved and astute, yet has a unique ability to get under peoples' skin. The man I'm talking about is, of course, Rafael Benitez, manager of Liverpool FC.

What fascinates me is why this quiet man from Madrid seems to provoke such a strong reaction from people.


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Es conocida por todos la historia de Gabriel Milito y su problema en la rodilla que no lo dejo fichar por el Real Madrid hace unos años. También todos saben que pudo seguir su carrera en el fútbol español y sus buenas actuaciones en el Zaragoza lo depositaron en el Barcelona.

Gabriel Milito hoy ya hace mas de un año y medio que no puede jugar de manera oficial por su persistente dolor en la rodilla, y a pesar de haber intentado volver en mas de una vez, no ha podido.

Calcio, il Real non è ancora sazio. Pronti 30 milioni per De Rossi

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La fame di campioni del Real Madrid non si è ancora placata. L'ultima tentazione si trova nella capitale, ha la maglia giallorossa e di mestiere fa il centrocampista. Si chiama Daniele De Rossi, 26enne calciatore della Roma e della Nazionale, l'ultimo oggetto del desiderio del club spagnolo. Dopo i vari acquisti effettuati, Kakà , C.


New Year – Old Problems

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The Club that loves to buy attacking players so much, is short on strikers. Hilarious..I slept with my Real Madrid Jersey on New Year's Eve as part of my wish for titles this 2011. Today, typing this over my lunch break in my first days back to work from my Holidays in Manila.

2010-03-10: Real Madrid 1 - Olympique Lyonnais 1

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A Nightnare to Remember.It was all going according to plan. The Bernabeu looked fantastic and was abuzz with optimism. It seemed from the livestream that I was viewing the match from that the 'prawn sandwich brigade' didn't turn up... Or at least had tried their best 'true madridista' impersonation.

The Rest

Valdano "motivará" a la selección de Honduras

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Jorge Valdano ha aceptado ir a "motivar " a la selección de Honduras en el Mundial de Brasil. El equipo centroamericano jugará en el Grupo E frente a Francia, Ecuador y Suiza.

Fue el propio técnico colombiano de Honduras , Luis Fernando Suárez, quien pidió llevar a Valdano para asegurar la motivación del equipo, según explicó Mario Faraj, vicepresidente de distribución de Diunsa, empresa patrocinadora de la selección de Honduras.

Gerard: camino a la predicción

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Por Halftown
"Mi hermano Gerard será mejor que yo". La predicción es de Sergi López, quizá el juguete roto de la Masía por excelencia. Sergi era la gran promesa del Barça de los ochenta, Puyol antes de Puyol. En Can Barça desde los trece años, su carrera crecía en aquel equipo pre Dream Team hasta que todo saltó por los aires un día de lluvia, cuando fue a entrenarse a un pabellón de baloncesto y se destrozó la rodilla.

Ancelotti e Valdano, signori incompresi

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Per gli allenatori godere di buona stampa è fondamentale, ancora più che per i calciatori. Solo così si capisce perché gli stessi risultati, con squadre di potenzialità finanziarie e tecniche simili, vengano valutati in maniera diversa. Il secondo posto di Ancelotti in Premier League con il Chelsea è stato quasi unanimemente in Italia giudicato un [.

It's a choice between Hiddink and Harry!?

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After Carlo was sacked all sorts of names have been mentioned being linked with the club. However, after Jose Mourinho won his battle with Valdano in Madrid, a reported approach for Pellegrini was rejected and Porto stating that their manager will not leave the club it seems that we are now down to just two people, Guus Hiddink and Harry Redknapp.

El egoísmo del goleador.

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20.12.2010 - Es un post largo que puede leerse de TRES maneras: o bien de corrido o salteándose las citas en amarillo o sólo las citas en amarillo. Es otra de nuestras compilaciones a la que le mechamos algunos conceptos (tiempo de lectura completo aprox. 5 minutos).
Tal el vértigo y la sucesión de cosas y/o noticias, como en tantos ámbitos y sobretodo en el fútbol, el resultado traza la frontera entre el éxito y el fracaso, entre el virtuoso y el ineficaz, entre el ganador y los demás.

Historial Argentina - Alemania.

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03.07.2010 - Calígula - Argentina tiene una ventaja de un partido en el historial ante Alemania, ya que registra 7 victorias, 6 derrotas y 4 empates, en 17 encuentros disputados. Pero en Mundiales se enfrentaron 5 veces, con tres victorias para Alemania, una para Argentina y un empate.

Top Ten World Cup Teams Ever (With Video)!

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We are just days, alot of them to be fair, from another glorious World Cup. So what better time than now to give you a run down of the Top Ten World Cup Teams Ever, with Video evidence to back up our claims and to entertain you the viewer. Enjoy

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