Could Kroenke complete take-over attempt be good for Arsenal?

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Stan Kroenke is believed to have made an offer to Alisher Usmanov for his 30% stake in Arsenal Football Club, and the reaction from fans has been to urge the Uzbekistan-born Russian to refuse to sell. Controversially I believe this could actually bring a positive change, although the obvious doubts are of course warranted.

#KroenkeOut! Wright believes Usmanov would galvanise Arsenal

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Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has urged for Stan Kroenke to give up the reigns of the club, with Alisher Usmanov coming in with a monster bid. The Gunners have just endured their worst campaign since Arsene Wenger took over as boss back in 1996, although their campaign can seemingly be saved with a last-ditch [.

FT exclusive: Alisher Usmanov makes $1.3bn bid to take control of Arsenal FC

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FTAlisher Usmanov makes $1.3bn bid to take control of Arsenal FC Arash Massoudi, Patrick Jenkins and Caroline Binham Alisher Usmanov, the Russian billionaire who owns a minority stake in Arsenal football club, has in recent weeks made a $1.3bn bid to buy out his rival shareholder in the English Premier League team, according to three [.

Wenger going nowhere after huge backing from Arsenal supremo

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For all of the Arsenal fans that were hoping to see the club part company with our long serving manager Arsene Wenger at the end of this season this will not come as good news. And for those of us that were clinging to the hope that we might even be able to get rid [...]

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Jabba Says Arsene Wasted His Best Years – Do You Agree?

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The ever-charming Alisher Usmanov has been speaking again.

In between appearing at Comicon as the world's best Jabba the Hutt impersonator, Usmanov is also a major shareholder at Arsenal – albeit one who has been squeezed out of day-to-day involvement in the club.

His pronouncements are infrequent but usually serve to advance his agenda: namely to suggest that he would be a better majority owner of the club than Mr Kroenke.

Will striker transfer really give Arsenal Champions League chance?

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Considering that Arsenal have not gone past the first knockout stage of the Champions League competition for the last six seasons, it would seem on the face of it that Arsene Wenger still has a lot of work to do with his players to make Arsenal one of the elite European teams with a realistic [...]

More Arsenal denials over Dybala, but is move still on?

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This is one of the longest running Arsenal transfer rumours I can remember outside of a transfer window since Lukas Podolski was signed and sealed (and even announced) before the season even ended. Alisha Usmanov is the latest to issue a denial for Arsenal, but perhaps "The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Who is REALLY to blame for Arsenal’s problems?

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New Year, but no real change and is it going to get better or far far worse? by LD Well happy new year gunners, or is it? It would seem that with the festive period out of the way and the start of another transfer window that there is a lot of fat to chew [...]

Arsenal fans should listen to Alisher Usmanov

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Words of wisdom from Alisher Usmanov by KM In a time where Arsene Wenger is turning AFC to a comedy show, the second most valuable shareholder of Arsenal has come out to speak the truth about the situation we are in. ‘Potential of the team is there, but there is no critical evaluation of own [...]

Has Arsenal chief set ball rolling to sack Wenger?

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The co-owner of Arsenal, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, has not got a place on the board of Arsenal, even though he would dearly love one and is second only to Stan Kroenke in how much of the club he owns. So that means he has no direct control or say in the running of the [...]

Usmanov urges Arsenal to SPEND SOME MONEY!

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Arsenal's second largest shareholder Alisher Usmanov has been very quiet about the club in the last year or two, but now with the Gunners languishing in 8th place in the Premier League he has spoken out and urged Arsene Wenger to spend money on reinforcing the squad. "My opinion and I tell it openly [.

Are the Oligarths looking after their own money?‏

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Morning Gooners,

Now I know we don't do politics, religion and all those things that make the world go round, but I felt I had to put a few words together to discuss the following. Many supporters have been asking for one of our major share holders to use his billions to buy Arsenal FC outright and spend some of that vast wealth on players.

Perhaps Messi to Arsenal is not such an impossible dream at the moment…

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First of all Arsenal fans, this is not an April Fools day article four months early. And I do not really expect the Barcelona and Argentina striker Lionel Messi to be leaving La Liga to come and play for the Gunners. But over the last year or so there have been an increasing amount of [...]

What is really going on between Arsenal board and Wenger?

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The facts Arsenal fans need by Big Gun

Dear Gooners, If we are to unite as one voice to try and resolve these issues at Arsenal, we need to look at exactly what the problem is. I wrote an article not too long ago and I mentioned it, but most fans are still seeing red and will blame everything under the sun as to why Arsenal is in such a predicament.

Will FFP really help Arsenal or do we need an owner like Usmanov?

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Financial Stability vs. Billionaire owner by Big Gun

Good day fellow Gooners. Over the last couple of blogs/articles, I have noticed a few people throwing the term ‘financial stability' around, almost exclusively trying to suggest that Arsenal are in good hands in terms of future self-sustainability.

Player confidence shows Arsenal entering new era

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Arsenal's turnaround by AH

Just over a month ago Arsenal fans across the globe were worried. We had just secured 4th place and Champions League football was something to be happy with after a torrid season, but after the celebrations of overcoming Spurs' in the Premier League table once again, things went back to reality and we began to realise what deep trouble we could be in as a club.

Is Usmanov finally forcing Arsenal to spend?

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The influence of Usmanov by Stefan

It seems after many seasons of trying, Alisher Usmanov may have finally got through to the rest of the Arsenal board and convinced them to spend some money on the squad. We all know what I am talking about, the possible transfer of Gonzalo Higuain.

Usmanov wants Rooney but will Arsenal board agree?

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Are Arsenal still keen on Rooney? by AH

Arsenal are reportedly coming ever closer to completing the transfer of Real Madrid and Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain in a deal worth £22 million, in which the player will earn between £115,000 and £130,000. However, despite the claims, Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov has called on the club to table an offer for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.

Arsenal Title Challenge? not without Usmanov!

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Arsenal cannot win the title without major changes by SS

Every summer I hear Arsenal fans saying that next season the club will be back for a title challenge, I repeatedly laugh at that because I and anybody who is realistic knows that Arsenal simply cannot make a title challenge unless there is drastic changes to the whole club.

Usmanov still not happy with Arsenal’s policy of selling stars

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Usmanov attacks Arsenal owner Kroenke by TAB

Despite owning nearly 30 percent of Arsenal Football Club, the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov cannot get a seat on the board and so cannot influence the running of the club nearly as much as he would like. Stan Kroenke, the American businessman who has more say than anyone because of his controlling stake, has come under attack again from Usmanov, who is convinced that silent Stan is not doing the right thing.

Can Arsenal succeed without Usmanov?

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The Usmanov dilemma by AH

In the last couple of hours news has come out that Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov will consider his stance at the club and sort out his future by the end of the season. Current majority shareholder American businessman Stan Kroenke has a very bad reputation with the Arsenal fans.

Arsenal Debate – We won’t win a trophy until Usmanov takes over

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Usmanov and Dein are needed by Arsenal now! by Big Gun

Something just struck me after the beating Real Madrid took last night from Dortmund. Robert Lewandowski is part of a really good team, definitely one of two best teams in Germany and currently one of the best in the world. But it looks like him AND Gotze are on their way out, more questioningly to a rival Bundesliga team.

Wright calls on Arsenal chief to stop the silence!

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Ian Wright is an Arsenal fan, so is feeling the pain and frustration of a derby defeat to Spurs as much as the rest of us. The former Gunner finds it hard to believe that the man at the top, Stan Kroenke, shares those feelings though. Wright is concerned, as are many Gooners, that the American billionaire does not have the passion to win trophies and push the club forward.

It may be now or never for Arsenal takeover

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Although there has not been an official offer made to buy Arsenal Football Club from the major shareholder Stan Kroenke, the plans are in place, apparently. There has been on official statement from the American billionaire, but there have been murmurs from `sources` close to him that he is keen to remain at the club for the long haul.

Middle East group to offer £1.5 billion for Arsenal?

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This news, if true, could have a massive impact on the future of Arsenal Football Club. The current owners, or major shareholders, of the club have come under a lot of criticism for the way the club is being run, with most fans feeling that profit is much more important to them than the pride of the fans and the team or the occasional trophy.

What Arsenal MUST do to become GREAT again

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Forgotten Heroes : Solutions to Arsenal's woes by MLH

Arsene Wenger, the man who created "The Arsenal Invincibles", but it wasn't only him. We should not forget David Dein, a fine man and a guy who had an eagle eye for talent. It was him who brought in Dennis Bergkamp, the guy who was the catalyst for Arsenal's success, and with Wenger he brought in Viera, Pires, Henry, Van Persie, Fabregas, etc.

Has Thierry persuaded Usmanov to oust Kroenke from Arsenal?

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Alisher Usmanov is the second biggest shareholder in Arsenal Football club. He first joined the club by buying the almost 15 percent stake of David Dein in 2007. Six months later his company, Red and White holdings had 29 percent of the club, one percent more would have meant he had to make a formal offer to take over.

Usmanov confirms he wants to take over at Arsenal completely

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The Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has always been very careful in his announcements not to upset Stan Kroenke and his cronies up until now, but lately he seems to be taking a more aggressive stance. Today he has finally come clean and admitted that he definitely wants to own ALL the Arsenal shares and buy out the club completely.

Arsenal debate – Should Usmanov get the chance to help the Gunners?

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Is Mr Usmanov Arsenal's saviour? by TN

There is great debate amongst Arsenal fans concerning Mr Usmanov and his role at AFC. The main two arguments surround whether or not he should be given a seat on the board and the possible further injections of funds that Mr Usmanov may offer, allowing us once again to compete with the likes of United, Chelsea, City, Barcelona and Madrid.

Is Stan Kroenke at Arsenal purely for the profit?

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Is Mr Kroenke set to become 'Mr Arsenal'? by TN

The current split of shareholders at Arsenal Football Club is Mr Kroenke owns 66.6%, Mr Usmanov 29.1% with the remainder being spread amongst much smaller shareholders. Now a number of questions have been raised concerning "silent Stan" and AFC.

Time for Usmanov to save Arsenal?

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Drastic Overhaul Needed, Enter Asmanov - By SB

A 2-0 win against West Brom and it's people are saying "crisis averted" at the Emirates. I'm sorry but this is not the Arsenal we know and love, this is a team lacking direction, leadership, as well as a winning mentality. Sure we can all blame AW and yes he is partly to blame, but where we need to point the finger is in the the direction of the board.

Calling Arsenal Fans – Join the protest, It’s time for a change!

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Its time for change we can't continue down this road any more. By Ozzy AFC

I have watched and waited and placed my faith in the club for yet another season and yet again I have been let down and disappointed. Firstly let me explain, I am an Arsenal fan of over 35 years I have watched the club through bad times and glorious times I have cried and screamed and laughed and sang I've seen the likes of King Henry and Dennis the menace Bergkamp grace our shirts and I've also seen the likes of Stepanovs and Cygan and Jeffers make a mockery of it, I originally started supporting the club at the age of five after discovering that the only (then first division player) whith the Name "Liam" was called Liam Brady who shares the same first name as me, I was brought up in a predominantly West Ham enclave and endured huge amounts of stick from the other kids for my devout support of The Arsenal and started visiting the hallowed Highbury ground at the tender age of 13 and more recently shared a season ticket with a friend of mine who has also been a gooner for the same amount of time as me.

Usmanov – I don’t want a place on the Arsenal Board, I just love the club!

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The second biggest Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov has made an interview which seems to be a peace offering to Stan Kroenke in which he declares that he has never petitioned for a place on the Arsenal Board, but just wants the club to stop selling their best players and so increase their chances of winning a trophy.

Ozzy: Forget Usmanov and Kroenke – Arsenal Fans should pull together!

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Let's see what happens in the coming months by OzzyAFC Well so far its been an interesting and somewhat nail biting closed season for Arsenal fans, we've done some superb business so far with the acquisition of Podolski, Giroud and most recently Cazorla and we have thus far managed to retain the possible "want outs" [.

Usmanov attacks Arsenal Board again, but admits he’s made a fortune from the shares!

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The Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov owns 29.9% of the shares in Arsenal and admits that the price of those shares has doubled since he started investing in them, although he qualifies that by saying that he would never sell them. And why should he if they keep going up? But first of all, despite the [.

Usmanov Speaks Out Against Arsenal FC…Again

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Usmanov Continues to Prove His Arrogance Not that long ago, the Russian billionaire reared his head to cause more division in the Arsenal camp; tricking weak minded individuals to believe he was an innocent business tycoon, just wanting to invest some harmless millions into the club. He unfortunately succeeded in turning quite a few supporters [.

Usmanov the mark

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Alisher Usmanov. (Wikipedia)

Another week, another negative Arsenal article.

And, again, it revolves around the comments of shareholder Alisher Usmanov, who gave an interview to Forbes magazine critical of the board. He told the publication that decision making is holding the team back, stating, "We do not consider just qualifying for the Champions League to be the chief ambition of the club, and with all our hearts we support the team and wish them well for the new season.

Arsenal Debate: Why Usmanov MUST have a seat on the Board…

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Usmanov Debate: Should Red & White holdings be invited onto the Arsenal board? By SC Arsenal FC is a unique football club. It always has been. All of us want to see our club prosper and remain within the elite rankings of the sport; however, we do to an extent, share different beliefs about the [...]

Arsenal DON’T need Alisher Usmanov. Here is why……..

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Do Arsenal Fans Want A Sugar Daddy Too? - by JG A truly disappointing wave of supporters, lie in wait of bad news, then rush the blogs in angry (misinformed) discontent and veracious temperaments, bursting their brains over circumstantial evidence and emotional overflow. "We want a sugar daddy! We want a sugar daddy!

The Rest

Something is Rotten in the state of Arsenal FC

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What is the problem? by Big Gun

Dear Arsenal fans, What a testing time it is at the moment to be a gooner. I have just finished watching a few of the fans reactions after the game, and well I think it is safe to say that the majority of us are waking up to the fact that the board and even Arsene Wenger do not necessarily have ours and the players best interests at heart.