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United Soccer League results – 16 Sept 2012

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The weekend's results from the United Soccer League.

United Soccer League Results – 9/19/2010

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19 September 2010

Men's Major Division   (Standings)

Danubia Gunners  4  –  0  Danubia White Storks

Spirit United  4  –  0  FC Sports

Spirit United – Bill Jarwee, Dylan Langley, Bill Brown, Chris King, gk-Colin Sullivan

Ukrainian Nationals  2  –   0  Intare FC

UGH Majors  2  –   1  Phoenix SC

VE Majors  2  –   1  UGH Ultra

Women's Major Division (Standings)

Philadelphia Flames SC  1  –  0  Phoenix SC United

Flames SC – Katlyn Pagaduan

UGH Fury  4  –  0  UGH o-30

The Rest

Can’t resist the table of NOM

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The thing about summer transfer sagas is that as much as you really, really want to avoid them, the lack of anything else going on makes it extremely difficult.

It's like trying to lose weight and asserting that you will only eat fruit and salad but in order to get the fruit and salad you have to walk past a three mile long table of bacon and doughnuts and Reeses Pieces peanut butter cups and even when you get past all that there might not be any fruit or salad.