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MLS game #24: D.C. United at Sporting Kansas City - United shoots for first place in the East against the defending champs

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Everything you need to know about United's trip to KC, where they'll face Sporting with the top spot in the Eastern Conference on the line.

On October 24, 2009, Julius James came seconds away from becoming a D.C. United legend. The Trinidadian center back, who today is playing for the San Antonio Scorpions in the NASL, had suffered a hamstring injury during the second half, but United head coach Tommy Soehn had already used up his allotment of 3 substitutions.

Hang on a Second!

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Anybody else read Loney's description of Preki... "But he can't run an offense, can't start the right forwards, can't put in the right forwards, can't find the right forwards, can't keep a roster consistent, can't keep his players healthy, and only...

How's That For Irony?

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It was beginning to look like, given the hemming and the hawing, the insults to league and to fans, followed by furious backpedalling, that Kevin Payne was going to drop the ball and hand Tommy the keys to season #4. But then a curious thing...

Ramble On

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Let's begin today's stroll about the intarwebs in the land of the vikings... I'm sure everybody has read all the Brit-hype and seen all the mobile phone videos of Brad Guzan walking on water, and that's all well and good--he's the #2 behind Timmy...


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Seriously? "We have to determine whether we believe, for the immediate long term, if Tommy is the guy to lead the team," Payne said. "We don't go into this with our minds made up. We want to almost treat it like a blank slate."Ignoring the...

Random Pings...

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Just a couple of things on my mind today, so... U-20's Bounce Back The USA U20's recovered from dropping their opener in the U-20 World Cup, a 3-0 loss to Germany, by routing Cameroon 4-1. Of course, the final score was terribly flattering to...

Tommy's Masterpiece? | a DC United Match Reaction

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Well that certainly was a huge result, wasn't it? Namoff's early header holds up, and United's fragile defense posts its second consecutive league shutout. Let's skip the niceties of a formal introduction and leap right into the talking points... *...

Tooting My Horn, Prepping the Iron Undies

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Just a few things before the "White Storm" engulfs us all this afternoon (I'll be safely spying upon the action from my mountain lair, so good luck to those of you who brave the journey)... Hmmm, so we're considering bringing in Shipalane on loan...

The Numbers Game

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So I'm watching Real Madrid patiently taking apart the Toronto defense (3-0 at the 25 minute mark as I write). And I know you may be thinking, "So what, Fullback, most MLS attacks take apart the TFC defense." But did you know that United ships them...

The Boss-Man Chuckles

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Is it just me, or does Tommy seem uncharacteristically jovial in his post-game comments?

Trolling the Futblogosphere

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Time for some quick stops at various ports of call around the Futblogosphere... Just Talkin' Bout Stats...Shut Your Mouth! More numbers than you can shake a stick at over on Quarter Volley, this time taking a look at MLS defense and goalkeeping. ...

United Match Reaction | Tommy Slow On The Trigger

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Apologies for the late posting, but my daughter's party ran long last night, so I had to catch this one on the MLSNet feed this morning. So what do we take away from this? Are we pleased that this team has the guts to fight back for results,...

Plan C?

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Sheesh, it never rains but it pours. So I'm reading the Goffblog and get the sorry news that the Bum Hammy Hammer is continuing to put a pounding on the Bearded Bombardier. Still, I think to myself, Jacobson looked decent against KC. Maybe we...

Do The Soehn Selection Shuffle!

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As a prelude to my preview for tomorrow's match against Dallas, I thought I'd take a moment to ponder the relative merits of squad rotation and what Tommy might do given the May fixture pileup. "What fixture pileup?" I hear you ask. ...

United Post Mortem | Questions for Tommy

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All right, we've had a night to reflect, we've seen the post-game interviews, and it's time to pose a few questions... (1) Tommy lays the blame on Simms for the double swap at halftime, claiming he wouldn't have made the Quaranta for Burch move if...

Refining the Roster: Trimming the Fat

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The streets of America are running red from the hemorrhaging of jobs, and DC United is no exception to the bloodbath. Zach Wells finally choose to walk away from the game since last we spoke, and Joe Vide has been given his marching orders, thus freeing up yet another senior roster spot. Crayton is back from Africa and, though not in perfect health, seems to be working hard to get there.

Refining the Roster: Trimming the Fat

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The streets of America are running red from the hemorrhaging of jobs, and DC United is no exception to the bloodbath. Zach Wells finally choose to walk away from the game since last we spoke, and Joe Vide has been given his marching orders, thus freeing up yet another senior roster spot. Crayton is back from Africa and, though not in perfect health, seems to be working hard to get there.

Tickle v. Tackle - Alex, Tommy & the Cirque du LA

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It's been a while since I've done one of these, so let's have at it . . . Alessandro Del Piero has been absolutely on fire lately, his goals belying his advanced years (34 on Sunday--Jeebus the dude's almost as old as moi!). If you didn't get to see the two that he scored against Real Madrid, in Madrid, last night, dig up the highlights.

Quote of the Day: Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings (We Hope!)

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Kasper, via Goff: "I feel strongly that Tommy deserves to remain as head coach."Ruh-roh! Let's hope his feelings don't get in the way of his reason. Tommy's teams are not consistently motivated for big games.His pre-game tactics and team selection are reasonable, but his ability to adapt and make in-game changes (tactical adjustments, reading the game, making the right substitution) often fails

You've Got To Be Freakin' Kidding Me

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Our horse is spooked, half-lame, and Soehn's facing the wrong way . . . without the reins . . . in his underwear . . . with a ukulele. Who the hell am I kidding? Horse? More of a donkey if you ask me. A donkey wearing a tiara. That's the best we can manage against a demoralized, MASH-unit Chivas?

OUTGOING: DC United Coach in the Hotseat?

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Has the sack race begun?

If this is email true it confirms what many have suspect, DC United's Tom Soehn is firmly in the hot seat and on the butcher's block.

We just received the following email by a source wishing to be anonymous:

"I just thought I'd clue you into something which happened recently regarding DC United's coach Tom Soehn.

Chapter 2, Section III, Paragraph B

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Thanks to our friends at Behind the Badge for the post-game quotes from the RSL smackdown. One thing caught my eye--this quote from Tommy Soehn about Santino Quaranta . . . "I think he still has to manage the game a little bit better and recognize when to take people on, and when to hold it. That's part of maturity.

DC United Reaction - Soehn's Not Afraid

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Well that was certainly more like it, though I was beginning to get worried that we weren't going to finish anything from the run of play. Can we all just wipe the sweat from our collective brows and allow the shakes to subside just a bit? It's all going to be okay, right? Ummm, right? Hey, wait a minute!

REPORT: Soehn vs Garber - DC United Manager Lashes Out At MLS Commish as United Are Knocked Out Champions Cup

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As we mentioned, emotions ran high at last night's CONCACAF Champions Cup clash in Washington, DC (ARCHIVED VIDEO).

According to this story in the Washington Post, DC United's coach and manager Tom Soehn had strong words for MLS Commissioner Don Garber with regards to comments made by the commish regarding United's play on the first leg, away to Pachuca in Mexico

Excerpts here:

" The result left United lamenting several missed opportunities and prompted Coach Tom Soehn and his players to howl about the officiating.

Hammer . . . Meet the Nail's Head

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Tommy Soehn on that ugly patch of "here--have the ball please" play late in the first half that I discussed last night . . . "We had a stretch where I thought we should have kept the ball a little bit better and we attacked with too much urgency instead of stretching them out and making them work harder.

Home, Sweet Home : DCU Hits Harbour View for Five

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DC 5 (6) - (1) 0 Harbour View FC

Ah, the difference a pitch can make.

Recap, quick and dirty:

United come out strong by penetrating the flanks and cutting inside. McTavish capitalizes on some poor defending from a Gallardo freekick in the 26th. HVFC struggles to respond.

United Recap - Mistakes Were Made

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Well, the happy dance had to come to a close at some point didn't it? United looked to be in the same unstoppable, steamroller form that they've ridden hard through the last month or so as they built a two goal cushion in the early going. But just when things were looking rosiest and Chivas were in disarray, the Perkins debacle gifted them a goal and the wheels fell off.

United Recap - Bend Over for Beckham

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Notice that it's not "Bent Over by Beckham". True, he did hit a good free-kick. Also true, he steered a "dagger ball" through the United back line for the Gals second. But - Perkins was caught admiring the "bend" on Beck's free-kick when he should have been busy trying to save it, and Gros is not a defender. Is Soehn even watching his team? Gros has looked miserable to moderately bad as a left back all season, and yet was borderline man-of-the-match when he pushed up onto the wing in the last two MLS matches.

United Recap - Pirate Style

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Pirate style? Well, admittedly, I'm going into this half-blind as I was only able to catch the second half, and that on a tiny window on the SuperLiga website. Add to the mix that the site was all kinds of fussy using both Safari and Camino, so I missed swathes of action while blocks of data swam and swirled, buffered and broke. This is 2007, right?

Tickle v. Tackle 11

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  • The roller-coaster that is MLS 2007 takes its next series of twists and turns as SuperLiga kicks off and the DP's begin to arrive. With the added impetus of the top 4 overall finishers qualifying for SuperLiga 2008, the regular season has never meant so much in MLS. Exciting stuff!
  • Ricardo Clark did some nice stuff in the All-Star game.

United Recap - SuperFrustrating

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Not good enough. Now, admittedly, I only tuned in around minute 35 when I just happened to do a search for the SuperLiga website to see if there were any match trackers, only to find that hey - they're webcasting the damn game! What the miracles of modern broadcasting technology can do for those of us leading Telefutura-less lives.

In any case, it seemed that the teams were fairly evenly matched, with Morelia having probably a bit more quality than United, but with DC a goal and a man up midway through the second half, they simply can't leave a man on the far side that wide open and give him time and space to shoot.

United + U-20 Recaps - A Change of Plans

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Or, more specifically, a lack thereof on the part of both Toms. Thomas Rongen's U-20 side, pegged back by a scrappy goal against the run of play at the close of the first half after having the better of the play in the first 45, never managed to adapt to the change made by the Austrian side coming into the second half and they ultimately paid for it.

Quote of the Day

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United boss Tommy Soehn via the Goffblog:
"One of the attractive things about Greg [Vanney] is his experience and his ability to organize. We've lacked a little bit of that -- a veteran guy in the back that is going to make our shape better. If you look at the chances we've given away, a lot of it is our shape and I think he's going to help Bobby in a lot of respects and teach him and Bobby can emulate some of the things he does.


About Saturday’s game…

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Ahead of Saturday's game in Vancouver, Kevin Kinkead presents another excellent scouting report.

In the head-to-head preview, the Philly guy sees the Union winning 2-1, the Vancouver sees the Whitecaps winning 2-1. The sport betting website predicts a 2–1 win for the Union.

Fred Starts, Luci Finishes: DCU 2-0 Columbus

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It does the heart good to see Emilio two goals up on Angel for the MLS Golden Boot. And I'll be honest-- to see Altidore up there, albeit at the bottom of the list, warms my heart a bit as well. Glad he didn't double up on us.

(Off topic: Ives reckons Altidore will be the MLS' first ever eight-figure transfer. I'm disagreeing with Ives on this one.

The Rest

A.J. Soares want Shalrie Joseph to be Revs interim coach

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Coach Shalrie? Soares likes the idea.

Everyone has an opinion on what should happen next for the New England Revolution, including former player A.J. Soares.

Soares, who played in Foxboro from 2011-2014, took to Twitter on Tuesday to comment on who should serve as the interim coach after the firing of Jay Heaps.

MLS First Kick 2013 Countdown: 13 days - Should Chris Pontius play midfield or forward for D.C. United?

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Since Chris Pontius' rookie year, when he played left and right midfield, forward and defensive midfield, fans and pundits have debated his best position. Dynamic going forward, admirably two-footed and willing and able to unleash a very quick and powerful shot, Pontius is most certainly an attacking player.