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WATCH Kaka Scores His 100th AC Milan Goal; Italian TV Presenter Goes Berzerk [VIDEO]

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AC Milan attacking midfielder Kaka scored his 100th goal of his AC Milan career today, which resulted in Italian TV presenterTiziano Crudeli to go into his typicalhysterionics.

We've reported on Crudeli before when he went into hysterics after Hellas Verona beat AC Milan in August, but today's show by Crudeli is even more wild and exaggerated than usual.

Hellas Verona Defeat Milan; Luca Toni Scores 2 Goals, Fans Riot and Commentator Goes Mental [VIDEO]

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Who said Italian soccer was boring? After returning to Serie A for the first time in 11 years, Hellas Verona defeated AC Milan 2-1 in the opening match of the 2013/14 Serie A season.

The match had everything — Thirty-six-year-old striker Luca Toni scored two goals on his Verona league debut, fans rioted with seats being thrown by both sets of supporters, and Italian TV commentatorTiziano Crudeli went mental on-air as Verona scored a shock win.

Pippo Scores, Tiziano Crudeli Weeps

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This is, incredibly, not too far off the norm for Tiziano Crudeli, journalist, commentator and Milan fan extraodinaire. He's a touch passionate about the Rossoneri and as one would expect, more than a touch passionate for icon Pippo Inzaghi's last game for the club on the weekend. Standard fare.

A Little Tiziano Crudeli To Brighten Your Day

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Of all the insanity from Barca Milan, this might top it all. Just watch and appreciate. There's little else to say. (The very beginning and Thiago Silva's goal comes around the 3:40 mark.)

It's almost like he's building to a Pato climax in the seconds before the opener. And no, you did not need that imagery, but it's on the house.

Tiziano Crudeli’s Heart Almost Explodes Watching Milan vs Barcelona (Video)

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By Chris Wright

AC Milan drew 2-2 with Barcelona in the San Siro, thanks chiefly to a late goal from Thiago Silva and the drama was almost too much for a certain rampantly unimpartial somebody...

God bless you Tizzy, and all that sail upon ye.

More T-Crud madness on Pies.

Seedorf Vurdu San Siro Yıkıldı...

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Ligde 2 maçta da ezeli rakip Inter'e yenilirsin. ŞL'de United'dan 7 gol yersin. Sonra herşey karanlığa gömülürken Muntari imdadına yetişir. 2 dakika içinde hem oyundan atılır hem Inter'in puanlarını Catania da bırakır. Evinde Chievo ile oynayacaksındır ve kazanırsan Inter ile puan farkı 1' e inecektir.

Crudeli'nin Anlatımıyla Efsane Geri Dönüş: Milan:3 Inter:2

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Derbiye sayılı günler kala bu sefer 2004 yılında oynanan bir maça gidelim. 6-0'lık efsanem açın aksine bu sefer ev sahibi Milan. Gelecek yıllarda efsane konumuna yükselecek Kaka'nın Milan2daki ilk sezonu. Milan'ın hem kaadro hem de mental güç olarak Inter'in fersah fersah üzerinde olduğu yıllar.

Daily Dose: January 20th, 2009.

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Goalkeeper in Iran goes for the subtle yet effective behind the back double agent move. A look back on miraculous Castel di Sangro. (Football Italiano) Tiziano Crudeli has another series of "moments". (Who Ate All The Pies) The end of the English cycle? (SoccerLens) Diego gives us the Maradona face.


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Imagine if AC Milan scores tonight a goal? More than one goal? If theyWin? Famous Italian Football commenter Tiziano Crudeli may reactlike this:Now this is passion! By the way, check the dude next to Crudeli.

chris kamara

Tiziano Crudeli Yelling. Again.

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For whatever reason, these ads are just coming to consciousness despite having some dust on them. Basically, they're an excuse to get Tiziano Crudeli, also known as Quintessentially Overdramatic Italian Guy, more air time which very few should be complaining about. (You can complain, but no one will listen, because we can't hear you over Tiziano's screaming.

Video: Chris Kamara gets naked for new advert

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It looks like Chris Kamara and Italian commentary legend Tiziano Crudeli are signed up to do a series of spoof adverts for Ladbrokes. And the next one off the production line sees Kammy getting his kit off. The Sky Sports presenter gives the best footballing shampoo advert since Jason McAteer was in his heyday before [.

Serie A

Tiziano Crudeli Has Apoplexy Over El Shaarawy Goal, Styles His Hair Accordingly! (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Here's Diretta Studio's (the Italian version of Soccer Saturday) resident in-house town crier Tiziano Crudeli going into his standardapoplectic meltdown over a Milan goal against Genoa though, seeing as it was scored by the elaborately-coiffured Stephan El Shaarawy, old Tizzy makes a subtle alteration to his standard 'teary-eyed bellow' schtick.

El show de Tiziano Crudeli.

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26.10.2011 - "No hace falta estudiar periodismo para ser periodista" es una conocida máxima de Jorge Lanata que cree más loable picotear algo de filosofía y sentido común para hacer buenas preguntas.
Esta (expandida) no colaboración al reconocimiento de la profesión (muchas veces erosionada por el interés empresarial que le da cabida para terminar deformándolo) también se retroalimenta de la imagen de no pocos "periodistas".

Tiziano Crudeli Doesn’t Like Losing The Milan Derby (With Video)

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By Ollie Irish

Ah, more Crudeli goodness...

Nope, still not bored of No.1 Milan fan Tiziano Crudeli. His stonefaced reaction whenever Inter score cracks me up.

And never let it be said that Italians don't know how to win with grace and humility.

The Rest

Tiziano Crudeli Enjoys Barcelona & Milan

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In one of the better two-legged comebacks of recent, a few fans were bound to be upset. Hell, Rod Stewart cried when his club beat Barcelona. Shipping a 2-0 lead on aggregate? Twas inevitable.

And then there's Tiziano Crudeli, who saw the game escape with M'Baye Niang's miss, slinking into a state of complete resignation thereafter.