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Non-League: Brackley Town Unveil Pioneering Throw-In Set Piece, Promptly Make Complete And Utter Hash Of It (Video)

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This can only go well... (Image: Gainsborough Town)

Brackley Town could only managed a goalless draw against Gainsborough Trinity in the National League North on Monday evening, though it wasn't for the lack of endeavour.

Indeed, the hoststried everythingTrinity down, even debutinga strange new prototype throw-in strategy in a desperate bid to break down the defences.

Retro Football: Young Roberto Martinez Demonstrates How To Defend Against Long Throw-Ins, 1996 (Video)

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Photo: Press Association

Having pioneered a slew of innovative systems with Everton (the 'hopelessly isolated frontman' and the 'hideously exposed flat back two' instantly spring to mind) in recent years, it's largely agreed that Roberto Martinez is one of football's greatest tactical minds.

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Funny Ashley Young Throw-In v Tottenham

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Attacking Soccer.

Ashley Young's reaction to his throw in says it all as Tottenham go on the attack following the ball slipping through his hands hard to understand why the referee didn't call it back for at the very least a foul throw.

Funny Ashley Young Throw-In v Tottenham

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Throw in - When the ball leaves the pitch at the side, the team that did not touch the ball last can restart the game by throwing the ball in.