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The Argument: Time to Stop Assuming Football Fans are all Thugs

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A few days ago, the Football Supporters' Federation who, along with doing great campaigning work on issues like safe standing and ticket prices, have a solicitor who tries to help fans who get into trouble with the law, tweeted thanks to a legal firm "for successfully representing two fans in civil claim against police for false imprisonment & assault.

The Argument: Against Goal Line Technology

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Escape To Victory was on TV at Christmas. It usually is. It's basically a terrible film but it's full of Ipswich Town players from the early 1980s; like many Ipswich fans, I can recite entire chunks of the film's dialogue off by heart, a skill which comes in very handy when you're trying to clear your living room of drunk people at the end of a party.


The Argument: In the TV Money Era, Don’t Forget the Matchgoing Fan

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The latest in our series sees Terry Clague offer a short reminder to club owners as to which body of people has facilitated their ability to make money out of football in the first place. Terry has previously written for The Anfield Wrap and can be followed on twitter here.


As football and capitalism have developed in recent decades, the former seems to trace the latter's trajectories, .

The Argument: Time for Midweek Afternoon Matches?

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There are well over three million retail workers in the UK, many of whom work more Saturdays than not. Add on public service and transport employees and a whole stack of night shift workers and you a have significant portion of the country that cannot watch football at its traditional time of Saturday at 3pm.

The Argument: In 2016, Football is as Political as Ever

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"Write a piece about something that is bugging you" about the game. Blimey, where do you start? Footballs on plinths, rampant corruption, automatic bookings for taking your shirt off, the pointlessness of football phone-ins, York City in the mire of sub-mediocrity? The choice is endless and picking just one thing out is a thankless task.