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4 American Athletes that Resemble Mario Balotelli

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He's listed as 6'2", weighing 180 pounds. He looks like a pure athlete, like he could have played American football or NBA basketball. But, Mario Balotelli is a forward in Soccer, a goal-scorer, a striker.

He's coming off excellent performances in Euro Cup 2012 that raised his profile worldwide.

The Special One Warns Buyers of Balotelli

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Mario Balotelli is one of the most coveted stars available this transfer market. And although the nineteen year old striker is still a little bit rough around the edges many of the world's biggest teams have begun to bid for the supposedly irreplaceable, young African forward.

And Manchester City is the favored club to win the battle for Balotelli this summer, but Jose Mourinho, the star's former manager at Inter Milan, decided to give potential buyers a forewarning of what to expect if they land the star:

The guy has incredible qualities, but sometimes does not know how to use his brain.

Cunningham looks to get back in FC Dallas starting eleven

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Dallas FC striker Jeff Cunningham understands that a coach has difficult choices but he wants to make sure he is making those choices as difficult as possible.

Speaking to his team's official website Cunningham said: "It's about the team. Everyone wants to play. It's a difficult position for the coach to be in.

New York Jets

Stevie Johnson Apologizes to Plaxico Burress

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We called out Stevie Johnson for making fun of Plaxico Burress shooting himself in his thigh. On Monday, Stevie Johnson apologized for his touchdown celebration. You can see the Stevie Johnson celebration video here.

Plaxico Burress said he got a call and a text message from Stevie Johnson after the game.

Terrell Owens to the Cincinnati Bengals?

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Terrell Owens may finally find a home for the 2010 NFL season. According to reports, T.O. has been working out with Carson Palmer in California. Supposedly, Palmer is so impressed with what he's seen from Owens in workouts that he has told the Cincinnati Bengals that they need to sign the vivacious wide receiver.

Where Will Terrell Owens Sign for 2010?

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Terrell Owens remains a free agent. It's obvious that NFL teams are worried about his explosive personality ruining chemistry. On top of that, Owens' career is nearing its end. But one way or another, a team is going to sign Terrell Owens for the 2010 season. Where will Owens end up? Here are the best destinations for him to thrive.


Is Terrell Owens Broke?

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Terrell Owens has yet to land a job in the NFL. For the first time in a long time, he's not cashing a big check at this point in the year. Is Terrell Owens broke already?

It sounds like it. Terrell Owens has asked a judge to look at his child support payments and change the amount. T.O. argues that the payments should be based off of his current earnings (zero) instead of his past earnings (millions).

Football is Back! Time for Touchdown Dances

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The NFL lockout is finally over. For football fans, this news is worthy of a celebration. And what better way to celebrate football news than to break out a touchdown dance! In the video below, check out legendary YouTube sensation Judson Laipply humorously (and accurately) illustrate the Evolution of the Touchdown Dance.

Why Chad Ocho Cinco’s Tryout in Kansas City is Good For MLS, and Soccer in America, Even if he fails

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By Dr. Raf Crowley As I was mulling over different topics to write about this week, I discovered a link on the 4-letter's Soccernet website that said in the midst of the NFL lockout, Chad Ochocinco is going to try out for Sporting Kansas City. In the vein of MLS-style preview pieces that we've been [.

Jets Top Bengals, Move to 9-2

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Brad Smith had huge night on Thanksgiving, propelling the New York Jets to a 26-10 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Smith had three carries for 55 yards (including a 53-year touchdown run), a catch for 23 yards and an 89-yard kickoff return, during which he lost a shoe. He ran the last 50 yard with just one cleat.

Bengals Lose Gamble on Antonio Bryant

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When it comes to natural wide receivers in the NFL, Antonio Bryant is near the top of the list. He's big, fast, athletic and has good hands. But due to injuries and immaturity, Bryant has failed to truly live up to his potential. This offseason, the Cincinnati Bengals looked past Bryant's red flags and signed him to a $28 million contract.

Tired of TO

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On the NFL side of the football world, this bloke just can't keep his name and face out of the media. If a week or two goes by without reporters clamoring for his attention he just has to go do something stupid yet again to get onto the front page.

Owens undoubtedly is one of the most talented receivers ever to play in the NFL, so let's get that out up front so I don't get flamed for ignoring his footballing skills and athleticism.

terrell owens 911 audio

Terrell Owens Suicide Attempt? T.O. Says N.O.

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Terrell Owens has responded to the story that he tried to kill himself by denying it. The October 6th incident in question involved a 911 call in which his assistant said he thought T.O. was trying to commit suicide. However, that same assistant now has a new story.

Said a rep for T.O. about the assistant: "The facts are that she arrived at his home that evening after he had already taken a sleeping aid to fall asleep.

Audio: Terrell Owens 911 Call – Suicide Attempt?

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Did Terrell Owens try to kill himself again? That's what it sounds like. Listen to the audio of a 911 call placed on October 6th. During the call, Terrell Owens' assistant said that she believed T.O. was suffering from a pill overdose after a suicide attempt.

This isn't the first time this happened.

Cincinnati Bengals

Terrell Owens Gets Stood Up

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Terrell Owens held a public workout to drum up interest for his attempted return to the NFL. One problem: Not a single NFL team showed up to watch the workout. Apparently, nobody wants to roll the dice on a 37-year-old wide receiver who is coming off of a major knee injury ... and that's not even mentioning T.

Best Fantasy Football Players - Week 16

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There's a good chance that Week 16 was championship week in your fantasy football league. There's also a good chance that if you had one of these players on your team that your fantasy squad came away with a victory. With Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles yet to play, here's a look at the best fantasy football players so far in Week 16.

Terrell Owens Shines for Bengals

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The Cincinnati Bengals took a gamble when they signed Terrell Owens. The talkative wide receiver was brought on board to spread defenses and help ignite the Bengals offense. In a preseason game on Friday against the Philadelphia Eagles, Owens did just that as the Bengals coasted to a 22-9 victory.


The fate of Antonio Cassano

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If he were an opera star, he would be il divo. If he were an American sports star, he would be called a prima dona (yes, Americans don't speak other languages well) and be compared to Terrell Owens or various NBA figures. If he was a politician, he would rise to stratospheric heights only to quickly fall to the ground.

Beckham’s ‘bad guy’ image drives business

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David Beckham's ego is off the charts. He is not bashful in the least bit, as noted from his underwear ads and from his attitude towards his career.Â

He has expressed himself with the press on a range of topics. Most recently, he appeared with ESPN and answered questions regarding his notorious outburst towards fans from the stands.

Carles Puyol

Americans Shock The Footballing World

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It was supposed to be a butt whippin, it was supposed to be like that supermodel that bitched Terrell Owens on the new NBC show, Superstars. The FIFA Confederations Cup semifinal between Spain and the USA would set US Soccer back 20 years. Everyone who watches football thought that La Furia Roja would embarrass the Stars & Stripes (including myself).

U.S. Shocks The World

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It was supposed to be a butt whippin, it was supposed to be like that supermodel that bitched Terrell Owens on the new NBC show, Superstars. The FIFA Confederations Cup semifinal between Spain and the USA would set US Soccer back 20 years. Everyone who watches football thought that La Furia Roja would embarrass the Stars & Stripes (including myself).

The Rest

Terrell Owens Torn ACL – Career Over?

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Post from: EveryJoe

Hijinx in H-Town

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(AP Photo/Mike Thomas)Not long ago, former Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens told the media in advance of a Patriots-Cowboys showdown - which, coincidentally took place a few miles north of Reliant Stadium - to "get the popcorn ready." The same advice could have been given prior to last night's highly-anticipated hoedown.

Theo Walcott wrote some kids books

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It's autobiographical, Terrell Owens-style I think. Beckham had a series released recently too.

The books come out next year and will be published by Random House.

The adventures involve little Arsenal fan "TJ", which was Theo Walcott's nickname growing up.
The 20-year-old Walcott said Thursday that he was excited to work on this series because "books played an important part in our family life as I was growing up.

The infamous teeth brusher

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While Chelsea were cleaning up on the field, David was, too in the stands.

In what surely has to be considered one of the great moments in Stamford Bridge history, if not footballing history, the man we all now know broke out the ol' toothbrusher for a quick cleanse in the final minutes of Sunday's 1-0 home win over Manchester United.

Terell Owens is a Buffalo Bill

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From Foxsports.com:

Wide receiver Terrell Owens has agreed to a deal with the Buffalo Bills, sources told FOXSports.com.

In an email sent to FOXSports.com on Friday morning, agent Drew Rosenhaus said there were "several teams" interested in Owens and he expected "to have a deal in place by the end of next week if not sooner.