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A Football League SWOT Analysis: The Threats

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[T]he stethoscope we have applied to the Football League over the past week has revealed a not altogether satisfactory heartbeat and the fact that the weaknesses section of our study has been easily the most read does indicate that there is concern for the competition's health among supporters.

A Football League SWOT Analysis: The Opportunities

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[A]s organisations with unconventional governance structures and aims and crucially, minus shareholders, sports leagues don't really conform to the model of a typical company, so a SWOT analysis, while a useful exercise, is relevant in a slightly more limited way when it comes to the opportunities section.

A Football League SWOT Analysis: The Weaknesses

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[O]f course by its very definition the Football League is weak – comparatively. While it's true that West Ham and Southampton skilfully negotiated the step up to the Premier League this past year, both enjoyed wage structures and transfer budgets way beyond the scope of second tier clubs. Yesterday's opening post on thisfour day SWOT analysis salvo perhaps painted too rosy a picture of the League's attributes.

A Football League SWOT Analysis: The Strengths

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[A]s the three divisions of the Football League steel themselves for life without npower and this website prepares for a month long summer break, we thought it would be appropriate to give the competition as a whole a health check, minus thermometers, but deploying that now established method of the SWOT analysis – beloved of the world of Business but pretty much applicable for any large organisation.