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Zakuani – 1st year learnings, Playoff preview

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I haven't done interviews for a while. My full time job had been at its peak, but now with a slight tailing off and the Sounders in the Playoffs I hope to get you a few interviews. First up is Steve Zakuani. Rookie of the Year candidate, fan favorite and a threat along that [...]

Traveling Support

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Tonight, a Wednesday with many school districts in their first week out here Seattle will travel a few hundred people to DC to watch the Open Cup Final. Mid-week, cross-country, hundreds. Here are just two of those.

Give me Fuel, Give me Fire, Give me that which I desire

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First a plug for the ECS pregame fest at Fuel/McCoys, and even more fun is that they are hosting an MLS All Star game viewing party at the Atlantic Crossing next week. Go to at least one of these events. If not both. Give me Fire. I have been looking forward to this [...]

Match Day 2 - Tactical Analysis and Zakuani Assist Breakdown

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The other night Sounders fans were treated to a series of stellar performances. Again the stands were raucous, the crowd was an active participant. Match Day Two though saw a few things tactically that were new from Sounders FC. First we saw Steve Zakuani start on the left wing, not wide left, because he [.

Red Bull NY @ Sounders The Supporters View

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Tradition and history are hard for a young team and a young league. In Seattle there is a team that is trying to connect to a 30 plus year journey, but there are also attempts to create new history as well. The Emerald City Supporters did there part. Sometimes in connection with [...]

Last Night Our History Became Legend

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To borrow from the impressive five section TIFO from the Emerald City Supporters, last night the latest chapter in the Seattle Sounders legend started. It started with a March on the Match, the pre-game celebration, an enormous crowd that Harkes considered on par with Europe, but most importantly a THREE - NIL victory over [.

Some traditions to start, others just continue

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With tomorrow's game we will get to start a few new traditions, and others we will continue from our city's past. A band and a supporters's group will lead a march on the stadium, this is new and old at the same time. They leave Occidental Park at 4:30 and continue the four [...]

Sounder Super Search Scrimmage and MLS on HD TV

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Doug (fellow member of 214) and I went to the scrimmage. We got there 12 minutes into the first half and missed two of the four most important events of the day. Since I missed them, I recap quickly. The First Seattle Wolves Goal. Gareth Waite went down with a blow to the head. [...]

The real question is WHY DON’T YOU HAVE TICKETS YET?

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Borrowed from the ECS boards Sounders FC Season Ticket Offer We just had lunch with Joe Roth and he thinks we are gonna have an empty GA we are doing an offer to fill the section up. Take advantage boys/girls before soccer moms jump in!! When: January 21,22,23 How: Call your account rep or ECS's account rep Eugenio [.

For the Fans and For the Players Supporter’s Groups Matter

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Soccer/Football/Futbol is different from most professional sports in America. Most clubs don't have cheerleaders, they don't need public address announcers or reader boards telling fans when to clap their hands. Ideally, they don't even need a marching band. In Seattle's case we are going to have the Sound Wave, but we will [.

Sigi Schmid Fan Conference

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I like the way this team thinks. We the fans are a part of it, it is truly our team. It is a team that has valued the passion that we have for our region, that tries to connect in ways that most American teams either don't or can't. Tonight the fan conference was [...]

Democracy in Sports

Democracy in Sports – What does it mean?

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The young movement in America has at its strongest example the light of Barcelona and Real Madrid. A regular fan (ok, not so regular they are always rich businessmen really) can be elected as the President. They can urge the manager to sign certain players (Henry) and free up funds in order to [...

More on Supporters Summit ‘09

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The weekend of November 20th 22nd, Major League Soccer fans and specifically, Supporters Groups of MLS clubs from across the U.S. and Canada will converge in the city of Seattle for the MLS Cup Finals. This is Our Passion, these are Our Clubs and this is Our League. We will all be celebrating [...

The Rest

Emerald City Supporters doing part to curtail scalping

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Supporters group has plans to "mystery shop" to identify people reselling general admission tickets at a significant profit.

Scalping is a practice any fan of live events is well aware of. Even if it's not actually illegal, it is generally seen as an annoyance at the very least. Well, Emerald City Supporters are doing their small part to curtail the practice.

East End Army unveil logo

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Bethlehem Steel FC's Supporters Group unveils their new badge, and it's a good one

Bethlehem Steel FC have had their official supporters group for a few months now. Back in December we did a pretty good interview with their President. However their logo left something on the table. Fear no more East Enders, you have something to be pretty excited about now.

Throwback Tuesday: We Are The MetroStars

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Hello there RBNY fans! Happy Holidays to you all! It's the first day of Passover and, I'm told, we're right in the midst of Lent as well (with Easter right around the corner). Regarding that other "Religion" that is "The Beautiful Game", the US Men's National Team (coming off the now legendary Snow Bowl that took place last week) will take on a desperate Mexican National Team at the aways imposing Azteca.

Matchday: Liverpool v. Wolves

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Kickoff from the Molineux Stadium at 12:45 GMT and 7:45 EST.

Ways to Watch:

Match live on Sky Sports 1 in the UK and ESPN 2 in the US.


Team sheet when it's available.

News from Argentina while you wait

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You may think you missed the start of the Argentine football season, you would be wrong. The league canceled its first week in an effort to save money. The tough economic times hit Argentina as hard as anyone, maybe harder. Now the AFA is going to break their TV contract to try and double [...]

Supporter’s Groups - more than emotional support

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In my previous story on how supporter's groups can influence the level of talent signing to the league as well as fan interest I failed to cover a major factor. This factor also relates to expansion and the American/Canadian desire to see top-flight soccer in their home nation. This factor is again how atmosphere/fan passion [.