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Major League Soccer

Change, Part 2: Analysis – Does stability improve results?

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In part 2 if our one-day series on change, Chris Sherman looks at the data to examine how having consistent managers and/or lineup correlates with match results.

Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 4a: Aggregate Referee bias

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Home field advantage can be staggering in MLS. Chris Sherman breaks down the numbers to see if the referees have anything to do with that.

Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 3: Scheduling and short rest

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Chris Sherman looks at the impact of short rest on performance. He also looks at whether MLS schedules favor home teams with longer rest and if that could impact home field advantage.

Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 2: Crowd Size

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Chris Sherman continues to investigate potential causes for home field advantage in MLS using statistical analysis. This second article demonstrates home field advantage and studies the effect of the size of the home crowd on the home team's advantage.

Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 1: Traveling distance

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Chris Sherman investigates potential causes for home field advantage in MLS using statistical analysis. The first article demonstrates home field advantage and studies the effect of distance traveled on said advantage.

MLS Statistical Analysis 1.15: It's Back

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It's close enough to the quarter pole for me to feel justified in looking at numbers. Wanna fight about it?

Life comes at you fast. I kept putting off MLS Statistical Analysis for the first part of the season, and putting it off, and putting it off... until it became the end of the MLS season and I was getting married.

MLS Statistical Analysis, 5.1: Yeah, it's early. So what?

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Most MLS teams have played four games, with the others having played just three, but far be it from me to resist the pull of analyzing the stats for the season to this point and drawing grand conclusions from small sample sizes. It's MLS Statistical Analysis, back for 2013.

For those who haven't seen it before, it's my (possibly) exhaustive look at the league's offenses, defenses, and goalkeeping through numbers, with a special emphasis on D.

A statistical look at MLS Week 1

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Before we get started: If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and lope on over to Tempo Free Soccer and poke around. Alex Olshanksy is doing man's work with statistical analysis there, and if you want to be a smarter, better human, the choice is obvious. In depth statistical analysis has a home in soccer in the same way it has a home in baseball.

Visualizing Union passing statistics

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Editor's note: The MLS partnership with Opta Sports has resulted in richer ways to understand the performance of the Philadelphia Union and its players through statistical analysis. PSP's efforts to collect and share match statistics have been enhanced by the deeper analysis offered by Ford Bohrmann.

Statistical Breakdown of Real Salt Lake – Seattle Sounders

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It was rough being a Sounder's fan last night.  Amidst discussions of a CONCACAF Champions League curse, playing at altitude and missing one of their best players of the season in Mauro Rosales, the Sounders had a tough playoff matchup against Real Salt Lake.  While most fans would have been surprised if the Sounders had come away with a first leg lead, going down 3-0 was a bit of a shock.


Study shows Balotelli would be a better buy for Arsenal than Aubameyang!

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As the January Transfer Window nears a close, I thought you might be interested in this statistical analysis which has revealed who Arsenal need to sign in order to deliver Champions League football next season. The Bookmaker bwin has analysed over 2,500 January transfers from the last 10 years to reveal the profile of player [.

Arsenal’s CentreBacks targets analysed and compared to ours…

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Pt. 1 Brief statistical analysis of strongly linked centreback targets & Arsenal's current centrebacks by AidanGooner Of course, different teams will have different amounts of defending required, so I have got the stats for one/two of their team-mates to look at for comparison. Mehdi Benatia & Jerome Boateng & Holger Badstuber (below) 11 Bundesliga starts [.

BETEGY – Precise Football Predictions and Tips Using Statistical Analysis: Product Review

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The famous adage that "football is a funny old game" is very true. Not many would have predicted that Aston Villa would get a 3-1 win over Arsenal at the weekend or believed that Wigan would beat Manchester City in the FA Cup final last year. However, more often than not, with careful analysis and an insightful approach, you can make informed decisions when pursuing betting tips around the beautiful game.

Goals, assists and other stuff

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"Making the Arsenal" – is available on Amazon, Arsenal on line, the Woolwich Arsenal site and in the Arsenal store.


Goals, assists and other stuff

By Alek Pan

This is the second statistical analysis of the way in which football (mostly [.

D.C. United

D.C. United Statistical Analysis 1.17

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

We're about one third of the way through the season, so it seems like a good time to look at how D.C. United's players are performing. It's no secret that the way the team closed out the 2016 regular season hasn't carried over to 2017. Injuries to players that were vital to 2016's stretch run, such as Patrick Mullins, Steve Birnbaum, Nick DeLeon, and Patrick Nyarko have played a big part, but it's not the only reason for the struggles.

MLS Statistical Analysis 6.0: Looking Back at 2013

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For D.C. United, it can't get much worse than last year.

Statistical Analysis is back for 2014, starting with a look back at 2013 as a whole. Very quickly, if you've never read this before, it's a look at various offensive, defensive, and goalkeeping statistics for all teams, as well as D.C.

World Cup

Holland’s Versatility and Tactical Flexibility a Key to Success

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The modern game demands many things of its footballers: Physicality, touch, technique and dynamism to name but a few. But often overlooked are the attributes of versatility and tactical flexibility.

The immersive statistical analysis that's now available at the touch of a button has channeled the game towards a host of different philosophies and as such, managers are more reactive than ever in their approach to games; a style that is currently in vogue amongst the very best teams.

Meet The Minnows: A statistical analysis of Europe’s Whipping Boys

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Meet The Minnows: A statistical analysis of Europe's Whipping Boys is a post from: Just Football

Okay so they're bad, but just how bad? Making his debut for Just Football here's Jake Miller with a statistical analysis of UEFA's minnows.

During the last round of qualifiers for next summer's European Championships in Poland and Ukraine, the world's number one ranked team, Holland stuffed perennial losers San Marino 11-0.

English Premier League

How to avoid relegation from the Premier League – A statistical analysis

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How to avoid relegation from the Premier League A statistical analysis is a post from: Just Football

The following is a statistical analysis of relegated and promoted teams in the Premier Leagueover the last 17 seasons.

All stats below go back to the beginning of the 20 team era in the Premier League, which began with the 1995/96 campaign.

To Boo Or Not To Boo? Why There Is A Time & Place For Dissent

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Three games into the Premier League season, the distinctive sound of burning pitchforks is in the air. Without a win from the six matches that they have played between them, both Andre Villa Boas and Brendan Rodgers are already being cast into a familiar mould that of the hapless managerial failure.

Xavi, Pirlo, Carrick, Modric… A Tactical And Statistical Analysis of Deep-Lying Playmakers in 2011-12

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Xavi, Pirlo, Carrick, Modric... A Tactical And Statistical Analysis of Deep-Lying Playmakers in 2011-12 is a post from: Just Football

With the death of the traditional number 10 many of Europe's top sides have looked to other areas of the pitch for the creative spark, which has seen the rise of the ‘inverted forward' or ‘inverted play-maker,' who dictates the play from wider positions.

The Road To POMOtion

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"It's not about results, it's about entertainment," says Sam Allardyce. Pause a moment to take that in. The man often portrayed as the ultimate no-frills manager announcing that, actually, he quite fancies frills and thrills. Except that's not exactly what he's saying. Because it is clear that, for Allardyce, entertainment has always meant getting good results and getting good results means entertainment.

Most efficient football clubs in England, Spain, Italy and Germany in 2011/2012

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The study of football, and its players, is perhaps best accomplished by evaluating efficiency. Of course there are many methods of such evaluation – ranging from weekly player ratings on the typical "start at 6" scale to full scale statistical analysis.

In this article we look at football clubs in Europe's top four leagues the English Premiership, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga and analyse their offensive and defensive efficiency so far this season.

Statistical Comparison Of Top Teams In England

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The international break provides a good opportunity for statistical analysis of various teams and players. To begin with, let's look at macro level stats for the big six. I will also try to cover some player comparisons before Premiership resumes on the 19th.

The following table lists passing, dueling, and other figures for Arsenal, City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham.

Allardyce has last laugh with Blackburn owners

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I've never been a great fan of Boardroom directors and owners at soccer clubs that pretend to know the game and how to run a football club, and probably more so since the advent of the "Super Owners" who bring colossal amounts of money into a club to radically transform the playing staff almost overnight, so it is with a certain level of enjoyment that I'm watching developments at Ewood Park, Blackburn, as the club struggles to get themselves off the bottom of the English Premier League.


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The CIES Football Observatory has predicted based on their analysis of football, that Chelsea are the most probable side to win the Premier League this season. The CIES was set up in 2005 and is dedicated to the statistical analysis of sport in all its diversity. Their team of researchers is notably specialised in the demographic study of the footballers' labour market, performance analysis of team and player levels, as well as in the elaboration of predictive models to determine the outcome of competitions.


Lahm, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Assou-Ekotto… A Statistical Analysis of Europe’s Attacking Full-Backs

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Lahm, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Assou-Ekotto... A Statistical Analysis of Europe's Attacking Full-Backs is a post from: Just Football

In the past, a full-back's traditional role was to defend from wide positions, track opposition wingers and prevent crosses coming into the box. However over recent years the role has evolved to be almost more an attacking position than a defensive one.

Hidden Layer: Fullbacks, Defensive Midfielders And Pro-Active Defense

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Last year in a 2-part "tactical preview" I suggested that the true shape of a "back four" team is actually a "W", taking into consideration the prevalence of the deep-lying central defensive midfielder, who in many applications has become almost a 3rd center back and revised the famous "libero" role of the past.

Seattle Sounders

Betting On Yourself

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What a difference a week makes. A week ago I wrote about the young heart of the Sounders and this week, two of those players are now Impactioneers. (Hey, it sounds better than Impacters.) Much has been said in the aftermath of The Trade. But one comment in particular struck a chord for me.

Seattle Sounders' 2012 Schedule is MLS' Easiest

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File this one under the category: most likely to attract choice commentary from Seattle Sounders supporters.

As the Sounders-less MLS First Kick fast approaches, we here at Stumptown Footy are spooling up the statistical analysis drives in preparation for the 2012 campaign. Lacking much in the way of hard data so far, with just one preseason match under our belt, we've decided to start with the schedule.

Football Analysis

This is the problem with using econometric analysis to identify causes within complex systems. Yes,...

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This is the problem with using econometric analysis to identify causes within complex systems. Yes, Kuper and Syzmanski are able to identify a few 10,000 foot correlations that are fairly intuitive to begin with. But when the real work to identify the actual causes of something begins, the equations and models are revealed to be cartoon depictions of reality bolstered by some smart sounding phrases but demonstrating a frightening lack of subject knowledge depth.

Football Manager: Advanced Stats, Live Odds and Scouting+

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Football Manager: Advanced Stats, Live Odds and Scouting+ - originally posted on

Football Manager will be released on 21 October 20112 here's a look at how Miles Jacobson and co. can make the game even better for the millions of football fans who religiously play the game every year.

The Rest

We’re going streaking!

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Scott Pugh flips a coin to make sense of the Union's streaky stretches.

Tuesday Freedom Kicks: It's a DP party

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Probably not a USMNT party though, if we're honest.

Happy USMNT game day, folks! Assuming USMNT game days are still happy days for you, which, I'd understand if they're not necessarily.

D.C. United Statistical Analysis - 2016 - Black And Red United
ICYMI yesterday.

Costa Rica vs.

MLS Statistical Analysis, 3.15: Offense, Defense, and Goalkeepers

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A look at the league's offense, defense, and goalkeeping numbers for the 2015 season.

Now that the 2015 MLS season has come to a close, so now is as good a time as ever to dive into Statistical Analysis. Here's the data:

Games Played / Goals / Shots / Shots on Goal / Wins-Draws-Losses / Points

Things are much easier to analyze when every team has played the same number of games.

RoM Reads

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By Far The Greatest Team has the stats ahead of Saturday's game against Crystal Palace.

Harvard Business Review has Sir Alex Ferguson's formula to success in full.

The Guardian interviews Clarke Carlisle about his criticism of Rio Ferdinand.

Beautifully Red has the Crystal Palace preview in GIF form.

Fantasy Focus: Need Help Building Your Team?

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With the start of the 2013 MLS season around the corner, hopefully you've joined the B&RU Fantasy League (private league number 7173-1471 -- now go thee forth and join!) Of course, you're probably reading this because you want a little insight into who the players are that you should consider adding to your team, so let's dive into it.

Dr. Dynamo or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dom

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After nearly seven seasons of soccer played by the Houston Dynamo, we've started to accumulate enough data to begin looking at statistical trends. I've never been a big statistics guy myself, unless we're discussing baseball, simply because applying statistics to a game like soccer is difficult. Sure it can provide some interesting information, fancy graphs and some data trends, but it's very difficult to make broader term assumptions about the game or teams because the sport is in such an ever changing state.

Revs by Numbers: Revs 4, Whitecaps 1

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Numbers don't always tell the story, and no truer words can be spoken about Saturday night's victory over Vancouver. While the final score indicated a lopsided affair, a quick glance at the stat sheet doesn't seem quite as convincing.

New England scored four goals in a match for the first time since last September, and in the process racked up some pretty impressive numbers in the stat sheets.

Why 'Moneyball' didn't work at Liverpool

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If you are interested in the science of sabermetrics - be it from the 'Moneyball' tales of Billy Beane and Bill James, or of Damien Comolli's interest in recreating the same in football - you'll like this article by Neil Ashton on Comolli, sabermetrics, and what's gone wrong at Liverpool.

When the trend for sending statistical analysis to managers on a Monday morning began, Kenny Dalglish filed them in the bin.