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Luke Skywalker

‘I Thought They Meant The Animal!’ – Adorable Twitter Mix-Up Sees Mark ‘Luke Skywalker’ Hamill Become Wolves Fan Overnight

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It looks like Wolverhampton Wanderers now have a new second-coolest fan (Robert Plant, if you're wondering) in the unlikely guise of Mark Hamill, he of Luke Skywalker fame.

Despite openly admitting that he'd never head of the Championship side until a couple of days ago, Hamill is now a full-blooded Wolves supporter thanks to a rather adorable little mix-up on Twitter.

Here’s Your Chance To Own An Airdrieonians Shirt Signed By Luke Skywalker (Photo)

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Photo: Airdrieonians FC

In tribute to one of their own, Airdrieonians have eschewed a shirt sponsor in favour of gracing the front of their home strip with the face of Mark Allison, the "super fan" who sadly lost his long fight againstpancreatic cancer in early 2016.

Indeed, the fan-owned Scottish League One side will play with Allison's portrait on their shirt for the remainder of the season though that's not the be all and end all of the gesture, oh no.

Major League Soccer

OTF Roundtable: The Signal, The Noise, and The German

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Making predictions is hard. And it becomeseven harder when the information you are workingwith is, well... noisy. In Nate Silver's book, "The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail But Some Don't," he connects our ineptabilityto make accurate predictions (humans, not Fire fans)as an evolutionary problemidentifying the truthfrom nonsense.

Revolution fans reveal Star Wars latest tifo

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New year, new tifo.

New year, new tifo.

New England Revolution supporters revealed their latest artwork on Saturday afternoon. The tifo, raised just before kickoff, was inspired by Stars Wars and read "The Fort Awakens." It was created by the Midnight Riders.

The Fort Awakens.

The Course of the Force is with the Galaxy today in Redondo Beach

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In an apt sporting-charitable event, at about 5:20 p.m. today Galaxy stars Edson Buddle, Bill Gaudette and Pat Noonan will participate in the "Course of the Force" lightsaber relay in Redondo Beach. The trio will receive a Star Wars lightsaber at the corner of Torrance Boulevard and Catalina Ave. and

D.C. United

This is not the outrage you're looking for, move along.

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Folks expressing a disproportionate amount of emotion about Star Wars night should probably pick and choose their rage a little better.

Over the course of Friday night's D.C. United win over the New York Red Bulls, an underlying gripe surfaced. The apparent problem - that the team decided to hold a "Star Wars Night" promotion - could trump a rivalry in the eyes of some fans, as if they would be scarred for life when their favorite movie and their favorite sports team crossed paths.

D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls staff and reader predictions

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Win, lose, or draw? No, seriously, what's going to happen in this game, because we're not sure.

It's almost the night we've all been waiting for, folks: Star Wars Night. Oh, also, D.C. United's biggest rivals are coming. But Star Wars!

It seems we can't all agree on an outcome for this game.

There Is No Try

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Headline over on says...
DC hope international scouting yields signings soon
Smacks of magical thinking doesn't it? Go scouting, pray a bit, and check under the tree to see what Santa Transfer Window has left you. Of course, I realize that headlines can often be misleading, and perhaps I'm reading a bit too much into it.


Jose Mourinho More Popular Than Star Wars On Google And Twitter (For Around 25 Minutes)

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"I felt a great disturbance in the Force"

Not that it will come as much consolation, but for a brief window Jose Mourinho managed to overtake Star Wars as the most popular thing on the internet following his sacking by Chelsea yesterday afternoon.

The news came on the very day that 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' hit cinemas worldwide, with the movie unsurprisingly dominating internet traffic all day.

Jose Mourinho: The Special One in Social Media beats Star Wars Craze

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Jose Mourinho: The Special One in Social Media beats Star Wars Craze - originally posted on

The termination by 'mutual consent' of Jose Mourinho by Chelsea stirred a storm in the footballing circleson Thursday afternoon.

Conventional and social media were abuzz with clicks and hits on the latest Mourinho update.

Shit Lookalikes: Kurt Zouma & John Boyega (From Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

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One is an swashbuckling, all-action defender of all that is right and proper.

The other is John Boyega from the new Star Wars film...

Manythanks to Pies fan Mark Rebelow for the spot. Terrifically shit!

Got a Shit Lookalike for Pies? Is it a bit shit? Email it over to us atwaatpies@gmail.

The most disturbing photo of 2011: Michael Duberry dressed as Princess Leia

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These are not the Dubes you're looking for It's Michael Duberry. But with boobs. It's Michael Booberry. The former Chelsea defender is now plying his trade in League Two with Oxford United, where the Christmas parties are every bit as wild as the Premier League. Well, we're assuming that this was for a Christmas party.

Caption This! Doobs would just as soon kiss a Wookiee

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Former Chelsea and current Oxford United defender Michael Duberry gets his saga on at a costume party in a galaxy far, far away. The Doobs, what a legend.

Help me, John Obi Mikel. You're my only hope.

I fully expect you guys to best my mailed in effort.

Daily Dose: April 20th, 2011

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Elano either has an ankle injury or is practicing diving. Equally likely.


  • Slinging money around to the little guys. (Avoiding The Drop)
  • And again. (The Spoiler)
  • And again. (Dirty Tackle)
  • Life at the end. (The French Connection)
  • Star Wars strip.

The Matchup

THE MATCHUP: May the 4th be with them...

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"2014 Season Tickets?..."  COLORADO VS. TORONTO
There are two reasons for the theme of today's "match preview" (those are very generous quotation marks).

THE MATCHUP: A Galaxy so long ago

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Oh Admiral Ackbar, our AquoSapien pal, you couldn't have exclaimed it better.

THE MATCHUP: Reds seek Empire strike back

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TFC's defence shows its mobility
NUTCAN WARS Episode II STRIKE BACK AT THE EMPIRE (FIELD) It is a dark time for Toronto FC.



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The Neymar movie is turning into a saga with more parts than Star Wars. I personally - with many others - believe that player should stay in Brazil as he looks more "piss & wind" than anything else. What the 19 year old does have which makes him the darling of everyone is MARKETING POWER & this may be more important that his Football dancing skills.

David Villa y Dwight Howard intercambian camisetas/Jerseys Adidas commercial

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David Villa tiene un estilo peculiar de jugar y en un intento de comercializar mas en Estados Unidos el soccer y el basquetbol en Europa aqui esta este intercambio de camisetas.

La verdad Dwight Howard no sale bien parado en este vídeo y David Villa parece una version re-masterizada de Chaplin.

Darth Vader

Boba Fett adidas Originals Rasta Soccer Jersey

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adidas Originals continues its line of Star Wars sportswear with the Boba Fett adidas Originals Rasta soccer jersey. The collection already includes Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader jerseys. According to adidas: In 1980 Boba Fett first came on the scene. The adidas Star Wars Jersey celebrates his arrival in a Rasta coloured football kit that suggests he's [.

Interlull: Crumpled Robin + Wojscez©® Rosicky & t-shirts

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Cheese with bits of chilli in it is absolutely delicious but also brings about some crazy Arsenal related dreams. I dreamt last night that Robin van Persie bought Arseblog because 'I want to get the truth out there about my injuries and about Nelson Vivas'. Naturally I was delighted and sought to give him a big thank you hug but he said he didn't want to be hugged but I insisted and when I hugged him he crumpled into nothing like when Darth Vader kills Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

adidas Originals Star Wars Soccer Jerseys

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adidas Originals has launched a collection of Star Wars-inspired retro gear. Included in the new range are old school 1970s style Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader soccer jerseys. Here's the lowdown on each from the adidas Originals website: Luke Skywalker adidas Originals Soccer Jersey: An exact replica of Luke Skywalker's Rebel Alliance Soccer Club kit, the adidas [.

Football Gear: Adidas Originals x Star Wars ‘Good & Evil’ Shirts

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By Ollie Irish

Football-loving sci-fi nerds of the world (there must be a few out there), rejoice at this Good and Evil pair of Adidas Originals Star Wars footy shirts.


Evil (boo, hiss etc.):

The Devil has the best tunes; Vader has the best football shirt, no contest.

The Rest

adidas x Star Wars Kylo Ren 2018 Soccer Jersey

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adidas has released a Kylo Ren soccer jersey as part of its new TheLast Jedi collection. The v-neck shirt is in the black worn by one of the latestStar Warsvillains and his First Order cohorts. A series of dark gray stripes appear on the front to add a classic football shirt feel. AStar Wars crest [.

Modern Football Is Rubbish: Weird Scenes As A-League Buddy Up With Disney To Turn Gameweek 10 Into ‘Star Wars Round’

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For reasons solely commercial, the A-League transformed their tenth gameweek of the season into the 'Star Wars round', which led to thoroughly odd scenes at the start of the derby between Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC.

Indeed, Kylo Ren emerged on the pitch and appeared to attempt to influence the match officials, which will no doubt result in a disciplinary hearing at some point down the line.

This Star Wars tifo will get you in the mood for 'Force Awakens' premiere

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CSKA Sofia is the most successful club in Bulgaria's history, twice having advanced as far as the semifinals in what was the rough equivalent of the Champions League. But after compiling significant amounts of debt, they were relegated out of Bulgaria's professional ranks in April. While ownership may have created a mess, there's still a strong and passionate fan base that isn't about to go quietly into the night.

Juventus Coach Massimiliano Allegri Quotes Jedi Master Yoda After Being Lumped With Bayern Munich In Champions League Knockouts

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When the plastic mini-footballs of outrageous fortune saddled Juventus with a Champions League last 16 tie against Bayern Munich in Nyon yesterday, there were precious few in the Bianconeri camp relishing the prospect of going up against one of the very best club sides in world football.

However, coach Massimiliano Allegri took an altogether more philosophical bent, musing that should Juve somehow manage to oust Bayern in the last 16, their impending run to the final would feel like a cake walk in comparison.

What’s the idea behind theme nights?

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Saturday is Star Wars theme night at PPL Park. PSP talks to Cara Joftis, the Union's vice president for marketing, about how the promotion came about.

“It’s always a fight”: getting ready for DC, more news

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Union prepare to battle DC. On Jack's goal scoring prowess. USASA Region I US Open Cup final to be played in Horsham. More news.

40,000 seater stadium to be chiseled out of desert rock

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Just when you thought United Arab Emirates couldn't test the limits of architectural physics any further, they went and hatched this quite phenomenal plan: a 40,000 seater football stadium peeking out of a lifeless and barren land. 'The Rock Stadium' is set to be built in the Al Ain desert and will be constructed below [.

Goal Celebrations Gone Mad

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H/T to One Point Four. It's like Star Wars. And a Benny Hill sketch. There are furry animals. And hot footballers. Good grief, it's like Surrender Monkeys had the Kickette Army in mind when they created this hysterical film to show off their superpowers. Finally. Someone has successfully articulated what's going on in our heads.

You could watch the entire Star Wars trilogy (original, of course – no special editions) and still...

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You could watch the entire Star Wars trilogy (original, of course – no special editions) and still have time left over to get halfway through the Holiday Special...

Kevin Alexander at Slide Rule Pass puts the number of minutes since the last Timbers goal in nerdy perspective.

Jose Callejon rode on Jose Mourinho’s back during Real Madrid’s title celebration

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Real Madrid beat Mallorca 4-1 in their final match of the season to become the first club in Europe's four biggest domestic leagues to reach 100 points for a season. After reaching such an impressive milestone, the club held a lavish title celebration on the pitch at the Bernabeu that was a cross between the final scene in Star Wars and the closing ceremony for the space olympics.

Nike Kit Launch: Designed For Your Pleasure

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Click here to view the embedded video.

George Lucas didn't spend billions of dollars on laser beam technology for Star Wars on a whim, y'know. The man knew that exciting zappy type things are appealing to most boys (and the occasional Kickette staffer), and when Nike released their new NT kits last month, they proved that 35 years has not dented the laser's appeal in the slightest.

The Ball

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By Clemente Lisi - BROOKLYN, NY (Dec 14, 2011) US Soccer Players -- There have been very few Christmas presents I received as a child that I can recall now as an adult. Growing up in the 1980's, I do remember the many Star Wars action figures and Atari videogame cartridges that were stuffed into my stocking – the sort of toys that nowadays would be on display at the Smithsonian.

Mesa de futbolito/futbolin de Star Wars en Lego

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Soy fanatico de star wars la guerra de las galaxias y por supuesto del futbolin o futbolito como le decimos en México.
Pues en Nerdgasmo me pasaron el link de la mesa que todos los futboleros geek debemos de tener en nuestras casas o bares de nuestra preferencia.
Son maravillas en Lego, han sido hechas por el usuario de Flickr 2×4.

The Tuesday Torso: Johnny Heitinga, Everton FC

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Before volunteering, players should note that the male guests at Kickette Star Wars marathon will be required to adhere to a strict dress code. Basically, this. Image:Â Chris Brunskill/Getty Images Europe.

Football Lookalikes: Darth Maul and Mario Balotelli

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Sulky sub Reluctant Manchester City substitute Mario Balotelli decided to make yesterday's trip to the Reebok Stadium a fancy dress affair. The Italian striker was channelling the spirit of Star Wars character Darth Maul as he sat with his hood up and a menacing look on his face. Mario was more death stare than Death [.

Blog on: E3: Microsoft Kinect support added to many new games : Mass efect, Minecraft coming to Xbox

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NewsPage E3: Microsoft Kinect support added to many new games : Mass efect, Minecraft coming to Xbox - 4 hours ago from "tech" via svartling in... - Comment - Like Microsoft has added a bunch of EA titles to their list of Kinect supported games Madden NFL FIFA World Cup Tiger Woods PGA Tour Mass Effect 3 Forza Motorsport 4 Fable: The Journey Ghost Recon The following games will also be coming to Xbox 360 with Kinect Support: Minecraft Disneyland Adventures Kinect Star Wars - Svartling

Too Many Chiefs

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Little late with this but Jorg Steinbrunner has been sacked from his position as coach of Medan Chiefs in the Liga Primer Indonesia. And that's with his team being fourth in the debut season. It's pretty reasonable to expect some departures come the transfer window as probably half the team is there because of him.