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Confederations Cup: Russia’s New 2017 Shirt Is Soviet-Styled And Rather Lovely (Photos)

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Photo: Adidas

Russia have just released their new kit for the 2017 Confederations Cup and it looks as though the hosts may just be the most smartly-turned out team at the ball.

Kit makers Adidas have taken style pointers from the Soviet kits of the 1980s and knocked out an absolute beauty (which, admittedly, doesn't look unlike the little red number Wales wore at Euro 2016).

New Century, Old Tensions: Russian & Polish Supporters Clash In Warsaw

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For those amongst us of a certain age, the scenes from the streets of Warsaw yesterday afternoon and evening had a wearyingly familiar look to them streets of mostly young men, mostly wearing terrible clothes, trading kicks and punches on the street of a European city whilst others, including, of course, a media that had over the last few days given every impression of really looking forward to this moment, looked on.

European Championship Stories: 1960 – Cold War Football

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There are plenty of people, not least within the governing bodies of football itself, who would have it that football and politics don't mix. This is, of course, bunkum, whether we like it or not. The game holds such influence over so many people that it sometimes seems impossible for politicians not to be able to link the two, from the relatively harmless, "You only win the World Cup under Labour" slogans of Harold Wilson's British government of the late 1960s to the altogether more sinister machinations of the state organisations and their leaders that ran clubs in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.


A Bleak Future for Eastern European Soccer

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During the Soviet regime, football teams were owned by state industries. Of course, the teams owned by more powerful organizations like Moscow Dinamo, a club owned by the Soviet security and secret forces always finished at the top of the league. Therefore, the league was completely unfair due to the greater support put forth by larger organizations, and corruption.

Euro 2012 alternative team guide: Ukraine

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OTP gives you the lowdown on all the Euro 2012 teams. 10 word description: Hosts hoping home advantage will help overcome patchy recent form. Coach: Oleg Blokhin The former Dynamo Kiev and Soviet Union striker is back for a second stint in charge of Ukraine. He enjoyed success between 2003 and 2007, albeit with a [.

UEFA Euro Story

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International teams from across Europe have battled for supremacy to become European Champions since 1960 when France hosted the inaugural championships that were won by the Soviet Union with Yashin, Ivanov & Bubukin out muscling their Yugoslav counterparts. 52 years and 13 finals later, Poland & Ukraine host the championships with Spain arriving as both [.


1972 European Championships

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West Germany beat the Soviet Union in the Brussels Final

Video Highlights

1964 European Nations Cup Final

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1964 Spain Vs Soviet Union- 21/6/1964 European Nations Cup Final

1964 European Nations Cup Final Video Highlights

1960 UEFA European Nations Cup

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The first UEFA European Nations Cup was held in France and the winner was the Soviet Union

1960 UEFA European Nations Cup Video Highlights


Scotland in 1992: Living in the group of death

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By the early 1990s Scotland had qualified for five consecutive World Cups.

No matter how meagre the feast when we got there, we were remarkably adept at scavenging invitations to dine at football's top table.

Yet this success was not replicated in the European Championships.

As with the World Cup we didn't actually bother with the tournament at first, sitting out qualification in 1960 and 1964, possibly in protest at 'UEFA European Nations Cup' lacking a certain oomph as a name.

Enjoying Reggae and Caribbean football Part2

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Costa Rica:
Costa Rica name rings a lot of sweet memories to me in football. One of my nicest memories of the game was attending 1989 Youth World Cup that was hosted in my home, Saudi Arabia. I remember attending one of the group stages games of Costa Rica vs. Columbia. And a the captain Ronald Gnzalez scored the 1-0 winning goal at the last minute from a beautiful free kick.

Enjoying Reggae and Caribbean football Part2

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Costa Rica:
Costa Rica name rings a lot of sweet memories to me in football. One of my nicest memories of the game was attending 1989 Youth World Cup that was hosted in my home, Saudi Arabia. I remember attending one of the group stages games of Costa Rica vs. Columbia. And a the captain Ronald Gnzalez scored the 1-0 winning goal at the last minute from a beautiful free kick.

Scotland in 1982: Crash, Bang, Goal Difference

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In the latest New Statesman there's an interesting article by Gary Younge on his relationship with the England team. In it he notes that, in the international arena, Scotland have "found a way to enter into the spirit of being lovable fuck ups." It's easy to recognise what he's talking about, the sing and drink at all costs mentality that I'm not entirely comfortable with and which found its

World Cup

Euro 2012: The Runners & Riders – The Republic Of Ireland

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It's almost a quarter of a century since the Republic of Ireland made their debut in international tournament football, when a first round exit in the European Championships was ameliorated somewhat by the pleasure of beating England in the group stages. Since then Ireland have reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup finals twice, but 1988 has proved to be the country's sole appearance in the finals of the European Championships until this time around.

Euro 2012 – The Runners & Riders: Spain

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From perennial under-achievers to perpetual favourites in considerably less than ten years, the first decade of the twenty-first century was the one that transformed the world's perception of the Spanish national football team. Spain began the new century living very much down to people's expectations, with a quarter-final defeat at the 2000 European Championships being followed up with a quarter-final defeat in the World Cup two years later and a first round elimination at Euro 2004.

Former Soviet goalkeeper Maslachenko dies at 74

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MOSCOW, Russia- Former Soviet international goalkeeper , who later turned to television commentating, died on Sunday after suffering a stroke last week. He was 74. He died on the last day of the Russian Premier League season and most teams held a minute's silence in his memory. The Ukraine-born Maslachenko made his name playing for [.

World Cup 2010: Germany 0-1 Spain

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Two years is not a long time in football, especially when you consider that national sides evolve, certainly more than club sides. In that respect, you would have expected quite a few rematches from European Championship finals happening in subsequent World Cups. However, of the twenty-six finalists in the first thirteen European Championships, six of them have failed to qualify (including Czecholslovakia Denmark and Greece, who were European Championships), and three others have failed to get out of the group stages.

Canada Day Soccerball Special: Canada’s 1986 World Cup Adventure – No Goals, Some Glory

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By Ollie Irish

Canada qualified for the World Cup finals once, in 1986. Never before, not since. To get there, the Canucks beat Honduras a momentous day in Canadian soccer history but then lost all three of their group games in Mexico that year. They didn't disgrace themselves, however, losing only 1-0 to then-European Champions France (to a late Jean-Pierre Papin goal), 2-0 to Hungary and then 2-0 to the Soviet Union.

World Cup 2010: Italy 1-1 New Zealand

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When the World Cup was expanded to twenty-four nations for the tournament in Spain in 1982, the decision didn't come without criticism. Some of it was reserved for the fact that twenty-four nations meant that the tournament had to take an almost absurd looking shape with two group stages (which was jettisoned after one tournament), but the majority of it was reserved for the notion that an expanded World Cup finals would lead to lopsided matches, with new teams getting thrashed out of sight by the old guard.

Portugal – World Cup 2010 Preview #28 (Group G)

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Portugal World Cup 2010 Preview #28 (Group G) is a post from: Just Football

Appearances in World Cup Finals:

Portugal will be competing in their 5th World Cup campaign in South Africa. (1966, 1986, 2002, 2006, 2010)

Best ever performance:

The World Cup of 1966 is well remembered for being England's only World Cup victory to date, but en route they had to overcome the Portuguese.

North Korea – World Cup 2010 Preview #27 (Group G)

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North Korea World Cup 2010 Preview #27 (Group G) is a post from: Just Football

North Korea

Appearances at World Cup finals: North Korea have qualified just once before, at the 1966 tournament held in England. Since then they've withdrawn or not entered on four occasions and have failed to quality on all other occasions.

New Zealand – World Cup 2010 Preview #22 (Group F)

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New Zealand World Cup 2010 Preview #22 (Group F) is a post from: Just Football

New Zealand is a island-country in the Pacific Ocean with a population of just 4 million. For a country of 4 million that has hardly embraced the game of football to qualify for 2 World Cups is quite astonishing.

How did the hosts do in opening matches?

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I think it might be a good idea to look at previous World Cups and find out how the hosts fared in their opening matches. Here's the full list, with the hosts listed first: 1930: Uruguay 1-0 Peru 1934: Italy 7-1 USA 1938: France 3-1 Belgium 1950: Brazil 4-0 Mexico 1954: Switzerland 2-1 Italy 1958: Sweden 3-0 Mexico 1962: Chile 3-1 Switzerland 1966: England 0-0 Uruguay 1970: Mexico 0-0 Soviet Union 1974: West Germany 1-0 Chile 1978: Argentina 2-1 Hungary 1982: Spain 1-1 Honduras 1986: Mexico 2-1 Belgium 1990: Italy 1-0 Austria 1994: USA 1-1 Switzerland 1998: France 3-0 South.

Will Portugal ever fulfill their potential on the world’s biggest stage?

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As Portugal gear up for only their fifth ever FIFA World Cup we begin to ponder once again if they will ever mount a serious assault on football's grandest stage.

Over the past ten years the Selecção das Quinas have produced some of the finest talent in Europe, most notably Cristiano Ronaldo, and Luis Figo before him.

Marco Van Basten

One of most under-rated goals

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I would have imagined that Ronnie Whelan was watching the Euro 1988 final with his friends or family and reflecting back on his great year, great Euro, and most important, his great goal that would be undoubtedly win the memory of the world as 'goal of the tournament'.

Ronnie goal was against Soviet Union in the first round, and after Republic of Ireland defeated England 1-0, they almost did the same with Soviet Union, but the game ended 1-1 tie.

Wayne Rooney dream goal came true

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Marco Van Basten will always remember his famous volley goal vs. Soviet Union, people will always remember Zidane incredible volley in the Champion League final in 2002, and wayne Rooney today scored the goal that he will be remembered with for the rest of his life.

szólj hozzá: Mu2-1MaC

Manchester United beat Manchester City 2-1


The Miracle of 1989 WC U20

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As we are approaching the QF of the U20 WC, and Nigeria is one of the qualified teams so far, it is good time to remember one of the most incredible things ever happened in the world of the game.

That was in the 1989 U20 WC QF, Nigeria vs. Soviet Union. The game was held in Dammam in Saudi Arabia, and I have attended the game in the stadium myself.

Lilliput’s Revolt

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International qualifiers might now lack the quality of top flight European football, but they more than match the major leagues for drama and unpredictability. In the qualifiers for Euro 2012, one feels that anything and everything could happen and probably will. For the likes of Italy and France, things are going to get worse before they get better.


Two Tribes, part three

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Yet another objectively evil regime was hosting yet another Summer Olympics, and someone asked Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice about a boycott. She spoke out strongly against it.

Quote: "I do not think the boycott of the '80 Olympics was very effective. In fact, I think it looked feckless," she said.

The Politics of Dancing - part one

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Oh, someone took up the call I made last week - last week? I need to post more often, it was only three posts ago - about mixing sports with politics.

The Egypt Friendly and Why Politics Matter in Sports. Sounds promising. Think I'll go read it.

*three minutes later*


The Rest

Sevilla vs Dnipro Preview, Possible Lineups & Key Stats

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Sevilla vs Dnipro Preview, Possible Lineups & Key Stats - originally posted on

The 44th Europa League final takes place tomorrow with Spanish La Liga side looking to defend their title and win the competition for a record fourth time.

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk are looking for their first major European honour in what will be their first final.

Ten really funny clips

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Some new and some old videos, but mostly not known or over consumed stuff,

This is not clear from which league or country, but what a poor defender lol

Another very bad defender with a very poor keeper

Well, here is other bad defense, not just one player, but the all defenders, what a poor keeper,
this video is from Norway

Here is another poor keeper, and what a keeper?

Bavarians look to embrace opportunity

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The first time Andreas Davi saw the movie "Miracle" a few years ago, he was still learning English and didn't quite fully understand coach Herb Brooks' infamous speech to the U.S. hockey team before their historic upset of the Soviet Union at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Top Nigerian Striker On Radar At Newcastle

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We've watched WBA's striker Peter Odemwingie a few times this season, and he's looked a very good player. Peter Odemwingie - top WBA striker The player, who stands just under 6′ tall, is of Nigerian descent and was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Soviet Union 29 yeas ago. He w as brought up in Russia, although [.

Russian Legend Accuses Guus Hiddink Of ‘Breaking’ Yuri Zhirkov

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By Chris Wright

Granted this is a bit of a non-story, but I've chosen to relay it for one good reason it contains what is possibly the most bafflingly excellent metaphor in the history of the modern game.

Legendary Russian striker Viktor Ponedelnik, a veteran of Soviet Union's single European Championship triumph in 1960 (he scored the winning goal against Yugoslavia in the final), has criticised former Russia manager Guus Hiddink for ruining the career of Chelsea's first-choice auxiliary left-back Yuri Zhirkov.