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Well people, he's done it again. Thomas from HDWorldLeagueTV on Youtube and Facebook has put together a trailer for the new season and it's fantastic. Taking a look back at what turned out to be a season full of drama, we get set for a new dawn at Chelsea this term.

Using new sound effects, this video is quality and I ask of you all to take 5 minutes out to have a butchers at this.

Neymar Celebrates Felipe’s Goal By Repeatedly Slapping Him Across The Face (Video)

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By Chris Wright

In which fledgling cockatoo Neymar celebrates teammate Felipe Anderson's winning goal in Santos' 2-1 victory over Avai by pinning him to the water-logged turf and repeatedly slapping him across the face...

Fancy watching the same video, but with added comedy sound effects?

Champions League

Victor Valdes Channels Nigel De Jong

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To be honest, this may be much, much worse. At least the crunching impact of tibia to face certainly makes it appear to be a notch above De Jong's chest plate dance during the summer; on the pitch I suspect it sounded like the sound effects room on a Hollywood movie lot. Dame N'Doye was fortunately able to return, but would only answer to the name Horatio.

London Calling

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I wouldn't say that my hearing is shot, but it's not what it once was too much Clash, in too many enclosed spaces, at too young an age so I can't turn up the TV as loud as I would like. Or rather, I could, but I don't want to disturb my neighbors, if they happen to be around. The walls of this rather cheap and rather shabby (but, I must say, scrupulously clean) Bloomsbury hotel are quite thin, and like almost all Americans, I have a visceral anxiety about being, even potentially, cast in the role of Ugly American.


2010 World Cup Ringtones

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Brazil thrashes Tanzania, 5-1

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Robinho and Ramires each scored a pair of goals as Brazil toppled Tanzania, 5-1, in its final World Cup warm-up match at National Main Stadium in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Robinho netted a brace in the opening 33 minutes of the match, while Ramires scored his first two international goals in the second half.

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DTotD: Glass Man v Tiny Man

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Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben got all bent out of shape when teammate Philipp Lahm went in for a hard challenge on the fragile Dutchman during training. Robben was quick to shove Lahm after the tackle that probably almost shattered his entire body and stand over him as would only dare against a li'l guy like Philipp.

DTotD: The Tiger

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Be sure you have the sound on when watching this, because the sound effects make it wonderful. I mean, even though Charles eats it just as much as the kid he slams into, I still walk away feeling like he's an ultimate badass simply because of that tiger growl and the helpful "What a tackle!

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Filibuster Podcast: Week 18 - D.C. United hits the road for Seattle and Colorado as we get bougie

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We've been telling you about back-end changes coming to the show for a while now, and one of those changes is here: thanks to a partnership between SB Nation and BlogTalkRadio, we can now record Filibuster live, with sound effects, call-ins and the like. We tested out the new system on this week's show, so please excuse a few hiccups in the production.

Cheeky Bugger: Iker Casillas Gives Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bum A Squeeze On Ballon d’Or Red Carpet (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Complete with comedy 'honk' sound effects, here's Iker Casillas giving Cristiano Ronaldo a good ol' fashioned cheeky goosing on the way into the Ballon d'Or gala on Monday afternoon...

Safe hands.

Sergio Aguero: How Much Is That Hoop Earring In His Earlobe?

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Please sing our headline to the tune of, 'How Much Is That Doggy In the Window?'. The 'arf, arf' sound effects are optional. Image via Kun's Twitter.

Time for a contest, Kickettes!

Anyone who correctly guesses the weight of Serio Aguero's diamond huggies in carats (without going over) will win a box of Cesc's cookies and bragging rights that we'd advise against sharing in circles outside of our own.

Strikers head coach talks on MUA#8

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WOW, this was a great show! On this weeks Miami Ultras Alive we spoke to Fort Lauderdale Strikers head coach Daryl Shore.
We didn't pull any punches, asked him what the heck is going on with the Strikers. Started out telling him that 1-5-2 is not good enough. Coach Shore did a great job and made no excuses and promised that they will do everything within their power to turn this team around.

Sneaky death grip on opponent's crotch in Copa Libertadores

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Aggressive and unwanted fondling is nothing new in sports, yet this incident from Wednesday night's Copa Libertadores match between Penarol and LDU Quito seems especially nightmarish. But maybe that's just because of the glorious sound effects.

Liverpool FC Launches Official Game App For Apple Devices

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Liverpool FC has launched what it claims is the first official football club game app for the iPad.
The game, which pits players against Liverpool FC's goalkeeper Pepe Reina in a penalty shootout, will be available across all Apple's mobile devices including the iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS.
The game's developer, Bright AI, has used a combination of the physics of a real football's movement, recordings of supporters' chants and sound effects from matches to replicate the experience of a penalty shootout at Anfield stadium.