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Arsenal Home, Away and Third Shirts By Puma: Leaked [PHOTOS]

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Photographs of Arsenal's home, away and third shirts by Puma for the 2014/15 season have been leaked on the Internet.

The leaked photos are the result of the catalog being posted on social media today (see below; click the image for a larger view). The yellow shirt is the away one, while the blue is the third kit.

Experiencing The Premier League Run-In: The Heart Of English Football

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As a supporter, trying to grasp perspective during a wonderful run can be difficult.

Youbecome so immersed in your soccer team when it's going well; reading every match report after a win, trawling through social media to sample opinions of your team and counting down the seconds until the next fixture.

Manchester United Manager David Moyes Must Be Given More Time

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If you simply read posts on social media, you'd believe a majority of Manchester United fans want David Moyes sacked. But when you interact with thoughtful long-term supporters of the club, you realize the sentiments on the Internet do not represent the ethos of the club or its long-term supporters.

Thank You

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In 2013, more than 4.3 million unique people read this site.

We're grateful to every one of you — the readers — who read the articles, post comments, interact with us on social media and who make World Soccer Talk a part of your daily routine.

Without you, it'd be impossible to do what we do.

Lewis Holtby hosts first Hangout with fans

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Tottenham Hotspur have continued their innovative and fresh approach to interacting with supporters through social media this summer, as they've launched their very first Google Hangout with supporters and bloggers. Midfielder Lewis Holtby made club social media history as the first ever player to host a Hangout, and as expected was his usual charismatic self as he discussed his personal goals, preseason, and the differences between the Premier League and Germany's Bundesliga.

Red Devils jump on Twitter bandwagon

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Premier League champions Manchester United led their rivals in last season's table, but they are officially the last top flight club to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. Nonetheless, today the club launched their official Twitter account, putting an end to supporters' requests to have yet another outlet to connect with the club.

Roberto Mancini Counts The Cost City’s Thwarted Ambition

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There has been, in recent years, a fundamental shift in the way that new stories are reported. There was a time when an announcement would be made, comment would be passed upon it, and that would be that. Nowadays, of course, things are different. Stories often break through gossip on social media or though stories placed in newspapers, often by parties with access to inside information but also vested interest, and there then follows a period of flux, during which nobody exactly knows exactly what the truth is and what the truth isn't.



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Die "Ich-ess-Rassismus-einfach-auf" Aktion von Dani Alves hat im Internet weite Kreise gezogen. Etliche Fussballer, Prominente aus anderen Bereichen und Fans haben sich eine Banane essend fotografiert und die Bilder anschließend mit dem Hashtag #weareallmonkeys auf diversen Social Media Plattformen in Netz gestellt.

Report Claims Banana-Eating ‘We Are All Monkeys’ Social Media Campaign Was Pre-Planned And Originally Intended For Neymar

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By Chris Wright

A report published in Spanish newspaper AS has claimed that the 'We are all monkeys' campaign that swept social media in the wake of the banana taunts quite literally tossed at Dani Alves at the weekend was pre-planned well in advance by agroup of marketing firms.


Rayados de Monterrey : Redes Sociales y Fútbol

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Por : Isaac Treviño Twitter:@IsaacTregzz

Hoy además de hablar de nuestros queridos Rayados, su problemática actual y la forma en que la directiva está trabajando para armar un plantel que nos de esas satisfacciones que ya tanto extrañamos , tocare algunos otros temas que creo son significativos para el entorno del Fútbol en el cual giran muchas de nuestras actividades y diversiones .

Gillette: #InnerSteel y lo que representa el in & out

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Tener un activo proveniente de un patrocinio deportivo tiene muchas ventajas. Quizás la que más es utilizada, es la asociación directa de la relación entre patrocinador-patrocinado.

Recientemente, tuve el honor de ser invitado por Gillette a su lanzamiento global de la campaña #InnerSteel en Barcelona, con su embajador estrella Lionel Messi.

Social Media en el Super Bowl

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Uno de los eventos deportivos con mas rating es el Super Bowl, se habla de el intensamente semanas antes, y semanas después. Es un evento capaz de atraer masas, y es por eso que las marcas y las empresas buscan ser parte de este evento, no solo en anuncios, sino también en las redes sociales.

Es normal que se hable acerca de los anuncios en el Super Bowl, incluso algunas personas esperan más los anuncios de las grandes marcas que el evento mismo, las grandes cantidades de dinero que paga una marca por anunciarse durante 30 segundos aumentan año con año, para este 2014, la cifra fue de cuatro millones de dólares por esos segundos, pero hay algo que está tomando mucha fuerza, la gran contribución esta vez compartiendo comentarios, anuncios, opiniones, etc.

Monitoreo y Análisis en el Social Media

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Monitorear y analizar información son dos acciones que nos permiten tomar decisiones en base a información recaudada a través de estrategias planteadas por empresas de cualquier giro o inclusive, entidades deportivas.

Monitoreouna evaluación continua de una acción en desarrollo. Es un proceso interno coordinado por los responsables de la acción.

#SocialMedia: Mitos sobre la Compra de Followers (Parte III)

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Y ya con todo el preámbulo anterior, llegamos al final ¿Cuáles son los principales mitos y que poco tienen de certeza sobre la compra de followers?

Te siguen muchos "huevitos", por lo tanto, compraste followers

De forma simpática, Twitter diseñó un avatar genérico en forma de huevo, refiriéndose a un pájaro antes de nacer para los nuevos "tuiteros".

#SocialMedia: Mitos sobre la Compra de Followers (Parte II)

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En la Parte I de este post, hablamos sobre las generalidades, definiciones y clichés existentes ante la compra de followers en Twitter. En esta ocasión, vamos a ver de forma más profunda cómo opera la compra de followers para intentar, y solo eso, diferenciar una compra contra un seguimiento, incluso con casos reales.

#SocialMedia: Mitos sobre la Compra de Followers (Parte I)

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Hace no mucho tiempo leí un comentario muy a la ligera sobre la posible compra de followers que reflejaba un total desconocimiento de como opera ese tema y por tanto una serie de prejuicios a la hora de emitir un razonamiento.

De tal forma, me doy a la tarea de explicar más sobre este tema paso a paso.

Importancia del Social Media en el ámbito deportivo

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No es una novedad que el social media ha revolucionado el modo en que las empresas pueden usar el marketing dentro de las redes sociales para mejorar su imagen y lograr un contacto más directo con sus clientes. Hablando específicamente sobre Social media en el ámbito de los deportes, las redes sociales han mejorado la experiencia del entretenimiento deportivo mediante la conexión que se genera entre los fans y la marca.

Major League Soccer

Three things I learned from MLS media training

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Throughout the month of February, I traversed the country with my co-workers and peers Gabe Gabor, Sean Dennison, Brian Dunseth and Dan Courtemanche to deliver media training on behalf of Major League Soccer to our players at 14 clubs (the remaining clubs used outside firms for their media training fwiw).

2014 Home Shirt Thoughts

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Don't like the shirt? I blame the bear.

All 19 MLS teams have at least one new shirt in 2014, and with the exception of one or two early (DC United) and late (Chivas USA) releases the fans all wait eagerly, desperately searching social media for 'leaked' photos or attending release parties.

Juggling a Soccer Ball #ThroughGlass

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MLS All-Star weekend in Kansas City was full of Glass explorations. One fun little moment I found digging through my archives was this: Juggling a soccer ball with our king of video content at MLS, Jason Saghini.

Follow @jasonsaghini

Stay tuned, more #throughglass adventures to follow!


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So what's up with this #DigDeep hashtag that I see following #dcu around the Twitterverse? Possible meanings that I can come up with off the top of my head?

  • A none-too-subtle message to the ownership to loosen the purse strings and #DigDeep in the moneybags for some filthy lucre to be splashed on reliable finishing.

Thoughts on Major League Soccer’s YouTube Live Stream with Google+ Hangout

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It's no secret: I love Google+ Hangouts. They're effective, innovative, engaging and fun.

I actually feel the way about this technology today, as I did about Twitter back in the early days of WPS (2008) when we needed a way to share our player allocation and subsequent draft. The technology and opportunity Twitter presented seemed like the perfect way for us to share these events in real-time.


This is why you have to be careful when you abuse your own players

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By Walter Broeckx

As I follow Per Mertesacker on the social media a bit I had the pleasure of reading this post (below) on his time line. Now I must say that following the German players on the social media is rather interesting.

They talk about the charity work and are rather active in [..

Arsenal News: Gunners Keen On Blockbuster Transfers This Summer

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Arsenal fans have been very vocal on social media asking manager Arsène Wenger to concentrate on a few big names instead of the inexpensive youngsters the manager normally ends up pursing in each transfer window. More well-rounded and known players naturally demand higher salaries as well as much larger bids; something Wenger is not accustomed to.

Redes Sociales

#SocialMedia: De Embajadores, Influenciadores y Tuitstars

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En tiempos recientes y con el auge de Twitter como medio social en México, las marcas intentan participar e influenciar las conversaciones que están sucediendo. Generar Trending Topics, crear un Word of Mouth (WOM) digital y hacer llegar los mensajes al mercado target son una tarea cotidiana de las áreas de marketing de cualquier marca y/o entidad deportiva.

El Community Manager no lo es todo en Social Media

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Pareciera que todos podemos ser, que es la profesión del futuro para el ahora, que es indispensable, que solo se requieren ciertas habilidades (o ser un Millennial), y así tenemos la extendida presencia del Community Manager (CM).

Hay quienes quieren denostarlo, hay quienes lo ensalzan...

The Rest

New Soccer Video Website Launches to Aggregate Best Viral Videos From Across the Web

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Viral videos are such an integral part of the soccer experience. Whether it's interviews with The Special One, clips from Nike or user generated videos, you can now find them in one place at

No longer do you have to hunt and click through YouTube or social media to find the soccer videos that appeal to you.

The Procrastinator’s Guide To A Proper US Kit

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Like the US MJ instead of FJ these days.

Matt Biggerstaff & Eric Giardini go shopping for icy pops.

We're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. You might remember us from a time long agocalled December.

The 23 is set, whether you like it or not.

If you don't like it, be sure to take to social media and let your friends know!

Klinsmann ‘hugely disappointed’ in his son’s Donovan tweet

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Photo by


U.S. Men's National Team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has had to deal with the fallout of his decision to leave Landon Donovan off the final 23-man roster for the World Cup in the last 24 hours, but before speaking with the media, he had to deal with his son.

Beleidige nie einen Fussballer von Arsenal London

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Beleidige nie einen Fussballer von Arsenal London

Beleidige über Social Media nie einen Fussballer von Arsenal London, denn ab jetzt treten sie den Gegenbeweis an. Und glaubt mir eines, mit einer einfachen Beleidigung könnt Ihr heute keinen mehr herausfordern. Also lasst Euch gefälligst etwas besseres einfallen.


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What happens when a social media director gets married

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Ethan and I got married on September 21, 2013. And despite my best efforts to keep my cell phone by my side for most of the event, I only took a few photos, most of which were selfies with my new hubby and bridesmaids. I suppose wearing my Google Glass was an option, but to be honest in the end I decided to keep the attention on the event itself, not the technology I was wearing.

Five First Impressions of Google Glass

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I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the Glass Explorer program (thanks to my rock star team at Google Plus!), and after a couple days of obsessing over them, practicing using them, and showing them off all around New York City, here are five of my first impressions.

1. Glass is all about what's happening right now.

Changing coaches often offers little solutions

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With almost one-third of the season expired and the Fire looking like a club destined to miss the playoffs for the third time in four seasons the whispers about a coaching change are getting louder. Fans are understandably upset with the club's 2-7-1 record and the outcry for change via social media and various other outlets becomes more vocal with every disappointing loss.

Starting XI: Brad Knighton

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StartingXI 1.) You are probably the most twitter friendly player on the Whitecaps. How have the Caps supporters treated you on social media? Brad: "The supporters have been fantastic since I have arrived. It's really nice to be in a city with so much passion and support from a particular team." 2.) In a interview .

Marketing in Chicago: Interview with Fire VP Emigdio Gamboa

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On the road tonight, so we thought we would revisit an interview we did from the start of the 2011 MLS season. Back then, Emigidio Gamboa of the Chicago Fire was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Fire's promotional efforts for 2011, the team's use of social media and more. Now as we start the 2013 campaign, it makes sense to take a look back to see how some of these efforts succeeded.

Sporting End Membership Program in Current Design

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Sporting Kansas City announced today that they are ending their Sporting Membership program in it's current design. The program had originally been set up with a website for fans to sign up as a social media area as well as a location to get the free away tickets that the team offered and the free members stand tickets that the team offered in the first season.

The Audacity of Hope...Solo

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This past Christmas I received a copy of 'A Memoir of Hope Solo' which I was eager to read. Now, I am not an expert book reviewer but am a huge soccer fan and supporter of women's soccer so these seemed to be right up my alley with regards to reading.

It did not take long for a certain theme to emerge - Hope Solo vs the world!


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XFINITY is once again hosting the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest, in search of a dynamic individual to become the new voice of @XFINITYSports. Interested applicants can enter now through February 18 at www.