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Does nationality matter in coaching soccer?

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 31, 2012) US Soccer Players -- In his book How Soccer Explains the World, Franklin Foer describes a criticism of soccer as a game that "gives life to tribal identities which should be disappearing." Foer rejects that criticism for ignoring what he calls a ‘craving' to identify with a group as a central part of the human experience.

Chicago, Houston, and opportunity in the East

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 31, 2012) US Soccer Players – Last season gave us the strong suggestion that the Play-In Round would bring an end to the plucky underdog battling through as a lower seed to make the MLS Cup. That began to border on the cliché in this League when it was still possible for a Western Conference team to qualify for an Eastern Conference wildcard.

Keeping score for Toronto

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 30, 2012) US Soccer Players – This morning, Toronto is once again going to remind the rest of Major League Soccer that they're a team in transition. It's a creative way to maneuver around being a team in trouble. Toronto management always seems to have a plan, pulled from the failure of the last plan.

RSL's point

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 19, 2012) US Soccer Players – Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis can choose to play up the moral victory aspect of his club's 1-1 draw with Herediano on Tuesday night in the CONCACAF Champions League, but in all other respects it was a loss. As everyone knew going in, RSL needed three points to win Group 2 in the ‘only the winner advances' reality of group stage.

Klinsmann, CONCACAF, and the Eastern Conference

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 19, 2012) US Soccer Players – Letters time, and we start with Will's response to Field Conditions where I made the field in St Johns the principle antagonist in the Antigua & Barbuda – USA story: "You have a point, but I think you're letting Klinsmann off too easy.

Gamesmanship in CONCACAF

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 17, 2012) US Soccer Players -- The United States went down to St John's, Antigua and--get this--found the conditions difficult. The field was a bog, slapped down in the middle of a cricket oval that had not wanted for use. It was muddy. The footing was intermittently treacherous.

Field Conditions

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 9, 2012) US Soccer Players – Anyone who follows club cup competitions knows that sometimes the overmatched team manages to win. It's the ‘giant killer' cliché of English soccer, when the mighty topflight club rolls into town and exits the tournament courtesy of a third division team.

Why isn't MLS like Europe?

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 4, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Like reports from a distant front, American soccer fans often hear from players who have taken their careers abroad that everything in Europe is more. More intense, more engrossing, more strenuous, just a lot more. Players who have permanently moved to the Continent speak of constant competition for places.

New York's Groove

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Oct 3, 2012) US Soccer Players – There are at least a couple dozen pro sports clichés that warn against what the New York Red Bulls announced on Tuesday. With three games remaining in the season, New York made the move of a club out of the playoffs and already looking to next season.

Teaching the teachers

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 28, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Last week, I spoke to US Under-20 National Team coach Tab Ramos for an feature on youth development. The site was in the latter stages of its "24 Under 24" countdown, a series attempting to catalogue Major League Soccer's top young players, and I was seeking a national-team perspective on the wider issue.

MLS and the Play-In Round

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 27, 2012) US Soccer Players – We're about to draw the line on success and failure in Major League Soccer. Who is in or out in the playoffs is normally the only critical distinction for coaches in this League. Make the playoffs, and all is forgiven. Fail, and it's time to make the strongest case possible that this is all part of a process.

What We Expect from Major League Soccer

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 26, 2012) US Soccer Players – As we watch Major League Soccer work out which clubs belong in the 2012 postseason, let's talk about what the League should be doing. Not the obvious things that would make most lists. We're going to stay away from officiating, player allocation, the designated player rule, and the schedule.

Winnable Games

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 21, 2012) US Soccer Players – There's a tendency at this stage of the Major League Soccer season to treat each and every game like Herculean obstacles, almost impossible to overcome. Part of that is marketing, raising the stakes as we head to the playoffs. That's never likely to account for teams stumbling along, creating their own problems, yet still with enough points and space to make the.

Worldwide stage also a shop window for Parkhurst

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 20, 2012) US Soccer Players -- There aren't quite as many these days as there once were, but plenty of white whales remain for US soccer, elusive milestones that typically serve as reality checks on our optimism about the sport's progress. The UEFA Champions League may be the biggest of them all.

Soccer Talk Radio

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 19, 2012) US Soccer Players -- The story of the rise of spectator sports in America is, in many ways, the story of the rise of mass media in America. The popularity of products like the National Football League and Major League Baseball was built on the back of the invisible radio waves and television signals conveying accounts and images of games into American homes just as urbanization.

League over League

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Sep 18, 2012) US Soccer Players – It took the first expansion to really get me into Major League Soccer. Chicago joining the League meant I had a team I could watch and later cover in person, and that changed everything. At the time, DC United was the club everybody else wanted to emulate, beat, or otherwise turn into a trivia question.

Major League Soccer

Questions: The gap in points

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By Tony Edwards - San Jose, CA (Oct 23, 2012) US Soccer Players -- In Tuesday's column, Tony studies the gap in MLS between the Supporter's Shield and 19th-place, salutes Chad Marshall's achievement in Columbus, and reminds us that Taylor Twellman was an exceptional soccer player. With one game to play, the difference between the Supporter's Shield winners and the 19th-placed team in the League is 42 points.

Questions: Players and Owners

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By Tony Edwards - San Jose, CA (Sep 18, 2012) US Soccer Players -- In Thursday's column, Tony looks at transfer deadline signings on the West Coast, asks if the Revolution will get their leading scorer back for next season, and examines which teams have the most difficulty in the second half of games.

Are the Red Bulls Contenders or Pretenders?

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By Cesar Diaz - NEW YORK, NY (Sep 20, 2012) US Soccer Players -- On Wednesday night, the Red Bulls had the opportunity to claim the Eastern Conference top spot from Sporting Kansas City. Playing at Red Bull Arena, this was a match between the team with the best MLS home record versus the team with the best road record.

Soccer Culture

Everton's moving tribute to the Hillsborough 96

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A moving tribute by the Toffees to remember the 96 fallen before the Newcastle game. To the Everton fans who made this day about fans no matter where and what stripe they support. And David Moyes showing that he's not just a manager but a class act through and through:

"I applaud the families who continued to fight for the ones they loved.

Messi off the bench scores a brace as Barca beat Getafe, 4-1

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Adriano gets the Blaugranas started after Cesc Fabregas does all the brilliant spadework. Well into the second half, Pedro is brought down in the box and Messi who comes off the bench scores from the spot. The little maestro is at the right place at the right time to sweep into goal Montoya's cross for his brace.

Real Madrid lose again this time to Sevilla, 0-1

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Piotr Trochowski's majestically swept in half volley following a corner in the 2nd minute was the game winner. "Sad" Ronaldo did not do much. It was a bad tempered match and after losing Real are in 10th position. Not exactly keeping up with Barca are they? Mourinho was quite blunt:

"I worry about my team.

Manchester City held to a standstill by Stoke, 1-1

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Peter Crouch must have committed about five handballs before scoring but the referee failed to spot even a single one. There was nothing dodgy however about Asimir Begovic's goalkeeping. He brought off at least three spectacular saves. However, he could not keep out Javi Garcia, who made his City debut as did Maicon and Scott Sinclair.

Queens Park Rangers hold off Chelsea, 0-0

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Not exactly Chelsea's best match. There was no Juan Mata but there was plenty of Frank Lampard which does not make for pretty viewing. There were two close penalty calls, the first when John Terry seemed to be gang tackled by Ryan Nelsen and then Eden Hazard was brought down by Shaun Wright- Phillips.

Anton Ferdinand vs John Terry (and Ashley Cole): No handshake

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He won in court and now he wants his handshake too? Anton Ferdinand snubbed John Terry and a bit later Ashley Cole, his co-conspirator declining to shake their hands. Lip reading Terry, he appears to say, "My handshake is better than yours, damn right!"

Utd's old and new post an impressive victory over Wigan, 4-0

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Danny Welbeck is a diver. His acting abilities earned Utd an penalty. So it was justice served when Chicharito Hernandez's soft spot kick was saved. Sir Alex Ferguson started Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes who was making his 700th appearance. The most intriguing change was 23 year old Alexander Buttner's appearance in place of Patrice Evra.

Six gun salute for the Gunners as they sweep Saints, 6-1

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szólj hozzá: Arsenal vs Southampton 6:1 MOTD

The only imperfection in an otherwise perfect outing for the Gunners was the display of Wojciech Szczesny who could not preserve a clean sheet. A minor detail it would appear but an irritating one nevertheless. The rest was quite stellar.

Four Arsenal legends found Southampton a lucky charm: Will Oliver Giroud?

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It took Thierry Henry eight matches to open his scoring account for Arsenal, a period so fraught with self doubt that the winger turned striker admitted he had to be "re-taught everything about the art of striking." The drought ended on 18 September 1999 against Southampton, as Henry losing his marker, finds a sliver of space and curls his shot without any further elaboration.

An oldie but a goodie: David Brent on football management

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Being: Liverpool is a FSC documentary with the first episode to be aired this Sunday, the 16th. There are enough examples to show Brendan Rodgers channels David Brent in his interviews. He also has a self portrait hanging on a wall in his living room. So without further ado, above a clip of Brent on football management.

Abou Diaby will not play Saints, Sagna and Wenger patch up

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Arsene Wenger has opted for caution following Abou Diaby's niggling hip injury sustained against Finland last Friday. He most likely will not feature in Arsenal's home game this Saturday against the Saints as a precautionary measure. Which given Diaby's extensive history of being crocked is probably a wise thing to do.

Barcelona's 2013-14 away kit to sport colours of Catalonian flag

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The Bars of Aragon, part of the Catalonian flag will feature in the 2013-14 kit

Two days ago, a million and a half Catalonians demonstrated in Barcelona in an unmistakably fervent call for independence from Spain. The president of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell attended that demonstration with his family as a private citizen, not representing the club.

Boris Johnson apologizes for his 2004 Spectator hit piece

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The Hillsborough Panel's report exposing a systematic and pernicious police cover up has in its aftermath generated a growing list of personalities apologizing for their part in blaming fans for causing Britain's most horrific peacetime tragedy. As many have put it, this was the mother of all cover ups.

Ivan Gazidis redefines Arsenal success

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There are many ways one can define success, especially in this football era which clearly divides the haves from the have nots. That is what one gets after reading Ivan Gazidis's Telegraph interview.

Gazidis is the CEO of Arsenal, and a marketing and PR man by profession who was hired to develop the commercial interests of the club.

The Rest

Do American Soccer Players Have ‘Poker Mania’?

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Deuce(s) Wild?!

Recent years have seen a growing number of international soccer stars enter the world of gambling. It may seem strange that soccer players, who specialize in a sport primarily dependent upon skill, should be attracted to a game with a much bigger luck factor. Nonetheless, the thrill of poker certainly seems to tempt the biggest names in soccer notable examples being Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Suarez.

Teammates Show Much Love Towards Chris Seitz for Selfless Act

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In the realm of professional sports, soccer players are among the most approachable and friendly guys on the planet when it comes to dealing with either the media or fans. So, when news surfaced earlier this week that FC Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz had been missing practices and games because he had donated bone marrow last month, few who knew the ex-Maryland keeper were surprised because selfless is one of many ways to describe him.

Colombia's 2-0 Win Over Paraguay Another Solid National Team Game For Carlos Valdes

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Soccer players have long recognized that chances cannot go unfulfilled, least they dry up and prevent future progression toward the biggest stages of a career.

For some players this means not messing around with Europe looking on through scouts. Others focus more on the representation of their countries, which may slip away from their grasps at any moment.

What Hope Is There To End Pirated Soccer Streams When Even Soccer Players Are Watching Them?

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What hope is there to end pirated soccer Internet streams when even soccer players are doing it?

Above and below are screenshots of US international Alejandro Bedoya's desktop yesterday where he was watching three separate UEFA Champions League games including one illegal stream of FOX Soccer's broadcast of Manchester City against Borussia Dortmund.

What Ever Happened To: Tatu

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By Clemente Lisi – NEW YORK, NY (Sep 19, 2012) US Soccer Players – When a young player named Antonio Carlos Pecorari came to the United States in 1981 to play for the Tampa Bay Rowdies, his goal was to make enough money so that he could move back to his native Brazil and buy a home. It didn't exactly work out that way.