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What counts as a big game for American soccer fans? Over the weekend, world soccer provided multiple opportunities to answer that question. Milan - Inter Milan, Real Madrid - Barcelona, Club America - Chivas.... All three easily qualify as big games, arguably bigger than the leagues where those clubs play.

Today’s The Day….

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Dempsey gets the tally against Jamaica in 2011. (Photo Credit: Alex Brandon, AP)

Editor's Note: This is our "get fired up" post for US international matches. We re-post it for every US match. Share it with your friends.

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The reality of Yanks Abroad

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (Aug 22, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Among the many duties of the serious American soccer fan - right along with advocating for the perpetual shakeup of the youth ranks, pondering the wisdom of switches to any number of European-styles competitive formats, and bemoaning the predominance of fast and physical players - is the near-obsessive tracking of how Americans are doing in the far flung leagues of the world.

Today’s The Day….

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Donovan gets a warm (beer, urine, whatever) reception at Azteca. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Editor's Note: This is our "get fired up" post for US international matches. We re-post it for every US match. Share it with your friends.

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Previewing Brazil’s WNT

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FIFA Ranking: 5 (as of July, 2012)
Coach: Jorge Barcellos
Number of Olympics Appearances: The US has participated in every Olympics where women's soccer has been a sport (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012), with two silver medals (2004, 2008) and two fourth place finishes (1996, 2000).

Tell Me About: Randers FC

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Charlie Davies has moved leagues, leaving France's Ligue 1 for Denmark's Superliga. Specifically, he's now a member of Randers FC, a club that hasn't been around very long. Here's what you need to know about Davies's new address. Why Are We Here? Every American soccer fan is familiar with the Charlie Davies story.

When In Roma: Michael Bradley, Champion’s League Hunting

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Gunning for the top... (photo credit: Matt Mathai)

This piece by Serie A and Roma expert Eric Giardini

Moving day....

This is the move USMNT fans have been waiting for.

With this move to Roma, Michael Bradley is taking a significant step forward in his career that should ultimately pay dividends at the international level as well.

Foundations of a Soccer World: David Wangerin, 1962-2012

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"I have never believed that something needs to be achingly popular for it to be interesting, and for a soccer fan born in the wrong country at nearly the wrong time, few things are more fascinating than the peculiar roller coaster the game in America has ridden across the decades. As near as I can tell it's story has never really been told.

I’m Amused…I Think

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I got this video sent to me via e-mail, asking me to share and spread the word. I watched it and by the end I felt confused. As an American soccer fan am I supposed to be amused or insulted? I assume their implication is that major international tournaments, like the just completed Euro 2012, brings people like this out of the woodwork.

Soccer Ratings

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Every American soccer fan interested in seeing the game succeed in the States tends to keep an eye on television ratings as marker of the sport's appeal to a domestic audience. With Euro 2012 and the MLS season back in gear, now presents a great time to take a snapshot of soccer ratings in 2012.

World Cup


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This post has taken me four days to write. And I'm still not certain it's good enough.

How does an American write about Clint Dempsey? Especially one that is a soccer fan, and a Fulham fan at that? How do I write about a player that has meant so much to this club and to this fan, when it all ended so messily and murky?


Craven Cottage Newsround at related • 0 views

This post has taken me four days to write. And I'm still not certain it's good enough.

How does an American write about Clint Dempsey? Especially one that is a soccer fan, and a Fulham fan at that? How do I write about a player that has meant so much to this club and to this fan, when it all ended so messily and murky?

And We’re Back…

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It's been several weeks since we've had a new post here on Two Touch Pass, and I've spent a week or so contemplating my first post back. I suppose the reason we went away for awhile had to do with our busy lives, full of new adventures, big moves, and the many distractions we have in life. But, I'll be completely honest, my absence has been due to a post-Olympic hangover that has required me to catch my breath (weeks later) after stressing for 3 weeks.

New England Revolution

Musket Rounds: USA vs. Canada, Robles, Imbongo, Usain Bolt to Man United, And More

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The week goes on, and what a week it is! The New England Revolution are still shedding dead weight ahead of the September 15th roster freeze, and there's been a development in the allocation order department as Luis Robles has agreed to sign with MLS and enter the process. Apart from that, there's the massive controversy over the thrilling USA vs.

Musket Rounds: Let Us All Lament The Shalrie Trade, New MLS Salaries, Guy for Guam, And More

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We're a day removed here and I don't feel like it's gotten any better. For as long as I've been a New England Revolution fan - nay, a soccer fan - Shalrie Joseph was the anchor in the Revs' midfield. For as long as I've been covering the sport, he's been one of my favorite interviews in the locker room, and an all-around great guy.

Revolution vs. Impact: Know Thy Enemy

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The New England Revolution are gearing up for a three-match road trip by traveling north of the border to Quebec to take on the MLS newcomers known as the Montreal Impact on Wednesday night for their second game in just four days. It will be the second time in a row the Revs have faced a Canadian side, having just fallen to Toronto 0-1 on the weekend.

Soccer History

Roger Davies - Golden Scarf Awardee, Sounders Legend

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Prior to the Seattle Sounders v Chelsea FC friendly NASL Sounder Roger Davies will be awarded the Golden Scarf. The scarf is now awarded on a much more limited basis than previous years, but there is little doubt that Davies deserves the recognition of his importance to Seattle's soccer history. This guest post is to provide those that missed his greatness with a reminder of just how much he meant to the Sounders.

NASL Week 15 Recap

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Article by Doak Gips

Storylines, storylines everywhere! Where do I start? We could start with the standings of the NASL, in which the top four teams are all separated one point each? We could talk about the resurgence of the Atlanta Silverbacks, who, despite having a whopping -14 goal differential, have moved out of the cellar and have pushed Edmonton down into the bottom.

Euro 2012

Holiday Finale: Bringing the Fans

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Our final post of the holiday week brings Part III of our 2009 Bringing the Fans Series. It was three years ago that we first raised the issue of bringing soccer fans into the hold. The presence of those fans has recently been confirmed by the great ratings for Euro 2012. Can MLS capture that audience?

Keane pays tribute to fallen Irish fan

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Robbie Keane and the Republic of Ireland endured a difficult few weeks during their time at Euro 2012. The Irish lost all three of their matches, but the brave efforts they displayed were not lost on their proud supporters.

Tragedy also struck the Irish while in Poland, when a 21-year old Irish fan fell into the river Brda and drowned.

Robbie Keane Holds ‘RIP James Nolan’ Shirt Aloft, Tribute To Ireland Fan Found Dead At Euro 2012 (Video)

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By Chris Wright

After scoring for the Galaxy against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday night, Republic of Ireland captain Robbie Keane paid tribute to James Nolan, the 21-year old Ireland fan whose body was found at the bottom of a river in Bydgoszcz after accidentally drowning while out in Poland to support his national team.

Euro 2012: Prediction Pain

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To the first dingy, ruffled sportswriter who offered a prediction toward a game, award, event -- I shake my fist at thee angrily. (And throw your "press" card tucked into the bill of your cap into the mud!) It's a necessary evil in the business. And if you're a soccer fan ahead of Friday's Euro 2012, you've no doubt seen probably 100 different picks by different writers, bloggers,

The Rest

Blog Housekeeping

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No column this week, but it will return next Tuesday with a preview of the independent documentary "Gringos at the Gate," which should be required viewing for any Southern California soccer fan, ahead of its LA premiere. Also, readers should know we are shifting the entire blog to a new

Thuram – France v Croatia – 1998

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Ben Weich writes for the EPL Talk and Soccer Fan Base blogs. You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenWeich


While there may have been more beautiful goals scored, few have been as remarkable as this one. This was a hugely important goal, not only for French football but also for the country as a whole.

The Beautiful Game and The Beautiful Fans

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No other sport other than soccer can bring out such passion like that of football fans. Enjoy the passion expressed in these images of some of the most eye pleasing fans from around the world.

"The Eyes of an Angel Fan" These eyes would make any soccer fan melt.

"The Kid Fan Supporter" This happy Polish soccer fan feels like the luckiest guy on earth.

Total Soccer Show reviews USMNT historic win in Mexico available now @ CSRN

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We review the USA's 1-0 win over Mexico at the Azteca, a win 75 years in the making. If you're a USMNT soccer fan, you'll want to hear this show!

USWNT Win's Gold: Match Diary

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Article by Leanne Elston

The USWNT defeated Japan 2-1 today to become gold medal champions in the Olympics for third consecutive time and fourth time overall. Earlier in the day, Canada beat France 1-0 with a late stoppage time goal from Diana Matheson, earning them the bronze medal in the tournament.

FOX Soccer Needs to Start Delivering With Its FOX Soccer 2Go Product

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It's only nine days until the start of the English Premier League. Other European leagues and tournaments are starting all through August. These are exciting times for any soccer fan. But where is FOX Soccer in all this? They are busy putting ...

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The First World Cup Belongs in Durham, England

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On today, the day of the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games, I want to ask you, the avid soccer fan, who won the first World Cup. It is likely you say "Uruguay". You may say that they won their ...

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"Off The Bench" Episode 12

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The latest episode of "Off The Bench" is live with Luke Lohr and Pedro Gomes debate the validity of a rivalry, as well as pointing out the factors that make for a natural rivalry. Expansion talk and possible news of the leagues 20th team lead to discussions about how the league should do things and a great story of creating a new soccer fan.

Dirk Nowitzki Scarfs the Lamar Hunt Statue

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NBA and Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki came out to enjoy the FC Dallas game June 23rd against Chivas USA. Dirk, being German, is not surprisingly a big soccer fan. Click the article to check out this little video made by the FCD PR crew of the former Champ's visit.

Keane pays tribute to fallen fan as Galaxy smash Vancouver

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Photo by Robert Mora/LA Galaxy


CARSON, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Galaxy earned their third win in seven days on Saturday with a 3-0 victory over the Vancouver Whitecaps.Â

The Galaxy jumped on Vancouver early tallying three first half goals from Mike Magee, Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan to cap off a nine point week.

Cascadia Cup: Like Euro, But Way More Awesome

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Soccer fans in the Pacific Northwest have gathered over the past few weeks in bars and cafes, or hooked up their ESPN3-streaming computers to their television sets, to watch the impressive quality of soccer being played in Poland and Ukraine. From Greece's unlikely upset of Russia to squeak into the knockout stage, to the calm confidence Germany exerted over their "Group of Death," Euro has not disappointed this year.

Know The Complete Unknowns, Your USMNT Rosetta Stone

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Subjection Dome: Estadio Matteo Flores, Guatemala City

This is Elliot Turner's first piece for The Shin Guardian. He didn't hold back.

For TSG's Official USA vs. Guatemala, click here.

ET: I prepared this for our US national team, but since Jose Torres and Herculez Gomez are now out there every game, their "game" should suffice.

Jamaica 2012 Olympic Team PUMA Collection

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While the Jamaica national football team or Reggae Boyz didn't qualify for the 2012 London Olympics, known soccer fan Usain Bolt and the rest of the Caribbean nation's track team...