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Another Coach Turns Down Abramovich’s Offer

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Borussia Dortmund's Jurgen klopp has ruled out the possibility of joining Chelsea in the summer. The 48 year old German tactician stressed that despite being linked with a move to the London club, he has no intentions of leaving Dortmund any time soon.

"I can turn them down straight away.

Another German talks up Gunners

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After signing Per Mertesacker and being linked endlessly to Mario Gotze, Arsenal are now tipped to land another German the 23-year old winger Kevin Grosskreutz.

Grosskreutz, who is Gotze's teammate at Borussia Dortmund, guided his current team to the Bundesliga title with eight goals and seven assists last season.

Five-star City receive Champions League warning

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Manchester City certainly turned many eyes with an emphatic 5-1 destruction of Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane earlier today but Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes insists that life in the Champions League isn't about to get any easier for the Barclays Premier League leaders.

Heynckes, who inherited an underachieving Bayern squad at the Allianz Arena at the end of last season, sent a message to all of the Bavarian side's rivals by claiming that they will only get better after an impressive 3-0 win over Kaiserslautern yesterday.

The Twohundredpercent Premier League Previews: Bolton Wanderers

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If there is one particular role within football that is analysed more than any other, it is that of the manager. So much of the culture of the modern game is wrapped up in the cult of the football manager that it would be easy to reach the conclusion that their value is over-stated, but when they get things right, they can set a club that may have been heading towards choppy waters towards, perhaps, a brighter future.

The Premier League v Karen Murphy: Who Would Be The Real Winners?

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Tomorrow, the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is due to pass on her view to the ECJ judges on the case of the Media Protection Services (MPS) v Karen Murphy. The case revolves around Karen Murphy – the landlady of the Red, White & Blue in Southsea – and her use of satellite television.

Commentators Keys & Grays banned after sexist remarks

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Is there a place for women in the macho sport of football? According to Sky Television Presenters Richard Keys and Andy Grays, women don't belong in any aspect of the sport. Throughout the Wolverhampton Wanders and Liverpool game, Keys and Grays made several disparaging remarks about female linesman Sian Massey.

Winter Weather Proves That Premier League Should Put Fans First at Christmas

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Last weekend snowy weather conditions played havoc with the Premier League fixture list, next week will probably be similar. The recent inclement weather does raise one important issue though as far as the all important Christmas period is concerned; Why does the EPL make fans travel the length and breadth of the country when fixtures closer to home could easily be arranged?

The Premier League & Sky TV vs Karen Murphy

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Never mind yesterday's match between Chelsea and Arsenal or any other match that any English club will play in this season. Quite possibly the most important match that English football or at least one part of it will be played out at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg this week as the Premier League and Sky Television go head to head with a Portsmouth landlady who feels that she shouldn't have to pay the cost that Sky want her to pay to show live football matches in her pub.

There’s No Stance Like Sitting Down

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When it comes to football contracts, it's fairly simple: you sign it, your services belong to the team. That's the nature of a contract.

Of course when you'd like to take those services elsewhere, there's an equally simple solution: withhold your services.

Sounds like advice from a midday television chat show for housewives.

Crimes And Punishments In A Bipolar World #

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There are, undoubtedly, some characters in the game who are more murky than Peter Kenyon.
But, despite this proviso, you wouldn't want him going out with your daughter, would you?

This week Kenyon, who tries to justify the stability of one of the most psychopathic entities in world football, decided that it was a suitable time to lecture others from his House of Cards.

The Fetishism Of The English Premiership - A Flashback

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The new subscription structure of Football Is Fixed includes provision for a couple of Flashback posts per month, in order that we may either demonstrate our prescience or allow for the continuation of the arguments set out in the original post.

The article below was originally printed in April 2008 and relates to the illegal machinations that were being unveiled in order that the English Premiership title race would go to the wire.

The Wisdom Of Crowds - A Collaborative Experiment

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We want to experiment on you.
We want to experiment on ourselves too.

We want to create a collaborative experiment with our readers.
We want to create a powerful trading tool for application to the English Premiership.

We want all participants to share the fruits of this venture.

Fantastic And Phantasmagoric

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Richard Scudamore: "Its a fantastic end to the season".
It is fantastic. It is a fantasy.

Sky Television Advertising: "The most amazing weekend ever".
Guy Debord: "... increasingly extensive campaigns are necessary to convince people to buy increasingly unnecessary commodities".

Mohammed bin Hammam (Asian Football Confederation President): "Political and vested interests must be completely eliminated.

The Fetishism Of The English Premiership

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What have Robert Mugabe and Richard Scudamore in common?
They are both prone to manipulate realities for personal gratification.

The outrageously racist coverage in the northern hemispheric media regarding the situation in Zimbabwe stands in marked contrast to a dissimilar lack of coverage for the grotesque corruption underpinning the world of English football.

Arsenal To Secure Premiership On Mega Monday.

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The Premiership title will be heading down to The Emirates if Wenger's team can defeat already relegated Derby in Setanta's Monday night mismatch.
Three points clear of Manchester United with a game in hand and only two more matches remaining, one of which is a "internally controlled but systemically neutral" event in the Gunners favour, Wenger's team deserve their triumph after a season of Total Football showed the benefits of remaining a team of integrity in a very murky Premier League World.

Will Father Timothy Flotsky Marry Corinne Tate?

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70's pseudo-soap, Soap, provided warped twists to reality while also treating the downright improbable as a standard daily occurrence.
Marital infidelity has never been so funny.
In its own way, Soap was a postmodern entity in that the show paraded the interaction between two dysfunctional extended American families as a series of images precessing through the phases to a total simulation of a family's Real purpose, if any such purpose exists.

Imagine There's No Heaven

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Imagine, for one moment, that Richard's Scudamore and Keys never existed, that the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) was never concocted, that hyper-owners were not buying the outcomes of football matches, that European bookmakers were not behaving similarly. No hidden agendas and no corrupted matches - proper football without the odious influence of psychopathic power.

Newcastle United

Breaking News:Wenger 2 match ban by UEFA, Thanks SKY Sports

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Well just when you thought that our Annus Horribilis couldn't get any worse, UEFA have hit Arsenal with another broadside. The Sky television has had it's effect and the constant harassment by the media will mean that this season has become one of backs against the wall. Never has there been a more obvious case of the media highlighting something that would hurt the club.

Calum Woods Profits From Leaving Liverpool

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It was the summer of 2006 when Calum Woods decided his career needed a new direction. For a boy who had grown up in the shadow of Anfield, leaving Liverpool the city was almost as hard as leaving Liverpool FC.

At one point, the Melwood training ground rivalled John Lennon Airport for departures.


El cabezazo a la reportera Jessica Kastrop

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Todos tenemos días muy malos sea cual sea nuestro oficio o profesión,solo que a nosotros no nos filman teniendo esos malos momentos, pues a la reportera Jessica Kastrop le toco un día o mejor dicho un balón de esos, por favor que no le echen la culpa al jabulani.

La reportera Jessica Kastrop estaba presentando un partido de la Bundesliga cuando de pronto un fuerte pelotazo golpeó su cabeza y le borro la sonrisa a ella y nos dejo una a los demás.

Arsenal shocked as FA charge Ramsey and Wenger

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This morning comes the news that the FA is to bring a series of charges against Aaron Ramsey who now faces a three game ban, applicable from when he is declared fit enough to resume first team action.

Sources within the FA say that he is to be charged under the following sections of the FA Code:

Section 26.


Premier League Rnd 1 - Where's The Clever Money Going? #

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"Top class" growls Andy Gray in conclusion to the outrageously hyperreal Sky pre-season advertisement to promote their football output for next season.
Not content with the fake of Page 3 girls (sic) playing fakely on fake instruments to a fake backdrop of football matches totally tarnished by the gambling industry, Gray suitably defines Sky's product across their various media.

Non-Abo Aussies On The Insider Track

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"All that remains is a fascination for desert-like and indifferent forms, for the very operation of the system that annihilates us" - Baudrillard.

As our Spectacular Extravaganzas morph into scaled up versions of the "penitentiary theatre" in 'Escape From New York', it is indeed fascinating to monitor the forms of their Theatre of the Spectacle.

A Fallen Hero, A Bent Copper, A Gypsy And An Oligarch

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"To bet or not to bet, there is no question" - states Eric Cantona in Hemisphere Droit's £2.5 million ($5 million) advertising campaign for Partouche Casinos.

In his selling out to the inappropriate euro, Cantona leaves the question unanswered, although his fee from Partouche allows a reading of the Great Man's body language to show where his real sensibilities and financial sensitivities lie.

And You Dare To Call Them Terrorists...

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A police chaplain has blessed the building where Austrian officers will conduct risk assessments regarding the likelihood of a large-scale "terrorist" offensive at the Euro 2008 Finals.
Presumably, any religious "terrorist" worthy of the name will also be calling on divine help in the aid of their cause.

"I Will Not Take The Hen-House For The Mansion"

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Not wishing to make a long nose on the sly, leaving an island of two CCTV cameras to return to one with 4.2 million is a culture shock to the system.
And Her Majesty's Customs and Excise must have been expecting global jihad to be imported on a charter flight from Kapodistrias if the multicultural array of uniformed stasi welcoming us "home" were anything to go by.

The Rest

How Racism is Plaguing the England National Team This Summer

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As this summer's European Championship draws closer, the England national team is bracing themselves for an eventful tournament. Unfortunately, concerns of racist xenophobia are rearing its ugly head once again.

In the days leading up to the Euro, there have been numerous stories of how the families of black English players are refusing to travel this summer to the Ukraine or Poland due to concerns of racial violence and abuse.

Time To Pull The Plug On Premier Sports?

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"If it looks like a duck", it is said, "swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck". Except in this case, it was a turkey and, boy, did it gobble. The Premier Sports television deal with the Blue Square Premier carried an air of absurdity about it from the very start. Not only was the league prostrating itself at the altar of mammon, moving kick-off times left, right and centre (and frequently at very short notice), but the contract signed didn't guarantee the clubs of the league any money after "a nominal level of subscribers has been achieved".

Italy: Internazionale Milan 2 - 0 AC Milan

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Nine-man Inter Milan moved nine points clear of city rivals AC Milan at the top of Serie A thanks to a 2-0 win at the San Siro.

'Everything was done today to try and prevent Inter from winning, but my squad is strong and we will win the Scudetto,'' he told Sky television. ''But I will leave it at that.

Bayern Munich Star Luca Toni Finds Whole New Way to Express Irritation

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Striker leaves Bundesliga match at half-time!

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BERLIN Bayern Munich striker Luca Toni linked with moves to West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur and Roma this summer could face disciplinary action after driving home at half-time in their Bundesliga match against Schalke 04 on Saturday.

The dark Sky above our game

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Cometh the celebrity, cometh the hangers-on and there is no bigger hanger-on to English football than Sky television as another Premier League season begins.

Nothing has ticked me off more this week than the invasive Sky adverts at the railway station where I catch my daily train, in the free newspaper I read on the way to work and even on the internet when I get home.

Mourinho staying at Inter? 99.9% sure...

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So he says:
"It's 99.9 percent (certain) that I'll stay at Inter, but whoever coaches Real next season will be a very lucky man," the former Chelsea and Porto boss told Sky television on Thursday.

"Obviously, Real is Real and there's a little temptation."
In the sports world, 99.

Wisdom Of Crowds Project/ Dietrological Service

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We still require a few more people for our "Wisdom Of Crowds" Project.
We are particularly keen to attract 'amateur' punters as we are currently top-heavy with professionals - the perils of a skewed readership.
For details of this Project, please check: