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World Cup 2010

Jack Warner proposes the sin bin

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Divers at the World Cup in SA may find themselves in Warner's sin bin.

FIFA vice-president wants sin-bins introduced for World Cup

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He just doesn't know that his idea already has a name Controversial FIFA vice-president Jack Warner - most famous for being called a 'clown' by Roy Keane - says players who feign injury should be made to go to a sin-bin for five or 10 minutes. Well, he doesn't actually say that because we suspect he [.


Idiots: Sin Bin Idea is a Non Starter and Will Never Work!

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An idea so bad even Sepp Blatter finds it ridiculous!

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"[Often] a guy fakes an injury, and he acts as if it's the end of the world, and then after you give him the foul he then flies up and kicks the ball.

Reversal Of Eduardo’s Ban Raises More Questions

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After what sounds like an absolutely epic appeal by Arsenal worthy of a Hague courtroom, UEFA has overturned Eduardo's two-match ban for diving. How you feel about the decision likely has a lot to do with your thoughts on whether such punishments are truly effective deterrents to such nefarious acts.

The Rest

FA Confirm ‘Sin Bins’ Will Be Trialled In English Lower Leagues As Of Next Season

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Please feel free to enjoy this photo of a referee brandishing a yellow card

The FA have confirmed that they plan to trial 'sin bins' in the lower bouts of the English football league as of next season.

Officially referred to as "temporary dismissals", the experimental rule change will allow referees to punish players for dissent-related infringements by making them leave the field for 10 minutes.

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Hi soccer nuts, Dan Fitch of the Cincinnati Torturer here, reporting on yesterday's crucial crunch game between the Tottenham Hotspur Hotspurs and the Liverpool Toffeemen.

The match ended in a 2-1 victory for the Hotspurs, with field goals from Pavlyuchenko and Modric for the London outfit, before the Toffeemen replied through Yakubu and almost sent the tie into overtime.

Nice shirt LINKS

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Should I like the rich guy for wearing semi-normal clothes?

Or hate it because it's awful.

Hate it.

Don't hate the links:
  • Avram Grant to Portsmouth. Name drops N.Y. [Goal!]
  • FC Dallas 2, at San Jose Earthquakes 1. []
  • Norwich goalkeeper goes AWOL.

Let’s give a red card to the internationals

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Of all the problems plaguing modern football the biggest, and the first that I would change, is international football. No more World Cup, no more Euro Cup, no more Under 19, Under 16, Under 3, nationalistic pointlessness, I'd get rid of it all. It just seems like a holdover from when Europeans used to kill [.